Celebrating National Tequila Day with Patron Tequila

Once a year we get to honor tequila, the distilled libation made from the blue agave plant. Normally, we’d honor the day by enjoying a quiet day at home with a tequila cocktail or two. This year, we did something different. We had the amazing pleasure of celebrating National Tequila Day with Patron, surrounded by non-stop tequila goodness all around.

With multiple Patron Tequila bars that represented cocktails from Mexico, Great Britain, Cuba, and much more, we knew we were in for fiesta of a lifetime spending National Tequila Day with Patron. We spent the day enjoying many tequila infused delights, including learning how to muddle our own cocktails at the Cuba bar. Our reward was a delicious cocktail and a personalized Patron muddler.

Next, we took a 360-degree, 3-D, virtual reality tour of the Patron Tequila process, products, and people at the Hacienda Patron in Atotonilco, Mexico. Stopping for a Patron Oyster shot in between activities.
In between cocktails, we took a meal break to enjoy some of the delicious fare provided by Creative Edge, which included a yummy crepe bar. we had our choice of creating a sweet, or savory crepe to pair with our Patron cocktail

The festivities continued at the National Tequila Day with Patron event with our next cocktail experience, which was to create our own Patron Bloody Maria cocktail. We selected our choice of either Patron Silver, Anejo, or Reposado tequila, Bloody Mary Mariachi-Mix, or Spicy Bloody Mary, and then topped it off with either shrimp, crab legs, bacon, an assortment of vegetables, etc. We decided on Patron Reposado with the Spicy Bloody Mary Mix and garnished it with jumbo shrimp and bacon……yum!!

To cleanse our palate and because it was a very hot day, we jumped at the chance to cool down with one of the three Patron Pops courtesy of King of Pops (Mojito, Pina Colada, and Sangria), and one of the four Patron Ice Cream flavors created by Tipsy Scoop (Jalisco Mule, Strawberry Sangria, Silver Mojito, and White Russian).

After we cooled down, we kept the National Tequila Day with Patron party going with our go-to tequila cocktail – the mule. We started with the WTRMLN Mule, which came in a beautiful copper Patron cup, and moved on to the Jalisco Mule, housed in a stunning silver cup.

As you can imagine, we were beginning to feel the effects of this never-ending flow of Patron tequila, so we had to stop by the Bagel bar to fill up on some delicious carbs.

Overall, Patron blew us away with their National Tequila Day with Patron event. There was so much to enjoy, beyond just enjoying a few cocktails. Aside from all we’ve mentioned, guests had a blast rocking to music from DJ PS1, and getting caricatures of themselves to commemorate the event.

This was truly a momentous event. Check out a few more photos from the fantastic National Tequila Day with Patron event. And tell us, how did you spend National Tequila Day?

Patron Margarita of the Year: A Winner is Crowned

The time to select the Patron Margarita of the Year winner out of the top three has finally arrived and Patron celebrated the announcement with an amazing interactive experience that ended with a spicy favorite being crowned. Upon first entry, we were treated to ice cream versions of the three finalists’ margarita creations, as well as the classic margarita, the Hacienda Margarita by Andres Moran of Guadalajara, thanks to boozy ice cream makers, Tipsy Scoop.

Out of seven competitors, three finalists, Jordan Corney of San Antonio, Rosie Ruiz of Los Angeles, and Stephen Halpin of Dallas, were chosen by voters for their creations on Along with photos, we also captured video snippets of the mixologists preparing their cocktails.




After enjoying several scoops of the delicious boozy ice cream, we hit up each of the Patron Margarita of the Year finalists’ stations to get reacquainted with the final three cocktail finalists, enjoyed some delicious fare and great music, donned a patron apron to create our own Patron cocktail in the Patron Margarita Lab, using a variety of Patron Tequilas, fresh fruits and vegetables from the onsite Produce Market, and a vast array of spices from the Spice Station. after selecting our ingredients, we were directed to a Bar Chef who helped us create our perfect cocktail.

For our cocktail, we chose Patron Silver, Patron Citronage Mango, Ginger, Pear, Blueberries, and Raspberries. Our spices, which would become our rim salt/sugar, included Ginger, Lemon Peel, Basil, Lavender, Cayenne Pepper, etc.

Our cocktail, which we named Queen of Spirits, was wonderfully delicious and we’re definitely going to try these ingredients combination at home. To see the video of our cocktail preparation, check out the video below:

After our run at the Bar Chef station, we proceeded to get our aprons screen printed with our favorite Patron Margarita of the Year artwork and get a Patron Juicer customized with whatever we wanted to be engraved on it, we went with Spirits Queen (a nickname given to us by a friend

As we mentioned earlier, this event was amazing and interactive. After a night of quite some fun, it was time to announce the winner. John Paul DeJoria, Co-Founder of Patron Tequila (you also know him as the co-founder of Paul Mitchell Hair), introduced the three finalists and announced Jordan Corney and his spicy Rose Picante Margarita was the night’s winner. No surprise there since he has been in the number one spot from the day voting initially started.

What an amazing event and a wonderful way to celebrate mixologists. Are you up to try a spicy margarita? Did your favorite win the Patron Margarita of the Year title? Let us know in the comments below.