Purse First: Chinyere Ugoji Fall 2016 Handbag Collection

In honor of the epic words of Bob the Drag Queen, we’re heading into the fall season, “purse first”! What better time than National Handbag Day to celebrate the wonderful handbag collection from a friend of ours. You’re well aware we love spotlighting upcoming designers and indie brands on My Life on and off the Guest List, so it’s only natural that we introduce you to the Chinyere Ugoji Fall 2016 Handbag Collection. We first introduced you to this high-end, indie leather handbag designer back in February when she held an introductory handbag trunk show. Now all the bags we saw are available and ready to chic up your wardrobe with their elegant silhouettes.

chinyere_ugoji_fall_2016_handbag_collection2_www-mylifeonandofftheguestlist-com chinyere_ugoji_fall_2016_handbag_collection3_www-mylifeonandofftheguestlist-com chinyere_ugoji_fall_2016_handbag_collection4_www-mylifeonandofftheguestlist-com

As we stated back in February, the Chinyere Ugoji Fall 2016 Handbag Collection is an accessible luxury brand that features a range of chic handbags focused on quality, modern design, and innovation. The handbag collection boasts minimalist designs, and classic silhouettes with an incorporated higher function. Thanks to its interior LED touch light system which is integrated into each handbag, you will no longer go blindly digging into your purses. Chinyere Ugoji wonderfully combines fashiona nd function with her luxury leather bag collection and if you think you can choose a favorite, think again. I’m currently in love with the Mackenzie Tote in Azure Blue, the Veronica Signature Laptop Bag (shown in the first photo), the Soho Satchel, and the Claudette Portfolio Clutch (pictured below).

chinyere_ugoji_fall_2016_handbag_collection_claudette_portfolio_clutch_www-mylifeonandofftheguestlist-com chinyere_ugoji_fall_2016_handbag_collection_claudette_portfolio_clutch2_www-mylifeonandofftheguestlist-com

There are several styles from the Chinyere Ugoji Fall 2016 Handbag Collection to love. Whether you go for a travel bag, hobo, clutch, crossbody, or tote, you’re sure to find a bag to fit your needs.

chinyere_ugoji_fall_2016_handbag_collection_soho_satchel_www-mylifeonandofftheguestlist-com chinyere_ugoji_fall_2016_handbag_collection_mackenzie_tote_www-mylifeonandofftheguestlist-com

Each carefully crafted leather handbag has a built-in touch light to illuminate the contents of your bag in dark or dimly lit areas. The LED touch light is encased in a small leather pocket on the upper interior of the bag (get an upclose look in the photos below). This innovative pocket light can also be positioned to illuminate exterior objects like your front door lock, a menu or check in a dimly lit restaurant.

chinyere_ugoji_fall_2016_handbag_collection_led_touchlight_www-mylifeonandofftheguestlist-com chinyere_ugoji_fall_2016_handbag_collection_led_touchlight2_www-mylifeonandofftheguestlist-com

The LED light is flexible to both the inside and outside of the bag and only requires a simple tap or swipe of the finger to switch it on and off. The LED light is powered by a small watch battery that is easily replacable and turns off automatically after 30 seconds to conserve power.

Whata re your thoughts on the Chinyere Ugoji Fall 2016 Handbag Collection? Do you have a favorite style?

Martella Bags Welcomes a Distinctive New Collection

Two years ago we were introduced to a new bag line, Martella Bags, and instantly fell in love.  Two years later, we’re still getting compliments on our Martella Bags Rotondo Convertible Backpack, one of the many unique bag styles from the innovative brand. You can refresh your memory on our Handbag Heaven | The Luxurious Debut of Martella Bags post. Today we’re sharing the newest gorgeous styles from Martella’s latest collection, filled with the details we fell in love with and lots of color.


The new Martella Bags collection offers many new and fascinating interpretations of the most basic shapes: a perfect circle, an isosceles triangle, and a sharp-edge rectangle that are transformed into stylish, high-end leather bags under the hands of designer Idan Yosefov. The idea of detaching and re-attaching elements that were so prominent in the first collection is continued in this collection, with added details such as concealed pockets, and zippers with double functionality. As with their first collection, these new Martella Bags are made from quality leathers imported from Italy and Turkey. Get ready for more cool backpacks (including the LBP – Little Backpack, the next “it” bag), bucket bags, chic totes, crossbody, frame handbag (our favorite style from this new collection is the Tres Tricolor Mint handbag).

