Tweezerman Introduces Limited Edition Art of Elysium Tweezer

There are lots of ways to support the arts, and while it’s always an amazing feeling to do it selflessly, sometimes getting a reward for doing something good is a wonderful thing. For beauty lovers like us, doing something wonderful and receiving a beauty reward for it is almost euphoric. Take for instance this limited edition Art of Elysium Tweezer from Tweezerman, purchasing this bright floral print tweezer helps to continue the amazing workshops between children and artists.


Tweezerman, the premiere beauty tool brand recognized for its professional quality and cutting edge products, has introduced a new 2016 limited edition tweezer to support The Art of Elysium, a charitable organization dedicated to empowering artists and communities of need to join together and emotionally triumph over their circumstances through art. The Dahlia Mini Slant Tweezer, created in partnership with The Art of Elysium, features the dahlia flower, which symbolizes blooming self-expression represents the blossoming of hope and support each new day. This cheerful limited edition mini slant tweezer was inspired by art created through a collaborative in-hospital workshop with children and artist Andrew Ondrejcak, honoring The Art of Elysium’s 2016 Visionary Recipients: Vivienne Westwood & Andreas Kronthaler. It features the same famous precision as Tweezerman’s award-winning, full-size slant tweezer, including the stainless steel tips that are both durable and easy to clean. The Dahlia Mini Slant Art of Elysium Tweezer is the perfect size to keep in your handbag for emergency stray hair issues.

Tweezerman has been a long-standing supporter of The Art of Elysium organization, sponsoring their annual star-studded black-tie charity gala “HEAVEN”, in addition to partnering with them the last three years designing limited edition Mini Slant prints.

The Dahlia Mini Slant Art of Elysium Tweezer retails for $17.00, with one dollar from each tweezer sold at Sephora, donated to The Art of Elysium charitable organization.

Happy Anniversary: Tweezerman Celebrates 35 Years

A good product lasts a very long time, but a great brand with an amazing product lasts decades. We were invited to help Tweezerman celebrate its 35th Anniversary. That’s 35 years of providing the best professional beauty tools, essentials we can’t live without. From Tweezers to eyelash curlers, and makeup brushes, Tweezerman is the go-to brand that makeup artists and beauty addicts look towards for premium, quality beauty tools, and as a brand ambassador, we were more than happy to help them celebrates 35 Years.

Along with a fun night of delicious hors’ doeuvres and great cocktails, for this celebrations, Tweezerman offered complimentary beauty tools and the opportunity to win some great prizes such as a free trip to Las Vegas, an iPad Mini, and a gift certificate to Sephora. Sadly, we didn’t win any of those wonderful prizes but we still had a wonderful time catching up with fellow Tweezerman Ambassadors, bloggers, and beauty lovers. we also had the great opportunity to meet with and speak to Juergen Bosse, President and Chief Executive Officer Tweezerman International, who welcomed the crowd. See his speech in the video below:

We love all the products from Tweezerman, but our most recent obsession has been the NEW! ProMaster Lash Curler for Almond and Deep Set Eyes

As one of the Lash Logic Series, the ProMaster Lash Curler for Almond and Deep Set Eyes has the perfect shape and perfect design for those of us with more curve to our eyelids. It is designed to beautifully curl hard to reach lashes thanks to its thin top bar, extra wide opening, and thick, rounded silicone pads. For those with round eyes, there’s the ProCurl Lash Curler for round eyes. both are available for $22.00 and can be purchased at Sephora and

Tweezerman Launches G.E.A.R. Collection for Men

There really is nothing sexier than a sharp styled man, and thanks to Tweezerman guys now have quality, cutting edge grooming tools that are durable, masculine and affordable. Tweezerman recently held an event to celebrate the launch of Tweezerman G.E.A.R. Collection for Men, which features 11 unique, high-performance tools, that are specifically designed for guys looking to tweeze, clip, cut, file or sculpt their beards, moustaches, and eyebrows.


Slant Tweezer – Featuring Tweezerman’s award winning, durable, top grade stainless steel Slant Tweezer design with a hand filed precision tip perfectly aligned to grab every hair, every time with the smoothest precision. Consistently acclaimed as setting the standard for quality and excellence for over 30 years. Price: $22.00

Ingrown Hair/Splinter Tweezer – Removes ingrown hairs and splinters like no other tool out there because of its ultra-sharp tip tapered to a fine point to remove anything embedded under the skin. The contoured handle was designed with men’s hands in mind for ease of use. Price: $20.00


Deluxe Shaving Brush – Creates the ideal lather to prep skin for the closest, smoothest shave possible. Containing 100% densly filled badger hair, this brush helps to prevent bumps and razor burn and is designed perfectly for holding and distributing lather. Price: $35.00

Facial Hair Scissors – Tweezerman knows everyone grows horrid hairs, whether it happens to be in the nose or in the ears, but thanks to the rounded tips and curved blades of these specially designed facial hair scissors, cutting hairs is a breeze, reaching all those hard to reach places while protecting the skin from nicks. Price: $17.00

Moustache Scissors with Comb – Cutting action is simple and smooth thanks to the top-grade, durable stainless steel and ultra-precise blades. The large finger loops are specifically designed with men in mind for uncomplicated handling. Price: $18.00


Precision Grip Fingernail Clipper and Precision Grip Toenail Clipper – Both are durable, ultra-sharp top grade stainless steel clippers, one designed with curved blades to perfectly shape fingernails, and the other designed with straight blades to keep toenails from splitting and neat with precision, while the no mess cases catch clippings for easy cleanup. The handles are textured with a no-slip grip for easy handling and good leverage for trouble-free clipping. The Finger Nail Clipper Price: $12.00
Toe Nail Clipper Price: $14.00 are sold separately.

