HAute Couture Fashion Week FALL-WINTER 2018-2019

Haute Couture Fashion Week: Armine Ohanyan Fall-Winter 2018-2019

Once again the City of Light was once again shining as legions of exquisite fashions captured the attention of the world. It is Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris. We begin our enchantment with the stunning Armine Ohanyan Fall-Winter 2018-2019 collection. A couture collection made in France, entirely handmade, and intimately inspired by nature, showing the natural elements in all their forms. Ice, crystallization, rain, wind, dew, and roots are the elements and inspiration that beget this entrancing haute couture fashion week collection. Each shape of this women’s fashion collection represents one of these elements. At the same time a climate evolution where each season brings its unique beauty and a gentle and mysterious atmosphere.

Paris HAUTE COUTURE Fashion Week Paris HAUTE COUTURE Fashion Week

The collection’s inspiration is described as “Crystallized in these surroundings, the Human Being becomes Nature. Nature is everlasting, nothing can stop it. It is the true beauty, perfection. For depicting this cycle of evolution, haute couture designer Armine Ohanyan uses the new technologies such as 3D printing or materials crafting, which play an important role in her creative process. Her art investigations never end, like the movement that she shows in its different forms and their ranges of colors and materials. Her creations are futuristic and modern, with a wide beauty touch.”

Paris HAUTE COUTURE Fashion Week Paris HAUTE COUTURE Fashion Week

For us, this stunning Haute Couture Fashion Week collection evoked the many elements that describe women in general – beautiful, fluid, bold, and surprising. We were immediately drawn to the vibrant colors, multilayered textures, and arresting aesthetic. Everything seems to be in constant movement – never stagnant. Again, a perfect description of being a woman.

Armine Ohanyan Fall-Winter 2018-2019

Armine Ohanyan’s amazing work is new to us but we look forward to seeing more from this head-turning haute couture designer. Her collection took our breath away.

Are you following the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week shows? What are your thoughts on the Armine Ohanyan Fall-Winter 2018-2019 collection?




NYFW the Shows: The Art Institutes Spring 2017 Collections

As we’ve stated numerous times, we’re always on the lookout for the future of fashion. The next generation of fashion designers whose designs captivate you into wanting to know everything about them. We were introduced to several of these talented designers at the NYFW showing of the The Art Institutes Spring 2017 Collections. Nine womenswear designers from various Art Institutes locations showcased their collections during fashion week. These nine student designers included Adrian Escoto, Bianca Zidik, Melody Hernandez, Julissa Arrington, Devon Pezzano, Mimmy Begazo, Rene Mejia, Esther Ashiru, and Maria D’Ocon. Let’s get to know their stunning looks from The Art Institutes Spring 2017 Collections show.

Adrian Escoto


A student at the NYC At Institute, the fashion capital native showcased a collection based on the rugged past of the NYC streets fused with the modern chicness of the future. The six look assortment exudes a unique, edgy, and playful “devil may care” vibe. Denim patchwork in combinations of blues, blue, gray, and whites, etc gave eye-catching detail to this casual chic collection.

Bianca Zidik


The fun and colorful past and fashion legend Betsey Johnson inspired this fashion-forward collection from Chicago fashion student Bianca Zidik. Her bold and pink-heavy collection are based upon her fashion philosophies: fun, funky, and free spirited, and we adore it. We love her used of using circles as patchwork and of course her bold choice of colors.

Melody Hernandez


Oil is not the only hidden treasure in Texas. Dallas student Melody Hernandez premiered a stunningly chic collection that would make any fashion-loving socialite swoon. Her collection featured innovation textile juxtaposition and we love how she utilized sporty materials and made them into a collection of sophisticated silhouettes.

Julissa Arrington


We love the slightly off-white collection from San Francisco student Julissa Arrington. Many of the pieces took us back to 1996 when singing group TLC rocked innovative all-white looks for the Grammys. We love the elongated suspenders and various strap details, hardware details, and the combination of linen, silk, and gauze. Julissa’s collection is drawn upon a time, a place and unconventional beauty. Each piece was contrived with an unbridled imagination evolving into a dramatic story and unfolding into a detailed minimalistic silhouette.

Devon Pezzano


Philly native Devon Pezzano wowed us with her use of the striking color of red, and bubble shapes. her collection had a wonderful fluidity to it, a great feat for the mostly neoprene collection….mesh neoprene to be precise. Our favorite was the Red neoprene 3/4 sleeve dress with pockets. Such an impactful silhouette and definitely an attention getter.