Martella Bags 2nd collection

The collection is divided into three main groups:

  1. Classics: geometric cut calf leather bags in the timeless hues of black, and white
  2. Blues: a perfect combination of the cool-hued calf leather in standout colors of mint, gray, and blue
  3. Punk: classic black meets metallic leather skins in edgy shades of silver, and gold

Martella Bags lifestyle shotsTres Tricolor Mint handbag


The new Martella Bags collection offers a wide range of sophisticated yet trendy, chic yet functional, and inconceivably beautiful bags that ranges in price from $255.00-$449.00. What are your thoughts on the newest bag collection from Martella Bags? Which styles are your favorites?


Accessorize Yourself in Luxury

Accessories are to fashion what makeup is to the face, they enhance your look, so naturally we always want to surround ourselves with the most wonderful accessories…..we’re sure you feel the same as well, and of course, nothing beats draping yourself in luxury accessories. Whether it’s haruni jewelry, a Gucci bag, or a Saint Laurent purse, you need to add accessories to bring that extra layer of sophistication to your look. Today we share some of our favorite items from such luxury accessory brands in jewelry, handbags, belts, and scarves. Are you ready to accessorize yourself in luxury from Vram Jewelry, Soltek by Marie Odile, PONO by Joan Goodman, Glass Handbags, Suzi Roher, and Joanna Maxham? Then let the tantalization begin with these Fall/Winter offerings!

PONO by Joan Goodman

We can’t begin to tell you how much we love this luxury jewelry brand, PONO truly holds a special place in our hearts. Of course, this is no surprise because you can’t help but fall in love at first sight. Their Fall/winter 2015 collection boasts statement pieces that celebrate those who love to stand out. It’s filled with rich seasonal hues, bold jewelry shapes and as always, all are incredibly lightweight. If you’re looking for jewelry pieces to add some “wow” to your look, you should get to know PONO.

Vram Jewelry

Though we are not in the market yet, we couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the stunning engagement and bridal jewelry from Vram. The covetably timeless collection will set your heart aflutter and not just because they are exquisitely handcrafted. Vram offers classic and modern silhouettes that you’d want to own and wear beyond wedding season.

Soltek by Marie Odile

Need a handbag that will last a lifetime and make you the envy of everyone? We recommend the timeless classics from Soltek by Marie Odile. From the luxurious skins to the elegant and stylish silhouettes, you can always expect a compliment when wearing a Soltek. This season, we are mad for the embossed Stingray envelope bag, the cheetah printed pony hair bag with gold chain strap, and the royal blue and white bucket bag with fringe. So divine.

Suzi Roher

While handbags and jewelry are a given, sometimes a cool and edgy belt or standout scarf is needed to top your overall look. Luckily you can get both from Suzi Roher. We are in the midst of scarf season and fashionistas are taking note to stand out. Suzi Roher’ scarves are wearable art…literally, as each boasts astounding artwork that more than catches the eye. Don’t be surprised if it becomes a conversation piece. Her belts add the perfect amount of edge to any look. You can rock a belt made from watch faces, funky wide belts with vintage closure, or even something that look a bit futuristic. the possibilities are endless with this collection.

Glass Handbags

You already know that all Glass Handbags come with a patented built-in lighting system, so today we fawn over the luxurious fabrications available for fall/Winter, including embossed hair calf leather, embossed lizard, cow leather in rich glorious colors, and patent chrome leather. We wish we could show you all of what we saw and drooled over from Glass Handbags but we’d be here all night.

Joanna Maxham

One thought came to mind when previewing the Joanna Maxham Fall/Winter 2015 handbag collection – CHIC! The line offers classic shapes with standout details – the extra long tassel, color blocking, mixed fabrications, bold hardware, and modern updates. No matter the season, these bags will take you far.

