Anzie Jewelry Fall 2010 Collection Preview

Anzie jewelry was founded in 1999 by Anzie Stein as a way to raise money for Cancer awareness. After her husband was diagnosed with colon cancer, Anzie designed the Lifesaver Bracelet as an outlet to deal with the emotions of her husband’s illness.

The success of the lifesaver bracelet prompted the company to design full collections of 18k gold, 14k gold or sterling silver pieces set with semi-precious and precious stones. Now with her daughters by her side, Anzie has created another exciting collection for the Fall.

Anzie’s jewelry is spectacular. It is clean, timeless and classic. Everyday Luxury, Anzie’s philosophy, is evident in every piece of the Fall 2010 collection. The jewelry can be worn as a single statement piece or layered taking the sophisticated woman from day to night.

My favorite pieces, which is not easy to select since there were so many fabulous pieces, were the Dew Drop bracelet in various colored stones set in sterling silver and the Angelina necklace in white topaz. The Dew Drop bracelet and Angelina necklaces are true statement pieces. They are bold; demanding attention.

A confident woman who enjoys having all eyes on her would relish in the attention she would get wearing these pieces. The Anzie Jewelry Collection is for the woman who likes luxury, timeless pieces that can complement her business suit, jeans and summer dress. This woman has a youthful spirit, knows quality, and likes to be stylish.Get an up close and personal view of the collection below

Because of the pride taken in their jewelry, Anzie provides customers with the ability to customize their purchases. If you would like a special charm or engraving added or if the bracelet needs to be sized/re-sized, Anzie will happily customize your purchase. Its another attribute that makes this company unique.

Anzie jewelry retails for $175 to $12,000 and can be purchased at or in high end retailer,  Saks Fifth Avenue.

Murval Paris Returns to the NYIGF

You guys may remember I met and interviewed Mr. Zerdoun at the last NYIGF late last year. Here it is if you don’t remember – Murval Paris at NYIGF

Anyway, they featured beautiful bags and Housewares. This time Murval is back to feature more with a focus on the bags. I did get a chance to interview Mr. Zerdoun again.

He showed me the three different themes available for the Spring/Summer 2010 Collection – Nautical, Leopard Print (which is the new basic) and Gingham (my favorite)

Murval bags are extremely afforable and can get purchased on ShopNBC, Katie Wong NYC, and efashionhouse. While I was there, his booth was very crowded, so I am sure if you haven’t seen Murval bags, you will certainly start to see them this Spring/Summer.

There are also two new business ventures for Murval, first they have a new line called Comsi Comsa which was created for HSN – Comsi Comsa on HSN. Second, they have just been granted the license to do bags for the Kathy Ireland brand exclusively in the US.

LOFT Summer 2010 Press Event and Cocktail Party

Are you looking for something to wear on the weekend or while strolling down the streets of Rome, Paris or Madison Avenue? Are you looking for clothes that can be worn during the day on a tour, at brunch with the ladies then dinner at a quaint little sidewalk cafe? I attended the Loft Summer Preview as they presented “The Girls of Summer”. The collection contained everything a woman would need for the weekend or a vacation.

The preview featured three segments. While May featured the various cool blues of the ocean

June was more earthy and spicy with colors such as corals, orange, yellows, browns – the colors of sunset

And July was all about solid neutrals, soft pinks, purples and coral. The hues can easily be worn well into the Fall.

My favorite piece was this dress that looked as if it could flatter any woman’s body. The dress looked extremely comfortable and had an AMAZING collar that made the dress. LOVED IT!

When paired with an array of Loft accessories (necklaces, sunglasses, brooches, purses and sandals) you can add that pop of color or statement piece to change your look from day to night.

I also found myself drawn to this shirt. It had a scarf like collar attached that seemed to add flare to what could be considered an ordinary shirt. I really loved it.

Loft has some great pieces for the woman on the go who wants to be stylish and comfortable. Even the basic tees are not basic with embellishments such as embroidery, beading and appliques

The Loft graciously provided attendees with one of the accessories and a gift card to purchase items of their choice. Thank you Loft! Stop by your local Loft anytime starting in May to see the entire collection. You won’t be disappointed.

Handbag Butler at NYIGF

As I mentioned in my post on the NYIGF, there were companies from around the world showcasing their products. I had the pleasure of getting to know a few like Handbag Butler of Australia. Handbag Butler is a chic, foldable hanger that can be attached to a tabletop to keep you handbag out of harm’s way. (like a dirty floor) Launched in Australia in October 2008, the Handbag Butler has given women the freedom to dine in style without putting their purse in peril.

nyigf 059

Handbag Butler comes in 25 unique styles in three very elegant collections – Printed Collection, Sparkle Collection and Crystal Collection (click on each Handbag Butler to see a more detailed view). I love the elegant beauty of the Printed Collection, the Swirl, the Butterfly and Tinker being my favs in this collection. They are so feminine and ornate. My other favorite is from the dazzling Sparkle Collection, which is so opulent; in fact it is from this collection that I found my own Handbag Butler – The Rose Petal

rose_petal handbag butler
Now I know there are a few people in the market with this must have accessory but Handbag Butler stood out to me, not just because of their designs and beauty but their packaging as well. I ask, what do you do with your Handbag Butler when it’s not in use? Just put it in it’s little holder which is so adorable. And that holder comes in an intricately decorated – utterly adorable

handbag butler 004
Unfortunately, Handbag Butler isn’t available in US Stores as yet (I’m sure that will change soon after showing at the NYIGF) but you are able to order via their website. The Printed and Crystal Collections retail for $24.95 USD each and the Sparkle Collection retails for $29.95 USD. Funny thing, I’ve seen less beautiful pieces for much more. Trust me, go with the Handbag Butler.

