Admire These 13 Prestigious 2019 AGTA Spectrum Award Winners

When it comes to gauging the world’s finest gems and diamond jewelry, no group does it better than the American Gem Trade Association. And no awards celebrated this more than the 2019 AGTA Spectrum Awards. Since it began back in 1981, the association now consists of more than 1,200 members and it only continues to grow.

No event is so esteemed as the AGTA’s annual Spectrum Awards. Held on August 3 and 4 this year, the panel of judges contained some of the most-known names in the jewelry and gemstone business; John Carter, Paula Crevoshay, Myriam Galli, Brett Kosnar, and Naomi Sarna.

Best of all? This event contained one of the highest volumes of first-time winners in the award’s history.

When we see the entries coming into our office and those submitted during our New York City drop-off program, there’s always a lot of internal speculation about how the judges will respond to each piece,” notes AGTA’s chief executive officer Douglas K. Hucker. “After all of these years, one thing is certain, and that is that there is no way we can anticipate the dynamics that will develop within the panel, nor the pieces they will ultimately select after hours of contemplation and discourse.”

2019 AGTA Spectrum Awards

While looks such as the Solitaire style have presented the archetypal singular diamond set on an elegant band since 1886, the creative opulence of modern jewelry is as breathtaking as it is daring. The winners of the 2019 AGTA Spectrum Awards have certainly not failed to dazzle. Let’s take a gaze — albeit brief — at this year’s 13 victors:

Bridal Jewelry: Bella Campbell

2019 AGTA Spectrum Awards

From the Campbellian Collection, Campbell wowed the judges with an ornate, 18Kwhite gold bracelet. Adored with rainbow moonstones, blue sapphires, and diamonds, this show-stopping piece will make every bride feel elegant as they walk down the aisle.

Business/Day Wear: Ricardo Basta


2019 AGTA Spectrum Awards

Ricardo Basta’s “Karma Chameleon” ring was the perfect blend of style and practicality for the judges this year. The 18K yellow gold ring sports a barrel facet top Tourmaline you can’t help but notice. The ring also features sapphires, tsavorite and spessartite garnets, and rubies with a chameleon design on the side.

Classical: Jeffrey Bilgore

2019 AGTA Spectrum Awards

For timeless styles that appeal to just about everyone, no one did it better than Jeffrey Bilgore. He stunned the judges with a gorgeous platinum bracelet featuring Russian demantoid garnets. The piece was topped off with a dusting of diamonds and smaller Russian demantoid garnets for a traditional look.

Evening Wear: Tanja Schuetz

2019 AGTA Spectrum Awards

Tanja Schuetz’s peacock-inspired white gold necklace featured a stunning boulder opal in the center of feathers made from blue sapphires, diamonds, and tsavorite garnets. The striking use of color was enough to catch the eye of every judge in the room at the 2019 AGTA Spectrum Awards.

Men’s wear: David White

2019 AGTA Spectrum Awards

White’s 18K white gold butterfly-shaped cufflinks earned him the top spot in the menswear category. Featuring sapphires, diamonds, and tsavorite garnets, these colorful creations were the best way for men to show off their style. , whether you’re grabbing a bite at your favorite restaurant with a coworker or hitting a red carpet event, these cufflinks work for a number of events and occasions.

Best Use of Color: David White

David White’s gorgeous butterfly cufflinks were also the winner of this category.

Fashion Forward Winner: Adam Neeley

2019 AGTA Spectrum Awards

Neeley’s gorgeous 14K white gold earrings were the picture of elegance as they dangled before the judged. Consisting of a delicate balance of tourmaline and tsavorite garnets, the diamonds were the cherry on top of these ornate earrings.

Cutting Edge Award in Carving: Meg Berry

2019 AGTA Spectrum Awards

The carving category is open to any jewelry carver who transforms a natural gem into a piece of art. First place was granted to Meg Berry for her “Himalaya Rose.” Made from carved rubellite Tourmaline, the delicate pink gem looked picture-perfect.

