Sailor Jerry Tattoos for $20

Score Sailor Jerry Tattoos For $20.00 For Norman Collins 109th Birthday

Calling all tattoo addicts and anyone else who’s wanted a tattoo and didn’t have the budget for it. If you live in and around NYC, this is for you! In honor of Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum’s Founder, Norman Collins, 109th birthday, they are giving away 109 Sailor Jerry designed tattoos for only $20.00 each. That’s right, full-on, exquisitely done Sailor Jerry Tattoos for only $20.00!! Who gives away professional tattoos for only $20.00? That’s unheard of. Keep reading for how to score just that.

Sailor Jerry Tattoos for $20

On Tuesday, January 14th, from 12 pm – 10 pm, Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum and Daredevil Tattoo, will get you tatted. You can choose from one of the 18 available Sailor Jerry Tattoos shown below:

Norman Collins 109 Birthday Event Tattoos

We are proud members of the Sailor Jerry Rum tattoo club, having been first inked last year, at the Norman Collins 108th birthday celebration.  We are looking forward to adding to our Sailor Jerry Tattoos collection. Which of the above do you think we should get? Should we get the Eightball, Star, or Cherries? Which do you think would best compliment our previous Sailor Jerry tattoos? Better yet, which of these tats would you get?

Snake Tattoo

After you get tatted, head over to the Daredevil Tattoo’s museum to learn about the history of Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins. Learn all about how he built his reputation inking soldiers and sailors in WWII-era Honolulu. Continue the celebration 3 doors down at ForgtMeNot, who will be offering delicious $10.00 Sailor Jerry and Ginger cocktails.

Norman Collins 109 Birthday Event Cocktail

For those who don’t know, Norman Collins, the godfather of old-school American tattooing. He pioneered innovations in tattooing such as inventing the color purple for ink, promoted the use of clean and sterile needles and inspired future generations of tattoo artists. At 19, Norman Collins joined the U.S. Navy which exposed him to the art and culture of Southeast Asia; after his service, he made Honolulu his home where he built his reputation as the father of old school American tattoo and established his now-famous tattoo parlor on Hotel Street.

POM Wonderful and Ami James Pop-Up Tattoo Lounge

Fashion Week wasn’t just for the fashionistas, celebs came out in full support of NY Ink’s Ami James Pop-Up Tattoo Lounge at the Empire Hotel across the street from the Lincoln Center. Ami James, famed tattoo artist and owner of the Wooster St. Social Club tattoo studio, was on hand to ink a few fans and introduce pieces from Ami’s clothing line, Ami James Ink.

Sponsored by POM Wonderful Pomegranate Juice, notables like Adrienne Bailon, Julissa Bermudez, Jay Pharoah, Nigel Barker, DJ Whoo Kid, Knicks’ players Renaldo Balkman and Iman Shupert and Neon Hitch sipped NYC’s Macao’s signature Matahari drink, made with Original Pomegranate Juice.

POM Wonderful – New York Ink’sLuke, DJ Whoo Kid, New York Ink’s Lauren, and SNL’s Jay Pharoah

As guests enjoyed the music from guest DJ Cory Kennedy, some of the celebs got in on the tattooing.

VEET Spray On Soiree

Pretty City and Veet hosted an event for Veet’s new Spray On Hair Removal Cream. The event was held at M2 Ultra Lounge in Chelsea and boy was it crowded.

Kim, Zia*, Alexandra* and I arrived to find Veet displays/signage were everywhere (like the paper lamps hanging from the ceiling above) and the Veet products which lined the walls (funny thing is, when I entered I took these photos but by the time we left, they were all gone)

When we arrived, we were each given two drink tickets, so after we got seats, we headed to the bar to indulge in one (ok, two) of the below drink offers

After we got drinks, I walked around to take a few photos. The first thing I saw was an artist (I think he was) doing graffiti…digital graffiti to be exact

I even got a chance to take some video of him in action (he was very good in indulging me)

Afterwards, I then moved on to the other room to find fun activities in full effect – airbrush tattooing and face painting to be exact (yes, I guess some adults do enjoy face painting as well)

Along with some video of an attendee getting an airbrush tattoo, I also got photos of some two women after they got their tattoos and another after she got her face painted

Along with those fun activities, there was also a raffle. Five women (who were not me or any of the gang) won bags full of Veet products

Now for all you women with fabulous legs (note: I’m jealous), Veet is actually sponsoring a contest for smoothest legs. All you have to do is go to the Veet Contest Page, upload a photo of your fab legs and people will vote for you. The winner wins tickets for two to the beautiful island of great is that!!!!

Although we didn’t stay for it (had to go to another event), there was also a performance by R & B artist, Shontelle. She was scheduled to take the stage an hour or so intot he event but we only planned to stay for half an hour, 45 minutes max. So we went to get our giftbags, which thankfully contained a can of Veet’s Spray On product and bonus….M&M Premiums – yum!!