Patricia Nash Fall/Winter 2015 Handbag Collection

Fall accessories are a favorite of ours, especially Fall handbags. We love the rich colors, the glorious smell of the supple Italian leather, and of course the wonderful details. One handbag company whose Fall 2015 collection features all of these wonderful things, and more, is the Patricia Nash Fall/Winter 2015 Handbag Collection. The beautiful bags and purses from the collection truly celebrate the season of color changing leaves. It boasts old world crafted leather with amazing details such as intricate tooling designs, heavy handcrafted stitching, on-trend embellishments like fringe, and interesting textures.

Get ready to delight in luxury saddle bags, weekenders, bucket bags,  suede totes and crossbody bags with fringe, patchwork details (a hot trend for fall 2015), western-styles, vintage silhouettes, standout prints such as paisley, muted florals, and Leopard, an oil rubbed process that create a fresh yet vintage look, intricate embroidery, burned edges, deep tooling, and embossing of the smallest details.

The Patricia Nash’s Fall/Winter 2015 Collection offers so many beautiful bag options in style, color, skin, and texture, that it’s quite difficult to settle on three favorites. The closest we got was favorite eight….or nine, but it keeps changing every time we look over the collection again. Looking at the bags, it’s not that difficult to see why. One of our favorite details is the tooled roses. The seamless, raised workmanship is quite beautiful to see, and touch. Having a handbag with this incredibly intricate work is huge bonus to your wardrobe that is sure to grab attention.

To find out more on all the products from Patricia Nash Designs, including availability, visit As we stated before, we have several favorite styles from this collection, and not all of them are featured above. What do you think of the collection, do you have a favorite style?

Make a Statement with Nissa Jewelry

This horrendous winter has made us a bit apprehensive to wear any metal jewelry. The thought of our necklace or bracelets touching our skin after being exposed to the frigid the winter air gave us shivers but now that the temperatures are on the rise, we’re just about ready to rock our statement metal jewelry pieces. When we think of stunning, metal jewelry, we always think of Nissa Jewelry.
Nissa-Jewelry-www.mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com_-1024x644 Nissa-Jewelry2-www.mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com_-1024x677

Their pieces are so timeless, and work so well with so many looks, you can’t help but think of them as season-less. For example, these items we’re featuring today are from their fall/winter 2014 collection, but as you can see, can easily work all year round. We’re especially enamored with the bold, equestrian inspired Martingale Necklace, Waverly Bracelets, featured in the above photos, and the amazing Tinsley Cuff (featured below), which boasts fringe, a very hot trend for spring.

Nissa-Jewelry3-www.mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com_-1024x480 Nissa-Jewelry4-www.mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com_-1024x526

Of course, we are in love with several items from Nissa Jewelry, not just their necklaces and cuffs. we’re head over heels over their earrings, like the vintage-inspired Aurora Earrings, and their impactful hand bracelets, like the Rhiannon Hand Chain, both of which are shown below:

Nissa-Jewelry5-www.mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com_-1024x685 Nissa-Jewelry6-www.mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com_-1024x543

So many favorites, so little time space to share them all. This highlight doesn’t even begin to show all our favorite Nissa Jewelry pieces. If you needed any more reason why these pieces are amazing, several celebrities flock to this brand as their go-to for every day and statement pieces. Can you blame them? Can you see why we are head over heels for Nissa Jewelry?

The Art Institutes Fall/Winter 2015 Student Collections

The Art Institues Fall/Winter 2015 Student Collections at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week opened with quite the powerful message. Megan Silcott, an 18 year-old living with a rare neurological disorder that has caused her to be paralyzed below the neck, opened the show by walking the entire length of the Theatre ‘s very long runway with the assistance of only a walker as a model of designer Nina Perdomo’s collection. Twelve designers from The Art Institutes showed their Fall 2015 collections. Along with Nina Perdomo, collections were presented by Grace Ahn (menswear), Jamaree Eiammanassakul, Romina Vairo, Alexa Dibiasio, Sebastian Cubides, Jesus Romero, Parker Trumble, Chutian Zhog, Daniela Ramirez, Yalary Fuentes, and Zong Peng.

Nina Perdomo

One of our favorite collections, Nina Perdomo’s Paradigm Collection is for the woman who is confident, and likes a wardrobe of edgy silhouettes, textures, colors, and prints.

Jamaree Eiammanassakul

Inspired by modern Thai architecture, this collection boasts simple geometric shapes, slim silhouettes, classic styling, and angled lines.

Romina Vairo

Romina Vairo’s androgynous, Frozen Bone Collection was inspired by the late 1800’s french film actress, Sandra Bernhardt, who played both male and female roles. The collection featured oversized shapes with soft structural tailoring, and fluid lines.

