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Iowa Takes The Reigns: Templeton Rye Whiskey

follow link It should come as no surprise that I love a good cocktail.  I’ve been to some great venues in the city for (and written about) thought-provoking, complex and layered drinks that walk the line between ‘superb evening’ and ‘life-changing night out’.  What I find just as interesting as the rinds, the zests, the infused this, […]

Once Again, It’s Whisky Weather: Four Roses Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky

kaletra vidal Ahh Fall weather is here!  The lovely crisp weather, the leaves beautifully changing color, the dressing in cozy layers once again and the oncoming excitement of the holiday seasons are here.  Then the alarm on your phone goes off.  Suddenly you realize that the crisp weather will mean the seasonal calling of the heating oil […]

Deliciously Dark Days Ahead: Alberta Rye Whisky Dark Batch

kaletra online store Deny it if you want to!  Your calendar can lie if you don’t flip the page but the weather, the lessening sunset and the crowded morning commutes are all testament.   The summer is almost over folks.  Now while that vacation you finally took is something you’ll probably bask in for a minute, all you’ll […]

Happy Hour At Any Hour: American Born Moonshine Apple Pie

http://imagingassociates.com.au/?ka=generic-kaletra-online-store So the holidays may be over but if you’ve been in or around New York City over the past week then you’ve no doubt realized that while the weather is still frightful, a warm cocktail is most assuredly still delightful. With that in mind, the yen for a great cocktail still endures.  However, if you’re […]