Holiday Drink Ideas With Steven Soderbergh’s Singani 63

Holiday Drink Ideas With Steven Soderbergh’s Singani 63

We usually accept celebrity brands with a bit of skepticism because we’re not just going to accept that something a celebrity puts out is good. Thankfully, this wasn’t the case with Steven Soderbergh’s Singani 63 ($36.99) because this Bolivian spirit already had a rich and distinct history. Distilled high in the Bolivian Andes from Muscat of Alexandria grapes, this impeccably clean and amazingly versatile spirit will blow you away with every sip. Many may not know this, but Singani is actually the national liquor of Bolivia. Mr. Soderbergh was introduced to this award-winning spirit by the Casting Designer on the set of CHE. Singani is really its own category but many people incorrectly classify it as brandy. The brand is hoping to change this with a petition for category recognition. We find it’s a bit similar to eau-de-vie (a light fruit wine/brandy-esque blend). We invite you to really get to know this spirit. Try it on the rocks first and take in its floral and grape fragrance; sip it slowly to indulge in its Mountain Meadow Flowers, White Pepper, Jasmine, Orange Blossom, and Honeysuckle notes; and indulge in its short, light, clean, and smooth finish.

Holiday Drink Ideas With Steven Soderbergh’s Singani 63

We love Singani 63 because it greatly complements herbal liqueurs like Cynar and Aperol; check out their take on classic cocktails made with those Italian liqueurs.  Since it is the season, we want to share some great holiday cocktails. What makes adding Singani 63 to these cocktails to make them distinct? When the grapes mature at the Andes’ high altitude, their skins thicken, creating a unique flavor during the distillation process. Singani has been produced since the 16th century and 500 years later it’s this unique flavor that captivated Steven Soderbergh’s palate. He formed a partnership with pioneers of the Casa Real Distillery and after six years was finally able to launch Singani 63 in the US. This is why we are able to share these delicious holiday cocktails with you now. Let’s get mixing!

Singani Roseberry Spritz by Becky Alford

Singani Roseberry Spritz by Becky Alford

2 oz. Singani63
1/2 oz. Fresh Lemon Juice
1/2 oz. Rosemary Cranberry Simple Syrup*
Club Soda
Rosemary Sprig & Cranberries Garnish
*Roseberry Simple- Boil 1C sugar, 1C water, 1C cranberries, 3 sprigs rosemary. Crush, strain when thickened.
Mix first 3 ingredients with ice, top with club soda, garnish.

After the Frost
Emily Morton, Deli/126, Burlington, VT

After the Frost by Emily Morton, Deli/126, Burlington, VT

1.5 oz Singani 63
.5 oz Amaro Nonino
.5 oz fresh lemon juice
1 bar spoon honey, or to taste (preferred raw honey)
3 drops Owl & Whale Lemongrass bitters
8 oz Chamomile tea
fennel frond for garnish
Start brewing the tea in a separate vessel, and simultaneously pre-heat the teacup with hot water. After 3-4 minutes, empty the prepped warm teacup, and add the remaining ingredients. Top with the tea, and garnish with a fresh fennel frond.

Naughty by Ivy Mix

Naughty by Ivy Mix Cocktail

1.5 oz. #Singani63
.75 oz. Lemon Juice
.25 oz. Simple Syrup
.75 oz. Red Currant Jelly infused with Ground Ancho Chili (1/2 cup: 1 tsp)
2 Dashes Angostura Bitters
Shake all ingredients with ice, strain over a rocks glass filled with crushed ice, and garnish with a mint sprig and cocktail cherries.

Nice by Ivy Mix

Nice by Ivy Mix Cocktail

1.5 oz Singani 63
.75 oz simple syrup
.75 oz Coconut Milk
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
2 dash Angostura Bitters
Shake, serve up, garnish with grated nutmeg and cinnamon stick.

Singani 63 is available at some of the coolest bars, restaurants, and alcohol retailers including iPIC Theaters And The Tuckroom, Tribeca Grand Hotel, Nobu Downtown, Sanctuary T, Hudson Wine & Spirits, Tribeca Wines & Spirits, and more. You can also purchase it online for $36.99 at

Seagram’s Extra Smooth Vodka Wins Platinum Medal - Best Vodka Award

Seagram’s Extra Smooth Vodka Wins Platinum Medal – Best Vodka Award

The holiday season is upon us and while Thanksgiving is all about the food, Christmas is about the holiday spirits; and we don’t just mean the joy and magic of the season. What better holiday spirit to celebrate the festive season with than one that’s an award winner! Say congratulations to Seagram’s Extra Smooth Vodka which recently won the Platinum Medal – Best Vodka at the 2020 L.A. Spirits Awards. Although this is their first platinum medal, it isn’t the first time the American-made vodka brand has won awards.