Alexa Dibiasio

This collection boasts fierce style and edgy beauty. With this edgy feminine collection, Designer, Alexa Dibiasio, believes every woman deserves not only to be beautiful, but interestingly beautiful by letting her style speak for itself.

Sebastian Cubides

Although Sebastian Cubides designs both men’s and women’s fashion, we’re concentrating on the womenswear. For this collection, he experimented with shapes and silhouettes and the result is this stunning collection that boasts non-traditional and non-conforming looks.

Jesus Romero

Another favorite is this sultry collection by Jesus Romero. Inspired by the glamorous Marlene Dietrich and the spirit of the 1930’s, the black and white collection celebrates the highlighted the designer’s passion of three dimensional design development.

Parker Trumble

Offering both men’s and women’s fashion, Parker Trumble takes us to the future with a mix of organic, and industrial geometric feel, but yo us, some looks had an old world aesthetic which really appealed to us.

Chutian Zhog

There’s more to love than the intricate cutouts in Chutian Zhog’s collection, which he used to represent the hard and soft strokes of Chinese Calligraphy (his interpretation of the revered Chinese art of writing), the contrasting fabrics, spray painted suede and punched leather.

Daniela Ramirez

With a design inspiration that features bold, yet minimal silhouettes, and influences from her architect father, her Mexican roots, and the cultural diversity of San Francisco Bay, the modern collection could really be what we could be wearing in the future.

Yalary Fuentes

Born to a family of artists, Yalary Fuentes’s collection is inspired by the architectural works of Zaha Hadid, who is known for the curves of her elongated structures (we’re huge fans of her footwear collaborations). Her pieces feature a “rounded” look, which perfectly captures her inspiration.


Jordan Louis Fall/Winter 2015 Presentation

Jordan Louis showed their collection at IPO Wines in a studio in Manhattan, at a intimate setting, where they had wine tasting, a live band, a beauty booth where guests were welcomed to get manicures by Cuccio. Some of the collections were on mannequins and then live models were displayed on top of wine crates, showcasing more of the clothing designed by Kimberly Bowser-Sherer. The designer herself was also walking around and talking with everyone. I even got to chat with her about some of her pieces and the inspiration behind the collection.

The Jordan Louis collection was inspired from the song, Genrique by Miles Davis. Her collection were sultry, smooth and relaxing mix of pieces. I really felt that vibe with the setting, and looking at the clothes. The pieces that really explained her inspiration of “sultry, smooth and relaxing,” was an all black look, called the Daisy lounge top, and the Quinn lounge pant, the material used was smooth ribbed and viscose. Then the top had a separate piece overlay, called the Tiffany blouse which was a dainty scallop lace material. That outfit looked really comfortable, I liked the lace part too, so it was a nice touch to a more relaxed look to spruce it up for a sultry look as well.

Photo Credit: Alessandro Russino
The Designer: Kimberly Bowser-Sherer, she is also wearing her own design The Moxie Dress.

My favorite’s out of the Jordan Louis collection was the colorful sherbet floral prints and especially the boucle jacket. I need that in my closet! The details were impeccable on each piece, I admire that in clothes since they make the clothing more unique and fun to wear. The choices of fabrics too all make the collection cohesive and I seriously want to wear every piece.

Photo Credit: Alessandro Russino


***Thanks to Contributing Fashion Blogger, Rhea Santos of Sew Stylish Rhea for attending and covering the Jordan Louis Fall/Winter 2015 Collection for My Life on and off the Guest List. Make sure to check out her blog.

OUDIFU Fall/Winter 2015 Collection

Making his sophomore appearance during this Mercedes-Benz Fashion week, Designer Zhuliang Li presented the Fall/Winter 2015 Collection of OUDIFU, affordable luxury collection of ready-to- wear woman’s fashion. Inspired by the belief that man is an integral part of nature, Zhuliang Li adapted this into his collection by designing a unique “all-in-one” style for all body-types. We’ve been seeing this trend of relaxed, multi-fit fashion for several seasons and were delighted to see this on a luxury level. The OUDIFU Fall/Winter 2015 Collection boasted sophistication, subtle yet urbane details, and distinctive silhouettes.

The inspiration for this collection’s theme is the extinct Woolly Mammoth, a massive mammal which co-exited with humans and roamed the vast frozen, northern landscapes (much like we’re experiencing now). With this winter season seeing the city frozen over, it’s quite fitting that OUDIFU’s design and style emphasized the relaxed and spontaneous , much like the extinct mammal.

