Redesign Your Home Office Space For the New Year With These Creative Tips

Telecommuting isn’t just for the Millennial set. According to a recent survey by the AARP, 34% of older Americans would like to work from home, too. But whether you work remotely or simply want to create a space that’s conducive to health and productivity in the coming new year, redesigning your home office is a great place to start.

When it comes to working from home, it is important that you design your office in a way that will allow you to be more productive, as the likelihood is is that you won’t have access to the same sort of space or layout as you would in an office environment. Having an office that is visually appealing is something that will definitely inspire productivity; no one is encouraged to work in a messy, plain office. Taking a look at the best office desks and color schemes for your workspace will help you develop a station that you love. Due to you being at home, you may need to be more organized with your files and where you store them. Some people who work from home may have turned their attention towards something similar to this document management software that you can find on filecenterdms for example. This will enable you to digitally have access to all of your essential files and your office can be a paperless one; giving you more room to design your office in a way that you see fit.

Home Office Design from

The U.S. home improvement and repair industry is worth about $326.1 billion, but you don’t need to plan an expensive remodeling project to design the perfect home office. In fact, there are countless ways to transform your home office. And with the right physical space, you can accomplish each and every one of your goals in the new year.

With that in mind, here are just a few home office design tips to consider when revamping your home office.

Keep Your To-Do List Front and Center

When considering the layout of your desk and the wall space above and around your desk, the first element you want to add is a to-do list, which should ideally be updated on a regular basis. You can get a mini whiteboard with dry erase markers, go vintage with a chalkboard and chalk; or simply post a paper calendar or other organization tool on the wall to look at on a daily basis. Writing down your goals for the day is shown to boost the chance that you’ll reach them, so keep your list of tasks in a visible place that will provide a boost of encouragement every time you see it.

Engage in Puzzles During Breaks, But Don’t Get Distracted

Remember: your home office doesn’t have to be all about spreadsheets and to-do lists!

You can and should keep some fun distractions on hand as well. That could mean a bookshelf with some of your favorite books or a thick stack of sudoku puzzles. The neurotransmitter dopamine is produced when doing puzzles, making them a great stress reliever to engage in during a short break period. With that in mind, it’s perfectly acceptable to keep a small collection of word searches, crossword puzzles, short reading materials, and other types of puzzles and activities. These will keep your mind occupied without causing a distraction.

These options are also much better than television or social media browsing, which tend to be productivity killers. Of course, it’s also important to make sure your breaks are structured. Taking a break whenever you ‘feel’ like it is far less productive.

Consider a New Shade

More than one-third of respondents in a 2017 Interior Design Trends survey said they would choose a neutral color palette when redecorating their home, but there are several shades scientifically proven to boost productive habits.

“There are certain colors that stimulate your brain in a certain way. Oranges and yellow hues are said to make one hungry; this could be the reason why more and more restaurants are using it in their schemes. Choose a color that is not too gaudy so that it does not distract you. Keeping in mind the climate and the heat, try selecting a neutral color that will soothe you in summer and provide warmth in winters. Lemons, pastel blues and creams are good color choices,” says Lifehack.

Rearrange When Creativity Strikes

Finally, don’t hesitate to rearrange your office whenever you feel that spark of spatial creativity. Giving the room a fresh look every once in a while helps you feel more at peace and essentially creates an entirely new feel, helping you stay productive without growing bored. Give it a try the next time you’re feeling stuck in a productivity rut.

Ultimately, creating a space conducive to productivity for the coming new year can help you stay on top of your goals and add a sense of purpose to your work-at-home routine.

Urban Oasis: W New York’s Extreme Wow Outdoor Glamping Suite

When we were younger, we considered ourselves the outdoorsy type. Then again as children, we wanted nothing more than the freedom to run. Today, we’re happy with a view of the city and a glass of something tasty. However, we sometimes get brief pangs of exploring and discovering the outdoors, but then we remember the lack of comforts. This had us thinking, how can we relive the wonder of the outdoors with our love of comfortable surroundings…….in the city? The W New York Hotel, located at 541 Lexington Avenue, actually gave us the answer with their new Extreme Wow Outdoor Glamping Suite. It’s the perfect solution for those who want to enjoy a bit of the outdoors, without losing the comfort.

Glamp2_W New York Hotel

The W New York has partnered with Online Interior Design firm, Laurel & Wolf to transform the terrace of the Extreme Wow Suite into an urban glamping escape. With the brilliant lights of Times Square in the distance and a panoramic view of the city as your backdrop, you’ll feel right at home relishing in these outdoor views. The Extreme Wow Outdoor Glamping Suite celebrates everything about camping: a 12-foot yurt furnished in a kaleidoscope of fabrics and textures, glowing lanterns, rattan hanging chairs, and a fire pit that lights up with a flip of a switch. A canopy of twinkling café lights surrounds the yurt, which stands as the central element of the rustic-luxe oasis.

