Fun Wine and Graffiti Artist Miguel Parades Get in a Tropical State of Wine

In all honesty, you don’t have to convince anyone that enjoying a glass or two of wine is fun but when the wine is housed in fun packaging, well that’s another story. If you currently live somewhere where winter is currently king and have friends or family who reside in or are vacationing somewhere tropical and posting photos, you’re probably really envious. We may not be able to grant you the wish of physically being somewhere warm, but we can get you there mentally with Friends Fun Wine. What makes Friends Fun Wine exceptional wines to enjoy during any snowstorm, frigid winter’s night or Wednesday? This pioneering range of low-alcohol, fresh and light wine-flavored beverages just launched its newest bottle design for their three most popular flavor pairings: Red Sangria, Strawberry Moscato, and Coconut Chardonnay.

Tapping into the ever-growing trend of unique, Instagrammable moments, the Miami-based Fun Wine (the brand is also inspired by the sunny city) worked with world-famous graffiti artist Miguel Parades to create one-of-kind bottles that immediately become keep-sakes and works-of-art. This range of flavored wine drinks is a great alternative to beer and the traditional formats of wine, allowing you to enjoy wine in a new and refreshing way. The Coconut Chardonnay boasts the smoothness of Chardonnay with the exotic flavors of coconut and the unexpected hint of pineapple undertones. It perfectly captures what Miami tastes like. The Strawberry Moscato celebrates the fruity refreshing taste of strawberry and the crisp aroma of a Rosé Moscato wine as it flirts with your taste buds. Last but not least, the Red Sangria is a fruity, flirty and inviting blend with distinct notes and characteristics of the ripe fruit juices used in its creation. It’s bold and refreshing, a perfect drink to get you in a warm weather state of mind.

Inspired by the electric Miami culture, World-Renowned Graffiti Artist Miguel Paredes, known for his explosive and bold design style, offering a perfect marriage of graffiti, landscape and pop art.

 “My sense of design and art has many parallels with the Friends Fun Wine brand,” said Mr. Paredes, Artist and Chief Design Officer of the company.“This bold product and what it offers to people around the world inspired me to create images that are both strong in their color and palette as well as encompassing evoking images and designs that appeal to people everywhere.” “We are thrilled to welcome Miguel to the team,” smiled Joe Peleg, “Bringing our unique brand to life through the art world is a way of connecting with our fans and consumers that crosses cultural boundaries and geographies. Miguel’s vision perfectly matches ours, and we are pleased with the reaction to our new bottle designs from our international business partners.”

Friends Fun Wine is available on five continents, The Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa. It has about 50% of the alcohol and calorie content of traditional wines and contains 71-94 calories per serving. The Friends Fun Wine range is currently available in a 750 ml (25.36 oz.) bottle, with a 350 ml (11.5 oz.) version coming soon. Both feature an alcohol content of 5.5% Alc/Vol.


Vote For Your Favorite Art of Patron Bottle Art Contest Finalist

Earlier this year (specifically during the summer), we announced the Art of Patron Bottle Art Contest, where several skilled glass artisans used the iconic, hand-crafted Patron bottle to create some stunningly visual and functional works of art. The grand prize for creating the most beautiful, unique piece of art? $10,000 cash! This year marks the third edition of the “Art of Patrón” Bottle Art Contest, and the hundreds of entrants have been narrowed down to the top ten finalists. For those who want to be a part of this amazing artistic journey, now is your chance to vote for your favorite Art of Patron Bottle Art Contest finalist.


After analyzing the hundreds of unique entries, from elaborate bird feeders and intricate lamps to free flowing waterfalls, a panel of judges selected the top ten designs. These judges (representing artisans, past Art of Patrón winners, and members of the spirits community) based their votes on the entries’ overall creativity, unique use of and representation of the iconic Patrón bottle, visual appeal, and their essay. The 2016 top ten finalists and their artwork are as followers:

Clearly Agave, submitted by Chris Chappell from Louisville, KY


Patrón Copper Fountain, submitted by Mark Tynan from Apex, NC

Patrón Windchime, submitted by Catherine Tynan from Apex, NC


Puesta Del Sol de Tequila, submitted by Eileen Serletic from Indianapolis, IN

Bridges Not Walls, submitted by Marconi Calindas from Palm Springs, CA


Patrón Tequila 2015 Limited Edition Pendant Lamp, submitted by Windell Reyes from Carson City, NV

The Art of Relaxation, submitted by Scott Innes from Philadelphia, PA

Eat & Drink, submitted by Diana Tabarez from Fontana, CA


Simply Timeless, submitted by Jana Keener from Kansas City, MO

Cuezaltzin, Aztec Lord Of Fire, submitted by John Graziano from Davenport, FL


Head over to to learn more about the artists and their inspirations, then vote for your favorite word of art. Public voting is officially open and ends on November 13th at 11:59 p.m. The winning artist (chosen by combining the highest votes from both the public and judging vote) will be announced around December 6, 2016. Along with the awarded $10,000, the winner also receives the opportunity for national exposure for his or her work of art. The remaining nine finalists will each receive $1,000.

See a favorite among the ten finalists that you think is worthy of winning the $10,000?