Start 2021 Off Hydrated with Tervis 40oz Wide Mouth Water Bottles

Start 2021 Off Hydrated with Tervis 40oz Wide Mouth Water Bottles

Well, it’s a new year and you know what that means…New Year Resolutions. We’re not sure what yours is but ours is to increase our water intake beyond the bare minimum. It is something we’ve tried to do for years with mild success. For 2021, we’re challenging ourselves to increase to at least drinking 40oz of water. The tool that will help us achieve this? The Tervis 40oz Wide Mouth Water Bottles.

Start 2021 Off Hydrated with Tervis 40oz Wide Mouth Water Bottles

Tervis’ colossal water bottles hold 40oz of water (or any liquid you prefer). That a little over 1 liter or 5 full cups of water, more than half what women need to drink a day.  The Tervis 40oz Wide Mouth Water Bottles are double-walled tumblers that offer all the benefits of stainless steel bottles with a large bottle opening that makes it easy to add ice cubes. You’ll love its featured triple insulation which reduces condensation and keeps your drink cold for up to 84 hours; its copper-lined 18/8 stainless steel construction is durable, and the material won’t retain tastes or odors.

It also features a quiet non-slip base and an insulated high performance or quick access, deluxe spout lid. The included lid is leak-proof and BPA-free with an ergonomic loop for easy carrying. There’s also no need to worry about germs or contamination as the drinking surface is fully protected when closed.

Start 2021 Off Hydrated with Tervis 40oz Wide Mouth Water Bottles

As you can see, the Tervis 40oz Wide Mouth Water Bottles comes in a variety of colors and prints. Some of our favorites prints include the Star Wars-themed Mandalorian, Tie Dye colors, and the Topographic Radar. Favorite solid colors include the pastel Blue Moon, Citrus Sunrise, and Mangrove Green powder bottles. Don’t see a print or color you love? You can personalize and engrave your Tervis water bottle with your name, favorite artwork, or photo.

Start 2021 Off Hydrated with Tervis 40oz Wide Mouth Water Bottles

The 40oz Wide Mouth Water Bottles are available now for $39.99 on the Tervis website. Could you benefit from better hydration this year?

Heatwave Hydration | More Than Just Water

With high temperature days like we recently had during last week’s heatwave, I find that not only am I extremely hot and uncomfortable but I move slower, my energy is drained and I definitely don’t eat as I should (since eating heavy meals make you sluggish, adding drained energy to the equation doesn’t help). So the result is lack of proper hydration and nutrients. While you can fix the heat that floods your house with a local air conditioning company that can service your A/C, you will still need help replacing the hydration and nutrients you’ve lost. Yes, drinking water is excellent for the body, especially during a heatwave – we all need the hydration but plain water doesn’t keep you comfortable or give you all the vitamins and nutrients you need from food and of course, it does get boring when the water is bland. But all that was changed when I added the following waters to my daily routine. I found three waters that refreshed and kept me cool from the inside out, gave me the necessary vitamins I was lacking and liven up the boring taste of water. So, while you wait for your air conditioning service similar to this I Need A Plumber & Air Conditioning service ( you can learn how to keep yourself hydrated during this heatwave.

Metromint Water

Metromint is pure water infused with real mint leaf that refreshes in every sip. Mint’s benefits include reducing stress and anxiety, aids digestion, and freshens your breath. We’ve all had mints and you’re all acquainted with how eating a mint gives you a slight chill – well imagine that chill all over your body. I was literally cool from the inside out. It has no calories, sweeteners or preservatives and is 100 percent all natural. Metromint comes in 7 refreshing flavors – Peppermint, Spearmint, Orangemint, Lemonmint, Chocolatemint, Cherrymint and Goodberrymint. (I am addicted to the Goodberrymint and Chocolatemint). These deliciously cooling beverages are available in 16.9oz. bottles and are a must this summer.


