Kona Craft Beers

Celebrating the Summer with Hawaii’s Kona Brewing Company

Hawaii’s Kona Brewing Company graced New York City just in time for summer – introducing we “mainlanders” to some of their most popular beers offered nationwide.  We must give kudos to Kona Brewing for making light beers that are actually interesting! We had the opportunity to try Kona’s Tropical Pineapple Gold Cliff IPA, Big Wave Golden Ale, Kanaha Blonde Ale, and Longboard Island Lager.

Kona Craft BeersKona Craft Beers

Kona has brews that are available both on the mainland and some exclusive to Hawaii only. They brew more than a dozen beers a year, but the regulars are our classic ales and lagers available in all 50 states.

Gold Cliff IPA Tropical Pineapple

Kona Gold Cliff IPA Tropical Pineapple

Gold Cliff IPA draws you in with its beach and postcard-worthy dark brown bottle embossed with the Hawaiian islands. For those not familiar, an IPA is an acronym for ‘Indian Pale Ale’ – this is a lighter brown beer that typically has a very herby but subtle medicinal note. Every side of this vintage sized bottle gives you a nostalgic feeling of exploring the Hawaiian coasts – or at least watching amazing surfing films from the ’50s and ’60s.
Gold Cliff IPA is a great entry point to appreciating the distinct taste of IPAs – it is floral and fruity with a real natural pineapple flavor. It’s not too sharp but definitely not sugary sweet. I found this IPA very refreshing and totally get why they embossed “Liquid Aloha” on the neck of the bottle – this is perfect light IPA to put in the cooler for sipping beach-side (or poolside then beach side) on a sun-drenched day. I especially love that the bottle lists the calorie and carb content – for those who are actively counting – Gold Cliff is only  212 calories per serving.

Big Wave Golden Ale

Kona Big Wave Golden Ale

Big Wave like a long cool drink from an oasis.  It is LIGHT and bubbly. At 4.4% ABV and 142 calories, each sip was refreshing and airy. Kona describes their Golden Ale as the perfect beer for after a day out on the water – it felt very hydrating. This is a chill beer for a low key buzz so that you can fully experience the environment around you and share the adventures of the day with others.

Kanaha Blonde Ale

Kona Kanaha Blonde Ale

For those who enjoy a low key sip, chill, and share moments, this Blonde Ale has the lowest ABV (4.2%) and calorie count  (99 calories per bottle). Although not sweet, Kanaha Ale is infused with a very small but bright note of mango and is palatable to enjoying with…dare we say it? Cannabis. Have you ever considered pairing beer with your favorite strains of weed? If it’s ever crossed your mind, the most important thing to consider is picking a beer and a bud with terpenes that won’t overpower each other in the aroma.  (Terpenes – (terps) in case you are wondering, are the organic compounds found in herbs that give it flavor). The mild and light tropical flavors of Kanaha are a great candidate for pairing. Kanaha would also pair well with grilled seafood and salads.

Longboard Island Lager

Kona Longboard Island Lager

For the traditionalists, Longboard Island Lager is a smooth, refreshing traditional beer, fermented and aged for five weeks for a smooth flavor. Another year-round favorite for the beach that pairs well with pizza, chicken, garlic knots, and many other party foods that will marry well with the beer’s hoppy aroma.  You can drink this lager goes with almost any meal. At 4.60% ABV, and 144 calories, you’ll make any of your friends happy you brought a few six packs to the luau.

Kona Craft Beers

Keep an eye out for their Hanalei Island IPA. After launching exclusively in Hawaii in 2016, Kona Brewing Company opened its refreshing fruit-forward IPA, to the U.S. mainland. The tropical fruit-forward brew features Passionfruit, Orange and Guava.

To find Kona Brewing Company beers near you, visit






You’re Invited: The 2nd Annual Brew Hop 5K + Craft Beer Festival

It’s back!! A little over a year ago we attended the inaugural Brew Hop 5K + Craft Beer Festival that combined two great American loves, running and craft beer. While we didn’t participate in the running, many running aficionados did, and over 1500 attendees enjoyed unlimited tastings of beers from 15 craft breweries at Randall’s Island Park. In a few short days (13 to be exact), the 2nd Annual Brew Hop 5K + Craft Beer Festival once again takes place to the delight of runners and beer drinkers.

