The Art Institutes Fall/Winter 2015 Student Collections

The Art Institues Fall/Winter 2015 Student Collections at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week opened with quite the powerful message. Megan Silcott, an 18 year-old living with a rare neurological disorder that has caused her to be paralyzed below the neck, opened the show by walking the entire length of the Theatre ‘s very long runway with the assistance of only a walker as a model of designer Nina Perdomo’s collection. Twelve designers from The Art Institutes showed their Fall 2015 collections. Along with Nina Perdomo, collections were presented by Grace Ahn (menswear), Jamaree Eiammanassakul, Romina Vairo, Alexa Dibiasio, Sebastian Cubides, Jesus Romero, Parker Trumble, Chutian Zhog, Daniela Ramirez, Yalary Fuentes, and Zong Peng.

Nina Perdomo

One of our favorite collections, Nina Perdomo’s Paradigm Collection is for the woman who is confident, and likes a wardrobe of edgy silhouettes, textures, colors, and prints.

Jamaree Eiammanassakul

Inspired by modern Thai architecture, this collection boasts simple geometric shapes, slim silhouettes, classic styling, and angled lines.

Romina Vairo

Romina Vairo’s androgynous, Frozen Bone Collection was inspired by the late 1800’s french film actress, Sandra Bernhardt, who played both male and female roles. The collection featured oversized shapes with soft structural tailoring, and fluid lines.

Alexa Dibiasio

This collection boasts fierce style and edgy beauty. With this edgy feminine collection, Designer, Alexa Dibiasio, believes every woman deserves not only to be beautiful, but interestingly beautiful by letting her style speak for itself.

Sebastian Cubides

Although Sebastian Cubides designs both men’s and women’s fashion, we’re concentrating on the womenswear. For this collection, he experimented with shapes and silhouettes and the result is this stunning collection that boasts non-traditional and non-conforming looks.

Jesus Romero

Another favorite is this sultry collection by Jesus Romero. Inspired by the glamorous Marlene Dietrich and the spirit of the 1930’s, the black and white collection celebrates the highlighted the designer’s passion of three dimensional design development.

Parker Trumble

Offering both men’s and women’s fashion, Parker Trumble takes us to the future with a mix of organic, and industrial geometric feel, but yo us, some looks had an old world aesthetic which really appealed to us.

Chutian Zhog

There’s more to love than the intricate cutouts in Chutian Zhog’s collection, which he used to represent the hard and soft strokes of Chinese Calligraphy (his interpretation of the revered Chinese art of writing), the contrasting fabrics, spray painted suede and punched leather.

Daniela Ramirez

With a design inspiration that features bold, yet minimal silhouettes, and influences from her architect father, her Mexican roots, and the cultural diversity of San Francisco Bay, the modern collection could really be what we could be wearing in the future.

Yalary Fuentes

Born to a family of artists, Yalary Fuentes’s collection is inspired by the architectural works of Zaha Hadid, who is known for the curves of her elongated structures (we’re huge fans of her footwear collaborations). Her pieces feature a “rounded” look, which perfectly captures her inspiration.


MONGOL by Bayarmaa Bayarkhuu Fall/Winter 2015 Collection

We love being introduced to new designers and their visions. They tend to bring a fresh voice that exhilarates and reminds us why we love fashion. One fresh voice catching our attention is the Fall/Winter 2015 Collection from MONGOL by Bayarmaa Bayarkhuu. This “It Girl” brought her edgy style, the love of her heritage, and her debut collection to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week to showcase her colorful, and striking collection.

Her stunning collection, which is inspired by traditional Mongolian costumes, combines urban, casual silhouettes, powerful details, a strong feminine voice, as well as a passion for her craft . The collection boasted raw Mongolian materials, which celebrates the nomadic tradition of using wild and sustainable materials. The essence of the Mongolian nomadic traditions, which play a large part in the culture, solidifies the fact that Mongolian influences should definitely make is way into more mainstream fashion. We can’t wait to see more from this designer.

Photos courtesy of Frazier Harrison/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Desigual Fall/Winter 2015 Collection

For us, the Fall 2015 season of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week started with a collection filled with a dazzling array of prints, textures, and colors. A living, multi-cultural canvas that came to life under the bright lights of Lincoln Center. For the Desigual Fall 2015 Collection, we see a celebration of the many cultures that are brought together at Monsieur Christian Lacroix’s Desigual studio. The mixing of lush landscapes, influences from the four points, and the decorative and pragmatic folk art that influenced this season’s collections, shows how diversity can come together beautifully. We loved seeing the brand’s new face, Chantelle Brown-Young, taking a break from the Desigual campaigns to hit the runway.

If the people at the Christian Lacroix Desigual studio are the artists, then the Fall 2015 Collection is the canvas. The collection was peppered with influences from abstract paintings, stunning upholstery, photographs of Africa, a nod to the historic Renaissance era in Northern Europe, and a landscape filled with an abundance of flowers. We see African-inspired black and white prints, multi-colored embroideries from the world over, oriental carpet motifs, and Baroque tapestries woven into evocative abstraction, all of which continues to celebrate the brand’s message of “La Vida es Chula!” (Life is Cool!)