Seagram’s Extra Smooth Vodka Wins Platinum Medal - Best Vodka Award

Of course, it’s no surprise that this classic, velvety smooth, 100% American-made vodka won platinum. Seagram’s Extra Smooth Vodka is five-times distilled with high-quality grain, grown in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky, to ensure a clean, extra smooth taste. If you’re looking for a delicious, clean, smooth cocktail to enjoy during the holidays, we’ve got five to share with you today.

Seagram’s Vodka Classic Bloody Mary

Seagram’s Vodka Classic Bloody Mary

2 oz. Seagram’s 80 Proof Vodka
4 Dashes Worcestershire Sauce
1⁄2 oz. Olive Juice
1⁄4 oz. Balsamic Vinegar
1-2 Dashes Tabasco
1⁄2 oz. Tomato Juice
1⁄2 oz. Lemon Juice
1⁄2 tsp. Horseradish
Black Pepper
Garlic Powder
Rim a pint glass or mason jar with salt and fill the glass with ice. Combine all ingredients in the glass over the ice and stir with a cocktail spoon. Garnish with a celery stalk, skewered cocktail olives & onions, lime, and lemon rounds.

Seagram’s Vodka Winter Sunset

Seagram’s Vodka Winter Sunset

2 ounces of Seagram’s Extra Smooth Vodka
4 ounces of grapefruit juice
¼ ounce of grenadine
Grapefruit and umbrella garnish
Add grenadine to a highball glass. Add grapefruit juice and Seagram’s Extra Smooth to a shaker. Shake then strain over ice into a highball glass. Garnish with grapefruit slice and umbrella

Seagram’s Vodka Bucha Berry Merry

Seagram’s Vodka Bucha Berry Merry

2 ounces of Seagram’s Extra Smooth Vodka
1/2 ounce of mixed berry syrup
Top with kombucha
Garnish with mixed berry pick
Add everything to a shaker except the kombucha. Shake then strain into a wine glass. Top with kombucha and garnish with a mixed berry pick.

Seagram’s Vodka Cranberry

Seagram’s Extra Smooth Vodka Wins Platinum Medal - Best Vodka Award

2 oz. Seagram’s Extra Smooth Vodka
4 oz. Cranberry Juice
Splash Tonic Water
Splash of Lime Juice
Rocks Ice
Combine Seagram’s 80 Proof Vodka, Cranberry Juice, and Lime Juice in a shaker and shake vigorously, strain over ice in a low-ball glass, and top with tonic water. Garnish with a lime round.

Seagram’s Vodka Martini

Seagram’s Vodka Martini

3 oz. Seagram’s Extra Smooth
1 oz. Dry Vermouth
Combine vodka and dry vermouth in a shaker and shake vigorously. Strain and serve up in a martini glass, garnish with 2-3 stuffed olives.

Seagram’s Extra Smooth Vodka is the perfect bottle to have on hand to enjoy easy, festive cocktails this holiday season whether you’re celebrating with family, a socially distanced gathering, or solo.

Never Delay Opening a Bottle of Milam & Greene Whiskey

Never Delay Opening a Bottle of Milam & Greene Whiskey

There’s a quote about never delaying to open a bottle of whiskey and it accurately describes our experience with Milam & Greene Whiskey. Although relatively new, this craft whiskey brand is becoming one of the fastest-growing whiskey brands in the U.S. Three of their offerings, the award-winning Milam & Greene Triple Cask Straight Bourbon, Milam & Greene Port-Finished Rye, and Milam & Greene Distillery Edition Single Barrel Straight Bourbon are hitting shelves in California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, New York, Washington D.C., and Wisconsin now. Hitting stores just in time for the holiday gifting season.

Never Delay Opening a Bottle of Milam & Greene Whiskey

What better way than the gift of a great craft whiskey to help someone de-stress while living through the holidays during a pandemic. By now you’re studying these whiskey bottles closely; which means you may notice these are not Kentucky whiskeys and you’re correct. While Kentucky has a long, rich whiskey history, they’re not the only source of great American whiskeys. Milam & Greene Whiskey is proof that a Texas craft whiskey can make you detour away from Kentucky and Tennessee; especially when it has a Kentucky connection.

