Solo Travelers Rejoice: Adventurely Is The App You’ve Been Waiting For

Travel enthusiast Mita Carriman felt something was missing from her solo adventures. She found visiting new cities on her own empowering but that it could get rather lonely at times. Instead of continually wishing that she had someone to join her on her travels, she did something about it. Carriman created an app called Adventurely to connect people traveling alone for leisure or work.

Adventurely App

With Adventurely, solo travel is getting a makeover. About 26 million trips are made on public transportation every day. From a morning commute to globetrotting, getting from here to there depends highly upon public transportation. When you’re traveling alone, public transportation can be especially intimidating. You’re in an unfamiliar place and may not speak the local language. By allowing people to find other solo travelers, Adventurely eliminates this pressure.

All you need is to download the Adventurely app and your troubles, including navigating foreign public transportation, are solved. Once you log onto the app, you can browse and add activities into your Adventurely itinerary. Just match with users interested in the same activities, and chat with them in the app to make plans together. You can also customize your settings to determine how long you want to be matched with activity partners for the activities so that you’re not getting notifications long after you needed a travel partner.

While the function of the travel app is similar to the various dating apps that work by matching users with one another, Adventurely gives individuals a way to meet travel buddies with no strings attached. Carriman, who is the official CEO and founder of Adventurely, tried to use Tinder when she would travel to find fellow adventurers interested in exploring an area together. However, she soon found out that the guys on Tinder were interested in activities other than sightseeing. Although 42% of travelers say that they feel more romantic on vacation, romance is not what Carriman wanted on her solo travels. She simply wanted someone to share the experience with. Other platforms meant to connect people, such as, weren’t helpful to Carriman either; the pre-set Meetups didn’t match her schedule.

Adventurely App

After finding out that three-fourths of all women in the United States travel alone, Carriman knew that an app to connect solo travelers would reach a massive and underserved market.

She initially released a beta of Adventurely in New York City in 2016 and it grew to 3,500 users. Whether they were traveling the 2.2 million miles of paved roads in the United States or jetting off to different cities, travelers were loving Adventurely. However, the app didn’t make it past the original beta version. Carriman spent a 1 1/2 years traveling around Europe and Latin America full-time; she found herself wishing that Adventurely existed again.

Adventurely App

She was thus inspired to relaunch Adventurely. Currently, the app is one of few — and possibly the only — Venture-backed startups specifically for solo travelers. In its new release, Adventurely has added Mexico City, Yucatan Mexico, and Bali, Indonesia to the list of areas travelers can use it. The company plans to add more cities with bucket-list attractions soon, as well as new group outing and community features.

If you would like to start connecting with fellow solo travelers, visit and sign up for an account. Before you know it, you’ll be meeting up with other solo travelers and digital nomads around the globe and your lonely adventures will be over.

CallThere: Talk to Randomly Selected Users Around the World

When we were younger, we loved having pen pals and talking on the phone (as all teen girls do). We waited in anticipation for reply letters from our pen pals, learning more and more about strangers from across the globe. In the age of technology, the art of letter writing has deteriorated; even phone calls have been replaced by texting and emails. To regain the art of personal communicating, we introduce you to the new app, CallThere, a telephony app where you talk to randomly selected users around the world simply by dialing the country code of the country or city of interest.


You can say CallThere is like chat roulette, but without the surprise of naked bodies. besides being fun and interesting, CallThere is useful for those who are learning a foreign language, traveling to a specific region, and or those who just want to learn about other places directly from the area’s local people!

Calls on CallThere are completely free,  up to 5 minutes each, and users are already using it to talk to randomly selected users in the U.S. CallThere calls are voice calls made over the internet, the app does NOT use or reveal your phone number and does NOT use your calling minutes (it’s more like a Skype or FaceTime audio call). There’s no registration or login required to use CallThere. Once in the app, all you have to do is dial the country’s international code. For example, if you ant to speak to someone in Sweden, just dial 0046 to connect, dial 0055 for a user in Brazil, 0081 for Japan, 0091 for India, and 0034 for Spain. If you live outside of the USA, dialing 001 will enable you to enjoy a real-time phone conversation with someone in the US. Do you prefer to talk to someone near you? (within 500 meters), just tap the “Call Here” button to connect to someone locally. The CallThere app is available now for both iOS and Android. Why not download the app and connect today. Are you op

Are you openminded enough to get to know and have a conversation with a stranger from another country? Why not download the app and connect today.

UBU’S Brand Ambassasdor Harley Viera Newton Presents the #AllGirlsonDeck Campaign

Happy Friday beauty lovers, hope you’re off to some great weekend activities. You may remember we highlighted UBU (Urban Beauty United) Beauty Tools a few months ago, today we’re back to introduce you to their Brand Ambassador, Harley Viera Newton, a model and a DJ who travels the world to perform, and their great new #AllGirlsonDeck campaign and App they recently launched in hopes of finding the next great female DJ who can mix creativity, individuality and beauty into her music mixes.

The empowering campaign calls all aspiring female DJs to enter to win the chance to win a photo shoot with Top Female DJ, Harley Viera-Newton, the ultimate DJ Starter Kit and the full set of UBU Beauty Tools. Entrance is so easy, just get on the UBU Mixer and create your 4-8 minute mix that you feel expresses the colorful urban attitude and exciting edge of Urban Beauty United.