You can no doubt see the festive mood of the collection just from the photos. With models dancing down the runways adorned with explosions of medieval gemstones, modern artwork, exotic flower bouquets, all presented on printed tulles, jacquards, embossed hair, and duchess satin. We especially love the giant pompoms and wild free-flowing hair, which perfectly suited the collection.

We love the celebration of the unique, being atypical, and self-expression that Desigual stands for. The show, of course had no shortage of celebrities. Brand Ambassador, Adriana Lima, along with Katie Holmes, held court in front row, while Rapper Drake went more incognito and opted for a seat in the back as to not distract from the show.

As usual, the show ended with the designers thanking everyone in a adorable way

Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa Backstage at Art Hearts Fashion Spring 2015 Collection

Backstage at the Art Hearts Fashion Show, which was held on the last day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in the Theater at Lincoln Center, were eight featured fashion designers from around the world. The entire event supported a great cause, and the designers showed their collections in a contemporary fashion setting. The eight designers showcasing their collections were Mister Triple X, Control Sector, Gregorio Sanchez, Shrekahnth, Hallie Sara, Altaf Maaneshia, MT Costello, and Furne Amato, with each designer presenting a different beauty look for each of their various collections. The backstage beauty pros included Woody Michleb, Red Door Spa’s Creative Designer and National Training Director for hair; Cesar Olivas, Makeup Artist for Red Door Spa, and Adeline Sarino, National Director of Nails Service for Red Door Spa.

I captured backstage moments of madness and amazing works of each of the artist’s creations for the beautiful models getting ready for hair, make up and nails, getting ready to walk the runway. Everywhere I turned there was something amazing happening, from smokey eye looks, to bold and glamorous hair styles, to edgy nail designs. It was madness but everyone was excited to present such exquisite work from each of the designers.

The Look’s

The Look for MT Costello

Hair is long and loosely curled with soft texture at the roots for a beachy look. Gold flecks were also added to the hair for a retro 1970’s touch. Makeup was focused on the eyes with glowing skin and nude lips. The first look, a gold cream shadow applied to brows. Black line was used to define top water line, with mascara added to the top and bottom lashes. The second look, eyes were dark and smokey. Gold cream shadow added to the inner corner eye. Both looks had highlighter placed on the brow bone and top of the cheeks. Nails were nude base and speckled with gold.

The Look for Gregorio Sanchez

Hair is styled in fluffy retro waves inspired by the 1950’s. Makeup is also inspired by the 1950’s and retro. Skin is luminous and dewy. A bold cat eye and voluminous lashes from the eyes with pink lips.

The Look for Mister Triple X

Hair was soft with an edgy twist inspired by the 1940’s old Hollywood glamour. One side had braids and the other side curls that were soft 40’s waves. Kerastase Laque Couture Mist was applied to hair for smooth and defined waves. Make Up was bold and focused on the eye. A dark smokey eye with pink lips and flushed cheeks to complete the look. Nails were black and white, with a swirl in the shape of an “X” for women.

The Look for Altaf Maaneshia

The hair is soft and relaxed. Loose curls molded with a curling or flat iron. For volume and separation, Kerastse V.I.P Volume in powder was used. Makeup was simple and natural with a bright lip. Neutral eye shadow on the lids with gold cream shadow on the inner corner of the eyes and bottom lash line. Cheeks contoured with blush below the cheek line. A bright red/orange for finished lips. Nails were deep, blood red.

The Look for Shrekahnth

Hair was braided for a unique intricate look. Makeup was graphic with a nude lip. Black and white liner define the eyes. Nails were a dusty, dark pink.

The Look for Hallie Sara

The hair was classic and blown out for a straight sleek look at the front leading to wild curls, evoking the free spirit of the 1960’s. The makeup was refined and classic. The skin was perfect and glowing with minimal make up. The nails were kept clean and neutral.

The Look for Furne Amato

The hair is classic and clean. Deeply parted and combed into a low ponytail at he nape of the neck and clean bun. The makeup is inspired by a dream of the future. The nails are a sheer light pink.

The Nails

Left: MT Costello, Top: Altaf Maaneshia, Bottom: Mister Triple X


***Thanks to Fashion Blogger, Rhea Santos of Sew Stylish Rhea for being our Backstage Beauty Contributor and covering Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa at the Art Heart Fashion Spring 2015 Collection Show for My Life on and off the Guest List. Make sure to check out her blog.

Custo Barcelona Spring 2015 Collection Show

According to Custo Barcelona, SKIN IS IN for Spring 2015. At his jam-packed Spring 2015 collection show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, it was all about the skin you’re in, and the body’s largest organ was on display through geometric cut-outs that tease with glimpses of skin, subtle and not-so-subtle transparencies, in a variety of fabrications and seductive silhouettes.