Never Delay Opening a Bottle of Milam & Greene Whiskey

Under the direction of master distiller, Marlene Holmes, Milam & Greene Whiskey distills using a 300-gallon copper pot still in Blanco, Texas as well as in continuous stills in Holmes’ home state of Kentucky. The team travels to Kentucky to distill using its own mash bill, yeast recipe, and distillation processes. The whiskey is matured in both Kentucky and Texas. In addition to distilling on-site and off-site, the team blends, batches, sources, finishes, and hand-bottles bourbon and rye whiskey to age to maturity in the unique Texas climate. The only craft distillery in the USA that openly embraces all these elements to make stunning whiskies. The distillery produces the three above mentioned Milam & Greene whiskies, which until now were only available in Texas. Join us as we explore these grain to glass whiskies created using the distinct processes of the great distillers of the past. Today we give them a proper nationwide welcome:

Milam & Greene Triple Cask Straight Bourbon Whiskey, $44.99

 Milam & Greene Triple Cask Straight Bourbon Whiskey

This rich made from Texas corn, Pacific Northwest malted rye from Oregon and Washington, Wyoming barley, and their proprietary yeast recipe from Kentucky and Texas. Each bottle of Milam & Greene Triple Cask is a batch of three hand-selected straight bourbon whiskies: a 2-year-old premium Texas bourbon for a pop of spice; married with a 3 to 4-year-old Tennessee whiskey for vanillas and fruits; and a 10 to 11-year-old Tennessee whiskey for structure and tannins. It is then proofed to be tasted and bottled on site. This bourbon has a deep golden color, along with refined and elegant aromas with pops of vanilla, floral, and spice. The palate is creamy and soft, surprisingly smooth for a 94-proof spirit. It has a medium warm finish with structure and tannins.

What’s the best way to enjoy this whiskey? Try the above M&G MANHATTAN, created by award-winning USBG Mixologist, Kelsey Caudebec.

2 oz. Milam & Greene Triple Cask Bourbon
½ oz. Luxardo
½ oz. sweet vermouth
2 dashes Angostura bitters
1 dash peach bitters
Stir with ice. Strain onto fresh ice in an old-fashioned glass. Garnish with a lemon twist

Milam & Greene Distillery Edition Single Barrel Straight Bourbon, $121.99

Milam & Greene Single Barrel Straight Bourbon

The hand-selected and evaluated Single Barrel Straight Bourbon has the discerning whiskey drinker in mind before bottling by Milam & Green’s crack whiskey team. No two casks are exactly the same for this one-of-a-kind, small-batch Texas whiskey. Holmes, Greene, and head brewer, Jordan Osborne, look for whiskies that demonstrate elegance and personality. Each year the team selects single barrels that include gems found around the U.S. in addition to their own grain-to-glass casks. This year’s lot, a deeply flavored bourbon previously sold only in Texas, comes from Tennessee and has already won numerous double gold medals in international competitions.

What’s the best way to enjoy this whiskey? We loved it neat with a fat ice cube and with a splash of water to proof it down.

Milam & Greene Port Finished Straight Rye Whiskey, $49.99

Milam & Greene Port Finished Straight Rye Whiskey

Port wine fans, we’ve found your perfect whiskey. This Double Gold winner at the 2020 San Francisco World Spirits Competition is a gorgeous ruby-colored whiskey with luscious aromas of cinnamon, chocolate, and dark fruits such as black currants and blackberries. Its robust flavors are carried in a rich, velvety whiskey with a long warm finish. The casks used are brought from Indiana to Texas where this liquid gold is first batched in the Blanco rickhouse and then finished in old Port wine casks from Portugal. Because some casks take longer than others, these are meticulously curated and vatted for consistency, and monitored for flavor. The casks are then batched together and proofed before bottling. The Texan sun and varying humidity levels also influence the rate and strength of flavor imparted into this 94-proof whiskey, making this a tricky whiskey to produce.

What’s the best way to enjoy this whiskey? The boldly flavored HILL COUNTRY HIGHBALL is perfect. It too was created by USBG Mixologist, Kelsey Caudebec.