Mimmy Begazo


Miami student designer Mimmy Begazo’s collection, named “Destination Beyond” is as avant-garde as it is plausible. Inspired by the thought of having to block harmful waves from our electronic devices from entering our bodies, Mimmy has created this collection of innovative fashions we may very well be wearing  one day. The looks offer a contrasting use of cowhide hair foiled in silver (an ode to natural primitive body shielding) combined with the advancement of fabrics and technology we have today. Innovative but easy to wear, “Destination beyond” is meant to showcase how fashion can adapt and merge with our needs for the future.

Rene Mejia


The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale student Rene Mejia presented a collection featuring a continuous flow of elegance, clean lines, classic elements and silhouettes, and sophistication and grace that represent beauty and his extreme dedication of his artistic eye. The white and gray collection of gowns (and one swoon worthy pantsuit) in satin and tulle celebrated simple refinement.

Esther Ashiru


Taking our breath away was the bewitching collection from The Art Institute of Vancouver student, Esther Ashiru. Years of experimenting with styles, fabrics, colors and textures, topped with a skillful eye helped create the stunning “Paris Bound” collection seen above. In this collection (our absolute favorite), Esther gifts us with an accolade of enchanting looks sashaying down the runway in fine cascading fabrics with detailed lace and silk organza that create an ensemble of illustrious couture gowns with a glamorous red carpet appeal.

Maria D’Ocon


Last, but certainly not least is the collection from other Miami student, Maria D’Ocon. No doubt heavily influenced by her time at Barcelona bridal house Pronovias, her “Destination” collection was inspired by the architectural influence of Spain’s cosmopolitan cities along with the beauty of the rugged Spanish countryside, all of which were sewn together using refined couture techniques. We expect modern and fashion-forward brides-to-be will be flocking to Maria very soon.

These are the collections from The Art Institutes Spring 2017 Collections? What do you think of these wonderful womenswear designers? Are there any favorite looks or designers you’d like to see more from? Share your thoughts about The Art Institutes Spring 2017 Collections in the comments.




NYFW the Shows: Nicholas K Spring 2017 Collection

Forget survival of the fittest, it was survival of the most fashionable at the Nicholas K Spring 2017 Show during NYFW the Shows. Inspired by the Middle East desert-based 2015 movie Theeb, the Nicholas K Spring 2017 Collection captivated its audience with a collection and color palette that perfectly captured the stunning cinematography of the adventurous film.

Nicholas K Spring 2017 Collection Nicholas K Spring 2017 Collection2

The collection, titled “Wadi Rum”, so named for the valley that cuts into the sandstone and granite rock in southern Jordan and  the route of the movie’s characters, pays tribute to the untouched and steadfast location, also known as The Valley of the Moon.*Some of you may recognize this famed location in other movies such as Lawrence of Arabia, Red Planet, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Prometheus, and most recently, The Martian. The valley’s sustainability is the source of inspiration and design for the brother-sister design duo behind the chic women’s fashion label. The Nicholas K Spring 2017 Collection boasts artisan woven fabrics, organic cotton, vegetable-dyed leather, and alpaca construct layered pieces that shape and manipulate the proportions of varied silhouettes.

Nicholas K Spring 2017 Collection3 Nicholas K Spring 2017 Collection4 Nicholas K Spring 2017 Collection5

Varied shades of nudes, with a pop of silver here and there, permeated the Nicholas K Spring 2017 Collection. Everything from the dusty color palette to the oversized desert hats, and Military-inspired, tactical waist packs, added to the adventurous allure of the stunning collection. With the way the heat and humidity have been treating us, the looks from the Nicholas K Spring 2017 Collection would be worn quite comfortably in today’s scorching temperatures (hello see now, buy now fashionistas). We loved every single piece and it’s no question, the items will fly off store hangers as soon as they are placed on the racks. Bravo to brother and sister team, Nicholas and Christopher Kunz, the collection is gorgeous and we can’t help but wonder if somewhere, Kanye West is thinking “so that’s how you do fashion”. Hungry for more? See the models walk the show’s finale in the video below:

Love the collection as much as we do? Tell us your thoughts? What are your favorite looks?