Take our advice, visit the websites for all these amazing luxury brands, and get to know them and the other products they have available. They are a great place to begin to accessorize yourself in luxury.

VanDerWaals: Fashion, Function and Technology – All in One Handbag

Coordinating our daily fashion looks would be so easy if we had accessories in every color, to match the items in our closet. This is especially true for handbags and purses, but in reality, we’re not lucky enough to have that much closet space. With the amazing strides in wearable technology, an overstuffed accessories closet will be a thing of the past. We had the pleasure of being the first to preview the jaw-dropping, designer luxury handbags from VanDerWaals, that combines fashion, function and technology. What makes these leather handbags spectacular? Not only do these app-enabled leather bags change color, they also charge your portable devices.

Each color changing VanDerWaals handbag is carefully constructed with the finest premium leather and other materials, and is programmable through a free app that allows you to change its color to match whatever you’re wearing; color coordinate your bag to your dress or separates, shoes etc, by selecting your favorite shade from the app, or by taking a picture of your item to match the exact color. Want to see this color changing handbag in action? Check out the video below:

VanDerWaals handbags can also be programmed to flash a custom light-show synchronized to your favorite song, flash a selected color when you receive a phone call, and can recommend a lucky color based on your birthdate. In addition to the aforementioned features, VanDerWaals handbags are also able to charge your smart phone, tablet or other portable device, thanks to its invisible long-lasting internal battery (the internal battery power can be replenished using the provided wall charger). Just plug the included charging cable or micro USB into your device and charge your smartphone up to three times.

VanDerWaals handbags are available in two styles: the larger Caroline Tote bag, and smaller Elena Cross Body bag; and and two patterns: Crocodile, and Leopard. The bags retail between $499.00 and $699.00, and are available for pre-order through their new e-commerce site,, with shipments set for late summer 2015. VanDerWaals is also offering free shipping with your pre-order. The free, compatible VanDerWaals app will be available for download to coordinate with order shipments. Are you ready for a bag that matches all your wardrobe?

Longchamp Celebrates the 20th Anniversary of its Le Pliage Bags

Longchamp, the French luxury leather goods company, recently held an event to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the iconic Le Pliage Bag in collaboration with Assouline and artist Sarah Morris. We’re sure you all are in the know, but just in case, the Le Pliage is the lightweight, durable nylon fabric bag, trimmed with “Russian” leather the brand is known for. The event, hosted by CEO, Jean Cassegrain, and Artistic Director, Sophie Delafontaine, featured the bold colors and striking prints from the stunning Jeremy Scott Le Pliage Bag collaboration, as well as a preview of the collection with artist Sarah Morris. The Le Pliage SM Palette Collection is available now and features eight bespoke colors.

Although only one of of the Le Pliage SM Palette Collection was on display, the Totes and Handbags in the collection boasts delicate pastels – Robin’s Egg Blue, Banana, Pink, and Light Grey; bright shades – Kelly Green, Red, and Blue, along with a Classic Black, all of which are available with white or black handles.

We fell in love with the colorful and geometric design of her white Le Pliage Eclipse Tote and Travel Bags, both of which feature a reproduction of an extract from her Total Annual Solar Eclipse painting, from her “Rio” painting series.

For the duration of the event, the crowd was DJ Mad Marj, as we enjoyed wonderful cocktails and incredible hors d’oeuvres. Several attendees took photos inside the Le Pliage bags that cascaded from the ceiling, and showed off their Le Pliage bags.

Are you a fan of Longchamp’s Le Pliage Bags? Share your thoughts in our comments sections.

Handbag Heaven | The Luxurious Debut of Martella Bags

If ever the words, “I’ve died and gone to heaven” were perfectly uttered, it was when we walked into the preview for uber-luxury handbag collection, Martella Bags. The capsule collection of mind-blowing, gorgeous unisex bags left us speechless. We couldn’t anything but stare, mouth agape, wondering if we were really seeing the beauty that stood in front of us in various shades of cognac, nutmeg, black, navy, grey and even a pop of red. We will try desperately to do justice with our limited vocabulary of the beauty and craftsmanship of these beautiful luxury bags by the brilliant Idan Yosefov. We also share how you can save $300 off any bag in this debut collection. Even so, we do realise that the cost of these handbags can be too extreme for some. While you’re saving for one of these luxury Martella handbags, take a look at some reviews on a Gucci replica handbag to ensure you’re still looking stylish whilst you wait for the real deal!


