Venexiana Spring 2015 Collection Show

Kati Stern shocked show attendees by showing a paltry (for her) 57 looks at the Venexiana Spring 2015 Collection show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion week. Are they days of endless gowns gone? We attend Venexiana fully expecting to walk out days later, but not caring because we were being fed stunning gowns the whole time. We admit, we had to get used to exiting the show early….still wanting more. For her Spring 2015 Collection, the Kati Stern Venexiana Collection featured both light and dark hues. While other designer collections featured bursts of brights, bold florals and graphics, we saw pretty, pale pastels, soft metallics, and black looks at Venexiana. The show started with long, solid-hued gowns featuring subtle details such as delicate crystal embellishments in small concentrations, elegant skin-baring cutouts, and celebration of a woman’s shoulders.

Colors went slightly vibrant and prints came into lay before the collection went back to it’s pastel color palette and we began to see stunning sequin and silk satin looks.

We love it when Kati Stern’s rocker personality dominates her collection, but this season, although her music is still edgy, this collection was much more subtle than what we’re used to seeing. While we love classic gowns and beautiful subtle details, we love it when Venexiana goes dark and makes a bold statement.

Of course, that’s not to say we didn’t have a few favorites that took our breath away and wished were in our closets. We’re completely enamored with these three goegeous looks

Venexiana Spring 2014 Collection

Rocker-chic designer, Kati Stern, always brings the glamour to her Venexiana Collection, which surprises most because she is so edgy and cool that you expect her to send lots of edgy leather and moto-esque designs down the runway but she shows that she is a glamour girl at heart. For her Spring 2014 Collection, held again at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at the tents, she didn’t disappoint with the stunningly gorgeous and feminine looks. Every look was filled with grace and sophisticated style with a layer of sensuality and romance (I always love her variations in necklines).

Showing 73 Spring 2014 looks (less than last season), Kati Stern presented gown options for women of all personalities – from the more demure to the femme fatale. The Venexiana Spring 2014 Collection featured lots of old Hollywood glam, modern sophistication, sensual body grazing silhouettes, and lots of vibrant color. Her collections always shine so it was no surprise to again see lots of metallics in wondrous colors such as powder blue, iris, seafoam, etc; shimmering sequins, stunning lace overlays, attention-getting florals and ever-flowing silk also stood out in the vast collection.

I love the Venexiana Spring 2014 Collection and I’m sure you will too. Check out the models walk the finale in the video below:

What do you ladies think of this collection? Any favorite looks?

Venexiana Fall 2013 Collection

I wrote about backstage at Venexiana Fall 2013 collection where the beautiful side twist french rolls and glamorous smokey eyes were the focus, now I eagerly bring you the details on what occurred in the front of the house. The clothes from the Venexiana Fall 2013 collection were a glamour girl’s dream come true with nothing short of 76 couture looks floating down the runway to choose from.
venexiana1 venexiana2

Kati Stern’s gift is in the details; while each piece oozed personality, whether the fabric of choice was velvet with crystals or lace with crystals, they were all reminiscent of each other which made for a cohesive collection.


Even the color palette of the Venexiana Fall 2013 collection, although varied, all were in the metallic, deep gemstone range, reflecting light in different ways. Overall, it was a strong collection with lots of sexy silhouettes and beautiful metallic colors.

***Thank you to Fashion and Beauty Contributor, Laura A. Floyd of Blush and Beakers for covering Venexiana for My Life on and off the Guest List this season. Make sure to check out her blog.

**photos courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Venexiana Spring 2013 Collection

It still surprises me that I don’t see Venexiana on the red carpet, maybe it’s too edgy for celebrities or their stylists are just too scared – I’ve no idea. Kati Stern is known for her outgoing and vivacious personality and design aesthetic. Many have called her collection “rock-n-roll couture” and that label aptly describes the stunning pieces she showcases every season in exquisite fabrics, impeccable tailoring and spectacular embellishments

For the Spring 2013 Collection, we were given a glimpse of parallel opposites of Kati Stern, as she showed both softer, more 40’s glamorous and romantic looks (I love the blush colored “boudoir” looks) and her usual edgier, rock glam goddess

We saw lots of lace, intricate beading and sequins, feathers, crystals, etc throughout the vast collection showing a range of bold gowns that would fit the personality and wardrobe tastes of any fashionista. I was captivated by several looks from the collection and loved the romantic air of the finale.

Venexiana Fall 2012 Collection

One thing Kati Stern knows is how to make a statement dress and this season was no different. For Venexiana’s Fall 2012 show, beautifully audacious gowns were seen from beginning to end. With almost every look possessing Kati Stern’s edgy rock-n-roll personality, it was quite impossible to not coo and repeat the word “wow” as each model hit the runway – and with 70 looks, that’s saying a lot.

