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Chic Treats: NYFW Snacking On-the-Go from Popcorn, Indiana

No matter how hard you try, trying to eat healthy, or even just eating period is next to impossible during fashion week. We’re always running from show to show or from presentation to lounge events, to complete insanity while barely gulping on some random bit of sustenance, usually coffee or tea, when times like these call for something healthier, more fulfilling and delicious. Nothing awakens your hunger pangs than burning lots of energy like trying to complete the obstacle course that is attending NYFW, in heels no less. By day 2 or 3, you’re ready for portable snacks like Popcorn, Indiana‘s range of delicious popcorn, to keep you going.


Popcorn, Indiana has what any on-the-go fashionista needs to keep up with a hectic NYFW schedule. The wide range of products are non-GMO, made with whole grains, vegan and gluten-free, and come in a variety of wonderful flavor options and since healthy snacking is always in style, their pure, delicious, guilt-free popcorn allows you to snack heartily without feeling bad about overindulging or leave you still feeling hungry, as you sprint from show to show.

Popcorn, Indiana has something for all and every kind of popcorn lover from Kettlecorn purists to Cheddar-loving enthusiasts. With the company’s adherence to non-GMO corn, you can rest assured that all the components of each flavor, from Movie Theater Flavor to Sea Salt, will uphold a natural and pure standard.  Popcorn, Indiana’s commitment ensures a fresh and natural taste, which allows you to really enjoy and stay secured in the essence of pure deliciously popped corn and quality ingredients, even when you have to down it on the fly. Pop a bag in your bag, or bags, and stay nourished in between discovering new hemlines and silhouettes.  Popcorn, Indiana is guiltless eating that really gives sustenance for your on-the-go fashion schedule.

These delicious snacks certainly kept us going during this season of NYFW, imagine what it can do for your hectic life. Are you as much of a fan of these wonderful popped treats as we are? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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