For this first collection, Idan Yosefov teases us with a stunning capsule collection consisting of 10 bags, most of which are unisex and all of which boast multiple functionalities. For example, some style features changeable straps that take you from backpack to shoulder bag, others are detachable from itself leaving you with an entirely new bag look and feel. The grandson of a shoemaker (who he celebrates with his logo), the Jerusalem designer equipped himself with all the arsenal needed for luxury bag making – an impeccable sense of style and workmanship, studying the art of luxury, leather bag making in Florence, Italy, and having his beautiful bags made in Istanbul, Turkey (very famous for leather craftsmanship), from the finest of leathers. We’d love to show you all 10 styles but this would be a very long post, so we’re sharing our “stuck-on-a-desert-island-what-would-you-take” favorite styles, but we do love them all so the other styles are available for your viewing pleasure in our slideshow below


Martella-Rotondo-1-www.mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com_-1024x527 Martella-Rotondo-2-www.mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com_-1024x644

We’re completely captivated by this new bag shape, it’s outer front pocket cut directly from the bag, its transformation capabilities from backpack to handbag, to shoulder bag, it’s smooth black calf leather, concealed magnetic snap and overall beguiling beauty. Our #1 pick, we can’t help but be infatuated.


Martella-Vecchietto-1-www.mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com_-1024x612 Martella-Vecchietto-2-www.mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com_-1024x486

Wear it as a briefcase or backpack, wear the big bag, small bag or both, the Vecchietto gives you so many options. The stunning, tea colored calf leather bag boasts inner pockets for your phone, business cards, and pens; and with the extra bag, store whatever else you need.



Boasting both shoulder and back straps, black calf leather and hair, a big compartment and two outer pockets, this uber-luxe bag will fit perfectly whether you wear it as a backpack or shoulder bag.

As previously promised, behold the other gorgeous stunning bags in the Martella Bags capsule collection, all of which are available now. You can find out much more on the designer and his bags at

To celebrate their debut, Martella Bags is having a delicious sale. For a limited time, they are offering $300 off on all the bags when you purchase via their website. The sale code is USADEBUT. These intro savings is not to be missed, definitely, take advantage before they rule the handbag world, luxury stores, and celebrities.

We have seen our favorites, what are yours?

Rebecca Minkoff Handbag & Accessories Sample Sale

I hope you are ready NYC because the Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale is upon us. Mark your calendars because the fever starts on November 16th.

If you’re in the area, or can escape from work, hop over to:

14 West 14th Street
btwn. 5th & 6th Aves

Happy Shopping

TUSK Spring 2011 Women’s & Men’s Collections

On a cold winter night, I was transported to the exotic Bombay as I walked through the gorgeous men’s and women’s Spring Collection premiere from luxury handbag and accessories designer, TUSK. The beauty of TUSK is not just the chic styles but the exquisite textures of the skins. Every bag had my hand gravitating to touch, stroke – it almost got quite obscene for a while.


For Spring 2011, the collection pays homage to New York with a bohemian free spirit with an emphasis on independence. Along with Asian influences that are wondrously evident, the fine Italian leather goods come in rich, soft and spicy colors.

Sales from the event, held at TUSK’s Chelsea location benefited the Children’s Dental Care Center. Tusk Designer Michelle Chang, event host and Celebrity Dentist of, Dr. Debra Glassman along with Hiten Manseta, Creative Director and Owner of Tusk were a pleasure to meet.

Some of you might be thinking, hey, where are the mens bags, well here they are in all their butter soft glory. Although they are technically men’s bags, I doubt any woman, myself included, would not want to snap one of these beauties up.

Along with the gorgeous, we also enjoyed some amazing Indian cuisine that had everyone going back for seconds, some amazing Henna hand art and fab manicures courtesy of Nails by Incoco,