Cutting Edge Award in Objects of Art: Logan Cutshall

2019 AGTA Spectrum Awards

Of course, jewelers are used to mixing materials. When it comes to Cutshall, his beautiful sea-inspired pendant featured rough aquamarine accented with opals, emeralds, heliodor, rubies, spinels, sapphires, andalusite, and, of course, more aquamarine. The pendant showcased an ornate golden ship and octopus on top, truly feeding into the piece’s name: “Treasure Hunt.”

Best Use of Platinum and Color: Roland Krainz

2019 AGTA Spectrum Awards

Krainz cuff bracelet was adorned with a gorgeous butterfly studded with sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and diamonds.

Best Use of Pearls: Chris Faber

2019 AGTA Spectrum Awards

Faber’s delicate white gold cufflinks were the perfect accent for his 12-15mm pearls from the South Sea. Circled in rubies and black diamonds, these cuff links were the ultimate balance of modern and traditional. These cufflinks also won 3rd place in the Men’s Wear category.

Innovating Faceting: Mark Gronlund

2019 AGTA Spectrum Awards

Gronlund’s specialty-cut aquamarine stole the show. With multiple faces jutting toward the inside of the gemstone, “Beyond” went beyond the judges’ expectations.

Best of Show: David Nassi

2019 AGTA Spectrum Awards

David Nassi achieved the Best of Show Award at the 2019 AGTA Spectrum Awards, thanks to his beautiful, 30.19 ct. 100% Tanzanian red spinel. The gem was a cushion-cut to show off the remarkable facets of the piece.

Just like 82% of women feel more confident from wearing makeup, the perfect jewelry can make or break an outfit. There’s no doubt that jewelry innovation will continue to evolve with each passing year. For now, we’ll just have to wait until next year’s Spectrum Awards to get the “cutting edge” jewelry so many of us crave.

Favorites & Winners from the 2014 AGTA Spectrum Awards

Once again we had the unique pleasure of being surrounded by an luxury jewelry who’s value was in the priceless amounts. It was time again to be wowed by the stunning offerings from jewelry designers at the annual AGTA Spectrum Awards, the finest jewelry and gemstone competition in the world. The Spectrum Awards, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, spotlights aspiring and established jewelry designers in the following categories: Bridal Wear, Business/Day Wear, Classical, Evening Wear, Men’s Wear, Fashion Forward Honors, Manufacturing Honors, Platinum Honors, Palladium Prestige, NEW Gem Diva™ Awards and Cutting Edge Awards for lapidaries. Judges have to narrow down the hundreds to entries to a few of the best of the best and believe us when we say they are the best.


Hard to believe but we were able to narrow down our ultimate favorites and standouts (if you saw how many stunning pieces there were to choose from, you’d know how difficult a task this is) but below are the ones we couldn’t help playing with and staring at.

They are as follows:

  1. Erik Stewart, Eric Stewart Jewelry, Evening Wear. 18K yellow gold scalloped scroll ring featuring a 13 ct. blue avian-cut Zircon accented with orange and purple Diamond melee (1.90 ctw.)
  2. Wayne Holmes, Laura K. Jewitt Design, Business/Day Wear. 18K white gold and palladium ring featuring an oval 1.45 ct. sapphire accented with Diamonds (.84 ctw)
  3. Lydia Courteille, Meridian Jewelers, Evening Wear. 18K oxidized white gold Seahorse cocktail ring featuring an Opal accented with garnets, Sapphires and Amethysts. 2nd Place Fashion Forward Winner
  4. Deirdre Featherstone, Featherstone Design, Evening Wear. Platinum “Thumb Armor” ring featuring a 12.15 ct. Tanzanite accented with Diamonds (1.73 ctw.)
  5. Babette Shennan, Babette Shennan, Classical. Sterling silver and 14K yellow gold “Gingko” antiqued silk finished hinged-cuff featuring Tsavorite Garnets (6.8 ctw.)
  6. Gwennie by Michael John, Michael John Jewelry, Evening Wear. 18K white gold ring featuring a Diamond (4.12 ctw.) polar bear jumping between Opal icebergs (33.77 ctw.).  3rd Place Winner Evening Wear
  7. Gemma Ca, Gemme Ca, Evening Wear. Silver with palladium plating “Moonlight Shackle” cuff bracelet featuring a 94 ct. Quartz drusy
  8. Dallas Prince, Dallas Prince Designs, Evening Wear. Sterling silver and 14K rose gold “Kaleidoscope” necklace featuring Swarovski Marcasite and Diamonds (2.51 ctw.)
  9. Wendy Brandes, Wendy Brandes Jewelry, Evening Wear. 18K yellow gold ring featuring a carved Turquoise skull accented with Rubies (1.84 ctw.)

