Pantone & Scoop NYC Celebrate the Pantone Colorwear Collection

Most may agree that color influences fashion more than anything else. When we heard that Pantone, the authority on color and the people designers and retailers go to when they want to know about color communication, and Scoop NYC teamed up to debut a menswear collection called Pantone Colorwear, we had to take a look. To celebrate this unification of fashion and color, Pantone hosted an exclusive launch event at Scoop NYC. Upon arrival, we were greeted by four of the event’s ambassadors, each with a balloon bouquet representing a color palette of this season’s Pantone Colorwear collection.


The pop-up location is based on an Ultimate Closet concept, offering staples of every man’s wardrobe – tees, tanks, pants, shorts, and sweaters; and providing them in Pantone’s almost immeasurable range of colors. The decor itself invites each customer to get lost into the world of color. With great attention to detail and garment finishing, each item in the collection personifies its corresponding color personality and emotions. “Having been such a defining guide and inspiration in color for decades, this exciting new apparel line makes so much sense for Pantone to extend their color leadership into the fashion industry,” says Deepak Gayadin of Pantone Colorwear’s US arm, Empire & Branch. “We’re very excited to launch Pantone Colorwear here in New York City, and honored to be doing so through Scoop NYC.”

pantone colorwear
The collection also features colorful polo shirts, hoodies, jackets, cardigans, and accessories, as well as their previously released swimwear collection. “Pantone Colorwear brings wardrobe staples to the forefront by combining color and function,” said Bryan Reynolds, DMM of Men’s for Scoop NYC. “The Scoop customer comes to us for our signature assortment, and Pantone’s menswear collection fits perfectly within our “Ultimate Closet” concept. The pop-up location will make it even easier for customers to experience the Pantone brand and bring color back into their wardrobe in a sophisticated way.”

Extending to a block takeover in partnership with The Standard Hotel, the festivities continued at the ice-skating rink, which was beautifully lit in Radiant Orchid, Pantone’s 2014 Color Of The Year.

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The Pantone Colorwear collection will be exclusively available in New York through Scoop NYC, the pop-up will be occupying the entire space for the month of February.

Never Forever – Elliott Evan Fall 2013 Collection

Creating something that is decidedly futuristic and timeless is quite a feat; Elliott Evan in his Fall 2013 collection seemed to accomplish exactly that. His introduction into New York Fashion Week, titled “NEVER FOREVER”, featured a combination of items that layered and draped in beautifully asymmetric ways. Mildly somber and slightly haunting, the clothes conjured up imagery of men who have weathered lifetimes of arctic journeys, and showed no sign of stopping.

The pieces were the perfect testament to Evan’s craftsmanship. Often times rugged looks can come across as lazy and unfinished, but there was no hint of that in Evan’s collection. You could clearly see the thoughtfulness and refinement in the use of textures, layers, and embellishments.

Evan blurred the edges of the class male silhouette, a trend we’ve noticed in several shows this season. Garments with high collars and swooping drapes gave a hint of life to an otherwise serious collection. Dyed wool, cotton, and leather added a dimension of warmth and comfort while reinforcing the concept of forever.

Congratulations to Elliott Evan, with what we would consider a successful debut into New York Fashion Week.

Visit the Digital Gent Photo Gallery for more images.

***A huge thank you to Gentleman Blogger, Andrew HoChoy of The Digital Gent for covering the Elliott Evan Fall 2013 Show for My Life on and off the Guest List this season. Make sure to check out his blog.

Andrew Buckler Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

The Andrew Buckler runway show was quite a pleasant surprise for me, and I’m sure some other members of the press as well. Trying to frustratedly locate cross streets in the meatpacking district, I soon stumbled upon the reason there was no address on the invite. Buckler chose to show his collection on the cobblestone streets, letting this popular area of New York serve as the backdrop for his designs.

To the manic tunes of Prodigy’s Firestarter, distant-eyed models walked the street in an intimidating fashion. I’d describe the casual looks as comfortable and edgy. Robotic yet Human. There was definitely an irony in the appearance of hardness while using soft, comfortable fabrics.

Another focal point of the collection was the presence of bags that gave the impression that these rebellious creatures also had somewhere to be. Sometimes a rebel has to have a job eh?

For the finale, all the models walked together as a scary mob-like force. I sometimes enjoy when designers choose to finish in this way, and for this show, it seemed especially appropriate, adding to the dangerous ambiance.

Nautica Men’s Fall 2011 Fashion Presentation

The Fall 2011 collection was inspired by the Maritime Heritage of the Sleeping Bear Dunes region – one of the most imposing natural landmarks on the shore of Lake Michigan because of its high, neutral sand dunes. Sleeping Bear was also a point where vast numbers of sailing vessels and steamers carried cargoes of lumber, grain, iron ore and other products. It was also the scene of many shipwrecks, infact 2010 was a big year of shipwreck discoveries in Sleeping Bear Dunes.

This season, those colossal sandy dunes, deep blue waters and the pops of safety orange that honor the Sleeping Bear Coast Guard inspired the silhouettes and colors of this menswear collection. The white pieces of course reminds you on those majestic sand dunes.

The collection included lots of wool, plaid, cotton and nylon. I was very most impressed with the Nautica toggle coats – my favorites were the Charcoal Wool Herringbone and Camel Wool Toggle coats featured below

The cut of the silhouettes makes each look very flattering to the male form, none of the pieces looked constricting, just comfortable.

PORTS 1961 Debuts Menswear Collection

Tia Cibani has answered the prayers of men everywhere by finally coming out with a Ports 1961 Menswear collection. The collection, which debut in Milan during Milan’s Men’s Fashion Week, was influenced by classical sculpture. “These are clothes molded to the man and sculpted like a second skin. We dress the self-aware urban gladiator, a man who chooses pure and noble materials to express his inner nature, a man who needs his clothes to be tough and ready for action, but relaxed and comfortable when he rests“, says Tia and Ian Hylton.


The mood is über-masculine and fueled by the spirit of the renaissance, inspired in turn by classical art with its values of everlasting beauty, perfect proportion and harmony. Ports 1961 updates that mood with an exquisite freshness and a sophisticated contemporary feel. This season, Ports 1961’s menswear throws down the gauntlet to declare: from now on, only the best of everything…is good enough.


Carlos Campos featured both menswear and womenswear this season as he has did last season. He has a very strong voice in his menswear collection, an excellent eye for shape and cut. Shown offsite at the Altman Building, Carlos’s show was running a bit behind. The show was slated to start at 7pm but actually went underway at 8pm thanks to Tyson Beckford who was running really late (he actually missed the first 5 minutes of the show). Anyway, as stated above, Carlos Campos is a great menswear designer, although not as known as Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, etc, he has a very good celebrity clientele.

Carlos Campos is fairly new to womenwear (he introduced one womenswear piece in his Fall 2008 show) and a fuller line in his Spring 2009 show) but he’s doing some great strides in his womenswear collection

I love the sexiness of the lace leggings in the above look but my four standout womens looks are below. I love how his suits have a slight masculine shape with feminine appeal