Kingston Technology’s MobileLite G2 Keeps You Moving

As a Lifestyle Writer and my own photographer, I need tech products that make my life as easy as possible. Depending on the day, I can attend 3-4 events/previews in one day just about every day (I try to keep Fridays free). At all those events, there are lots of picture-taking; I know PR Firms offer images and I do use them as well, but I love taking my own photos. I find that a certain angle, detail or even product catches my eye that a ready-made PR given image can’t…. but with this comes a major issue – downloading those photos to my computer. As everyone knows, the more files to add to your computer, especially something like raw images, the slower it performs. I have purchased several USB drives to alleviate the massive downloads to my computer, but there’s still the issue of downloading them into files by event name, then editing and uploading to post. Luckily I was introduced to a wonderful little product called the MobileLite G2 Reader from Kingston Technology.



This tiny portable unit lets you conveniently exchange data, photos, games and music stored on memory expansion cards between mobile phones, computers, laptops, cameras, PDAs and other devices. It’s ultra-portable, plug and play and requires no external power source. In other words, no more downloading for me; no more hours spent transferring images from my Canon T1 to my Computer. I can just pop out the card from my camera, insert it into the MobileLite Card Reader and work off there. The G2 is the second generation of this particular card reader. It supports just about all formats – SD, SDHC, microSD, microSDHC, Memory Stick PRO Duo, Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo and Memory Stick Micro. It’s compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, MAC OSX and Linux. Though its small stature is an impressive trait, size isn’t its most impressive aspect – it features retractable covers on both sides to protect the USB connector and your memory card from damage.

MobileLiteG2 is available separately or with a 4GB, 8GB, 16GB & 32GB Class 4 SDHC card. Actually, if you act now, you can purchase this amazing device with an 16GB Class 4 SDHC Card for only $25.00 (normally $45.00) directly from Kingston Technology – click HERE to take advantage of this great limited offer using code SHOPPIMA.

SRS Labs iWOW 3D for iPod, iPhone & iPad – Enhance Your Music

Drowning out the everlasting noise of NYC to fully enjoy your music usually takes some epic skills and one hell of a pair of amazing headphones but even then, you still don’t get to experience the best that the song has to offer – true melody, nuance, base, etc. SRS Labs will help you achieve hearing the true brilliance of your favorite songs and artists with their SRS Labs iWOW 3D Adapter


The iWOW 3D Adapter is a small device that attaches to your iPhone, iPod or iPad which immerses you in an engaging listening experience unlike any other with a push of a button. The iWOW 3D delivers a truly authentic, natural and uncompromised entertainment experience for all of your music, videos, and movies.


This little powerhouse gadget delivers sound with deep, rich bass, locates and restores audio details buried in source materials (so goodbye to not so great download recordings). It even comes with a free downloadable app* that lets you adjust the audio settings. So when you want to lose yourself in a song whether it’s while jogging, soothing a broken heart or to pump you up or calm you down – enhance the sound and your enjoyment and hear music the way it is meant to be heard with the iWOW 3D. Imagine what new discoveries you might hear in your favorite song.

BONUS: SRS Labs announced a new relaxation Mobile App for iOS and Android users called Relaxation Portal, that allows users to escape to some of the world’s most popular vacation destinations and unwind to the sounds of that environment. This app is extremely interactive, and unlike any other relaxation applications out today, Relaxation Portal allows users to fully customize the sounds featured at their chosen location. Additionally, the app features SRS’ latest 3D audio engine and is able to accurately place sounds in 3-dimensional space over headphones. Learn more about the app by visiting the following link, or zapping the QR Code below.


*Only iOS 3.1X or higher

The Ninja Professional Blender – Snow Maker

Whether you’re playing bartender at your summer parties or looking to drop a few pounds, adopt a healthier lifestyle and eating habits or just save money by making your own smoothies, then you need a great blender. You need a blender that is fast, versatile, and hard-working – in other words, you need The Ninja Professional Blender.Ninja Professional Blender image

The Ninja Professional Blender has a 1000 watt motor and exclusive blade system. This innovative blender offers professional power and performance but at a price that’s easy to swallow. Like much more expensive, professional-grade products, this blender has the speed and accuracy to blend batter, soups, sauces, and dips evenly; whip up a smoothie to help lose weight or improve your health; or concoct yummy frozen drinks for your guests if that’s more your style. And, with the largest capacity in its class, the 72 ounce jar can easily serve six ten-ounce frozen drinks, making the Ninja Professional Blender the perfect product for large families, health enthusiasts, or those who love to entertain.
One thing that blew my mind about the Ninja Professional Blender is the fact that it crushes ice, make that pulverizes ice into snow… seconds – it’s an amazing thing to see.