W New York is offering guests the opportunity to book special packages centered around the Extreme Wow Outdoor Glamping Suite. Special deals will include packages for families, honeymooners, girls’ getaways, and more, with rates starting at $2,000 per night. Don’t think just because the summer’s almost over, you won’t have time to partake in this glamping adventure. The Outdoor Glamping Suite will remain open until November, weather permitting of course.

Julie Geer, Director of Partnerships at Laurel & Wolf states: “We are thrilled to partner with W New York, an iconic destination that perfectly complements the vibrancy of this amazing city. Marking the launch of our first hotel partnership, we are honored to work with the flagship property for W Hotels Worldwide, rooted in a city of limitless design inspiration.”

Pablo-Andres Lopez, Marketing Manager at W New York says, “W New York’s partnership with Laurel & Wolf on the design of the terrace is an exciting initiative, the first glamping experience to take place at a hotel in New York City. We’re inspired by Laurel & Wolf’s design work and look forward to working with their talented team to launch more unique guest experiences.”

We had a wonderful time taking in the scenic views, enjoying the cooler air, and trying not to fall asleep in the super comfy Yurt. Thanks to the music from DJ Rose, and the champagne bar, we had a blast reliving our outdoor adventures. Are you a fan of glamping? Would you pay a visit to the W New York Extreme Wow Outdoor Glamping Suite?


1st photo by W New York

Barbie Loves Jonathan Adler Collection Launch

I had the wonderful pleasure of attending the Barbie Loves Jonathan Adler Collection Launch and Reception last night the Jonathan Adler -Soho boutique (located at 47 Greene St). After getting a little lost (eek), I arrived to find two hot pink Barbie poodles “guarding the gates” to Barbie furniture heaven and a beautifully pink windown proclaiming “You don’t have to be a doll to live like one”

Upon entrance, my camera kept on clicking as i glanced over all the Barbie design elements such as the framed portraits that flanked a large mirror and a few other Barbie touches

the adorable Barbie shoes that were all displayed all throughout the store as well as a few Barbie mint tins (which I regretably missed out on because I thought they were for display only)

Anyway, the crowd was the usualy mix of uptown/downtown (mostly downtown)

oohing and aahing over the furniture, the sweet delightful pink treats, the Barbies and of course Jonathan Adler himself (who unlike me was appropriately hue-attired for this event)

of course, Jonathan wasn’t the only one dressed in Barbie’s favorite color, staff and servers also wore the signature color

But of course the reason we are here is Jonathan Adler’s amazing furniture and accents. For those of who may not know, Johnathan Adler designed a life-size Barbie Malibu Dream House back in March of this year.

Now you can get some of those design elements and add them to your own Dream House, such as the Barbie pillows, which ranges from $98 – $165

the Barbie Richard Nixon Throw – retails for $295

the “Eyelashes, Glitter and Peroxide” Caniters – retail $95 – %135

“Beach” Candles – $38 each

The Barbie Mirror (my favorite) – $295

and of course Barbie herself and her Johnathan Adler Couch which retails for $49.95 each (they each come with design elements)

You can see and purchase the entire collection at the Barbie for Jonathan Adler site

As can be seen in his store, Jonathan has also created a Barbie Manifesto (my favorite Jonathan Adler Manifesto is “we believe in carbs’ -I might be paraphrasing slightly but you get the idea). I hope you will be able to make out the Barbie manifesto

I also got a chance to do a very brief interview with Johnathan on the Barbie Collection

He also took some time out to autograph a few Barbies for the guests who purchased them at the event

Now, I must say this, Jonathan and Simon Doonan make the most adorable couple; Simon is hilarious, no question about that and I love it relaxed attitude. To watch them interact with each other is so cute (I hate using the word cute when I’m talking about two adult men but…damn it they are cute)


On a cold and windy night, Dave and I ventured to Soho to attend Design Within Reach (now simply known as DWR)’s monthly event. The evening called for art and cocktails, this time (I missed the first one) featuring the artwork of James Victore and his apprentice, Fanny Le Bras. When we walked in, there was a good size crowd, considering the weather

We headed down to the lower level and drooled over a few things like some amazing canvas travel bags, an army green picnic basket and a few key household pieces (I was so in awe and envy, I totally forgot to take some photos.) Anyway, we went upstairs to the bar and got one of the strongest screwdrivers I’ve EVER had in my life. By the 6th sip, I had to stop (Dave continued)

Anyway, we walked around and took in some of the artwork, some abstract, some surreal

Anyway, as we played art critics while browsing the other artwork, we finally decided (in between conversation) to acquaint ourselves with the work of James Victore. I loved it, it was so funny, quirky and some incredibly sweet

The most adorable thing about the painted dolls is that the smallest one was painted by his son

He actually has something new coming up soon, so keep and eye open

The entire store was filled with tons of interesting artwork, something always caught your eye