The collection’s color palette boasted ivory tones, black, dark greys, Cabernet, emerald green, mustard, pale pinks, and bold and subtle prints. We loved the pieces at the beginning which displayed elephant deity, Ganesha (keeping it in the elephant theme family), the bold print shined against the wearable and classic looks. Along with mammoth fur boots and a striking, over-sized “woolly mammoth” fur coat that ended the show, other standout looks included the emerald green velvet romper, a mustard and black “lava lamp-esque” print, a stunning honeycomb textured cream coat.

We look forward to seeing what Designer Zhuliang Li has up his sleeve for next season.

Academy of Art Fall/Winter 2015 Collections

This season, the Academy of Art University Fall/Winter 2015 runway show featured 15 student designers debuting their thesis collections at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. This year the theme was all about “transformation,” said Simon Ungless, the Executive Director of the School of Fashion. “They used fabric manipulation and printing techniques to change the inherent qualities of textiles and surface qualities.” He described the student designers to have a deep focus on the body and wearability for one’s silhouette using advanced tailoring techniques. The basis of ‘transformation’ was clearly portrayed throughout all collections. The Fall/Winter 2015 season designs were presented in 10 collections, which included 8 womenswear, one mixed menswear and womenswear, and one menswear collection.

While all collections were extremely brilliant, I will discuss two collections below:

Paulina Susana Romero Valdez

Paulina received her M.F.A. in Fashion Design. Being born in Guadalajara, she drew inspiration from her roots incorporating baroque art and culture. Her collection included wool, tweed, silk, cotton, hand-dyed leather, and is heightened with vivacious, traditional Mexican embroidery across each piece of her exquisite collection.

Kevin C. Smith and Andrea Nyberg

I absolutely fell in love with their collaborative menswear collection. “Non-material substances” of nature inspired this luxury menswear line. As each model strutted down the elongated runway, you could view the various shades of blues, stripped patterns, and organic prints highlighting each formed silhouette. The assortment included bold raincoats, windbreakers, shirts, and pants perfectly layered incorporating a wearable and chic, but edgy look.


***Thanks to Contributing Fashion Blogger, Ashley Rae Silberman of Dress 2B You for attending and covering the Academy of Art Fall/Winter 2015 Collections for My Life on and off the Guest List. Make sure to check out her blog.

Michael DePaulo Fall/Winter 2015 Presentation

Michael DePaulo wanted to create something innovative for his Fall 2015 collection. His inspiration— the “Power Woman.” She is defined as assertive, refined, and in control. His collection titled “Black Tie,” is meant to translate that couture phrase and typical menswear statement look to his ‘power woman.’
michael depaulo presentation 2

These one-of-a-kind looks mix blacks, whites, and reds with metallic fabrics and geometric prints creating such a chic and bold look. Elegant silhouettes drape down embellishing the stunning gowns. Each woman stood tall and statuesque, encompassing the idea behind the designs. Details were not missed as suspended beads adorned billowing sleeves and statement necklines covered edges making such an announcement in the hotel lobby of the Carlton Hotel on Madison.

Chic to Chic Accessories


With such inspiring gowns, how could they not be complimented with glamorous jewels? Beth Miller, founder of Chic to Chic Accessories, created an assortment of limited edition pieces dripping in luxury pairing so well with Michael’s collection. Each model looked as though they stepped right off of the red carpet. The lights of the Carlton made each embellished piece sparkle and shine. Every piece is sure to be on your covet list.

***Thanks to Contributing Fashion Blogger, Ashley Rae Silberman of Dress 2B You for attending and covering the Michael DePaulo Fall/Winter 2015 Presentation for My Life on and off the Guest List. Make sure to check out her blog.

NOLCHA Fashion Week: Katty Xiomara Runway Show

The Fall/Winter 2015 Katty Xiomara collection featured loud, bright, pink eye shadow on each model from lash to brow, confirming the rock vibe set by the shows music choice and models attitude. There was a bit of everything in this collection, including pattern and texture mixing that fit perfectly with the vision of the designer; the collection boasted everything from tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear, shoes, and accessories, with all looks being cohesive and chic. Fall and winter colors were evident throughout the entire collection.

Backstage with Indie Hair

Indie hair was a sponsor for the event and their products were used on all models. The motto—“youth.” Their products are geared towards the younger fashionistas representing each product with a hashtag (#). A brand representative expressed their vision of individualizing the hair industry. “No one goes to a salon to get the ‘Jennifer Aniston’ anymore. They go to get something different, to represent themselves.” These products are amazing as they are all customizable according to function. Each can be mixed with another to remix your distinct style. Based in Minneapolis, they are a brand to watch for!

There was also no shortage of celebrities in attendance including Christina Milian and Rapper Nelly’s daughter, Chanelle.


***Thanks to Contributing Fashion Blogger, Ashley Rae Silberman of Dress 2B You for attending and covering the NOLCHA Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2015 Collection for My Life on and off the Guest List. Make sure to check out her blog.