Fashion Photography: Fall-Winter 2018 Fashion for Women

Style Fashion Week: Malan Breton Fall Winter 2018 Womenswear

Give the people what they want, and they will love you forever. This is why Malan Breton, the “internet’s favorite fashion designer”, continues to win fans and followers no matter where he goes. This season was another year of non-stop, visually stunning looks from the famed Taiwanese designer. The Malan Breton Fall Winter 2018 Womenswear collection will incite the worst case of closet envy you can imagine. Here’s why:

Every look of the has an element of excitement, even the subtler looks. This season, the Malan Breton Fall Winter 2018 womenswear collection is inspired by the destruction of old status quo and the new beginnings that follow. Aptly named “Alpha” – the first, the beginning, Malan Breton envisioned his fall-winter 2018 collection as a new hope, new beginnings, and rebirth. This inspiration is especially succinct as we are in celebration of the lunar new year, the year of the dog. Despite the dark hues of the collection, the Malan Breton Fall Winter 2018 womenswear collection is presented as a collection of ethereal light.

This seasons collection was highlighted with a multimedia, art film which was presented during the fashion show.  The Malan Breton Fall Winter 2018 womenswear collection featured powerful details, soft silk chiffons, embroidered silks, cashmere, wool, and tweeds, drawing strong inspiration from turn of the century British tailoring, Taiwanese construction, and silhouettes that are bold, and colorful. The color palette featured mostly black, with a mix of red, coral, various metallics, and navy.

Finding favorite pieces in the Malan Breton Fall Winter 2018 womenswear collection is not a difficult task. The first five looks displayed above quickly won us over with it’s sharply tailored pieces (that hint of sparkle you see in what looks like stars in the night sky are metallic embroidered clusters). We love the high point shoulder details, the bold use of sequins, and color (the man does a great red garment) in this collection.

For a talent known for his signature detailing, ethereal gowns, and simple shift dresses in incomparable fabrics, we couldn’t imagine anything less than the spectacular display Malan Breton presented for his fall-winter collection.

Would love to hear your thoughts on the Malan Breton Fall Winter 2018 womenswear collection. Have an opinion? Share it in the comments.

Malan Breton FW2018 Runway photos by David Berman


Malan Breton Fall 2014 Collection Show

 Oh drama! Malan Breton’s Fall 2014 show had plenty to go around.
 Led by the vocals of a sultry singer, Breton’s theatrical
presentation featured fabrics
rich in color and texture.

The collection, inspired by the Bob Fosse Classic Cabaret, was presented so
 that every look told its own story. Each piece
playing a unique role.
Glamour was the thread that tied together a symphony of fabrics such as silk,
cashmere, wool, fur, leather, and modern techno fabrics. The finishing touches
were supplied by intricate beading and fine embroidery. 

While there were looks presented
for both men and women, there were also
a number of distinctly androgynous pieces worn. Adding to the collections dramatic nature.

Makeup: Shades by Gal & Tiffany
Makeup Lead: Rudy Miles for Beauty by Rudy
Hair: Loreal
Hair Lead: Joe DiMagio
Photography: Randy Brooke
Socks: Gallant & Beau London
Ladies Shoes: Designed by Malan Breton for J.Renee’
Nails: Nubar Cosmetics

***Thanks to our Contributor, Jonique Hewitt of Confessions of a Product Whore for covering the Malan Breton Fall 2014 Collection for My Life on and off the Guest List. Make sure to check out her blog.

MyItThings Designer Contest

Welcome to Thursdasy or as some people call it the day after Hump Day; for me it’s just another day with events to go to.

First it “The My ItThings Designer” Contest. It’s sort of like Project Runway without the tv. You probably are wondering what exactly is My It Things, well, it is an online magazine, a pretty great one actually and they cover everything fashion, beauty, etc. and it was created by Yuli Ziv.

This event pited three designers against each other for the grand prize of $5,000. The final three were given $1,500 to create their own line. You can find out more information about it here. Below are the three designers – Nora Del Busto, Wakana Koike and Adolfo Sanchez.

I had plenty of time to waste so I decided to go early (I was meeting D1 and Kim at the event) but shock of my life, I arrived at 6:05 pm (the event started at 6pm) to find a line almost to the event of the block

D1 was running late and Kim arrived while I was on line. We entered to see this crowd

As usual, wine was served. I usually drink white unless there is a nice semi-sweet red available but there wasn’t. Once the white wine was done, it was Hint water for me.

Anyway, back to the show. Below are photos of the designers with their work. They are shown in order of their fashion shows

My favorite outfit of the night was this design by Wakana Koike

and of course she won. YEA!!!! Anyway, I’ve also added some photos of some celebs that attended. Jaslene Gonzalez walked in the show for designer Adolfo Sanchez, and Kevin Christiana and Malan Breton (both from Project Runway) were judges.

Finally, here is the gift bag for the event