As before, I got a chance to speak with the owner – Ana Slavka

****UPDATE – In approx 5 weeks, Handbag Butler will be available in about 20 shops in the US. For now it is available at “Lee’s Art Shop”, located at 220 West 57th Street . Happy Shopping.

Make Love Not Trash at NYIGF

This is the point when you know you’ve attended way too many events. You see a branded bag and say, “oh, I have one of those. I got it at an event.” You’re asked what event and you draw a complete blank as multiple and various industry events dance in your head wiith no clue. Such is what happened when I arrived at the Make Love Not Trash booth at the NYIGF and even if I dont quite remember were I got the bag, I’m happy I remembered the name.

The thing I love about this line is it reminds me of the 80’s and 90’s which of course was my childhood. I immediately think of movies like Fast Times at Ridgemont High or Valley Girl. Make Love not Trash has an interesting story. I love the fact that not only are they a green company, they donate some of their proceeds to charity. “Make Love Not Trash is a handbag and accessory company focused on using natural or eco-aware materials and non toxic printing techniques. They extend their social consciousness by donating proceeds to various organizations chosen specifically for their compelling causes. Taking a stand, making a difference and having a cause to celebrate what they can to be more socially aware and environmentally friendly “

The line consists of sporty clutches and bowler bags to non-woven and canvas totes. Bags are available in the following collections: Women’s Brights, Black Denim, Non-Woven Totes, Fly Away, Memory, Market Essential Tote, Mod Graphik, Night Wave, Logo 80’s, Palm Trees and Flower Garden. My favorites are the print with the pink heart-shaped sunglasses directly above and these great black denim bags

They also just came out with a line of eco wear t-shirts made out of organic cotton and recycled polyester (more on that in the video interview)

A great thing about attending these shows is the majority of the time, you get to speak to the owners/creators directly and Ive been pretty lucky with this show. I got to speak with and interview Maggie Lee from Make Love Not Trash

Luxury Jewelry Brand, Sabido & Basteris at NYIGF

I was very excited to see the gorgeous jewelry from the renowned Italian-Mexican designer, Sabido & Basteris at NYIGF (New York International Gift Fair).


I was already familiar with the collection by covering their launch event at Norwood but this time I had the pleasure of not only meeting Victor Sabido but also got a first-hand introduction to his Sabido & Basteris Luxury jewelry collection.


Victor personally walked me through his new pieces which I immediately fell head over heels for. To refresh your memory, Sabido & Basteris uses cutting edge technology to dye silver using natural materials to create colorful ribbons of silver thread. Inspired by the beauty of the Mayan Temples, the ribbons are woven into the gorgeous pieces you see here

nyigf-113nyigf-010 nyigf-145
My absolute favorite pieces (the earrings, the ring which I had to try on and the necklace) are featured below, yes those beautiful pieces you see below are dyed woven silver thread; it is actually quite light and pliable to the touch; the pieces also have movement, they are not stiff at all. Every one of the Sabido & Basteris’s jewelry pieces are stand outs. One piece (any one piece) would be the perfect accessory to make your look come alive.

nyigf-004 nyigf-009 nyigf-016

Now, I cannot write about Sabido & Basteris without mentioning his luxe and grown-up friendship bracelets (which we had the pleasure of receiving at the Norwood launch). Aren’t they incredibly cute? I love the bright new colors and want one ( it’s a great look when you double and triple wear them).


As stated above, I got a chance to learn about and see the collection from Mr. Sabido Basteris himself – check out the video below

Sabido and Basteris Luxury jewelry Launch Party At Norwood

A very good friend invited me to the launch event of a Jewelry line that was launching in the US for the first time. Naturally, I attended and dragged Kim along with me. The Sabido and Basteris luxury jewelry collection is absolutely breathtaking; the words gorgeous, enchanting, amazing does not do it justice (I only took one photo because they were made available to us). The event was held gallery style at the exclusive Norwood Club lent even more to the regal beauty of the jewelry, they truly are pieces of art.

sabido-and-basteris-1sabido-and-basteris-2 sabido-and-basteris-3

As we walked around enjoying taking in the beauty of the pieces, enjoying champagne and the tasty hors d’oeuvres, we were told of the concept of the collection. Inspired by the Mayan Temples, designer, and creator, Victor Sabido Basteris rediscovered the art of using natural materials to create color. “Sabido & Basteris combines fine jewelry design with cutting edge technology to dye silver using natural materials to create ribbons of rainbows. The line is distinguished by brilliant colors and silver thread that is weft in a completely unique way.”. The eco-friendly and sustainable line not only featured silver but also a mix of materials such as gold, leather, precious stones (as well as stones indigenous to various countries), wood and crystal creating the beauty that you see above. I expect to see the Sabido and Basteris pieces very soon on the red carpet.


Unfortunately, we didn’t get to meet the designer as we had another event to attend (always another event) but on our way out we were gifted with a beautiful friendship bracelet like the ones featured below:


There was one piece that made me speechless but alas I didn’t take a photo and thankfully a quick search brought it up. I won’t call it a necklace, it is just a gorgeous piece of artwork