Photos courtesy of radar.fashiongps.com

NYFW the Shows: Jeans for Refugees by Johny Dar

We’re still completely exhausted from the already jam-packed fashion week schedule that begun two days before the official first day. Exhaustion side, we had to begin our coverage with a very important show from a designer and organization that is doing great things. As you should be well aware, the world is experiencing a refugee crisis. It is one of the biggest humanitarian crises of our time. One artist is helping the cause by displaying wearable art pieces during NYFW. We love when fashion does good things, so our NYFW the Shows coverage begins with the Jeans for Refugees by Johny Dar.

Jeans_for-Refugees_by_Johny_Dar_www.mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com Jeans_for-Refugees_by_Johny_Dar2_www.mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com

As guests were treated to a live musical performance from Singer Polly A, models walked the runway in jeans donated by celebrities and features original Johny Dar prints, with hand-painted embellishment. Denim from the Jeans for Refugees by Johny Dar NYFW runway show were donated by Alicia Vikander, Anna Wintour, Benicio del Toro, Candice Swanepoel, Chanel Iman, Claudia Schiffer, Daniel Radcliffe, Elle MacPherson, Emma Watson, Eva Longoria, Florence Welch, Guillaume Nery, Harry Styles, Jamie Theakston, Joaquin Phoenix, Karlie Kloss, Karolina Kurkova, Kate Moss, Nicholas Hoult, Ozzy Osbourne, Rachel McAdams, Shannon Elizabeth, Sharon Stone, Sofia Coppola, TomWaits, Tuppence Middleton, Twiggy, Usher, and Victoria Beckham. Although the collection featured both men’s and women’s jeans, we’re highlighting the womenswear. All of the items from the show are up for auction at www.catawiki.com/jeansforrefugees, with proceeds donated to the International Rescue Committee. The collection featured much more than just celebrity-donated jeans. Johny Dar also featured fashionable womenswear that boasted structured silhouettes, modern and edgy designs, and intricate design details.

Jeans_for-Refugees_by_Johny_Dar3_www.mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com Jeans_for-Refugees_by_Johny_Dar4_www.mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com

We all know how tragic the refugee crisis is and this amazing global campaign gives us the opportunity to help. Painted onto every piece from the collection is a universal message, just as each color of the rainbow adds to the beauty of rainbows. All of the one hundred pairs of ‘Jeans For Refugees’ will be on exhibit at the Saatchi Gallery in London from the October 24th-30th. Check out the some of the collection (with both women’s and men’s jeans) as the models walk the runway finale, and a snippet of Polly A’s performance.


JCPenney & Ashley Nell Tipton Launch Boutique+ Plus-Size Fashion

JCPenney has just made two major moves in plus size fashion. The retail giant introduces Boutique+ Plus-Size Fashion, its first-ever plus-size fashion brand designed exclusively for full-figured women, and an all‐new, plus size in‐store concept. JCPenney teamed up with Project Runway Season 14 Winner Ashley Nell Tipton, who will serve as Boutique+’s brand ambassador and design two capsule collections for the plus-size fashion brand, to welcome the new initiatives. The launch was celebrated with a runway show at JCPenney’s Manhattan Hall location hosted by Ashley Nell Tipton.


Check out video of her welcome message to attendees below:

The new Boutique+ Plus-Size Fashion and lifestyle collection is designed for the fashion minded millennial shopper and was conceived and created by a dedicated team of JCPenney design, trend and product experts who ensure the colors, prints, and fabrics of Boutique+’s fashion offerings flatter and fit curvy silhouettes.

JCPenney_Boutique+_Plus_Size_Fashions_www.mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com JCPenney_Boutique+_Plus_Size_Fashions2_www.mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com JCPenney_Boutique+_Plus_Size_Fashions3_www.mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com

The Boutique+ clothing brand made its debut in 500 stores and on jcp.com May 1st and offers everything from maxi dresses, skirts, jeans, trousers, tops, jackets, etc. As the first designer to present a plus-size collection during the Project Runway finale, Ashley Nell Tipton is the perfect advocate to provide expertise plus-size style for the millennial woman.