  10.  Mark Rozanski, Goldart Jewellery Studio, Business/Day Wear. 18K yellow and white gold                Art Deco-inspired ring featuring six channel-set demantoid Garnets (1.70 ctw.) accented with pave-set          diamonds (30. ctw.) and black Onyx.
  11.  Eddie Sakamoto, Somewhere in the Rainbow, Evening Wear. 18K custom gold and platinum                necklace “Futura” necklace featuring a 34.34 ct. Imperial Topaz accented with Diamonds (11.20                  ctw.)
  12.  Maria Canale, Weber Jewelers, Business/Day Wear. Platinum necklace featuring a 166.97 ct.              step-cut Kunzite accented with Sapphires (2.70 ctw.) and Diamonds (2.60 ctw.).
  13.   Hee Won Moon, M.L Jewelry Inc, Business/Day Wear. 18K white, rose and yellow gold ring             featuring a 10.00 ct. green Tourmaline cabochon accented with diamonds (.50 ctw.)
  14.   Lainey Papageorge, Elaina Designs, Business/Day Wear. 14K rose gold and mixed metal cuff             featuring a 51.62 ct. watermelon Tourmaline slice accented with green Tourmalines (1.16 ctw.), pink             Sapphires (.52 ctw.) and a .02 ct. Diamond trillion.
   15.  Randy Coffin, Somewhere in the Rainbow, Classical. Platinum and 18K yellow gold “Light in the           Garden” ring featuring a 16.48 ct. color-change Spinel accented with purple Sapphires (1.00 ctw.)               and Diamonds (.79 ctw.)
   16.  Michael Endlich, Pave Fine Jewelry, Classical. Platinum “Isis” ring featuring a 22.76 ct. rainbow             Moon-stone accented with Diamonds (.38 ctw.)
   17.  Eddie Sakamoto, Somewhere in the Rainbow, Evening Wear. Palladium and 18K yellow gold               “Piqued My Interest” cuff featuring a 52.89 ct. radiant-cut Kunzite set in Ebony accented with                        Diamonds (2.93 ctw.)
   18.   Katey Brunini, K. Brunini Jewels, Evening Wear. Sterling and 18K yellow gold “Robot Heart”              necklace featuring a 1363.96 ct. Opal heart accented with Diamonds (1.53 ctw.). The heart lights up            in several patterns. 1st Place Fashion Forward Winner
   19.   Ajit Roy, Ajit Roy Designs, Business/Day Wear. 14K yellow and white gold pendant featuring a            triangle Drusy accented with black Diamonds (1.32 ctw.) and yellow Diamonds (.35 ctw.).
   20.   Parul Kuki Seth, Parulina Jewelry, Classical. 18K yellow and white gold dagger necklace                      featuring white Diamonds (5.50 ctw.) accented with Rubies (1.91 ctw.) and yellow Diamonds (.91                ctw.)