As you may remember from our last UBU coverage, this fashion-forward collection of beauty tools includes top of the line products, bringing you make-up applications with a playful attitude. Combining an urban flare with functional products made from high-grade materials, Urban Beauty United offers quality makeup and grooming tools at affordable prices, including Brushes, Sponges and Applicators, Mani and Pedi tools, Tweezers, etc.

The #AllGirlsonDeck DJ campaign began on July 1, 2014 and will run until November 30th, 2014 and Harley Viera-Newton will be judging the entries with the final FIVE that make it through being put to the public vote. Urban Beauty United Beauty tools & brushes range from $2.99- $16.99 and is available in the US at Ulta, Bealls and

Tech News: Momentage App Plans to Replace Instagram

It looks like Instagram is getting some major competition as the #1 photo-sharing app. There is a new photo-sharing app that is more than just a camera with cool filters. Momentage is the first photo-sharing app to offer unique features beyond adding filters and sharing it to friends and followers. With Momentage photos, you can embed sound files that play when the image is viewed, and photos and videos can be blended together into one collage-like post giving your followers both a visual and audio experience of your fun, interesting and special moments simultaneously.

Create a moment through a single or collection of photos, videos and SoundImages™, edit, delete and even add to an existing moment at any time (something you cannot do with Instagram) and you have the choice to either share your moments with the public (‘Public’ option on the lower left hand corner), a private group, or keep them for yourself.

Unfortunately Android users, Momemtage, which just launched on Thursday, is only available for the iPhone right now but hopefully that will change soon. IPhone users can download the app HERE.

Carol’s Daughter Celebrates 20 Years, Rebrands Lisa’s Hair Elixir, & Launches a Mobile App

With some great launches happening this spring season, Carol’s Daughter is proving they are only getting bigger and better. I had an amazing opportunity to visit Mirror, The Salon at Carol’s Daughter located in the brand’s flagship store on 125th in Harlem last week. First off, I have to acknowledge that Carol’s Daughter (CD) is celebrating 20 years since its inception. I remember being in high school and stumbling into their first flagship store in Fort Greene Brooklyn and falling in love with cult favorites such as the almond cookie butter and the pineapple-scented hair and body balm- time really flies. Additionally, in the midst of all things becoming digital, CD has launched a new mobile app that will allow you to find the closest CD or retail partner store, check-in, and earn points for interacting with the app which will result in unlocking promo codes for discounted CD products.

Healthy Scalp Trio of Products

Carol’s Daughter is also re-branding Lisa’s Hair Elixir with new packaging including an applicator and protective cap as well as coining it the Restoring Hair Oil. The brand believes healthy hair starts with the scalp. In addition to the Lisa’s Hair Elixir, they have added the Fortifying Scalp Spray to use in conjunction. Lastly, the Monoi line has a new product called the Monoi Oil Sacred Strengthening Serum. Lisa worded it correctly when she called this trio of products “skincare for your scalp.”

Lisa Price

The Mirror Salon

The beautiful decor at the Mirror Salon

 After the introduction of the new products, Robin D. Groover, Mirror Salon collaborator, hair expert, and creator of Too Groovy Salon in Georgia, introduced us to the concept behind the salon. It was designed to be an “urban escape,” with the ultimate focus placed on healthy hair.

Robin D. Groover

The name Mirror was chosen because they wanted each individual’s beauty to be reflected back at them (this is the reason why there are mirrors all over the salon; even when you get your hair washed, you see yourself). Consultations are encouraged because they are an opportunity to get a tailored regimen for your hair. The consultation will look at hair aspects such as porosity, elasticity, density and scalp condition.

My Personal Experience

During the presentation Robin mentioned that scalp massages were standard, and that’s completely true. During my service, I really liked how Alaina (my Mirror Salon stylist) finger detangled my hair and massaged my scalp as she sprayed the Scalp Fortifying Spray. She did this all prior to washing my hair. I was impressed because when I wash my own natural hair, I usually have to detangle before I get into the shower to shampoo my hair. After my shampoo and condition using the entire CD Monoi Line, Alana added the Monoi deep conditioner to my wet hair, and placed me under a hair steamer for about 30 minutes.

Decor and Menu of services at Mirror

This was actually my first time sitting under a steamer, and my hair felt amazing after the treatment. Alana asked if she could do a natural hair style on my hair and I was like sure! I liked that she was comfortable and excited to style my thick 4C hair. She split my hair into four sections and smoothed Healthy Hair Butter onto each section (my hair was damp but not dripping wet) in a downward motion.

She then added Carol’s Daughter Heat Setting Foam, twisted my hair and added flexi rods to the ends. I sat under the dryer for another 30 mins and voila! I had very cute spiral set curls. Another plus of Mirror salon was that she talked me through each process and explained how I could do it at home.

***Thanks to Beauty Contributor, Laura A. Floyd of Blush and Beakers for covering Carol’s Daughter Mirror Salon for My Life on and off the Guest List. Make sure to check out her blog.