Chobani Welcomes New Greek Yogurt Flavors

Sometimes we’re the type to stick to a particular flavor if it’s a favorite, but we’re also front and center when exciting new flavors are launched. Here is one of those times. We love Chobani Greek Yogurt, and have indulged in several flavors that have become absolute favorites. We’re sure many of you can say the same. Well, get ready to rejoice in some new deliciousness because Chobani welcomes new Greek yogurt flavors with the launch of new flavors from Chobani Oats, Flips, and Limited Batch Greek Yogurts.

Chobani Flips

Chobani Greek Yogurt Flips

Chobani introduces six new flavors in their Chobani Flip category, a unique combination of creamy Chobani Greek yogurt and wonderful toppings inspired by the chef’s creations at the Chobani SoHo café in New York. Such toppings  include pistachios, chocolate chunks, almonds, and toasted coconut flakes,  which make for an irresistibly crunchy snack.  Are you ready to yield to these new flavors?

  • Peanut Butter Dream – Vanilla Low-Fat Yogurt with Honey Roasted Peanuts, Peanut Butter Clusters, and Milk Chocolate
  • Coffee Break Bliss – Coffee Low-Fat Yogurt with Crunchy Biscotti Pieces and Chocolate Chunks
  • Strawberry Summer Crisp – Strawberry Low-Fat Yogurt with Graham Crackers and White Chocolate
  • Pumpkin Harvest Crisp – Pumpkin Low-Fat Yogurt with Pie Crust Pieces, Glazed Pumpkin Seeds and Pecans
  • Chocolate Haze Craze – Chocolate & Hazelnut Flavored Low-Fat Yogurt with Hazelnuts and Chocolate Chips
  • Salted Caramel Crunch – Caramel Low-Fat Yogurt with Salted Pretzels, Chocolate, and Praline Pecans

Chobani Oats


Do you eat a yogurt for breakfast? With Chobani Oats, you can start your day with a powerful breakfast of yogurt, fruit, and gluten-free whole grains. Chobani adds to new flavors, Peach, and Raisin Brown Sugar to their existing, six hearty breakfast treats. So even if you have no time to sit down for a hearty breakfast, the combination of steel-cut oats, authentic Greek yogurt, quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth,  chia, and fruit, is all you’ll need to start your day off right.

Chobani Simply 100

Chobani simply100-mango-passionfruit-53oz

For those of you who love Greek yogurt but are counting calories, you’ll love Chobani Simply 100 Blended Non-Fat Greek Yogurt in this new tropical flavor. With 12g protein, 5g fiber, and 75% less sugar than regular yogurt thanks to its perfect blend of natural sweeteners: stevia, monk fruit and evaporated cane juice, you won’t be able to get enough of these spoonfuls of delicious Mango Passion Fruit. You won’t believe it’s only 100 calories.

Limited Batch Chobani

CHOBANI Limited Batch

Sometimes seasonal flavor launches give you the opportunity to delight in some unique fruits, and that’s exactly what you get with the Limited Batch Chobani Greek Yogurts. These unconventional yogurt flavors are a delicious escape from the standard and Chobani’s new Limited Batch Plum, and returning Limited Batch Watermelon, both of which are available in stores now, will excite your taste buds. While the Plum is subtle in flavor with a slight sweetness and real slices of plum, the watermelon captivates with the refreshing flavor of the popular summer fruit.

Some of these flavors, especially the Limited Batch ones won’t be available for long, so stock up before they’re all gone. For a list of retailers that carry Chobani, click on their store locator.

Indulgent Snack Alert | Creamy Yogurts from Yoplait, Muller & Dannon

On hot days like today, I always find myself stocking up on yogurt. It’s usually the only thing I can eat that won’t make me feel like an overly stuffed turkey. I usually enjoy one or two and sometimes love to mix flavors. I try to spice up the way I enjoy it – sometimes I freeze it, other times toss it in a blender with fruit. Though some brands have changed over the years for, this delicious snack remains a staple for me. My most recent yogurt obsessions (when I say obsession, I mean I purchase 10 or more at a time) are Yoplait Greek 100 (Yoplait has been a favorite since childhood), Muller FrutUp and Dannon Oikos Greek.


If you love Greek yogurt but are worried about calories, then you’ll love Yoplait Greek 100. You get all the amazing deliciousness of Yoplait’s regular, thick and creamy Greek Yogurt but with only 100 calories. Yoplait Greek 100 comes in six flavors and is also favorited by Weight Watches and is only 2 points. My favorite flavors are the Tropical and Strawberry flavors. Beware, you may find yourself enjoying more than one at a time.


Forget fruit on the bottom, Muller has turned yogurt upside down with delicious results. Cool, creamy, low-fat yogurt is topped with a luscious layer of fragrant fruit mousse that is so delicious, it seems bad for you. Muller FrutUp comes in six delicious flavors that are free of preservatives and high fructose corn syrup; each flavor is more delicious than the last. I challenge you to try to eat only one. I’m currently addicted to Lemon, Peach & Passion Fruit and Very Cherry.


For those of you who want to fully indulge in the deliciousness that is traditional Greek yogurt or want to yield to your guilty pleasure without going the cake or candy route, Dannon Oikos Greek should be on your shopping list. Each flavor is a delicious spoonful of decadence. It’s sinful how delicious it is. I am now addicted to the Key Lime and Banana Cream.

Try any of these brands and you are sure to be hooked but that’s okay because while they taste amazing, they are much healthier for you than other indulgences.