Ninja Professional Blender_snow_300x12

So amazing that I took video of this wonder blender in action when I was whipping up some at-home Jamba Juice Smoothies (more on that in another post) for a few friends I had over. I must add that I wasn’t the only one impressed with the Ninja Professional Blender‘s power, the word WOW was used several times. Check out the video below

Ninja products are designed to be affordable as well as revolutionary in their capability to crush, blend, chop, and puree,” says Mark Rosenzweig, CEO of Euro-Pro, the company responsible for developing innovative Ninja products. “In fact, the new Ninja Professional Blender crushes ice and blends ingredients faster than any other blender, and yet it won’t crush your budget.” At $99.00, the Ninja puts several more expensive blenders to shame (I speak from first-hand knowledge), So whether you want to into snow for sno-cones, blend frozen fruits into creamy smoothies, or puree vegetables into delicious, fresh soups or dips, make your first choice the Ninja Professional Blender. The Ninja Professional Blender is available at retailers in the U.S. and Canada such as Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohl’s. Visit to learn more.

Robert Verdi’s Luxe Laboratory Fashion Week Retreat

Believe it or not, there is another event that happens during Fashion week that I love just as much as the shows – Robert Verdi’s Luxe Laboratory Fashion Week Retreat. During the ultra hectic schedule of shows, its hard to get time to relax and regain your sanity so lounges like Robert Verdi’s are a welcomed escape. It’s also a great time to discover or get reacquainted with some great products and enjoy fabulous services and indulgences. Though I had a packed day, I got a chance to squeeze in half an hour at Robert Verdi’s retreat, sadly I didn’t get to experience everything but I will showcase what I did.


After running around in heels from show to show, you can only imagine how my feet felt, so when I discovered Okabashi, the 100% recyclable and comfortable shoes with Ergonomic footbeds for the person who is constantly on the go, relief immediately reached my feet. It’s good for the planet, good for your well being and good for your wallet (they’re only $20).


Next were the fabulous eyewear offerings from; the e-commerce site just in November 2010 with over 40 luxury, designer and sports brands available for purchase including Gucci, Dior, Giorgio Armani, Marc Jacobs, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, and Carrera.


My next discovery I’m already very familiar with because I’m craving one for myself (with a pink case of course) – NOOK Color. NOOK Color by Barnes & Noble is the first full-color touch Reader’s Tablet for people who love to read in rich, beautiful color. It is in the top five of my “need, want, have to have” list.

My next stop was to some very sexy shapewear, that’s right it’s shapewear though it looks like lingerie. Body Wrap Shapewear introduced a sheer, very sexy and sultry Iridescent Collection that is both sexy and functional. Body Wrap’s shapewear features an innovative paneling system has differing levels of control that slim where you need and enhance where you want! Unlike others, this is shapewear you will want to show off. Id personally would love to show off the Divine Lace Body Suit.

I took a short break to indulge in some French Silk Pie from TEMPTATIONS by JELL-O. A line of decadent single serve, layered pie snacks and cheesecake snacks in six delectable flavors, all for 150 calories or less. I’ve been on the hunt for the French Silk Pie ever since. Temptations by Jello also comes in Strawberry Cheesecake, Apple Custard Pie, Lemon Meringue Pie, Double Chocolate Pie and Raspberry Cheesecake. I’ve only found the Double Chocolate Pie, which is equally divine, but there was just something about the French Silk Pie that made my taste buds quiver.


I continued on to Lifetherapy,a luxurious body collection that readjusts your mood and attitude with five mood-enhancing fragrances using the therapeutic powers of fragrance. I was introduced to the five mood scents – Play, Vacation, Flirt, Escape and Chill by owner and founder, Lynette Lovelace. Each mood scent comes in a Body Lotion, Hand Creme, Pulse Point Oil and an Ultra Rich Body Creme. My favorite mood was Vacation, an exotic scent of Polynesian coconut flakes, white orchid and sandalwood and was all too happy to take home a sample of the velvety, paraben free Vacation Hand Creme.

Other features which I unfortunately did not get to view was Conair, who showcased their InfinitiPRO by Conair Dryer; Visine who showcased their Maximum Redness Relief Formula and Total Eye™ Soothing Wipes; Perrier-Jouët Champagne, who is celebrating their 200th anniversary this year; Vintage Revolution Jeans, which I was first introduced to at last year’s Robert Verdi Fashion Week Lounge and covered them on my blog; Incoco Nail Polish Appliqués, 100% real nail polish in the form of nail strips that you simply peel and press on; Chelsea Taylor Jewelry, a sterling silver and Swarovski™ crystal jewelry line who I actually met at another event, so hopefully I’ll get to cover the line in more detail; FoodParc, a modern playground for food lovers and OBOEbags, limited edition eco-chic bags made from reclaimed or remnant fabrics.