NYFW the Shows: The Art Institutes Spring 2017 Collections

As we’ve stated numerous times, we’re always on the lookout for the future of fashion. The next generation of fashion designers whose designs captivate you into wanting to know everything about them. We were introduced to several of these talented designers at the NYFW showing of the The Art Institutes Spring 2017 Collections. Nine womenswear designers from various Art Institutes locations showcased their collections during fashion week. These nine student designers included Adrian Escoto, Bianca Zidik, Melody Hernandez, Julissa Arrington, Devon Pezzano, Mimmy Begazo, Rene Mejia, Esther Ashiru, and Maria D’Ocon. Let’s get to know their stunning looks from The Art Institutes Spring 2017 Collections show.

Adrian Escoto


A student at the NYC At Institute, the fashion capital native showcased a collection based on the rugged past of the NYC streets fused with the modern chicness of the future. The six look assortment exudes a unique, edgy, and playful “devil may care” vibe. Denim patchwork in combinations of blues, blue, gray, and whites, etc gave eye-catching detail to this casual chic collection.

Bianca Zidik


The fun and colorful past and fashion legend Betsey Johnson inspired this fashion-forward collection from Chicago fashion student Bianca Zidik. Her bold and pink-heavy collection are based upon her fashion philosophies: fun, funky, and free spirited, and we adore it. We love her used of using circles as patchwork and of course her bold choice of colors.

Melody Hernandez


Oil is not the only hidden treasure in Texas. Dallas student Melody Hernandez premiered a stunningly chic collection that would make any fashion-loving socialite swoon. Her collection featured innovation textile juxtaposition and we love how she utilized sporty materials and made them into a collection of sophisticated silhouettes.

Julissa Arrington


We love the slightly off-white collection from San Francisco student Julissa Arrington. Many of the pieces took us back to 1996 when singing group TLC rocked innovative all-white looks for the Grammys. We love the elongated suspenders and various strap details, hardware details, and the combination of linen, silk, and gauze. Julissa’s collection is drawn upon a time, a place and unconventional beauty. Each piece was contrived with an unbridled imagination evolving into a dramatic story and unfolding into a detailed minimalistic silhouette.

Devon Pezzano


Philly native Devon Pezzano wowed us with her use of the striking color of red, and bubble shapes. her collection had a wonderful fluidity to it, a great feat for the mostly neoprene collection….mesh neoprene to be precise. Our favorite was the Red neoprene 3/4 sleeve dress with pockets. Such an impactful silhouette and definitely an attention getter.

Mimmy Begazo


Miami student designer Mimmy Begazo’s collection, named “Destination Beyond” is as avant-garde as it is plausible. Inspired by the thought of having to block harmful waves from our electronic devices from entering our bodies, Mimmy has created this collection of innovative fashions we may very well be wearing  one day. The looks offer a contrasting use of cowhide hair foiled in silver (an ode to natural primitive body shielding) combined with the advancement of fabrics and technology we have today. Innovative but easy to wear, “Destination beyond” is meant to showcase how fashion can adapt and merge with our needs for the future.

Rene Mejia


The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale student Rene Mejia presented a collection featuring a continuous flow of elegance, clean lines, classic elements and silhouettes, and sophistication and grace that represent beauty and his extreme dedication of his artistic eye. The white and gray collection of gowns (and one swoon worthy pantsuit) in satin and tulle celebrated simple refinement.

Esther Ashiru


Taking our breath away was the bewitching collection from The Art Institute of Vancouver student, Esther Ashiru. Years of experimenting with styles, fabrics, colors and textures, topped with a skillful eye helped create the stunning “Paris Bound” collection seen above. In this collection (our absolute favorite), Esther gifts us with an accolade of enchanting looks sashaying down the runway in fine cascading fabrics with detailed lace and silk organza that create an ensemble of illustrious couture gowns with a glamorous red carpet appeal.

Maria D’Ocon


Last, but certainly not least is the collection from other Miami student, Maria D’Ocon. No doubt heavily influenced by her time at Barcelona bridal house Pronovias, her “Destination” collection was inspired by the architectural influence of Spain’s cosmopolitan cities along with the beauty of the rugged Spanish countryside, all of which were sewn together using refined couture techniques. We expect modern and fashion-forward brides-to-be will be flocking to Maria very soon.

These are the collections from The Art Institutes Spring 2017 Collections? What do you think of these wonderful womenswear designers? Are there any favorite looks or designers you’d like to see more from? Share your thoughts about The Art Institutes Spring 2017 Collections in the comments.




Elizabeth Arden The Red Door at Vivienne Tam Spring 2017 Collection

For this Spring 2017 NYFW season, we decided on a very light fashion week schedule, only doing one backstage coverage. This season we went backstage with Elizabeth Arden The Red Door at Vivienne Tam Spring 2017 Collection show. The Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa team were on hand for hair and nails, using Olivia Garden Hair Tools achieve the show’s hair looks.


The hair look for the Vivienne Tam’s Spring 2017 collection show was a unique twist to the topknot, which complimented the soft style of Vivienne Tam’s runway looks. Lead Hairstylist, Makiko Nara, Creative Lead for The Red Door Salon & Spa loosely pulled into ladylike chignons situated at the crown of each model’s head for a chic, relaxed style.

elizabeth_arden_red_door_spas_at_vivienne_tam_spring_2017_collection2_www-mylifeonandofftheguestlist-com elizabeth_arden_red_door_spas_at_vivienne_tam_spring_2017_collection_www-mylifeonandofftheguestlist-comelizabeth_arden_red_door_spas_at_vivienne_tam_spring_2017_collection6_www-mylifeonandofftheguestlist-com

To achieve the look, the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spas hair team took the following steps:

1. First, apply Kérastase L’incroyable Blowdry into the palm of hands and apply on towel-dried hair from roots to ends. For thinner hair, apply Kérastase Matérialiste to add texture and thickness to hair.

2. Then, brush hair with Olivia Garden’s iDetangle Brush (pictured below), a new ultra-gentle detangling brush with a double-bristle design. This new lightweight, unibody, and vented paddle brush feature scalp-hugging comfort and flexible detangling bristles that are specially designed to work on specific hair types. The iDetangle Brush Collection is available in three bristle types customized bristles are designed for detangling Fine (translucent white), Medium (translucent grey), and Thick Hair (solid black)


3. Next, blow dry hair naturally using the Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ion Supreme Combo Oval Cushioned Paddle Brush to lift up the roots to create volume.

4. Then, pull the hair upward and tight leaving a few pieces down around the hairline and neck.

5. Next, make a small knot with a hair tie, wrap around the knot with the half of the hair and the leave the end free. Secure hair in place with bobby pins.

We had a chance to briefly speak with Lead Hairstylist, Makiko Nara on the inspiration for this season’s runway hair. See the video below:

For the nail look, The Red Door at Vivienne Tam Spring 2017 collection team, headed by Creative Lead, lwona Opiola, created a natural nail to compliment the soft textures of Vivienne Tam’s collection.


Using Essie’s Demure Vixen, follow the team followed the below steps to create the look.

1. File nails into a rounded shape, and apply CND Cuticle Away

2. Lightly buff the nails, then gently remove any loose cuticle

3. Dehydrate the nail plates with acetone, which prevents polish from chipping

4. Apply 2 coats of Essie’s Demure Vixen polish

5. Apply Essie’s GoodZGo Top Coat to add a bit of texture to the polish without it looking dry 6. For dry cuticles, apply CND Solar Oil for added hydration

What do you think of the hair and nail looks from The Red Door at Vivienne Tam Spring 2017 collection show?