Introducing Intimate Caress™ by Kama Sutra®

Kama Sutra has introduced us to some amazing products to help us with intimate moments and as the weather is slowly (very slowly) getting warmer, it’s getting to that time where we expose more skin – some publicly and some privately. Kama Sutra is here to help with getting warm weather ready with the introduction of their newest sensation, Intimate Caress Shave Cremes.

Available in three seductive scents, each shave crème, which retails for $12.99, combines the hydrating powers of Jojoba Oil with the moisturizing and healing powers of Aloe Vera; available in delectable fragrances such as Coconut Pineapple (rich‚ luscious coconut scent with the essence of sweet pineapple), Honeysuckle ( the floral essence of delicate honeysuckle petals) and Pomegranate (the refreshing scent of sweet, fragrant pomegranates), the skin is left feeling renewed and radiant, smooth like silk, super soft, inviting and kissable. Designed to be used anywhere on the body, Intimate Caress Shave Cremes leave the skin ready to be kissed from head to toe.

A Girl’s Best Friend: Elizabeth Grant’s Collagen Diamond Collection

Hello ladies, there’s a new skincare collection which will surely make your eyes (and your face) sparkle, after all, it has diamonds. The Collagen Diamond Collection from Elizabeth Grant Skincare contains diamond powder to deliver a one-two punch, working to improve skin from the inside with firming collagen and DESS technology. The diamond powder illuminates the skin on a surface level making it look immediately smoother and radiant.

At a price point under $100, you’ll even crave to use the beautifully designed packaging to protect jewelry, daily vitamins or for casing your own at-home lip gloss recipe!

The Elizabeth Grant Skincare Collagen Diamond Skincare Collection consists of:

Collagen Diamond Day Crème, $75.00 performs three innate actions – (1) PLUMP (2) FIRM/SMOOTH (3) PROTECT are released in simple application, in an upward direction, in clean dry skin on the face, neck and chest at the start of each day.

Collagen Diamond Night Crème, $85.00 – Contains Sodium Hyaluronic technology to enhance the absorption of micronized Collagen particles, Elastonyl for increased elasticity and Peptide Toniskin for smoothing results – the proof is in continued, fast-absorbed, grease-free nightly use. Your pillow case will thank you!

Collagen Diamond Miracle Concentrate, $75.00 – This rich and silky serum contains Marine Collagen and Peptides working in tandem to help strengthen the integrity of the skin making it feel more firm and flexible. Exclusive, high performance Torricelumn™ plumps the skin and reduces the appearance of lines through its moisturizing properties. Apply alone for a grease-free makeup base, or before your Night Crème application to awake with noticeable rejuvenated results.

Collagen Diamond Eye Crème, $65.00 – This cooling formula will help de-puff and brighten dark circles in the under-eye area all while daily dual applications lift, tighten and kick sagging skin on the eyelids and brow area. You’ll notice the difference in your first application!

Jurlique Introduces Purely White Skin Brightening System

Natural ingredients Skincare innovators, Jurlique, has added to their already vast skincare selection by introducing a new skincare collection called Purely White Skin Brightening System, an innovative system that brightens the skin naturally.

Purely White Skin Brightening contains VitaBrightKX, a patent-pending natural lightening complex that brightens skin without the harmful effects associated with hydroquinone, kojic acid or MAP. This innovative ingredient makes the Purely White Brightening System able to even skin tone in just 30 days, visibly fade skin discolorations and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. What makes VitaBrightKX so effective? It contains Kakadu Plum Extract which has been shown to have the highest Vitamin C content and an inpressive 50X the content of oranges; Citrus Unshiu Peel Extract, which is rich in tyramine that has been shown to inhibit melanin synthesis and is designed to help visibly fade dark spots; Ascorbyl Glucoside, a natural form of vitamin C that helps promote collagen synthesis and inhibit melanin production and African Birch, a powerful antioxidant to help increase skin firmness and prevent visible signs of aging.

The Purely White Skin Brightening Collection includes the following:

3.5oz Purely White Skin Brightening Cleanser – $23.00
3.3oz Purely White Skin Brightening Mist – $34.00
1.0oz Purely White Skin Brightening Essence – $58.00
1.4oz Purely White Skin Brightening Day Cream – $45.00
1.4oz Purely White Skin Brightening Night Treatment – $48.00

All can be purchased at Jurlique’s flagship stores,, Sephora and

The Purely White Skin Brightening System was not the only new product Jurlique introduced. You’ll be very happy to hear that Jurlique now has a new Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer. A natural hand sanitizer that kills germs without harsh chemicals and irritating skin. Hand are left cleansed and refreshed with added benefit of moisturization.

