UNWONTED Fall/Winter 2019 at Nolcha Shows

Nolcha Fashion Week: Unwonted Fall-Winter 2019 Collection

Our first fashion show from the Nolcha Shows showcased a mix of men’s, women’s and children’s ready-to-wear but we’re concentrating on the womenswear. Founded by Lujin Zhang, Zampano Lin, Yokiri Qin and Yanting Zhao in 2018, Unwonted is affordable limited high-end clothing. We had the pleasure of attending the Unwonted Fall-Winter 2019 Collection, which was inspired by “Balance”.

UNWONTED Fall/Winter 2019 at Nolcha Shows

Inspired by the “Balance” shown in the intimate relationship between materials and cut, including wool, velvet, organza leather, silk, and corduroy. Fabrics were deconstructed and resembled in different ways resulting in designs that could be dressed in various ways. Unwonted’s designs embody balanced aspects of yin and yang in (inspired by) Taoism. This philosophy believes balance leads to beauty in harmony while imbalance leads to destruction in chaos. With Unwonted, the designers strive to create harmonious designs using the philosophy of balance.

UNWONTED Fall/Winter 2019 at Nolcha Shows

The color palette for the Unwonted Fall-Winter 2019 collection boasted earth tones with splashes of bold color including chocolate, greys, bean, dusty rose, black, blue, white, purple, celadon, and emerald green. Fabrics used include wool, organza, tulle, velvet, and corduroy. Design details include asymmetrical silhouette, topstitching, embroidery, beading, patchwork, and pleating.

UNWONTED Fall/Winter 2019 at Nolcha Shows

Apart from making their collection of affordable luxury, only 100 pieces are released per design. All of Unwonted’s pieces hold one-of-a-kind looks while embracing dresser’s unique personality and attitude. This allows a balance between the clothing and dresser themselves. Each with a unique number engraved to ensure quality and exclusivity.

UNWONTED Fall/Winter 2019 at Nolcha Shows

Some of our favorite pieces include a Dusty Rose dress in a double-layered yarn silhouette with sleeves with beaded patches; a Cave Pearl double layered tulle dress  with long sleeves; Dark Grey/Light Grey woolen jacket with contrasting light grey pockets and Dark Grey plaid close-fitting zippered pants; and a Blue/Silver/Grey short zippered velvet cardigan jacket with corduroy sleeves and asymmetrical patent leather pockets with plaid zippered pants with slanted pockets and silver embroidered pockets.

They usually say too many cooks spoil the broth but in the case of this multi-designer label, it only enhanced the collection. What are your thoughts on the looks from the Unwonted Fall-Winter 2019 Collection?



Photos by Paul Newland/fashionstock.com

Nolcha NYFW: Luyang by Yanglu Spring 2018 Collection

For the past 10 years, Nolcha Shows has been giving upcoming and indie designers a chance to shine during NYFW.  To celebrate their 10th Anniversary and the Spring/Summer 2018 season, Nolcha Shows featured seven collections, one of which was the Luyang by Yanglu Spring 2018 Collection. Based in Chongqing, China, Lu Yang graduated from Sichuan Fine Art Institute with the master’s degree in Fashion Design and made his debut his Lu Yang collection in 2013. His inspiration for his Spring 2018 Collection? The act of falling in love.

The color red playing a prominent role in many of the designs. The designer uses “Love” as the theme to express the emotional feelings of deep and passionate love. A flamingo is often referred as a metaphor of loyalty and faithfulness when comes to love. The collection featured intricate folds, embroidery, printing, and hanging ribbons, all to emphasize love in its many forms.

Colors such as red, white and blue and the geometric patterns derived from the shape of the Flamingo have been incorporated and elaborated in the Luyang by Yanglu Spring 2018 Collection. The collection featured a mix and balance of function and minimalist aesthetic. Waves of folds, embroidery, printing, hanging ribbon and other techniques used in the design state love in a variety of forms and express vigorous vitality.

The collection appeals to modern city girls and encourages feelings of love at first sight. It celebrates how love can make your heart flip; how it can create the feeling of butterflies in the stomach; how it can make your mind go crazy. Love can make you passionate, innocent and pure, it can bring out the best in you. The Luyang by Yanglu Spring 2018 Collection encourages you to understand, to experience, and to love.

What are your thoughts on the Luyang by Yanglu Spring 2018 Collection? Does his collection make you think of love? Any favorite looks from the collection?


Nolcha NYFW: Soufflesong Fall 2016 Collection

Much like with the delicious result from the fusion of various foods, there is much success when one integrates different fashion styles. Take for instance indie designer, Fan Shumin’s Soufflesong Fall 2016 Collection, which is inspired by traditional Chinese Lolita fashion, and a mix of victorian styles with medieval times. The result is a high-end mixture of Goddess inspired styles married with Arabian Nights and Victorian Girl influences, which celebrates the vintage and regal styles of Lolita Fashion.