2 oz. Milam & Greene Port Finished Rye
1 oz. Averna or other rich Amaro
¾ oz. fresh lemon juice
1½ oz. ginger beer
Shake with ice and serve on ice in a Collins glass. Top with ginger beer. Garnish with fresh blackberries.

Whether you’re a fan of classic or specialty whiskey, these Blanco, Texan-bred whiskies are sure to delight all during and after the holiday season. Keep an eye out for Milam & Greene at your local alcohol retailers in California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, New York, Washington D.C., and Wisconsin. Happy sipping.

OTTO Bergamotto Liqueur: A Delicious Delight for the Senses

OTTO Bergamotto Liqueur: A Delicious Delight for the Senses

We have enjoyed sipping and indulging in the scent of Earl Grey and have been fans of bergamot-scented candles for as long as we can remember. There is just something about the sultry fragrance of this citrus fruit. The combination of its citrus, spicy, sweet, and floral scents are hauntingly therapeutic to the senses. Whenever we need to relax and unwind, we enjoy some Earl Grey tea and a bergamot candle for some aromatherapy.  We’ve now added a third option of this potent healing fragrance, in the form of a premium Italian Bergamot liqueur – OTTO Bergamotto Liqueur.

OTTO Bergamotto Liqueur: A Delicious Delight for the Senses

OTTO Bergamotto Liqueur is another premium Italian liqueur that’s crafted in small batches; much like Jovis Limoncello, we highlighted previously. It is another must-have available to us thanks to importer, Originals Imports. This enticing, premium liqueur is made purely with Bergamot oranges from Calabria. For those not familiar, Calabria, Italy is the birthplace of the most exquisite Bergamot oranges. In fact, more than 80 percent of all the world’s bergamot oranges are found there.

OTTO Bergamotto Liqueur: A Delicious Delight for the Senses

The benefits of enjoying a Bergamot liqueur, like OTTO, are incredibly rewarding. It helps in mood elevation, energizing the body, soothes an upset digestive system, and helps to relieve anxiety and depression. We also love the fact that OTTO Bergamotto Liqueur boasts an intense, yet clear fragrance and unique bitter-sweet, citrus tasting notes.

The farm-to-bottle liqueur is handcrafted and bottled by Calabro Beverage in Cariati, Italy. This family production is focused on liqueurs made only with their own grown herbs and fruits. You can see where OTTO Bergamotto Liqueur is produced by putting the coordinates printed on each bottle in google maps.

Premium Bergamotto Liqueur

OTTO’s ingredients include premium alcohol, water, and sugar. It contains no stabilizers, artificial components, or colorants. It features 30% Alcohol by Volume (60 proof) and can be enjoyed sipped neat or on the rocks; OTTO also makes a perfect base for delicious cocktails like these two below:

For Gin Lovers #2

OTTO Bergamotto Liqueur: A Delicious Delight for the Senses

1.5 oz gin
0.75 oz OTTO
0.5 oz lemon juice
Garnish with lemon peel. Stir with ice, strain, and serve.

OTTO Spritzer #1

OTTO Spritzer #1

2 oz OTTO
4 oz seltzer
1.5 oz lime juice
Build in a tall glass with lots of ice. Garnish with a rosemary sprig.

Available in a 750mL bottle, OTTO is available for $34.99 – $39.99 at Gotham Wines and Liquors, K&D Wines & Spirits, Duke’s Liquor Box, Yolo Wine & Spirits, Ambassador Wines & Spirits, Sussex Wines & Spirits, ShopRite Wines and Spirits, and more. You can also enjoy OTTO at the following restaurants/bars in NYC: Sweetwater Social, Numero 28 Pizzeria, Taverna Kyclades, Taboon, and Lucciola Italian Restaurant. For locations near you, head over to

Jovis Limoncello: The Italian Perfect After-Dinner Drink

Jovis Limoncello: The Perfect Italian After-Dinner Drink

Today we highlight a drink that we’ve enjoyed for many summers. Yes, it is the end of summer and while most would regard Limoncello as strictly a summer drink, we’ve known it more as an after-dinner drink. This digestif/digestivo is a classic Italian liqueur, made from the zest of lemon peels from the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento, and Capri. It is very high in alcohol content, so it is best served in a shot glass. Note, this should be sipped, not gulped, as it aids in digestion, especially after a heavy meal. It also makes a very refreshing cocktail, two of which we highlight below. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been indulging in the delightful Jovis Limoncello, a high-quality Limoncello from Sorrento, Italy.

