Frangi Pangi: Ultra-Sheer Pantyhose for Women of Every Color

As any woman of color will tell you, the available “nude colors” do not include options for darker skin tones. Thankfully there have been some great strides into adding all shades of nude into items women use every day. We’ve seen some makeup and footwear brands expanding their nude color ranges but there are still more products that can make use of this increase range of colors. One such product is hosiery, where the typical nude color on a woman of color is more than just laughable, it’s ridiculous; but thanks to the luxury brand, Frangi Pangi Hosiery, that will no longer be an issue.

Fringe Pangi Hosiery Fringe Pangi Colors

Frangi Pangi (named after the Hawaiian Lei flower whose petals bloom in a variety of colors) is a luxury hosiery brand that is like a concealer for your legs. This made in the USA brand of ultra-sheer pantyhose is designed for women of every color, by Jocelyn Maminta, herself a woman of color. Frangi Pangi Hosiery comes in 10 varied skin tones as well as an opaque black, with its legwear colors named after exotic fruits and spices, such as Lychee, Guava, Saffron, Sumatra, Arabica, etc, representing the variety of shades of women. Frangi Pangi boasts a “no-run” guarantee and features a comfortable control top, and sandal toe.

Fringe Pangi Hosiery on Model

If that wasn’t enough of a reason for women to get excited about this hosiery brand, Frangi Pangi’s pantyhose sizes range from A through 2X or six feet tall and through 275 pounds (knee-highs and thigh-highs up to size 5X are coming soon). Jocelyn Maminta believes women of all colors should have quality hosiery meets their high expectations for fashion, comfort, color and convenience, without costing a fortune.

But wait, there’s still more to love from Frangi Pangi Hosiery! Profits from the sale of Frangi Pangi Ultra-Sheer pantyhose will support Caroline’s Room, a family foundation named in memory of Caroline Marie Doyens who was born too early and
lived for only two months, that provides a safe haven for more than 50,000 families a year who lose babies at birth from complications of premature birth.

Could this range of ultra-sheer pantyhose fill the nude color void in your life? Get to know more about Frangi Pangi Hosiery and its 10 varied skin tone shades on

NYFW the Shows: Hanes Hosiery at Bibhu Mohapatra Show

If we’ve learned anything from the long, chilly spring, tights, and basically all types of legwear, were essential. Obviously, Bibhu Mohapatra and Hanes Hosiery anticipate another cold Spring in 2016 because the legwear giant graced the legs of models at the Bibhu Mohapatra Spring 2016 Show during NYFW the Shows. These looks are just three of the runway looks which featured Hanes Hosiery at Bibhu Mohapatra Show. As you can see the tights are perfectly paired with Bibhu’s mix of elegant high-end day looks.

Hanes Hosiery at Bibhu Mohapatra Show

After seasons upon seasons of bare legs dominating the spring collection runway shows and red carpet appearances, legwear is finally getting a chance to shine during the slightly warmer season. Who better to make this debut than Hanes Hosiery, whose smoothing tights and pantyhose were incorporated into the runway show to create a timeless look.

Hanes Hosiery and Bibhu Mohapatra

“My spring collection is inspired by the Bauhaus movement and because of the bold and confident spirit of that woman, legs became an important part of the look,” says Mohapatra. “The Hanes Hosiery helps complete that look.”

Although the fall season is usually the season of legwear, if last spring was any indication, we expect to see many of these spring 2016 looks we saw paired with Hanes Hosiery. We already have our Hanes Black Out tights in reserve, we suggest you do the same. Now tell us ladies, what do you think of Hanes Hosiery at Bibhu Mohapatra Show? Will you be wearing tights with your spring looks this spring?

