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Straightening Up: The Rise Of Invisible Braces For Improved Smiles

People have been looking to improve their smile for ages, and in recent years, one option has risen dramatically in popularity as a solution for crooked teeth: invisible braces. While some people may need more complex surgery, like the ones provided here:, to correct their smiles, braces are something many people will have experienced at some point in their life. Recently, more and more people seem to be getting these invisible braces. It’s no surprise that this technique is being used by so many people, especially when you research some of the results that can be achieved by using this method to straighten teeth. To learn more about this option and read about some other braces, those interested might want to check out

These plastic trays have seen incredible success as a popular cosmetic dentistry option in recent years, and the market’s only projected to grow in the coming years. So what’s behind this trend? What has made invisible braces such a popular choice for people looking to improve their teeth?

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Invisible Adjustments

Obviously, the most notable difference between invisible aligners and their more well-known alternative, traditional metal braces, is that they’re invisible. Because the aligner trays are made of clear plastic, they can’t be seen unless you’re looking closely. This makes them an incredibly popular option among people who are worried about their appearance while undergoing treatment – even some celebrities are opting to use the trays to maintain their image while straightening their teeth.

Lower Costs

Invisible aligners are made of plastic, which is what allows them to be unnoticeable. However, this also creates an additional benefit: reduced cost. Today the world makes and consumes about 600 billion pounds of plastic yearly, and one of the reasons for this is because items made from plastic tend to be cheaper. This is just as true for the price of clear braces (or if you’re from Thailand), which are often a fraction of the cost of traditional braces.

Combine that with the fact that aligners can often be managed at home, and you’re looking at a much cheaper path to straighter teeth. The median annual wage for dental hygienists was $74,070 in 2017, and orthodontists earn higher wages than that. For many people, the cost of a visit to an orthodontist for braces-related concerns pushes them into seeking out invisible aligners, as they can be managed with fewer expensive in-person visits.

Easier Maintenance

Not only are invisible aligners less noticeable and cheaper; they’re easier to maintain. Invisible aligners can be removed when eating or to brush your teeth, making them cleaner and often healthier. Meanwhile, traditional braces can get in the way and require special care for cleaning. This makes invisible aligners preferable to people who don’t have the time to take special care of traditional braces. Consulting a medical practitioner could help out in understanding the pros and cons of both types of braces and what could be the best option for you. People on the lookout for cosmetic dentistry morehead city nc could visit experts such as Dr. David Robertson, DDS, and other dentists in and around the area for more information and consultation about the same.

Nevertheless, it’s clear that invisible aligners have a certain set of advantages that make them a better choice for some when it comes to straightening their smile. And considering almost 32% of people report being concerned with the look of their teeth, this is proving to be a viable solution. With how these unique cosmetic dental appliances are trending, it’s likely that they’re here to stay for at least a while. Would you ever consider using invisible aligners over metal braces?

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