Report Signature Fall 2010 Collection

A little while back I did a feature on one of my favorite pairs of shoes by a footwear company I adore, Report Signature Shoes. Several of you drooled (naturally) over those shoes and other shoes Report Signature had to offer….well prepare to drool an amount equivalent to Niagara Falls because Report Signature has some amazing shoes for this coming Fall season. I will feature according to the month they’ll be available. First up are the shoes available now (August)

We all love over the knee boots, they make everyone legs look incredible sexy and look absolutely amazing over a pair of skinny jeans or with a short shirt. Well Report Signature has three choices for August that’s sure to turn many heads – ladies, meet (in order of appearance) – The Fitzgerald (my favorite), The Steinway and The Winston, which is also available in Dark Brown.

For September (a mere three days away), it’s all about the Pump…the right pump will elongate your legs and oooh wee I wish I had these in my closet. My favorites are The Remsen2 and The Kay. I love the Remsen2 because of its corset-style laces at the back; at the preview, I was shown a samples which had red laces and my god, it looked so delicious…very “tie me up, tie me down”. I love the mini studs on the Kay, it combines sexy with a “don’t eff with me” rocker attitude

Other Report Signature shoes available in September is The Parker, whose all over crystal decor and color is also available in an adorable small Clutch called the Rivington. To continue on with the crystal embellishments, let me introduce you to the Clarkson, a gorgeous short black boot completely covered in black crystals.

October brings in styles for different personalities, whether you’re into a tall sexy over the knee boot, a very sexy strappy sandal or a tall flat boot. The newest Fairfax3 ( a sexy over the knee boot with a fold-over cuff) is an updated fabrication of the current Fairfax3, which is available now

The sexiest of the Ditmar is evident upon first sight, this burgundy strappy sandal is a dream, great fall color, very sexy, wearable with and without tights and it just looks gorgeous – yummy

and finally so those of you who prefer to be closer to the earth, the all leather Columbus is the boot for you. The great look of a riding boot with a motorcross detail at the knee with a one inch heel making it perfect to use as an everyday boot.

The above are just a few of the reasons I love Report Signature shoes. Just another reason to look forward to the fall.

The Empire State Building Shoe by Geox

Have you ever just been walking down the street and something just jumps into your peripheral view and stops you dead in your tracks? This is what happened to me while I was walking past Geox on 34th Street. In the window was the gorgeous Empire State Building Shoe. I’m not sure how I missed seeing these breathtaking beauties as I am frequently in that area but I’m happy my eyes (my feet will surely follow soon) got to finally see these. The 5 inch heel (made from rhinestones) is a replica of the world famous Empire State Building which is right across the street from Geox’s 34th Street location.

The Empire State Building Shoe, which retails for $230.00 comes in three styles/colors in New York – the Animal Print Peep-Toe, the Black and Silver Sequined Patent Leather (both shown above) and Pink Sequins (which sometimes looks blue and purple in the light). I was told the shoe is available in other colors but only in other countries (ooh the possibilities). As you will see in the video below, the Empire State Building Shoe comes enclosed not in a shoebox but in a back and silver briefcase fitted with molds of the shoes dressed in black satin – doesn’t that sound so incredibly sexy?

Unfortunately the shoes cannot be purchased online, only in store but with a beauty like this, you should actually hold, touch and enjoy every fabulous every inch of it. Happy Shopping Ladies.

An interesting fact, the name Geox is Greek even though the company is Italian – Geo means Earth and the letter X stands for the technology element. That technological element being they create innovative and revolutionary shoes that breathe.

Steve Madden Spring 2010 Press Preview

On October 27th, Steve Madden increased my love of fabulous shoes by inviting me to their Spring 2010 Preview – oh my poor bank account! This spring, I will literally be the woman who lives in her shoes. Steve Madden makes some of my favorite shoe brands such as Betsey Johnson, Candie’s, Elizabeth & James and of course his own brand. The collection were of course grouped into their three tiers – Steven by Steve Madden, Madden Girl and Steve Madden. And of course I found favorites in all three.

Let’s start with Steven by Steve Madden – the top tier line from Steve Madden and my weakness (it’s from this line that Mr. Madden gets most of my money). “A premium footwear line, salutes the new season with a diverse collection of chic shoes for every occasion. Using a variety of quality materials including leather, suede, raffia and bead embellishment, the Steven Collection continues to impress all who seek high fashion for Spring 2010”. This collection was broken down into four categories:

Peek-A-Boot – treated leather ankle boots with details such as studs, laces, straps and zippers. Lots of sex, rock and structure

I Love A Summer Sandal – a variety of shapes and shades from simple to chic and embellished

Man Up – reinterpreting the masculine classic to include colored leather, cutouts and detailing

Living on the Wedge – wedge heels are back in neutral colors but in combinations of raffia and matte metallic gold leather, treated wood, leather and suede

Next is Steve Madden Women – I usually find one or two pairs of shoes in this second tier line (but as I stated before, Steven is my weakness).“Synonymous with trend focused, of-the-minute styles, ushers in the new season with chic collection of footwear engineered to thrill. Incororating premium materials with cutting-edge design, the diverse range includes sexy stacked heels, brightly colored sandals and round-toe brogues. The use of embellishment and treated leather is a prominent feature throughout the collection, making a pair of Steve Madden shoes a must-have staple in every women’s wardrobe this spring.”

Jungle Fever – Steve Madden has gone tribal, drawing inspiration from Africa, Native Americans and South Americans Incas.

When In Rome – Twisted, woven, braided, buckled and strapped leather sandals in bright colors

Girl Boy – a mixtures of boy meets girl, androgynous designs

Well Heeled – as we women come in different shapes and sizes so do heels at Steve Madden. From stacked and platforms heels to mini wedges

Last but certainly not least is Madden Girl – I actually haven’t purchased any shoes from this tier but after seeing what’s coming for Spring 2010, that may change.