JCPenney_Boutique+_Plus_Size_Fashions4_www.mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com JCPenney_Boutique+_Plus_Size_Fashions5_www.mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com JCPenney_Boutique+_Plus_Size_Fashions6_www.mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com

This season, Boutique+ collection features avant-garde styles inspired by the ‘70s, including femme tops and dresses infused with floral and paisley prints and vintage denim, some of which can be seen in the runway show pictures above. Trendy fashion pieces include fringe tanks, tiered blouses and pleated skirts ranging in sale price from $12.99 for a top to $39.99 for a jacket. In addition to introducing the Boutique+ brand of clothing, JCPenney also debuts “The Boutique”, their plus size fashion in‐store concept, in nearly 200 of their retail locations offering feminine silhouettes, edgy patterns, and bold colors.

JCPenney_The_Boutique_Plus_Size_In-store_Concept_www.mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com JCPenney_The_Boutique_Plus_Size_In-store_Concept2_www.mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com

The Boutique boasts a display of plus-size mannequins to show how various outfits complement a curvy figure and features a curated assortment of classic and modern, plus-size fashions from brands such as a.n.a, Boutique+, Liz Claiborne, Worthington, Alyx, and Bisou Bisou. Shoppers should expect casual sportswear, denim, and activewear, as well as a collection of handbags, fashion jewelry, and accessories from this one-stop shopping destination.

For fall and holiday, Ashley will introduce an exclusive JCPenney capsule collection, “Ashley Nell Tipton for Boutique+,” marking the first time that her designs have been made available by a national retailer.

NYFW the Shows – Academy of Art Spring 2016 Show – Womenswear Collections

Once again thanks to Academy of Art University, we know the future of fashion is in good hands. Eight student designers showcased their Spring 2016 collections during New York Fashion Week at the Academy of Art Spring 2016 Show. Six collections were presented: four womenswear, and two menswear. Since we only highlight women’s fashion on My Life on (and off) the Guest List, we’re focusing on the following designer collection: Max Lu & Jingci Jessie Wang, Liz Li & Bom Kim (our favorite), Mehzad Hemati, and Wenhan Yuan.

Liz Li & Bom Kim

Liz Li and Bom Kim Spring 2016

From its stunning fluidity, to its enthralling prints, fashion designer Liz Li and knitwear designer Bom Kim captivated everyone with their airy, yet sculptural collection. The eight-piece collection features 40’s inspired A-line silhouettes, embroidery, custom knitwear we’re craving (raise your hand if you’re also dying for that cardigan, and long knit dress), traditional Chinese painting, and abstract artwork. With a color palette that celebrates the changing of the season on hand-painted gauze fabrics, we’re hoping these two continue to work together to create more of these stunning pieces.

Mehzad Hemati

Mehzad Hemati Spring 2016

Another favorite of ours, this crisp, all white collection from Tehran designer, Mehzad Hemati, boasts edgy flair in everything from silhouettes to details. The collection blurred gender lines and lots of menswear elements were incorporated into the collection: sharp lines and tailoring, tails (seen on a sleeveless tuxedo jacket paired with pants), we especially loved the tuxedo jacket lapels on the sleeveless, asymmetrical looks. The collection featured the following fabrications:  cotton, silk charmeuse, duchess satin, and organza in all white as previously stated, which was a great backdrop for her use of the custom closures, which are made to look like body piercing jewelry.

Max Lu & Jingci Jessie Wang

Max Lu and Jingci Jessie Wang Spring 2016

Ever had a dream that you couldn’t quite capture where everything us blurred and foggy? Fashion designers Max Lu, and Jingci Jessie Wang has manifested that experience into their debut collection. With the use of materials such as metallic, leathers, sequins, and lame in dreamy, psychedelic hues, combining the hard and soft fabrics, 50’s-inspired silhouettes with an edgy, and modern style. We’ve always shared our love of pink, so the looks featuring that color stood out more for us. Favorites include the mermaid Sequined top with lame pants (first look in the above photo) and the flowy, mermaid Sequined Dress (last look).

Wenhan Yuan

Wenhan Yuan Spring 2016

Menswear inspirations continue on with the last Academy of Art designer collection at NYFW the shows. For fashion designer Wenham Yuan, this mean showcasing the sensuality of women in men’s clothing. Her black and white collection (with a touch of cement grey), featured bold layering, waist aprons, and a fresh style that evokes the way a woman looks wearing an over-sized menswear item, in such materials as cotton, suit fabrics, and paper textured fabrics.

What are your thoughts on these fashion looks from the Academy of Art Spring 2016 Show? Any favorites?