On Saturday, October 21st, the 2nd Annual Brew Hop 5K + Craft Beer Festival will feature unlimited tastings from Brooklyn Brewery, Sixpoint Brewery, Bronx Brewery, Interboro Spirits and Ales, Kings County Brewers Collective, Coney Island Brewing Company, Captain Lawrence Brewing Co., Brewery Ommegang, Southern Tier Brewing Company, Citizen Cider, SpikedSeltzer, SingleCut Beersmiths, Rockaway Brewing Co., and more! The day starts off with a 5K race (Check-in starts at 10 am | Race at 12 pm) with waterfront views of the NYC skyline, followed by a festival until 4 pm where attendees will also enjoy live music, brewery row, lawn games, and delicious, local food vendors such as Dom’s Mac Truck and Sweet Chili, and seating areas.

A portion of the proceeds will benefit Oceanic Global, an organization that aims to educate individuals on issues impacting our oceans and provides them with solutions for driving positive change. The Brew Hop 5K + Craft Beer Festival has made a commitment to go 100% plastic free to support Oceanic Global’s mission of reducing single-use plastic consumption and oceanic pollution!


The 2nd Annual Brew Hop 5K + Craft Beer Festival
DATE: Saturday, October 21st
TIME: Check In Starts: 10:00 AM
Race Starts: 12:00 PM
Festival: 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM
VENUE: Randall’s Island Park, NYC
TICKET INFO: 5K + Beer Fest: Early Bird – $59.95, Advanced – $69.95, Same Day – $79.95
Beer Fest Only: Early Bird – $44.95, Advanced – $54.95, Same Day – $64.95

Hurry now to get $10.00 off your ticket price with code: BrewHopNYC.

Beer Run: The Brew Hop 5K + Craft Beer Festival 2016 Recap

To say the very first The Brew Hop 5K + Craft Beer Festival was a success is an understatement. Over 1500 people were in attendance to sample the beer offerings from 15 craft breweries at Randall’s Island Park. Runners and beer lovers arrived bright and early to partake in some beer tasting prior to the 5K run around the island’s park.

the_brew_hop_5k__craft_beer_festival_2016_www-mylifeonandofftheguestlist-com the_brew_hop_5k__craft_beer_festival2_www-mylifeonandofftheguestlist-com

Breweries such as Brooklyn Brewery, Sixpoint Brewery, Bronx Brewery, Rockaway Brewing, KelSo Beer Company, Alphabet City Brewing, Blue Point Brewing Company, Captain Lawrence Brewing Company and more kept the pints flowing as runners stretched and prepped in preparation for the run.

the_brew_hop_5k__craft_beer_festival_breweries_www-mylifeonandofftheguestlist-com the_brew_hop_5k__craft_beer_festival_breweries2_www-mylifeonandofftheguestlist-com

With the runners’ thirst properly quenched, the race got underway. Young, older, male, and female, the diverse runners were excited about the race, and the non-running attendees were ore than happy to cheer them on.


While the race was going on, we took this time to enjoy a few of the available beverages, including the delicious Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer in two refreshing flavors, original, and raspberry (our first taste of a flavored ginger beer…..we absolutely loved it).

crabbies_alcoholic_ginger_beer_www-mylifeonandofftheguestlist-com crabbies_alcoholic_ginger_beer2_www-mylifeonandofftheguestlist-com

Our next visit was to Spiked Seltzer, a wonderfully refreshing low calorie, gluten-free, low-carb, alcoholic sparkling seltzer that boasts 6% alcohol.  Spiked Seltzer can be enjoyed right out of the can or in a cocktail. In fact, we highly recommend using it for any sparkling cocktail you enjoy. Soon after it was back to the race.

spiked_seltzer_www-mylifeonandofftheguestlist-com spiked_seltzer2_www-mylifeonandofftheguestlist-com

The first runner, #782 (pictured below) passed the finish line well under 19 minutes, with the second (#178) and third (#974) runners crossing the finish at 19+ minutes. The first female runner (#542) crossed the line at 19:41. All runners were awarded special commemorative medals and a bottle of Vitamin water as they crossed the finish line.


Post the Brew Hop 5K run, attendees were treated to a wonderful musical performance by the High and Mighty Brass Band and of course, more beer. The band features co-mingling band members from New Orleans, NYC, and a host of other cities across the globe. This dynamic krewe combined classic New Orleans Funk and R&B with modern Afro-Beat and Hip Hop influences.

high_and_mighty_brass_band_www-mylifeonandofftheguestlist-com the_brew_hop_5k__craft_beer_festival4_www-mylifeonandofftheguestlist-comthe_brew_hop_5k__craft_beer_festival5_www-mylifeonandofftheguestlist-com

All in all, the inaugural event was wonderful and we had a great time. Even though we’re not avid beer drinkers, the experience and location were amazing. So if you like to run, or if you just like great craft beers, make sure you hit up The Brew Hop 5K + Craft Beer Festival next time. We hear Vermont is next to enjoy great beer at their finish line.