Get Bronzed Legs All Year Round w/ Hanes Silk Reflections Sunkissed Collection

Ladies, do you hate your pale legs and want a sunkissed glow? is getting time to get to the beach or tanning salon an impossible feat? Do self tanners leave your legs too….orange, streaky, and uneven? Thanks to the two newest additions to the Hanes Silk Reflections CollectionSilk Reflections Sunkissed Ultra Sheer Control Top and Silk Reflections Sunkissed Ultra Sheer Smoothing Thong, you can have bronzed legs all year round.

Available in a range of natural, skin tone-inspired shades: Light Bronze, Nude Bronze, Medium Bronze, Tan bronze, and Deep Bronze, the two Sunkissed hosiery options boast a subtle golden shimmer, and Run-Resistant technology, allowing you to proudly show off your legs in a natural yet flawless way with no fear of runs. The Control Top features a modern control top panty, flat-seam detail, and sheer toe, while the Smoothing Thong features a smoothing thong panty, extended waistband, flat-seam detail, and and sheer toe.

Both are available in sizes AB, CD, EF, GH, and IJ, and retail for $11.00 but you can currently snap them up for $8.99 on

Hanes Hosiery Introduces Pure Bliss Fall 2013 Legwear Collection

If we’re honest with ourselves as women, sometimes our clothes work against us. At the end of any day, nothing feel more relaxing than taking off the day’s clothes. It is rare when what we’re wearing is beneficial to us but thanks to Hanes Hosiery and their Pure Bliss Collection, a new line of hosiery that contributes to your overall wellness. We got to preview the collection and meet Sadie Nardini, yoga/lifestyle expert, author of “The 21-Day Yoga Body” and new Brand Wellness Ambassador for Hanes’s new Pure Bliss Collection.

There are two collections under the Silk Reflections Pure Bliss Range – Pure Bliss Luxe Sheer (which provides a flawless, sheer finish and Pure Bliss Luxe Opaque, which of course provides opaque leg coverage. What makes Pure Bliss so amazing? Imagine the benefits of your legwear massaging, pampering, soothing and revitalizing your legs. Thanks to an innovative new knitting technology and luxury yarns, that is the exact treatment your legs get – I call it a treatment because it’s like your legs are at a spa. With Pure Bliss, your legs will feel as good as they look. Check out specifics for each range below:

Pure Bliss Luxe Sheer Pantyhose – 10 denier leg appearance, silky soft sheer leg coverage that gently helps invigorate, sculpt and tone the legs, features a modern panty silhouette that gently soothes the body; available in Natural, Barely There, Gentlebrown, Barely Black and Jet in the following sizes – AB, CD and EF with a suggested retail price of $13.00.

Pure Bliss Luxe Opaque Pantyhose – 70 denier leg appearance, silky soft opaque with complete leg coverage that gently helps invigorate, sculpt and tone the legs, is available in Mocha and Black in sizes AB, CD and EF with a suggested retail price of $13.00.

As the Hanes Silk Reflections Pure Bliss Wellness Ambassador, Sadie Nardini is “the true embodiment of the Pure Bliss message”. She is an expert in living life fit, fashionably and fabulous. After suffering from an un-definitively diagnosed central nervous system illness that left her nearly paralyzed for over 2 years, Sadie made the transformation to a renowned empowerment speaker, yoga and anatomy expert and healthy lifestyle teacher. Her new book, mentioned at the beginning and published by Random House, is available for purchase this November.

Gossip Girl’s Eric Daman & DKNY Hosiery Launch Capsule Collection

I’m not even going to ask if there are any fans of Gossip Girl out there, that would be like asking if Saks is on 5th Ave. Well you GG Fans will be happy to hear that Gossip Girl‘s famed Costume Designer, Eric Daman, has created a Legwear Capsule Collection with DKNY Hosiery.

The collection, which launched late August, features eight styles including over-the-knee socks and fishnets. As fans of the show, this collaboration should come as no surprise as the Costume Designer has used DNKY’s legwear on the show’s stars numerous times.

The sexy GG-inspired legwear retails from $15.00 to $24.00 and are available in Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom and on