Straightening Up: The Rise Of Invisible Braces For Improved Smiles

People have been looking to improve their smile for ages, and in recent years, one option has risen dramatically in popularity as a solution for crooked teeth: invisible braces. These plastic trays have seen incredible success as a popular cosmetic dentistry option in recent years, and the market’s only projected to grow in the coming years. So what’s behind this trend? What has made invisible braces such a popular choice for people looking to improve their teeth?

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Invisible Adjustments

Obviously, the most notable difference between invisible aligners and their more well-known alternative, traditional metal braces, is that they’re invisible. Because the aligner trays are made of clear plastic, they can’t be seen unless you’re looking closely. This makes them an incredibly popular option among people who are worried about their appearance while undergoing treatment – even some celebrities are opting to use the trays to maintain their image while straightening their teeth.

Lower Costs

Invisible aligners are made of plastic, which is what allows them to be unnoticeable. However, this also creates an additional benefit: reduced cost. Today the world makes and consumes about 600 billion pounds of plastic yearly, and one of the reasons for this is because items made from plastic tend to be cheaper. This is just as true for aligners, which are often a fraction of the price of traditional braces.

Combine that with the fact that aligners can often be managed at home, and you’re looking at a much cheaper path to straighter teeth. The median annual wage for dental hygienists was $74,070 in 2017, and orthodontists earn higher wages than that. For many people, the cost of a visit to an orthodontist for braces-related concerns pushes them into seeking out invisible aligners, as they can be managed with fewer expensive in-person visits.

Easier Maintenance

Not only are invisible aligners less noticeable and cheaper; they’re easier to maintain. Invisible aligners can be removed when eating or to brush your teeth, making them cleaner and often healthier. Meanwhile, traditional braces can get in the way and require special care for cleaning. This makes invisible aligners preferable to people who don’t have the time to take special care of traditional braces.

It’s clear that invisible aligners have a certain set of advantages that make them a better choice for some when it comes to straightening their smile. And considering almost 32% of people report being concerned with the look of their teeth, this is proving to be a viable solution. With how these unique cosmetic dental appliances are trending, it’s likely that they’re here to stay for at least a while. Would you ever consider using invisible aligners over metal braces?

Waterpik Welcomes Revolutionary New Oral Healthcare Products

This year we’ve made it a priority to make sure we have healthy teeth and gums (even with our addiction to teeth-staining tea, and cavity-inducing sweets); we’re not trying to give dentists all our money.  For this reason, we’ve upped our dental arsenal with two new amazing products from Waterpik – the Waterpik Complete Care 5.0 System, and the Waterpik Cordless Freedom Water Flosser, and fan favorite, the Aquarius Professional Designer Series Water Flosser.

These two oral heath products that will make brushing and flossing a breeze. The Waterpik Complete Care 5.0 System, an amazing counter space and power outlet saving device, combines Water Flosser and Sonic Toothbrush technologies to allow you to brush and floss your teeth with one device.

Waterpik Complete Care 5.0 System

We all know that brushing alone is not enough, and the Complete Care 5.0 not only boasts 3 Sonic Modes (clean mode, whiten mode, and massage mode), it also features an advanced brush head design with built-in tongue scraper, 2 triple sonic brush heads, is clinically proven to remove up to 99.9% of plaque, is 50% more effective in improving gum health vs. string floss, s up to 3X as effective for removing plaque around braces vs. string floss using the orthodontic tip, boasts an advanced pressure control system with 10 settings, 5 water Flossing tips, and you can use your favorite mouthwash instead of water.

Waterpik Cordless Freedom Water Flosser

Enjoy cordless water flossing anytime you want with the Cordless Freedom Water Flosser. This travel-friendly, cordless water flosser, which runs on 3 AA batteries and features dual water pressure control that allows you to personalize the intensity of your water pressure. Like the Complete Care 5.0, this portable water flosser features 3 water flossing tips, removes up To 99.9% of plaque, is  50% more effective for improving gum health vs. string floss, and is up to 3X as effective for removing plaque around braces vs. string floss using the orthodontic tip. Other notable features on this waterproof device include the ability to use it in the shower, a travel water plug to prevent leakage during transport, and no charging required.

Waterpik Aquarius Professional Designer Series Water Flosser

For those of you who love a hint of color, you’ll love Waterpik’s Aquarius Designer Series. The Aquarius Designer Series boasts most of the features previously mentioned and includes on/off water control on the handle, an LED information panel, 7 water flosser tips, an all-new tip storage case, pulse-modulation technology,  maximum plaque removal, enhanced gum stimulation, and  is more effective than traditional dental floss and Sonicare Air Floss for reducing plaque, gingivitis, and gum disease.

Could your teeth and gum use a little more love and relief from the damaging effects of dental floss, or metal and plastic dental picks? If your answer is yes, any of these wonderful oral health products from Waterpik will answer your prayers.

Keep Your Smile Bright This Holiday Season

With all the Holiday season parties and family gatherings, gift giving and receiving, you are sure to do a lot of smiling. Is your smile up to par? Could your teeth do with a bit of brightening? Are your gums really healthy? No worries, there are several products that will get your smile ready for the holidays and beyond.

Listerine Whitening Vibrant White Pre-Brush RinseListerine Whitening Plus Restoring Rinse

Listerine® Whitening® Vibrant White® Pre-Brush Rinse is a multi-action rinse that gives you noticeably whiter and brighter teeth. This rinse has extra whitening power plus polyphosphates to help prevent stains, fight plaque build-up and control tartar. The foaming action penetrates even in places that are hard to reach.

Listerine® Whitening® plus Restoring Fluoride Rinse is a breakthrough new product from the makers of Listerine® Whitening® Pre-Brush Rinse, the #1 rinse brand in the at-home whitening category. Its unique two-in-one formula of hydrogen peroxide plus fluoride delivers a dual benefit that whitens teeth and restores enamel to strengthen teeth.

Radius Toothbrushes

Of course healthy teeth start with healthy gums. So often we think as long as we brush our teeth, we’ll be fine and we forget about the health of our gums. Radius Toothbrushes like the Source Toothbrush (above right) features reversible right and left hand-premium Radius bristles that help reduce enamel erosion and massages for healthy gums. It also features a “Slim Neck” for best reach. The radial bristling allows brushing in tight spaces and the non-aligned bristle layout avoids tooth erosion. Styles like the Original Radius Toothbrush (above left) features a wide massaging head which helps reduce chronic bleeding and receding gums by distributing pressure, protecting and massaging sensitive gum tissue. It also features 6500 nylon bristles with a very high tuft count that removes plaque more effectively. A Radius toothbrushes is more than a toothbrush, its a Mouthbrush.

GLO Brilliant™ Personal Teeth Whitening Device

For those of you who want a super brilliant white smile then the GLO device is for you. Your GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device is a three part system of GLO Control, G-Vials and Mouthpiece that uses patent-pending G.L.O. (Guided Light Optic Technology) for professional, clinically-proven, long-lasting whitening results to you at home. The GLO Device can be charged on the GLO docking station or on your computer’s USB. Once fully charged, apply one of the GLO Brilliant G-Vials to your teeth then insert the mouthpiece in your mouth. The mouthpiece contains a molded flexible circuit with activating light and heat that, when placed into your mouth accelerates the GLO Whitening Gel on your teeth. It warms up, form fits to your mouth and whitens the top and bottom teeth from the front and back. This process creates greater efficacy and speeds up whitening results without tooth sensitivity.

So don’t be afraid to smile brightly this season.