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Basil Hayden’s X Beehive Cheese Launch “Pour Me a Slice” Cheese

Glasgow Skinner
We'd never thought two of our favorite things together, especially since they are not normally paired together. When one thinks of bourbon, it's usually pertaining...
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Clyde May’s Whiskey: An American Whiskey Legend

Glasgow Skinner
It’s a known fact that history is filled with legendary moments, but only a few possess an iconic history. One of those noteworthy historical moments...
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Dinner with Knob Creek Bourbon and Grilling Pro Jason Baker

Glasgow Skinner
What's better than a wonderful grilling session with a grilling master? Pairing the delicious meals that come off the grill with an amazing bourbon. That's...
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Four Roses Bourbon for Valentine’s Day

Glasgow Skinner
We’ve always found the alluring, dark hue of bourbon whiskey quite sensuous; as if there are many fascinating secrets to be found behind its translucid...
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Once Again, It’s Whisky Weather: Four Roses Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky

David White
Ahh Fall weather is here!  The lovely crisp weather, the leaves beautifully changing color, the dressing in cozy layers once again and the oncoming excitement...
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Smooth & Sweet | William Wolf Pecan Bourbon Whiskey

Glasgow Skinner
Is Bourbon slowly and deliciously taking over our heart and glasses? We can’t help but notice a surge in the amount of people enjoying the...