Multi-Use Nail Tool – Files and cleans while keeping nails looking neat. Ends clean easily under the nail, while the embedded nickel file removes rough, jagged edges. Price: $12.00

Mini Hangnail Squeeze & Snip Nipper – Ultra sharp, strong and easy to handle nipper is made of durable stainless steel to grab ragged hangnails with ease and precision. Price: $12.00

2-Sided Pumice Stone – Un-rough feet in two quick steps: one side removes calluses quickly while the other side smoothes rough skin. Environmentally friendly, made with 100% Siliglass. Price: $8.00


Essential Grooming Kit – This kit provides head to toe grooming excellence with its precise and reliable tools. Packed in a convenient, sturdy storage case, this durable top grade kit includes a stainless point tweezerette, nail clipper, facial hair scissors, and multi-use nail tool. Price: $30.00

The Tweezerman G.E.A.R. Collection for Men will be available beginning April at and

What’s New in Beauty | UBU Beauty Tools

We are happy to introduce a vibrantly-hued, fashion-forward, and edgy collection of beauty tools that are not only affordable but quite effective. Featuring choices from sponges to tweezers, mirrors, and everything in between, the UBU (Urban Beauty United) beauty tools has everything you need for your makeup and grooming needs, in fun colors and prints. Check out what’s available in the entire range below:


Offering a tweezer for every need, these stainless-steel tools boast hand-crafted precision tips that makes removing the most stubborn hairs effortless. The UBU tweezers are available in a variety of colors, sizes and finishes, including silk screen, pearl nickel, heat transfer and powder-coated colors. Get acquainted with the five variations featured below:

  • High Brow Slant Tip Tweezer ($4.99) – This slant-tip tweezer grabs every hair every time and comes complete with a case for easy portability.
  • High Brow Flat Tip Tweezer ($4.99) – This flat-tip tweezer tackles thick, stumpy hairs straight on.
  • Pluckable Slant Tip Tweezer ($4.99) – This sultry slant-tip tweezer features a vibrant pattern and curved handle.
  • Tweeze Louise Combination Tip Tweezer ($4.99) – This combination-tip tweezer is the ultimate multi-tasker with both a point and slant tip, allowing you to pluck the most stubborn hairs.
  • Minnie Me’s Mini Tweezer Set ($9.99) – Stay professionally plucked and tweeze as you please with this set of mini tweezers, featuring all tips, including slant, flat, combo and point.


Your spongers don’t have to be the  basic boring off-white anymore. Take your pick from a variety of foundation sponges and applicators, for seamless blending and application of any type of foundation. The UBU Foundation Sponges are available in different shapes, all perfect for blending and applying your makeup. Complete with Latex-free foam and a blend of premium, high-density, hydrophilic sponge, these makeup sponges won’t over absorb your foundation. Sponges include:

  • Blender Baby Foundation Sponge ($7.99) – The ultimate must-have, voluptuous, full-bodied sponge, similar to the shape of an egg
  • Wonder Wheel Foundation Sponge Circle ($4.99) – Comes complete with eight triangular shaped sponges
  • Doll-Face Dozen Foundation Sponges ($5.99) – Twelve, colorful, square-shaped sponges


Let your nails be stylish even when you don’t have any polish on. The UBU mani/pedi collection is fashionable and functional, complete with unique tools to keep nails and toes perfectly manicured.

  • Snipz Nail Scissor ($6.99) – Curved and contoured to fit fingers comfortably, this nail scissor features stainless-steel blades, allowing you to cut tough nails, keeping snip sleek and chic.
  • Tippy Toze Pedicure Pack ($4.99) – Sweet treat for your feet, this pedicure set includes a curved toe-nail clipper, soft foam-toe separators and a cushioned, mini nail file.


Rounding off all that you need for a flawless beauty canvas, UBU offering the above for the complete grooming process. Take your pick from a selection of mirrors, cosmetic bags, eyelash curlers, and more.

  • Me Me Mirror Dual Compact Mirror ($6.99) – Reflect your best qualities with this compact mirror that includes both 1x and 2x magnification.
  • Lasharazzi Eyelash Curler ($7.99) – This colorful, eyelash curler allows you to achieve the most beautiful lashes, using soft-silicon rubber pads and soft-rubber finger grips. Comes with two additional pads.
  • Boom Boom Blink Curved Eyelash Curler ($7.99) – No matter what your eye shape or size, this unique design makes it easy to get those naturally gorgeous lashes you’ve been looking for.
  • Trimming Twins Eyebrow Razors ($4.49) – These twin razors will shape and groom your brows without the ouch factor, using ergonomic
    handles for easy and precise handling.
  • Lash App False Eyelash Applicator ($4.99) – This applicator provides you with tiny tongs that grips the lash, making it easier to apply glue and lashes to eye.

The Urban Beauty United Collection ranges from $2.99- $16.99 and is available now on

Sally Hansen – Tweeze and Thank You

Eyebrow trends have gone from super skinny to wild and bushy with several degrees in between. So whether you’re into the “chola” or sharpie look, vintage Brooke Shields or just want to tidy up your brows, Sally Hansen has got the tweezer for you – they have TEN actually. Featured below (in order of appearance) are four – Easy Tweezy, Brows That Wow, Stray Hair Beware and Bushy Brows Be Gone.

Sally Hansen offers tweezers that are slanted, needlepoint, claw tipped and even light up to allow you to see every hair (check out the See the Light Tweezer). All of their tweezers have concave grips which allows complete control and precision. All Sally Hansen tweezers also feature a protective cap so if you drop it, they won’t be misaligned. And because it’s Sally Hansen, you know they’re very affordable. The range of tweezers retails from $5.49 to $14.99.