Some of the standout winners (other than the three I’ve already featured above) included these items featured below (with the exception of number seven which isn’t a winner but we loved its quirkiness):

  1.  Dalan Hargave, Dust Devil Mining, Objects of Art. “Friendship” sculpture featuring Sunstone  (57 ctw.), black Jade, Varasite and black, yellow and white Diamonds. 1st Place Objects of  Art Winner 
  2.  Leon Mege, Leon Mege Inc, Objects of Art. 18K gold and sterling silver “Maestro” gramophone  ring featuring interchangeable records made of ebony wood with yellow Sapphires, Rubies, black and  white Diamonds. I must note the black record next to this amazing ring goes on the gramophone ring  and says AC/DC. 2nd Place Objects of Art Winner
  3. Lauren Harper, Lauren Harper Collection, Business/Day Wear. 18K yellow gold “Kryptonite Pyramid” necklace featuring Chrysoprase and Diamonds. 3rd Place Fashion Forward Winner
  4. Cynthia Bach, Cynthia Bach Inc, Bridal Wear. Platinum drop earrings featuring blue marquise, double-faceted Aquamarines (113.23 ctw.) accented with seed Pearls and Diamonds. Honorable  Mention Bridal
  5.  Mark Schneider, Mark Schneider Design, Men’s Wear. 14K white and 18K yellow gold  men’s lapel pin featuring carved black Jade accented with white Diamonds (.28 ctw), Rubies (.04  ctw.), and cognac and yellow Diamonds (.99 ctw.). 1st Place Men’s Wear Winner
  6.  David Hines, Nvit Blanche, Men’s Wear. Platinum “Bloody Knuckles” ring featuring mirror-set  Rubies (1.00 ctw.). Platinum Honors Men’s Wear.
  7.  Avi Raz, A & Z Pearls Inc, Objects of Art. 18K yellow and white gold and 14K rose gold “Frog  Delight” carving featuring tsavorite Garnets (1.58 ctw.), freshwater Pearls, black Keshi Pearls, and  orange sapphires (.45 ctw.)

What do you think of some of the beautiful and unusual pieces from the 2014 Spectrum Awards?

2013 Annual AGTA Spectrum Awards | A World of Color

I had the pleasure of once again attending the AGTA Spectrum Awards and I must say the pieces were even more beautiful and enchanting than last year’s (if that’s even possible). As with every year, we had to choose three pieces as our favorites to vote as Editor’s Favorite. If you thought I had a difficult time last year, this time was amazingly worse and when you see the pieces, you’ll understand why. The preview of award winners and submissions featured pieces that boasts outstanding quality, craftsmanship and design. This year featured over 600 entries in the various categories – Bridal Wear, Business/Day Wear, Classical, Evening Wear, Men’s Wear, etc. The below is just a snippet of some of the amazing and stunning pieces I fell in love with at the event. I wish I could show you all of them here but my total favorites are in the high double digits


18K Yellow Gold and Platinum “Red Racer” Bracelet featuring a 28.58 ct. cushion-cut red Zircon accented with round brilliant Diamonds by Eddie Sakamoto

18K Yellow Gold and Platinum “Flutter by” ring featuring a 13.29 ct. oval yellow sapphire accented with Diamonds by Eddie Sakamoto


Palladium pendant featuring a green and white Agate heart cameo accented with a 7.63 ct. green Tourmaline briolette and Diamonds by Randy Coffin


14K white gold “Courtship” birds of paradise earrings featuring Jadeite cabochons accented with Sapphires, Diamonds and tsavorite Garnets by Fang-Yu Yeh

20K yellow gold and palladium serpent necklace featuring a 7.04 ct. Australian Opal egg accented with Diamonds, a blue Sapphire and an Emerald by Tomas Wittelsbach

18K yellow gold bracelet featuring 2 Pearls accented with white Diamonds by Anita Dickey


Palladium and Pearl necklace featuring a 28.08 ct. hand-carved blue Chalcedony accented with a 4.44 ct. pear-shaped Tanzanite and Diamonds by Dennis deJonghe


Palladium spiral cocktail ring featuring a 35.50 ct. rose Quartz cabochon accented with white Diamond melee by Elizabeth Garvin

18K yellow gold “Two Finger Glam” ring featuring three Emerald cabochons accented with round Emeralds by Parul Kuki Seth

18K white gold earrings featuring pink Opal Japanese plum blossoms accented with black and white Diamonds by Gregore Morin

Now that you’ve seen some of my favorites, what do you think? Do you see any that really catches your eye? To see more amazing jewelry and get more information on the AGTA Spectrum Awards, visit their website at