Jovis Limoncello: The Italian Perfect After-Dinner Drink

Infused only with Sorrento PGI (Protected Geographic Indication) lemons, this hand-produced, and bottled Limoncello boasts an intense taste, some sweetness, a slight tartness, and most importantly, is a good source of vitamin C. A favorite among Italian locals, Villa Jovis has been producing Limoncello in Sorrento for the last 20 years. Thanks to importer, Originals Imports, the US populace is now able to enjoy what the birthplace of Limoncello has loved for years. Jovis Limoncello is a premium liqueur crafted in small batches. It contains 32% alcohol by volume, has no stabilizers or colorants, and is housed in a timeless, elegant 750ml bottle.  The average alcohol content for Limoncello is between 25% and 30%. While greatly enjoy neat and perfectly chilled (straight from the freezer is best), Jovis Limoncello is also perfect for cocktails. See below for two favorites and check out their Originals’ cocktail suggestions for more.

Lemon Spritzer

Jovis Limoncello Lemon Spritzer Cocktail

2 oz (4 tbsp) Jovis Premium Limoncello
4 oz (8 tbsp) seltzer water
1.5 oz scant of lemon juice
1 dash aromatic bitters (optional)
Garnish with either thyme, basil, mint, or lemon peel
Build-in glass with plenty of ice. Add garnish and ice first. Then limoncello and lemon juice. Give it one stir
Add seltzer and give it one more stir.

The Immigrant

Jovis Limoncello The Immigrant Cocktail

2 oz (4 tbsp) bourbon
1 oz (2 tbsp) Jovis Premium Limoncello
1 dash Angostura bitters
1 dash orange bitters (optional)
Stir with ice for at least 20 seconds. Serve neat or with ice

We hope this will encourage you to add Jovis Limoncello to your home bar. To get your hands on a bottle or two in the tri-state area, head over to these alcohol retailers – Gotham Wines & Liquors,, Wine Bazaar, Ambassador Wines & Spirits, ShopRite Wines and Spirits, Manhattan Valley Wines & Spirits, Sussex Wines & Spirits, HB Liquors, and more. Visit for locations nearest you.

Just Launched: Ogden’s Own Distillery’s Porter’s Peanut Butter Whiskey

Just Launched: Ogden’s Own Distillery’s Porter’s Peanut Butter Whiskey

Calling all adult peanut butter fans; we’re got a new to enjoy the nutty spread – whiskey. That’s right, all hail the recently launched Porter’s Peanut Butter Whiskey from Ogden’s Own Distillery. We can’t wait to make the adult beverage version of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or a memorable peanut punch. Let’s get to know this deliciously unique, blended peanut butter whiskey.

Just Launched: Ogden’s Own Distillery’s Porter’s Peanut Butter Whiskey

Porter’s Peanut Butter Whiskey captures the unmistakable, one-of-a-kind essence of peanut butter and balances it with a hint of rich chocolate flavor. This delivers the familiar yet subtle peanut butter flavor that avoids coming off as artificial or overpowering. Instead, the gentle nuttiness and comforting warmth of the peanut butter elevates the whiskey itself, creating a balanced 66.6-proof blend of smooth Canadian whiskey and tantalizing peanut butter flavor. Porter’s is known for its blending of smooth Canadian whiskey with the most divine ingredients that deliver one hell of a well-balanced flavor.

For those with peanut allergies, there’s great news for you. You can actually indulge in this peanut butter delight. Porter’s Peanut Butter Whiskey is completely safe for those with peanut allergies. Made with imitation peanut butter, everyone can enjoy a delicious peanut butter whiskey-based cocktail. There’s no fear of going into anaphylactic shock. So while those with peanut allergies may not be able to enjoy peanut brittle, peanut butter cookies, peanut punch, or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Porter’s has got you covered in the peanut drink category. We tried two cocktail recipes using Porter’s that we know will become ultimate favorites – a PB&J cocktail and a Peanut Punch.