The Brew Hop: The First Annual 5K + Craft Beer Festival

Calling all runners who love the refreshing taste of a cold brew, have we got an amazing event for you. The Brew Hop, the First Annual 5K + Craft Beer Festival combines the love of running and craft beer. On Sunday, September 18th, Randall’s Island Park will be turned into craft beer heaven in the first ever Brew Hop, a brand new event that gives attendees the chance to combine these two seemingly unrelated, yet perfectly compatible pastimes.

First Annual 5K + Craft Beer Festival

The day starts off with a 5K race (Registration begins at 10 am, and the Race at 12 pm) followed by complimentary craft beer tastings from 12:30pm – 4pm, where attendees can indulge in the best beer and food New York City has to offer. All runners will receive a congratulatory medal at the end of the race! For those of you who prefer not to run and just want to enjoy the craft beer portion of the event, there is a ‘Beer Fest Only’ ticket available for purchase. All attendees of the Brew Hop will enjoy complimentary beer samples with their ticket purchase, along with a tasting glass, koozie, and other surprises from participating breweries. Participating breweries include Brooklyn Brewery, Sixpoint Brewery, SingleCut Beersmiths, Third Rail Beer, Bronx Brewery, Gun Hill Brewing Company, Rockaway Brewing, KelSo Beer Company, Alphabet City Brewing, Blue Point Brewing Company, Great South Bay Brewery, Captain Lawrence Brewing Company, and more. 

the brew hop participating breweries

Tickets are officially on sale now and range from $50.00 for the Beer-fest only to $100.00 for VIP tickets. VIP tickets grant you access to a private lounge area where waitstaff will get beers for you, you can enjoy free massages, private bathrooms, exclusive food and beer offerings, and a limited edition poster. The post-race festival will feature live music, lawn games, brewery row, art installations, local food trucks, vendor village, and seating areas. In addition to the participating NY breweries, attendees will also enjoy beverages from Crabbie’s Ginger Beer and SpikedSeltzer.

The Brew Hop event will benefit City Harvest, the world’s first food rescue organization, by donating 10% of the proceeds directly to the charity. There will also be a food drive on-site for attendees who wish to bring nonperishable food items to donate.

Village Voice Announces Fifth Annual “Brooklyn Pour” Craft Beer Festival

What better day than today, #InternationalBeerDay to announce the upcoming Village Voice Fifth Annual “Brooklyn Pour” Craft Beer Festival. On Saturday, September 26th, over 100 craft brews from New York (local beers unique to the city) and beers from around the globe, will converge in Greenpoint, Brooklyn at the Brooklyn Expo Center from 3:00PM – 6:00PM to offer unlimited tasting of 100+ beers, a souvenir tasting glass, entertainment, and an exclusive Brooklyn Pour photo booth.

brooklyn pour

19 breweries have been confirmed to showcase their brews this year’s event, including: Asahi Beer, Aspall, Austin Eastciders, Braven Brewing Company, Brooklyn Brew Shop, Crabbies Ginger Beer, Downeast Cider Hosue, Fentimans, Greenport Harbor Brewing Co., Harpoon Brewery, Kronenbourg Brewery, McKenzie’s Hard Cider, Rockaway Brewing Company, Singha Beer, Singlecut Beersmiths, Sixpoint Brewery, St. Feuilliens, Victory Brewing Company, War Flag Brewing Company, with many more to be announced!

This year’s Brooklyn Pour will feature three tiers of ticket options, which went on sale to the general public on Tuesday, July 28th at 12:00PM. The VIP ticket ($85.00) will allow guests entry one full hour early at 2:00PM, plus access to the private VIP lounge with a private bar, complimentary snacks, and a VIP Gift Bag. The Early Entry ticket ($65.00) will allow guests entry into the main room of the event a full half hour earlier at 2:30PM. The General Admission ticket ($55.00) allows entrance to the event at 3:00PM until the event finishes for all ticketholders at 6PM.

