McDonald’s Celebrates Summer with McCafé Ready-to-Drink Frappés

There is no denying that this summer has been extremely hot. We have established that we can not survive this summer without a cold drink in hand at all times. Luckily there are rich and creamy delicious options for keeping cool. The most recent one comes from McDonald’s and their new McCafé ready-to-drink Frappés. It was a perfect way to kick off and cool down a hot summer day.

We had the pleasure of attending the McCafé Frappé Summ “Ahh” Rooftop celebration to celebrate the ready-to-drink Frappé flavors. The on-the-go drinks were the perfect way to keep cool as she enjoyed the view from the Spotify rooftop. The McCafé ready-to-drink Frappés are everything you love about McDonald’s delicious frappes in now conveniently available in a bottle at retailers everywhere. Now you can indulge in rich, creamy and delicious flavors with every sip of McCafé ready-to-drink Frappés.

The café-quality, McCafé ready-to-drink Frappés are now available in three mouthwatering flavors, Caramel, Vanilla, and Mocha. All three flavors contain real sugar, real milk and are made with 100% Arabica beans. Now you can enjoy your favorite McCafé Frappés whenever you want, wherever the day takes you. We’re not usually big coffee fans but we admit the Vanilla flavored frappe has absolutely got out attention and it absolutely did its job of keeping us cool and happy.

McCafé ready-to-drink Frappés McCafé ready-to-drink Frappés McCafé ready-to-drink Frappés

This launch was a year in the making as it was first announced on August 30th, 2017. We had a great time keeping cool and enjoying the wonderful music Spotify had to offer on their spacious rooftop; as well as take advantage of the McCafé frappe hued flip flops (they were perfect for our relaxing weekend walks).

McCafé ready-to-drink FrappésMcCafé ready-to-drink Frappés McCafé ready-to-drink Frappés

The McCafé ready-to-drink Frappés are available in 13.7 oz resealable PET bottles. They can be purchased at grocery, convenience, and mass merchandise retailers nationwide.

Hugo Boss Beat the Heat Rooftop Party

Hugo Boss held their amazing annual Rooftop Party on Thursday to a very packed and anxious crowd. Known for being a must event to attend, the Hugo Boss Rooftop Party had a line that stretched the length of the block and people were trying their darnedest to gain entrance…I saw people turned away by security on more than one occasion. Several even gave other floors and company names thinking this would allow them to sneak into the party but security shut them down. Why were people so anxious to get in? Three names – Janelle Monae, DJ Cassidy and Robin Thicke.

Also while waiting to gain entrance, i noticed the arrival of former America’s Next Top Model Winner, Jaslene Gonzalez, looking like a gazelle in  the New York uniform (all black for you out-of-towners) and fabulous 6 six heels (she was moving too fast to notice who they were by) or should I say stilts. Other noted celebs I saw was the gorgeous Tyson Beckford and super-sweet, Super Stylist, Phillip Bloch.

After getting access to the 8th floor, we were ushered two flight of stairs to the rooftop of 601 W 26th St where Hugo Boss’s office is housed. My fellow blogger and I stepped out into the beautifully balmy evening on the sunset lit roof and was greeted with a great stage which featured the above marquee. On either side were two bars which featured fantastic drinks made with with Belvedere Vodka or Deleon Tequila. My drink of the night was the Mojito and they all were amazing.

The nights events was started by Janelle Monae wearing her signature white and black clothing performing Android

She always captivates a crowd with her energetic performances. Janelle performed two more songs to an excited crowd before we were taken back in time to a great time in music by none other than the much acclaimed DJ Cassidy

I love DJ Cassidy, he always gets a crowd dancing. I love the fact that he plays my favorite ers of music – The 80’s. Yes, I am an 80’s baby and DJ Cassidy had my heart yet again…this DJ definitely saved my life with some damn good songs. After dancing the night away it was then time for what was probably the most anticipated part of the event – the performance of Robin Thicke.

As you can see, the performance was hot – very hot!! The crowd, including yours truly, enjoyed every supercharged second of his performance (other videos will be posted on My YouTube Channel and My Facebook Fanpage). The man is sexy and knows how to put on a show. Check out his exit performance below

After Robin Thicke’s exit, DJ Cassidy came back on the turntables to continue the party and yet again this DJ enchanted the crowd. But of course don’t take my word for it that this party was the place to be, just take a quick look at the photos below

We ended the night not too long after – dancing our way out to Copacabana and as luck would have it, run right into Robin Thicke who very graciously took a photo with us…unfortunately and I blame this on my excitement –  must have hit the flash button on my very “sensitive to the touch” camera because there was no flash and the photo came out very, very dark 🙁 but I guess I still have the memory. Oh what a night. Thank you Hugo Boss…see you next year (hopefully)