Porter’s PB&J

Just Launched: Ogden’s Own Distillery’s Porter’s Peanut Butter Whiskey

2 oz Porter’s Peanut Butter Whiskey
2 oz Chambord liqueur or grape juice
Raspberries (optional)
Pour all ingredients in an iced-filled cocktail shaker. Any jam-flavored equivalent juice will do if you have no Chambord or grape juice. Shake well and pour into a glass. Garnish with a raspberry

Porter’s Peanut Butter Punch

Porter's Peanut Butter Whiskey Punch

8 oz Porter’s Peanut Butter Whiskey
4 oz condensed milk
1/2 cup milk
1 ripe banana
1/2 tsp Vanilla Essence
1/2 tsp grated Nutmeg
1 tsp Honey
1/2 tsp Cinnamon (optional)
Add the Porter’s, milk, condensed milk (Soy Milk with Brown Sugar is a good alternative for vegans) banana, vanilla essence, nutmeg, cinnamon, ice, and honey in a blender. Mix well and serve. Sprinkle cinnamon on top if desired. For a less thick version, skip the banana, ice, and blender and mix all ingredients in a shaker and serve over ice. Serves 4

As one of the most affordably-priced peanut butter spirits on the market, a 750 mL bottle of Porter’s Peanut Butter Whiskey is only $19.99. If you’re ever in Utah, pick one up at Ogden’s Own Distillery Store. The new peanut butter whiskey flavor joins Porter’s already popular flavors – Huckleberry, Peach, Apple, and Cinnamon Fire varietals, along with the limited-edition Porter’s Small Batch Rye, released in 2019.

Woodford Reserve Mint Julep Honors 50th Anniversary of Kentucky Derby's First Female Jockey

Woodford Reserve Mint Julep Honors 50th Anniversary of Kentucky Derby’s First Female Jockey

Fifty years ago, Jockey Diane Crump made history as the first female jockey to ride in The Kentucky Derby®. This year, Woodford Reserve is dedicating their $1,000 Mint Julep Cup program to honor that history-making achievement.

Woodford Reserve Mint Julep Honors 50th Anniversary of Kentucky Derby's First Female Jockey

According to Woodford Reserve Master Distiller Chris Morris, the $1,000 Mint Julep program has become a beloved tradition with the Derby. Morris is happy that the company is able to use the 2020 program to celebrate this important milestone in racing history and that the money raised from the program will go to charity.

A total of 146 julep cups, celebrating Derby 146, are already on sale. Each cup is individually numbered. Those between numbers 1 and 25 are gold-plated and sell for $2,500 each while those numbered between 16 and 146 are silver-plated and sell for $1,000 each. In commemoration of Crump, the cups feature etchings of the jockey silks she wore in 1970, as well as the Twin Spires of Churchill Downs. The cups also come in a walnut case with a replica of the white and turquoise silks Crump wore on the day of her historic race.

Woodford Reserve Mint Julep Honors 50th Anniversary of Kentucky Derby's First Female Jockey

On that day in 1970, Crump rode the thoroughbred racehorse Fathom. Although Crump and Fathom finished in 15th, Crump won a place in history and opened the gates for many other female jockeys to follow in her steps. At the time, male jockeys and horseracing fans were resistant to women competing in the sport. Crump was also the first woman to compete in a pari-mutuel race in the U.S. at the Hialeah Park Race Track in 1969. A police escort accompanied Crump to get her to the track, taking her through a crowd of angry, shouting people.

In 1989, Crump had a riding accident in which she broke her leg, ankle, and ribs. While a minor injury like a mild ankle sprain would only take seven to ten days to heal at home, Crump had to be hospitalized for over a week due to her severe injuries. Doctors told her she wouldn’t be able to ride again, but she was able to resume racing in 1992 and kept at it until she officially retired in 1999.

During her career, Crump rode to 235 wins and participated in international races as well as those in the United States. Now, Crump is one of the 47 million seniors in the United States and remains involved in the horse industry.

Anyone who purchases a julep cup in honor of Crump’s life achievements will have it sent directly to their home. Traditionally, consumers would pick up the cup on Derby Day at Churchill Downs, but the global COVID-19 pandemic has made it necessary to change that procedure. To celebrate Derby Day while keeping in line with COVID-19 social distancing guidelines, Morris is planning on holding a virtual julep experience. This year, Derby Day and its virtual celebration have been postponed to Saturday, September 5.