Soufflesong Fall 2016 CollectionSoufflesong Fall 2016 Collection2

The Soufflesong Fall 2016 Collection was made up of three smaller collections, named Neverland, Girls’ Dream of Hana and Roses Valley, each with their own way of celebrating the famed lolita.

Soufflesong Fall 2016 Collection3

The Neverland Collection honors the Gothic Lolita and traditional Chinese Lolita style. Made up of a dark nature and melancholy style with totems of crossbones, roses, thorns, angels, demons and more the Neverland collection contains a rock and roll influence. The Neverland collection is a fierce new style that is completely different from other Lolita collections. The Neverland collection successfully combines the foundational outfits of traditional Chinese Lolita style with Cheongsams.

The Girls’ Dream of Hana Collection is inspired by Sweet Lolita and Country Lolita. The Girls’ dream of Hana designs are pink, pastel blue, with light and soft color to augmented effect of aesthetics. The printings on bustles are fresh flowers and horticulture sceneries. Girls’ dream of Hana vision is to create Victorian styled fashion, Barocco style, and Rococo style. Girl’s Dream of Hana also presents more mature design concepts that use flowers as the main theme in heavy but soft colors combined with slender patterns.

Roses Valley‘s vision is to create a high-end collection that represents vintage and royal styles of Lolita Fashion. This collection is affordable luxury derived from the dresses of French palaces, with inspiration derived from the Medieval Century of Europe, showing brilliant colors, mysterious, and religious belief in stories created on bustles. By stamping palace stories on the bustles and changing the leg-of-mutton sleeves into puff sleeves, Roses Valley retrenches the intricacy of palace dresses into compendious Lolita dresses.

What do you think of this indie designer’s fashion outlook? Are you a fan of the Soufflesong Fall 2016 Collection? Share your thoughts in the comments.



Photos by Arthur Mandel for Nolcha

Nolcha NYFW: Rohitava Banerjee Fall 2016 Collection

At just 19 years old, luxury womenswear Fashion Designer Rohitava Banerjee makes his NYFW week debut at Nolcha fashion week with his Rohitava Banerjee Fall 2016 Collection. Armed with an overall brand philosophy of telling beautiful stories with his garments, the designer uses history to share his fashion vision, with inventive, new silhouettes, and intricate details. For his powerful and bold Fall 2016 Collection, Rohitava Banerjee was “inspired by Greece, it’s people, their mythical past, and tumultuous present, and the death of their current economy and way of life”.


To symbolize this death, the Rohitava Banerjee Fall 2016 Collection was segmented into five sections inspired by five Grecian rivers to the underworld – Cocytus, Acheron, Phlegethon, Lethe, and Styx. Cocytus told the story of Pandora, Acheron told the story of Persephone and Hades, Phlegethon shares how the Titan Prometheus gave fire to the first mortals, Lethe highlights the story of the goddess Nyx with each piece representing a different character, and finally the river Styx, inspired by Ares, the Greek God of war. Each piece from this section highlights various hateful acts of war committed by the hateful god.

Rohitava_Banerjee_Fall_2016_Collection3_www.mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com Rohitava_Banerjee_Fall_2016_Collection4_www.mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com

The Rohitava Banerjee Fall 2016 Collection’s color palette featured light, and dark grays, black, dark blue, beige, red, and yellow, and boasted such details as intricate and vibrantly hued embroidery, winged details on collars and sleeves, and paneling, with Taffeta dominating the fabrication of the collection. If there was one word we’d use to describe the Rohitava Banerjee Fall 2016 Collection, it would be “Warrior”. Each look portrays a level of strength and fearlessness that goes beyond the vibrant colors and striking details it featured. We can feel the power of each piece, can you?

What are your thoughts on the Rohitava Banerjee Fall 2016 Collection? Do you think he captured the essence of the five Grecian rivers to the underworld? Do you have any favorite looks? Share your thoughts in the comments.
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NOLCHA Fashion Week: Katty Xiomara Runway Show

The Fall/Winter 2015 Katty Xiomara collection featured loud, bright, pink eye shadow on each model from lash to brow, confirming the rock vibe set by the shows music choice and models attitude. There was a bit of everything in this collection, including pattern and texture mixing that fit perfectly with the vision of the designer; the collection boasted everything from tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear, shoes, and accessories, with all looks being cohesive and chic. Fall and winter colors were evident throughout the entire collection.