For more details on this year’s three ticket options, visit: Whether you’re craft beer aficionado or novice, as an attendee, you will sample the best seasonal, micro and reserve brews from breweries around the country with a pinpointed focus on the tri-state area. The event’s details are listed below:

DATE: Saturday, September 26th
TIME: 2:00-6:00PM with staggered entry as follows:
2:00PM – $85 – VIP Ticketholder Doors
2:30PM – $65 – Early Entry Ticketholder Doors
3:00PM – $55 – General Admission Ticketholder Doors
VENUE: Brooklyn Expo Center, located at 72 Noble St, Brooklyn, NY

Sponsors for the 2015 Brooklyn Pour Craft Beer Festival include: Ava DoBro, Califia Farms, Barefoot Wine & Bubbly, Asahi Beer, Prairie Vodka, Crafty ‘Cue Barbecue, Papaya King, Green Mountain Energy, Great Brewers, Manhattan Beer, and SKI Beer.

Save Water, Drink Beer: The Village Voice’s Presents Brooklyn Pour Craft Beer Festival

Calling all beer lovers and aficionados. It’s time to celebrate all things malt and hops. It’s time again for the Village Voice Brooklyn Pour Craft Beer Festivalwith an outstanding lineup of 125+ Beers from over 70 Brewers. This year marks the fourth annual Brooklyn Pour craft beer tasting event which takes place on September 27th. It’ll be a day of unbelievable Beer Porn.


From 2:00PM – 6:00PM, you get to enjoy brews from the following: 508 Gastrobrewery, Ace Cider, Alphabet City Brewing Company, Asahi, Ayinger Brewery, Bad Seed Cider Company, Bayou Teche Brewing, Bear Republic Brewery, Boulder Beer Company, Braven Brewing Company, Brewery Ommegang, Broken Bow Brewery, Bronx Brewery, Brooklyn Brew Shop, Brooklyn Brewery, Captain Lawrence Brewing Company, Crabbie’s Ginger Beer, Crispin Cider Company, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, Dyckman Beer Co., Empire Brewing Company, Founders Brewing Company, Goose Island Beer Company, Gun Hill Brewing Company, Harlem Blue, Harlem Brewing Company, Harpoon Brewery, Ithaca Beer Co., Keegan Ales, KelSo, Beer Company, Krombacher Brewery, Lagunitas Brewing Co., Lake Placid Brewery, Lindemans Brewery, Magic Hat Brewing Company, McKenzie’s, MOA Brewing Company, Narragansett Brewing Company, Original Sin Hard Cider, Other Half Brewing, Paulaner Brewery, Queens Brewery, Radeberger Brewery, Radiant Pig Craft Beers, Rockaway Brewing Company, Samuel Smith Brewery, Saranac Brewery, Shiner Beer, Shipyard Brewing Company, Shmaltz Brewing Company, Singha, Singlecut Beersmiths, Sly Fox Brewery, Steadfast Beer Co., Stevens Point Brewery, Transmitter Brewing, Two Roads Brewing Company, Victory Brewing Company, Wolffer Estate Vineyard, Yonkers Brewing Co.,Coney Island Brewing Company, Eataly Birreria, Finback Brewery, Flagship Brewing Company, Grimm Artisanal Ales, Heartland Brewery, Otter Creek Brewing Company, Rekorderlig Cider, Sixpoint Brewery, Smuttynose Brewing Company and Wolaver’s Fine Organic Ales.

Of course, one cannot live by beer alone, so the Brooklyn Pour Food Truck Courtyard is set up to be at the Brooklyn Pour Craft Beer Festival and will include local favorites Valducci’s Famous Original NYC Pizza and Phil’s Steaks, with more food trucks available for purchase. You can’t have beer and food without some fun so enjoy the official BKPour Game Area, presented by Dave & Buster’s, featuring beer pong, air hockey, Beirut, basketball toss and more. Plus a souvenir Brooklyn Pour tasting glass, official event photo booth, Brooklyn Pour’s first-ever Insta-Bingo competition and DJ sets from Jonathan Clarke, On Air Personality at NYC’s Q1043, and 106.7 Lite FM radio stations.

The craft beer celebrating event will feature three ticket options. The $85.00 VIP ticket allows guests entry one full hour early, at 2 pm, plus access to the private VIP lounge with a private bar and mezzanine overlooking the event, complimentary snacks courtesy of SCRATCHbread, Ovelia Psistaria, and Paulaner Brauhaus, a Gift Bag and more. The $65.00 Early Entry ticket will allow guests entry into the main room of the event at 2:30 pm, a full half hour earlier than the event’s door time. The $55.00 General Admission ticket allows entrance to the event at 3 pm until the event finishes at 6 pm. That’s hours of non-stop, beer drinking fun. Will you be attending the Village Voice Brooklyn Pour Craft Beer Festival?