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GIVEAWAY: Mujus Jewelry. These Sustainable Accessories Empower Women

Almost four years ago, while attending an Accessories Council holiday gift ideas event, we were first introduced to Mujus Jewelry, a stunning handcrafted jewelry brand with sustainable connections.  We were so captivated by these gorgeous jewelry pieces, we highlighted their eco-friendly jewelry again the following year.  That was too long ago, so we’re back to share some more of our favorite pieces from Mujus Jewelry and offer you, dear readers the CHANCE TO WIN a piece from the jewelry brand that empowers women.

Mujus Jewelry pieces are handcrafted in Ecuador by artisan women who are either single mothers or heads of household. Mujus Jewelry Founder, Paola Delgado created the brand to reconnect with her culture and create a more meaningful life for both the women in Ecuador and for herself. By making these beautiful pieces, these women gain financial independence, strength, and an amazing sense of self. Mujus Jewelry’s Working Mother’s Program not only teaches these women the art of jewelry making, it allows them to work from home to spend more time with their families.

As we’ve mentioned before, the jewelry pieces are carved from Corozo Nuts, seeds from the South America tagua palm tree that are known as vegetable ivory. It is incredibly durable and lightweight and boasts the same luxurious smooth texture as ivory, giving you the same luxury without having to harm any Elephants. Doesn’t that sound like a must-have for your jewelry box? Well, here’s your chance to win. We are happy to offer you the opportunity to win one of our favorite pieces from the collection, the Gema Bib Necklace ($69.00), in one of the following colors – Monaco Blue, Teal, and Yves Blue.

The Gema Bib Necklace is versatile and has an aura of its own. The 18″ eco-friendly necklace with 3″ extender, can be worn with an evening gown, or can chic up a basic summer tee shirt. Paola named this necklace Gema, which in Spanish means gem because let’s face it, the necklace looks like it’s made with raw gems. Each piece of tagua nut is hand-sewn together to create this beauty. It takes months to master the art of placing the tagua nut pieces at the right angle, to create the perfect collective shape. So, ladies, are you ready to win? To win the blue color of your choice, enter via the Rafflecopter entry form below:

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Handmade Magnificence: Amber Poitier Leather Jewelry

We have highlighted and celebrated several artisan jewelry designers. So many gorgeous pieces in all their handcrafted glory have captivated us nd captured our hearts but one recent discovered has us completely spellbound, so much so we’ve written and rewritten this post because we felt we weren’t doing the collection enough justice. Several weeks ago, we were lucky enough to be introduced to the jaw-dropping line of Amber Poitier Leather Jewelry, a high-end contemporary jewelry brand that is the brainchild of jewelry designer, Alicia Appleton.

The breathtaking collection boasts handcrafted interlocked pieces, modern silhouettes inspired by 17th and 18th-century European architecture, and the picturesque Ivory Coast. During a gallery style presentation entitled Breathe.Pray.Love, Appleton presented her handcrafted pieces, constructed of wood, metal, leather, and acrylic. The collection, the first Amber Poitier Leather Jewelry collection, was inspired by the famed movie, a metaphor of the jewelry designer’s journey.

“Breathe being a representation of letting go of her twelve-year stint in corporate fashion (exhale) and embarking on a new path (inhale). Pray depicts Appleton’s search for direction, peace and happiness. Ultimately, Love is exemplified in the collection that showcases her renewed passion to create.”

The fashion forward collection is the epitome of avant-garde style. Available pieces from the elegant and sophisticated collection include neckpieces (they’re too stunning to just be called necklaces), earrings, and bracelets and cuffs for women, and cuffs for me. While the leather and hardware are imported, the pieces are designed, dyed, cut and assembled right here in New York City.

As you can clearly see, there are lots to drool over in the Amber Poitier Leather Jewelry. Favorite pieces include the striking Aurora Neckpiece, the innovative shaped Ava Basket Earrings (we love its stunning 3D shape), and the Lexi Adjustable Leather Bracelet. To learn more about Alicia Appleton and the Amber Poitier Leather Jewelry collection, head over to

Metal Pressions Jewelry: Your Designs, Artisan Made

If you notice, we have an affinity for great looking jewelry, especially wonderful new jewelry designers creating exceptional pieces and artisan jewelry designers who show that there’s a lot of love into one-of-a-kind, handmade pieces. That sentiment rings so true with artisan jewelry label, Metal Pressions, a meaningful collection of jewelry founded by husband and wife team Elisha and Andreas Argentinis, that is changing the way people buy jewelry.

