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The CIRCUL Ring Pushes Wearable Tech to Detect COVID-19

The CIRCUL Ring Pushes Wearable Tech to Detect COVID-19

It’s astounding how far technological advancements have progressed today. For instance, experts strongly believe that by 2020, at least one-third of all data will pass through the cloud. But what’s more mind-blowing is that there’s new tech on the scene that can help people detect COVID-19. This is all thanks to CIRCUL and their latest offering, which appears to have come at the right time. Let’s take a look at how the CIRCUL sleep and fit ring is the future when it comes to wearable tech that helps to detect the signs and symptoms of COVID-19.

The CIRCUL Ring Pushes Wearable Tech to Detect COVID-19

A Closer Look At the CIRCUL Smart Ring

The CIRCUL Ring is a sleep and fitness ring with exceptional functionality. The product was developed by Bodimetrics, and the most notable feature it has is blood oxygen tracking. Whether you’re sleeping, working out, or going about your day, this smart ring will be tracking your blood oxygen levels, heart rate, and other health vitals. More specifically, sleep tracking data includes an oxygen desaturation index and the device records different stages of sleep, including light sleep, deep sleep, and REM sleep. If you’re walking, it also records your step count.

The CIRCUL Ring Pushes Wearable Tech to Detect COVID-19

How Can the CIRCUL Smart Ring Help Detect COVID-19?

CIRCUL can help detect COVID-19 by tracking your blood oxygen levels. This is a different approach from detection methods that use body temperature, heart rate, and respiratory rate for the detection of COVID-19 symptoms. This approach works because when you inhale air, the oxygen in the air diffuses into your lungs and enters your bloodstream through the capillaries.

The oxygen is then transported throughout the body via red blood cells. Oxygen is needed for respiration, and low levels of oxygen in the blood are dangerous. The problem with COVID-19 is it targets the lungs, such that one of the main symptoms of COVID-19 is difficulty breathing.

The CIRCUL Ring Pushes Wearable Tech to Detect COVID-19

Most times, a person suffering from COVID-19 might have alarmingly low levels of blood oxygen without even realizing they are not in good health. That’s because COVID-19 attacks lung cells and eventually causes the air sacs to collapse. That means oxygen can no longer diffuse into the bloodstream efficiently.

As mentioned, the person might still feel like they are in good health even when their blood oxygen levels are not optimal. However, if this goes on for long enough, their condition will worsen and the risk of respiratory failure will increase. This is where CIRCUL comes in. The smart ring can be programmed to alert the wearer if their blood oxygen levels become too low. Keep in mind, however, that a low blood oxygen level doesn’t always signal COVID-19. Only a qualified healthcare professional is able to diagnose COVID-19 accurately.

That being said, monitoring your blood oxygen levels quickly alerts you to the fact that something may be wrong, and this pushes you to seek medical attention. Many lives have been saved by going to the doctor sooner rather than later.

Benefits of Using the CIRCUL Smart Ring

Besides helping to increase the chances of early COVID-19 detection, the CIRCUL ring also comes with other features that make it easy and convenient to use. One of its most convenient design features is the fact that its size can be adjusted. The body of the ring consists of two pieces that can be pulled apart when fitting the ring to your finger.

The CIRCUL Ring Pushes Wearable Tech to Detect COVID-19

That means buying the right-sized ring will be a breeze as long as you know which size category you belong to, which are small, large, or extra. In addition, because of the adjustable sizing mechanism, you can wear the ring on any finger. The bonus is that the ring has its own smartphone app, making it easy to track your data.

Overall, the CIRCUL Smart Ring represents a huge step in the right direction when it comes to healthcare monitoring. However, it’s important to note that this tech device is no substitute for your doctor. You should visit your doctor at least once a year and any time that you’re not feeling well.

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