Metal Pressions Jewelry: Your Designs, Artisan Made

If you notice, we have an affinity for great looking jewelry, especially wonderful new jewelry designers creating exceptional pieces and artisan jewelry designers who show that there’s a lot of love into one-of-a-kind, handmade pieces. That sentiment rings so true with artisan jewelry label, Metal Pressions, a meaningful collection of jewelry founded by husband and wife team Elisha and Andreas Argentinis, that is changing the way people buy jewelry.

With Metal Pressions, you are no longer limited to simply select what’s available. The innovative jewelry designers are here to help you curate and personalize every aspect of your jewelry piece. Forget just selecting a piece and simply engraving it. The team at Metal Pressions will work with you step by step, thanks to the live chat option and design your own jewelry software available on their website, to customize your jewelry pieces, from the metal, finish, embellishments, engraving, and stamping. Show off your personal style and mantra, celebrate your favorite hobby, or give someone the gift of your creativity, with this artisan brand, the possibilities are endless. If you’re after something personalized but with class and more than a dash of luxury, you may find the jewelry seen at to your liking.

Whether you’re looking for sterling silver or 24K gold pieces, everything is handmade and customizable. With jewelry staples like earrings, bracelets and necklaces to specialty items like money clips, tie clips, key chains, etc, the only limit is your imagination. With Metal Pressions, you are the designer. One of our favorite things about the process, besides the fun of designing your jewelry, are the meticulous updates on the status of your piece, from design finalization, to when designer Elisha Argentinis begins working on your piece, to shipment. You are never left wondering what is going on.

There’s a lot to love from Metal Pressions, and one of our ultimate favorites is featured directly above. This charming trio of rings which boasts three-word engravings on each (you select your words), with a twist of each ring, you can declare whatever statement you desire. Talk about an elegant way to be expressive!

If all of the above wasn’t amazing enough, Metal Pressions offers a chance to enter their monthly giveaway for a chance to win a $150.00 gift certificate for personalized jewelry. Just click on the giveaway tab at the top of their website and sign up. If you won, what would you create?

Jewelry and Blessings with Buddha Mama Jewelry

We’re once again happy to discover and share with you another wonderful jewelry designer; one that features handmade, luxury jewelry inspired by Buddhism and Eastern traditions of spirituality and positivity. Welcome to the world of Buddha Mama Jewelry where every beautiful piece has a symbolic meaning and wonderful blessings. The Buddha Mama Collection features jewelry boasting five various design elements – Dreamcatcher, Buddha, Dharma Wheel, Magnetite Jade and Auspicious, with some pieces available in 14K rose gold, and silver, all of which boast intricate design details.
Inspired by the traditional Native American dream catcher, the Dreamcatcher collection celebrates the belief that the night air
carries various types of dreams; the Dharma Wheel, one of the oldest symbols in Buddhism, represents Buddha’s teachings; Magnetite Jade, a beautiful and most rarest form of black jade that only 24k gold can be used to “fill it’s imperfections”; resulting in a stunning effect; The Buddha collection features a variety of Buddhas in all shapes, colors, and sizes with each piece representing a different aspect of the Buddha; and the Auspicious collection which features eight Auspicious Symbols, features tokens of good fortune that represent the offerings made to Buddha once he reached enlightenment.


We had a chance to sit down with Buddha Mama designer, Nancy Badia to find out more about her and the collection, check out our video interview below:

The collection features so many stunning pieces, some of our favorites include skull ring with gold teeth, the rose gold slave bracelet, the gold rosary necklace with diamond encrusted Buddha, and the two-finger knuckle ring. Check out more from the collection below:


To find out more about Buddha Mama Jewelry, visit