With Metal Pressions, you are no longer limited to simply select what’s available. The innovative jewelry designers are here to help you curate and personalize every aspect of your jewelry piece. Forget just selecting a piece and simply engraving it. The team at Metal Pressions will work with you step by step, thanks to the live chat option and design your own jewelry software available on their website, to customize your jewelry pieces, from the metal, finish, embellishments, engraving, and stamping. Show off your personal style and mantra, celebrate your favorite hobby, or give someone the gift of your creativity, with this artisan brand, the possibilities are endless.

Whether you’re looking for sterling silver or 24K gold pieces, everything is handmade and customizable. With jewelry staples like earrings, bracelets and necklaces to specialty items like money clips, tie clips, key chains, etc, the only limit is your imagination. With Metal Pressions, you are the designer. One of our favorite things about the process, besides the fun of designing your jewelry, are the meticulous updates on the status of your piece, from design finalization, to when designer Elisha Argentinis begins working on your piece, to shipment. You are never left wondering what is going on.

There’s a lot to love from Metal Pressions, and one of our ultimate favorites is featured directly above. This charming trio of rings which boasts three-word engravings on each (you select your words), with a twist of each ring, you can declare whatever statement you desire. Talk about an elegant way to be expressive!

If all of the above wasn’t amazing enough, Metal Pressions offers a chance to enter their monthly giveaway for a chance to win a $150.00 gift certificate for personalized jewelry. Just click on the giveaway tab at the top of their website and sign up. If you won, what would you create?

Mujus Jewelry: Accessories with a Purpose

Last year, thanks to the Accessories Council, we were introduced to a fair trade jewelry, Mujus Jewelry, at the preview for their Holiday #ACTopPicks, and we’re happy to get reacquainted with them again. The contemporary jewelry and accessories line, designed by Paola Delgado, is crafted by artisans under fair trade practices in Peru, Ecuador, Vietnam, and other stunning destinations. You can’t help but fall in love with the eco friendly jewelry pieces made from Tagua Nut, a seed from a tree similar to a palm that’s widely known as a sustainable ivory alternative. It’s amazing to see how these ordinary seeds are transformed into the colorful, bold, jewelry designs that Mujus jewelry is known for.

The first piece we were introduced to was the Bam Bracelet (see first image in the top left corner), a bold and lightweight bracelet featuring polished teardrop-shaped Tagua seeds that are strung together. It was love at first sight for us, and from then on, and it wasn’t difficult to all for other designs like the cascade of color that is the triple strand Niagara Necklace, the eye-catching and modern Sol Color Ring and the Ventana Ring (both of which are made from recycled Tagua), and the Fiesta Necklace, a wonderful mixed material necklace made from a combination of Tagua, bombona seeds, and coconut.

Of course the styles we’ve highlighted are just a sampling of the gorgeous jewelry the artisan brand has available, all of which make excellent Christmas gifts for yourself, and of course loved ones. Would anyone on your list love a piece or two from Mujus Jewelry this holiday? What are your favorite pieces?

Hilary Park’s Spring 2012 Jewelry Collection – Divination

I went out of my event comfort zone and headed to Williamsburg, Brooklyn to get a peek at the new Spring 2012 jewelry collection from designer, Hilary Park, and it was completely worth it. The limited edition, one-of-a-kind handcrafted,  Hilary Park’s Spring 2012 Jewelry Collection, called Divination, is inspired by the four elemental muses – Earth, Air, Water and Fire as well as travel and the zodiac signs.

Hilary (pictured above) has developed a wide range of silver and goldsmithing skills which have allowed her style and designs to mature into a stunning and wide-ranging collection of handmade artifacts. She enjoys transforming the gossamer lightness of a feather into wearable metal earrings (like the beautiful gold Feather Earrings above), or the fine embroidery of an antique Mexican tapestry into intricate saw work for the Four Petaled Cuff with Trim. Because it’s all handcrafted, Hilary Park can customize length and width to suit everyone’s preferences.

Hilary believes stones have magical healing properties and we can use jewelry to alleviate challenges. Following this belief, she gifted each guest with a beautiful Citrine Pendant – Citrine is a fitting talismanic device for any individual looking for a career in fashion or art journalism – perfect for this Blogger. Some of the things Citrine also promotes abundance and prosperity, dissipates negativity, increases creativity, and enhances mental clarity – I so need that in my life.

To get better acquainted with Hilary Park jewelry, visit her boutique at 94 S. 1st Street, between Berry and Wythe, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.