There were several other shoes that I fell in love with and is promptly being added to my wish list. All I can say is I want

If shoes are my #1 vice, then bags are a very close second and there were at least three Steve Madden bags that I fell in love with. They are gorgeous and affordable. I love the contrast of neon yellow with the cement colored leather hobo, the rose ruffle detail of teal satchel and the leather and chain twiost detail on he black tote. I’ve always gone for bags with a bit of drama and these are exactly my taste.

Airwalk Desert Boot Event

On what was perhaps the coldest day ever (I swear I heard the devil complaining), Airwalk was celebrating the limited quantity production of the Desert Boot. The event was being held at the Hotel on Rivington

At the request of Beastie Boys member, Adam Yauch, who is such a huge fan of the boot that when he ran out of his supply, he contacted Airwalk and had them reproduce it. I’m not sure how many pairs he got but I got two in black, one for my brother and the other for Dave, who is still working as head stylist for one of the Food Network Show.

Anyway, as I stated before, it was cold as a snowman’s balls outside and we had to wait online for a bit; but I’ve learned from past experiences that if there is a limited amount of stuff being given out – GET HERE EARLY!! So I did and of course I wasn’t the only one who felt that way because when I got there, I was fifth in line but luckily one of the people was my friend Patty who is ultra fab. Patty selects and handles all the interns who work Fashion Week

We kept ourselves busy (and warm) by talking and huddling up against each other, after about 45 minutes it was finally time to go in. The warmth enveloped me like a lover’s arms, it surrounded and held me tight and boy did that feel good. Anyway, first thing’s first – peel off the many layers and check my coat (done), now on to the shoes. The giveaway was of course a first come, first serve basis. There were 150pairs to give out and this was the only place to get them; they are not going to be in any retail stores, so if you got a pair, you were very lucky

The atmosphere of the event was very relaxed. Everyone was either sitting around talking, drinking or trying on the shoes

But the shoes were not the only thing on display…well…sort of. Some very talented artists created some amazing artwork out of the shoe boxes

While I was taking photos of the artwork, I couldn’t help take a photo of the line outside of the other people waiting to get in. Of course by this time, the shoes were already gone

Anyway, I’ve shown you the shoes at the beginning of this post but I must mention that they came in the most rugged canvas bag…very manly.

Aerosoles Supports The Women’s HIV/Aids Collaborative of NY

Few people know this but in high school I used to be a peer educator on HIV/Aids. I was in charge of the condom presentation; my presentation board had an array of condoms – colored, flavored, etc but I’m getting off topic here.Anyway, as I was saying, not many know that I was a peer educator, but many know my love, ok lust, alright obsession with shoes. So when this event came up, you know I had to attend.


The event hosted by Aerosoles on 5th Ave between 21st & 22nd. Zia*, Angelique* and I were going to attend but at the last minute Angelique*, who had to work a little later decided not to attend at the last minute. So Zia* and I walk into a crowd of women shopping like crazy in the small boutique. Although it started at 5 pm, and we got there at around 5:45 pm or 6 pm and there was already a long line at the register (I guess the economy isn’t THAT bad), but everyone really got some great savings. First you get 15% off your first purchase, 25% off all boots and if you bought two pairs of shoes, you get an additional 20% off your second pair of shoes. With savings like this, I guess horde as many shoes as your cash or credit flow will allow.

Aerosoles-in-Store-HIV-Event2 Aerosoles-in-Store-HIV-Event3

Anyway, although Aerosoles isn’t exactly my cup of tea (what? 1-inch heels? I’m sorry I don’t speak that language). Zia*, on the other hand, was in heaven, she practically has an Aerosoles collection growing in her closet, I did manage to find some cute shoes, though. Aerosoles-in-Store-HIV-Event4Aerosoles-in-Store-HIV-Event5

Zia*, on the other hand, got two pairs to add to her collection. Usually, the girl likes color as much as a vampire likes sunlight but she did take home colors way out of her comfort zone (which is black, brown, tan or gray).





She got the silver in the above style, she really wanted the gold, which shocked the hell out of me, but they didn’t have her size. She also got these in PURPLE!!


Of course, she took those home on a trial basis. Like I said a vampire to sunlight. For all I know, they may go right back to the store tomorrow. Anyway, more shopping happened around us. I must add that this woman (in the black jacket) also purchased the silver ballet flats when she saw them on Zia*.



We also ran into a new friend of ours, Amanda, who I met at the PUMA event (she invited us to the book launch for Slim Satisfied and Sexy) and she left with two pairs of boots. I’m not showing her face because I didn’t ask her permission but here she is with her two pairs of shoes



Anyway, I didn’t forget the main purpose of the event, which is to bring awareness to the Women’s HIV Collaborative



I’m not sure what percentage of tonight’s proceeds went to the Women’s HIV Collaborative but from the amount of shopping done tonight, it will be a good amount. Although I didn’t buy any shoes from Aerosoles tonight (I”m saving for a big upcoming trip), I did order some very cute boots and they came today….YEAHHH!!! Here they are (I am not saying the brand because I don’t want to see these everywhere, especially since I want a chance to wear them properly first)



As an extra reward, all attendees got a 15% off Lifetime coupon to Aerosoles. Zia* has one and so does Angelique* (we took one for her), so if anyone wants mine, let me know.

On the way out we ran into Kim on her way to the event. The three of us talked for a while (me mostly complaining that I’m not yet well known in the blog world to get an invitation to the Robin Thicke Album release party tonight………oh poo).

That is all, until the next event tomorrow.

*Some names have been changed to protect the permanently shy and those possibly under witness protection