For those of you who require a delicious flavor to your water, Fruit2O‘s crystal clear water has a tasty twist with a little more flavor than plain water. It is made with natural fruit essence with zero sugar, zero calories, zero carbs, zero artificial flavors, is gluten-free and caffeine-free. With Fruit2O you’ll be enjoying a delicious drink without all the ingredients that make all those sugary drinks bad for you. Fruit2O‘s has 10 delightful, natural fruit flavors which includes Cucumber Lemon (new!), Watermelon (new!), Strawberry, Grape, Tropical Fruit, Raspberry, Peach, Orange, Lemon and Cherry. A 6-pack of Fruit2O retails for around $6.99.


ACTIVATE Drinks is a nutrient-enhanced water with a fresh dose of vitamins that keep people healthy during their busy lifestyle. Research shows that several vitamins (vitamins A, B, C and E) lose their potency sitting in water. Pioneers of the twist cap technology, ACTIVATE developed an innovative cap that stores the nutrients/vitamins in its cap that won’t be released until you are ready to drink your water. ACTIVATE has 10 different flavors tailored to different body needs such as, supporting immunity, skin cell support, renewed energy support, rehydration support and overall health. A 16.9oz bottle of ACTIVATE retails for $1.99. The flavors and their vitamin benefits include:

ACTIVATE Balance (Lulu Pear and Fruit Punch): With Overall Health and Maintenance Support
ACTIVATE Defend (Raspberry Citrus and Orange): With a Healthy Boost of Immunity Support
ACTIVATE Rebound (Passion Fruit and Pink Grapefruit): With Rehydration Support
ACTIVATE Beauty (Exotic Berry): With Overall Health and Skin Cell Support
ACTIVATE Defy (Blueberry Pom): With Support against Free Radicals for Healthier Cells
ACTIVATE Charged (Grape and Lemon Lime): With Renewed Energy Support

Have you tried any of these waters? What did you think?

My New Year’s Resolution – Drink More Water with ZeroWater

I am on a quest to achieve one resolution that has been eluding me for the past several new years – Drink More Water. I actually have been doing much better thanks to the wonderful flavors of Mio but I’m trying to also drink water with out any additions. The problem is NJ doesn’t have the best tasting water and though I am only 10 minutes away from NYC (a leader in best tasting water), my tap water sucks and of course bottled water gets expensive and causes a lot of waste (even though its recyclable waste). I’m trying to drink more water efficiently and cost effectively so for 2012, my savior is the ZeroWater 10-Cup Filter Pitcher

ZeroWater’s filter technology removes all detectable dissolved solids. It is also the only filtered water that meets the Food and Drug Administration’s definition of purified bottled water. The pitcher also features one-hand pull and pour-button spout to fill any bottle or cup, convenient space-saving design and a promise to eliminate Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in tap water to a “000” reading. In addition, the pitcher design ensures that water passes through the filter, and it includes a built-in TDS meter holder. Why is ZeroWater a must have in your home? Below is the typical amount of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) that are found in a month’s supply of water

Without a proper and effective filtration system in place, you are ingesting what you see above – gross and scary isn’t it? The ZeroWater’s 10-cup Filter Pitcher features ZeroWater’s patented ion exchange filter, a laboratory-grade water testing meter and a filter guaranteed to remove virtually all dissolved solids from tap water including aluminum, lead, chromium, zinc, nitrate and more. It is the only pitcher filter to receive NSF International’s certification for chromium-6 and lead reduction and is recognized by the Water Quality Association being just as effective at reducing chromium-6 in tap water as reverse osmosis systems. In other words, you can trust ZeroWater to give you the most pure tasting water.

Say goodbye to lugging bottles of water from the supermarket and to the recycling bin and say hello to more money in your pocket. The 10-Cup pitcher is available nationwide at the retail price of $35.00. All ZeroWater products include a laboratory-grade water testing meter that guarantees a “000” reading on Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) to ensure great-tasting water, are BPA-free and offer a filter recycling program. The company’s line of patented water filtration products also includes:

23-cup Filter Dispenser
8-cup Pitcher
6-cup Space Saver Pitcher
Filtration Water Cooler Bottle