To celebrate the Derby as well as Crump’s legacy, Woodford Reserve created an exclusive cocktail recipe that features the official fruit of Kentucky, called the Diane Crump Blackberry Mint Julep. The ingredients for the recipe are:

Woodford Reserve Kentucky Derby Mint Julep

  • 2 ounces of Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon
  • 1 barspoon simple syrup
  • 1 barspoon blackberry preserves
  • Mint bitters
  • Crushed ice
  • Fresh blackberries and mint springs, for garnish

To create the honorary cocktail, start by mixing the blackberry preserves with the simple syrup at the bottom of the julep cup. You then add two to four dashes of mint bitters and fill two-thirds of the cup with crushed ice. Next, add your sipping straw and the bourbon. Top it off by packing in more crushed ice and garnishing the drink with fresh blackberries and a sprig of mint.

All proceeds from the cup sales and the delicious cocktails that go with them will be donated to the Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund (PDJF) in Crump’s honor. This fund is dedicated to providing financial assistance to 60 former jockeys who have experienced catastrophic on-track injuries. This money can fill a much-needed financial gap for those who may not qualify for federal health insurance programs like Medicare, which is for people who are aged 65 or older and younger people with certain disabilities. Many of the jockeys who are supported by PDJF were injured in their 20s and 30s and face a future of living with a disability without a way to generate an income. Since its founding in 2006, PDJF has disbursed almost $9 million to jockeys who are permanently disabled.

Summer Rum Cocktails: Welcome to the Season of Rum

Summer Rum Cocktail Recipes: Welcome to the Season of Rum

Did you know that July is the official month of Rum? In fact, summer is the season of all things rum. It’s no surprise that the season of hot temperatures would be the season to celebrate this spirit with a tropical history. During the first three weeks of July, we celebrate National Piña Colada Day, National Mojito Day, World Rum Day, and National Daiquiri Day! All of which are deliciously made with rum. Some of you may not know this but Barcardi is the world’s largest rum brand. Naturally, we turned to them in honor of this quadfecta of rum celebrations to we present three rum cocktail recipes to enjoy all month long.

Summer Rum Cocktails: Welcome to the Season of Rum

To our fellow rum cocktail lovers everywhere, now is the time to rejoice and raise a glass or three. While rum is available in both white and dark, we are highlighting the freshness and vitality that is white rum. In honor of National Piña Colada Day on July 10th, National Mojito Day yesterday, July 11th, and the upcoming National Daiquiri Day on July 19th, these white rum-based cocktails are the perfect way to experiment with rum and taste the spirit of the Caribbean.

BACARDÍ Frozen Piña Colada

Just because you missed Piña Colada Day, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this easy frozen Piña Colada recipe – a refreshing rum cocktail made with BACARDÍ Coconut Rum, Coco Reàl, and pineapple juice to transport you to the tropics.

Summer Rum Cocktails: Welcome to the Season of Rum

(Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for BACARDI)

2 parts BACARDÍ Coconut Flavored Rum
1½ parts Coco Reàl
1½ parts Pineapple juice
1 cup ice
Garnish with pineapple wedge & cherry flag
For the single-serve recipe, combine all ingredients in a blender, and blend until a slushy consistency forms. Garnish with a pineapple wedge and a cherry flag.

BACARDÍ Lime Mojito

Get into the Caribbean spirit with this fresh, delicious, and easy to make Mojito cocktail recipe featuring the brand’s latest flavor innovation – BACARDÍ Lime.

Summer Rum Cocktails: Welcome to the Season of Rum

2 parts BACARDÍ Lime Flavored Rum
4 Lime Wedges
6-8 Fresh Mint Leaves
2 tbsp Caster Sugar
1 part Club Soda
1 sprig of fresh mint
Add the lime wedges, sugar, and mint leaves and gently muddle until the limes release juice. Add BACARDÍ Lime Flavored Rum and mix the ingredients with a bar spoon. Fill with crushed ice and stir once again. Add club soda and garnish with mint.

BACARDÍ Daiquiri

Rum, lime, and sugar go back a long way in the Caribbean. The classic Daiquiri brings them together in a perfect blend of BACARDÍ Superior rum, the crispness of fruit and the sweetness of sugar. Serve this rum cocktail ice cold for a bracingly refreshing drink.

Summer Rum Cocktails: Welcome to the Season of Rum

2 parts BACARDÍ Superior Rum
1 part Freshly squeezed lime juice
2 tsp Sugar
Place sugar and freshly pressed lime juice into a cocktail shaker and stir until the sugar has dissolved. Then pour in the BACARDÍ Superior rum and fill the shaker with half-cubed ice, followed by some half-crushed ice. Place the lid on the shaker and shake vigorously until thoroughly chilled. Finally, strain through a fine tea strainer into a chilled coupette.