Backstage with Indie Hair

Indie hair was a sponsor for the event and their products were used on all models. The motto—“youth.” Their products are geared towards the younger fashionistas representing each product with a hashtag (#). A brand representative expressed their vision of individualizing the hair industry. “No one goes to a salon to get the ‘Jennifer Aniston’ anymore. They go to get something different, to represent themselves.” These products are amazing as they are all customizable according to function. Each can be mixed with another to remix your distinct style. Based in Minneapolis, they are a brand to watch for!

There was also no shortage of celebrities in attendance including Christina Milian and Rapper Nelly’s daughter, Chanelle.


***Thanks to Contributing Fashion Blogger, Ashley Rae Silberman of Dress 2B You for attending and covering the NOLCHA Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2015 Collection for My Life on and off the Guest List. Make sure to check out her blog.

NOLCHA Fashion Week: Ones To Watch Runway Show

For the past six years, NOLCHA Fashion Week: New York has been a platform for independent fashion designers to showcase their work to a worldwide audience of industry influences, press, stylists, and retailers. This year the innovative runway did not disappoint, being held at Pier 59 Studios at Chelsea Piers in Manhattan. Five emerging designers presented their Fall/Spring 2015-2016 lines during the first two runway shows at NOLCHA.

Charles and Ron

Charles and Ron is a contemporary high-end wearable lifestyle brand. The designers strive to incorporate a Mediterranean flair in all of their pieces, which you could grasp with their newest collection displayed on the runway. This collection included a plethora of floral prints on gorgeous loose satin fabrics. Each accessory exhibited a colored metallic complimenting each creation.

Haute Athletics

Designed for a hard workout or night out, Margarita Ventura created a fashion meets function collection this year on the runway. All prints and textures were incorporated within the looks from leggings, tanks, and bras. Brianne McLaughlin, Olympic Hockey player and Haute Athletics Spokesmodel, strutted her stuff during the show to promote the bold yet feminine looks. Haute Athletics traded in the standard models for athletes, which brought a strong message to the runway about the clothing and the company.

Mitsou Ly

Feminine, edgy, striking silhouettes, beautiful construction, vintage modern all describe Mitsou Ly’s collection perfectly. She portrayed a delicate look through flowing satin, sheer fabrics, and soft lace, but brought power with bold color blocking, angles, and plunging necklines displayed in her pieces.

Yvette Hass


Yvette Hass is all about those essential pieces to build your wardrobe around, creating new day-to-night looks with strong individualized pieces. She showcased nothing less with her Fall/Winter collection at NOLCHA. Each model was decorated with some intricate accessory including heavy black eye makeup from lid to brow, bird-cage hats, umbrellas, and raised patterned bags and clutches. Leather was a prominent theme portrayed in all the incredible pieces adorned by various textures, embellished collars, feathered accents, and cropped tops. I was lucky enough to meet and interview her after the show. She was so incredibly sweet and humbled.


***Thanks to Contributing Fashion Blogger, Ashley Rae Silberman of Dress 2B You for attending and covering the NOLCHA Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2015 Collection for My Life on and off the Guest List. Make sure to check out her blog.

Spring 2015 Collections at Nolcha Fashion Week

Nolcha Fashion Week  is known for showcasing some of the best up and coming designers during New York Fashion Week. This year was no exception. Five emerging designers showcased their work on the first night with all five collections showing promising work. For these designers, this is a chance to have their work seen by hundreds of media outlets and we can’t wait to see what the future has in store for each of them. This showing highlighted the work of Rinat Brodach, Sofia Arana, Schuyler 4, Mariana Valentina, and Mimi Tran.
Rinat Brodach
Rinat Brodach’s collection was all about the classic little black dress, but with a few twists. The draping on the dresses was incredible and the choice of satin fabric added additional elegance. 
Sofia Arana

Sofia Arana’s collection struck a great balance between nostalgic and modern. It also made us sad to think that summer is almost over because each piece was so seasonally focused.
Schuyler 4

Schuyler 4 offered a diverse array of outfit options ranging from casual to formal. One minute the models would be dressed in hoodies and the next minute they’d be wearing bowties.  We loved the fact that Schuyler 4 catered to more than one specific style.
Mariana Valentina

Mariana Valentina’s collection showed off beautiful silhouettes. The garments were tailored to perfection and they were all stunning works of art in their own right.
Mimi Tran

Mimi Tran’s collection was full of show stopping dresses. She clearly displayed her finest beadwork because every piece was covered in gorgeous beads and sequins. The detail was absolutely impeccable.


***Thanks to Fashion Blogger, Emily Polner of No Repeats or Hesitations for covering and guest blogging the Nolcha Fashion Week Spring 2015 Collection Show for My Life on and off the Guest List. Make sure to check out her blog.