I always look forward to the Venexiana show every season, I know I can look forward to seeing standout color and silhouettes, bold embellishments and show-stopping looks. It’s still difficult to believe her gowns haven’t taken over the red carpet (what’s wrong with these starlets?). When I hear Venexiana, I think of the following adjectives – fun, edgy, gorgeous, opulent, jaw-dropping, devastatingly beautiful, etc. Shown in colors as bold as the designs, Kati Stern commanded your attention with looks (both gowns and cocktail dresses) in citron, bordeaux, charmeuse, gold, turquoise, gunmetal grey, teal, lavender, etc. I will be keeping an eye on the red carpet for the sentence “I am wearing Venexiana”.

Photos Courtesy of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Venexiana Spring 2012 Collection

Kati Stern continues to offer bold silhouettes with fun embellishments in exquisite fabrics; her Spring 2012 Venexiana Collection featured lots of dazzling color – bold reds, sunset oranges, bright pinks and lots of glistening metallics – sexy form flattering shapes and edgy couture dresses. Venexiana’s Spring 2012 collection, inspired by Rock n Roll, paraded punk princess after punk princess with looks as bold as Kati Stern’s personality.

The gorgeous dresses featured lots of Swarovski crystals, intricate embroidery, sewn sequins, and flowers and the majority of the dresses highlighted what some believe are a woman’s best feature – her shoulders. Almost every look accentuated the model’s bare shoulders

To experience more from Venexiana, enjoy the show’s finale below

Venexiana Fall/Winter 2011 Collection

Kati Stern is crazy! I’ll admit it, she’s brazen, funky, bold, is in no way, shape or form a timid woman AND I LOVE HER FOR THAT! I had the pleasure of attending her Fall 2011 Collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. The first thing I did after I sat down was look at the run of show – how many looks? 69!!!! Yes, she has a lot to say and she does it with her designs. Her collection, which some people say needed editing (I say to them – shhhh, fashion’s going on here!), gave you chic separates, sophisticated cocktail dresses and then blew you away with her red carpet and fantasy wedding  gowns, all mixed in with a bit of edginess that can only be Kati Stern. Get ready for pictures, there’s a lot.

Do I see leather harem pants in the photo above? There were so many cocktail dresses to choose from. I love the unconventional lavender plaid and the exquisite embellishment on the shift dress is just so chic

 The gown speak for themselves. For as long as I’ve been going to the Venexiana Show, I’ve been waiting for an actress to wear one of her gowns and I’m usually very disappointed that I do not see Venexiana on the red carpet, I mean really, what are some of the stylists thinking? Kati Stern creates gorgeous gown after gorgeous gown; beauties that are sure to be red carpet winners. Maybe the current hot actresses are not bold enough to wear these gown – you must have personality to pull off a Venexiana gown.

 and the finale, the show stoppers, the fantasy gowns, the gown that made me gasp – The Wedding gowns. Gorgeous combination of Italian Silk, Silk Organza, and Swarovski Crystals.

What can I say about the Venexiana Fall 2011 Collection besides breathtaking. Of yes – love, love, love Kati Stern. Check out the finale video below


Venexiana Spring 2010 Show

While attending the Venexiana Show – I had one thought over and over again – Why is Venexiana not at the Oscars or the Music Awards or any other red carpet? Kati Stern makes gorgeous gown after gorgeous gown and yet there is hardly any red carpet presence, what are these celeb stylist smoking? Many times when you attend a show, you usually like a few looks, maybe love one or two but I loved everything Kati Stern sent down the runway. I’ll start with ethe short dresses – fun, fun, fun, flirty, flirty, flirty. Let’s not forget chic, oh so chic and ultra feminine.

Now on to the gowns…oh, the gowns, so gorgeous I must take a moment. Imagine 40’s glamour but with an 80’s attitude. Every breathtaking look garnered oohs and drools from the audience, so much so that Kati got a very well deserved standing ovation at the end of the show. These amazing (I can’t use this word enough) gowns featured sequins, precise edge tailoring, flawlessly done appliques, some amazing ruffles and adventurous prints; my favorite print was the bamboo

The following gowns should be, absolutely must be on the red carpet. That is where they belong

There was one dress that I absolutely loved but didn’t get a photo of because I was too busy drooling over the one before it – it was a long Pink Sequin gown with a large black sequin bow – muah, loved it! To see the some more of these drool-worthy gowns and bow down to Kati Stern (like I am), take a look at the show finale below