Audacious colors and prints were present in the collection that boasted ultra-light linens, and flowy silk textiles, perfectly placed on the sides and backs of the looks to create an optical illusion of depth, a fundamental silhouette and the skin underneath. If you’re already familiar with Custo Barcelona, then you know he loves pairing colors and prints to amazing results.

This Spring 2015 Collection is no different. Polka dots, stripes, lace, geometric shapes, and bold graphics compliment each other as they lay side by side on a garment. Stunning textured appliques and impeccable details join the edgy cut-outs for striking yet sweet femininity. Ladies, there are so many looks you will want, so many looks you will need. Your wardrobe will thank you come spring.

Venexiana Spring 2015 Collection Show

Kati Stern shocked show attendees by showing a paltry (for her) 57 looks at the Venexiana Spring 2015 Collection show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion week. Are they days of endless gowns gone? We attend Venexiana fully expecting to walk out days later, but not caring because we were being fed stunning gowns the whole time. We admit, we had to get used to exiting the show early….still wanting more. For her Spring 2015 Collection, the Kati Stern Venexiana Collection featured both light and dark hues. While other designer collections featured bursts of brights, bold florals and graphics, we saw pretty, pale pastels, soft metallics, and black looks at Venexiana. The show started with long, solid-hued gowns featuring subtle details such as delicate crystal embellishments in small concentrations, elegant skin-baring cutouts, and celebration of a woman’s shoulders.

Colors went slightly vibrant and prints came into lay before the collection went back to it’s pastel color palette and we began to see stunning sequin and silk satin looks.

We love it when Kati Stern’s rocker personality dominates her collection, but this season, although her music is still edgy, this collection was much more subtle than what we’re used to seeing. While we love classic gowns and beautiful subtle details, we love it when Venexiana goes dark and makes a bold statement.

Of course, that’s not to say we didn’t have a few favorites that took our breath away and wished were in our closets. We’re completely enamored with these three goegeous looks

Trina Turk Spring 2015 Collection Presentation

Our love for spring’s vibrant colors and prints continues with Trina Turk‘s spirited Spring 2015 Collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. We’ve added every single piece from this energetic collection to our wishlist, even the menswear pieces will feel right at home adorning our bodies. There’s no stealing just the boyfriend’s jacket or shirt when it comes to the Mr Turk collection, we want every single item of clothing from both Trina Turk and Mr Turk!! The playfulness and exuberance of the collection was catching as models interacted with show-goers, taking selfies with attendees, photos of the crowd and sharing them via social media.

With inspiration coming from the Pop Art Flower Mart in downtown LA, we were not surprised to see an abundance of colorful, dynamic prints. The collection was packed with vivacious blooms, graphic stripes and geometric jacquards with a tropical twist. The key piece of the collection is the one-piece silhouette, which Trina delivers in rompers, jumpsuits, and maxi patio dresses. Playful board shorts and bikinis, as well as eye-catching bags and accessories are mixed in for festive garden looks.

Below is the designer in chic and classic black and white, as her models radiated with spirited colors for her spring 2015 collection.

Desigual Spring 2015 Collection Show

The Desigual Spring 2015 Collection show is why we love previewing spring/summer collections. The colors, prints and atmosphere are vibrant, happy and exuberant. Since banding together to create the “Desigual by L” capsule collection in 2011, Desigual and Christian LaCroix has continually presented women everywhere with what they refer to as a “happy casual” collection and judging my what we saw coming down the runway at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, they are indeed holding true to their word. The Spring 2015 collection, titled, “Say something Nice” (some models walked down the runway with speech bubbles with cute notes), is inspired by the flora and fauna. Bursting with colorful, multi-cultural bouquets of daisies, desert roses, tropical hibiscus, and Mexican dahlias, one find themselves hoping for spring.

Along with the exotic flora, the collection’s inspirations also included classic English blooms with the Iberian Peninsula’s landscape (no doubt inspired by it’s odd octagonal shape, it’s diverse fauna, and presence of its formidable mountainous Atlantic and Mediterranean terrain), the combination of cool Mediterranean spirit with South American motifs, and the natural beauty of the western countryside influenced by sweeping European geometry.

The color palate included rich, vibrant tones that dominated the collection, with of bursts of poppy red, saffron, and teal, that were all set against the backdrop of jade, white, and onyx bringing to life a vision of The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world, and the underwater flora of the lost City of Atlantis.

Celebrity sightings included Sin City 2 star Rosario Dawson, supermodel Poppy Delevingne, socialite Olivia Palermo, Breaking Bad’s RJ Mitte, Miss USA 2012 Nana Meriwether, Vanderpump Rules’ Pandora Vanderpump, French Model Camille Rowe and Orange is the New Black’s Laura Gomez but the most present went to Victoria’s Secret Angel, Adriana Lima who opened and closed the show.

*Front Row Photo courtesy of Getty Images©