As soon as I saw this, I immediately tried it. If you live in NYC or any major city (especially during this very long winter season), you completely understand about bacteria and germs….I tremble just thinking about germs in the subway system. The Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer contains Australian Bush Mint, a known antibacterial and antimicrobial plant indigenous to Australia; Safflower Oleosomes, a skin conditioning and moisturizing agent found in oil-bearing seeds and Proprietary Biodynamic Blend, Jurlique’s blend of natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties balance moisture in the skin.

As a fan of moisturizers that are non-greasy, I did my usual test of snapping my fingers and I’m happy to say that it passed with flying colors and my hands were fully moisturized and felt quite safe enough to grab one of the yummy hors d’oeuvres they were serving.

If you’re interested in purchasing one of the Moisturizing Hand Sanitizers (and you should), it comes in two sizes: 5.9oz bottle with pump retails for $15.00 and the 1.7oz travel size retails for $6.50. Both can be purchased at Sephora and

Somme Institute’s 5-STEP REGIMEN

During the winter my skin tends to be extremely dry and flaky. Nothing seems to work well. I have found products that mask the flakiness temporarily but none that give me that healthy, summer look in the winter. So, I started trying products to find something that would compliment the smile I maintain throughout the year.

Somme Institute has a 5-step regimen that contains its exclusive patent pending technology breakthrough Molecular Dispersion Technology 5 (MDT5), a formulation of 5 high engineered vitamins (A, B3, B5, C & E) at high concentrations. It recommends that you use the products twice daily on all skin types and most skin conditions. Normally products designed for “all skin types” don’t work for me but I decided to give it a try anyway.

somme institute

The 5-step regimen contains a Nourishing Cleanser, Exfoliating Pads, Serum, Cell Renewal Lotion and a Protective Sunblock with SPF 30+. On the first day my skin experienced side effects. The exfoliating pads stung, my face still felt dry and it itched. I started to discount using it but decided to continue because the instructions stated that what I experience are some “positive” side effects and even suggested squeezing the exfoliating pads to remove the excess liquids before use. On day two I made adjustments and experienced less stinging and dryness. By the end of the week, my skin had stopped flaking. It looked healthy and glowed.

Like all women, on occasion you skip a day or two of any regimen. When I did, my face did not automatically return to its normal, dry look. There were dry patches and flaking but not like before. When I returned to using the products, my skin quickly returned to its new, healthy look.

I am now a huge fan of Somme Institute’s 5-step regimen. The Serum and Cell Renewal Lotion are my favorites.

somme institute products

Even if you use these two products with other facial washes (which is not recommended) they still provide a healthy glow. I really like the regimen. If you decide to try it maybe you will too.

To learn more about these products visit

Dermalogica for My Dry Sensitive Skin

Hi Guys, Zia here again, regaling yet another skincare experience. As a fan of Dermalogica I was excited to try two of its products, the Multi-Active Toner and Climate Control Lip Treatment.

Dermalogica describes its multi-active toner as “an ultra-light facial spritz that refreshes and hydrates the skin while smoothing the surface. It helps condition skin to prepare for proper moisture absorption.” Having dry skin I have been told several times that toner can sometimes dry out my skin more. But this toner doesn’t seem to do that. The toner helped my moisturizer absorb into my skin providing a deeper layer of protection. I am not wild about spritzing; I don’t feel like I get an even coat over my entire face. So, I decided to smooth the sprayed toner over the spots that I believe I may have missed when I spritzed. I am also not a fan of spraying anything over my closed eyes and mouth. The directions instruct you to “spray directly over entire face and mouth with closed eyes” but I am not keen on that practice. I’m sensitive about my eyes.

The Climate Control Lip Treatment is a lip balm that I used when my lips were extremely chapped and once my lips were healed. I found it to work well alone when my lips were healed but it was not as effective when my lips were dry and chapped. When my lips were healed the lip treatment acted as a barrier preventing dryness from reoccurring. However, when my lips were chapped or when I wore it under lipstick the lip treatment was less effective in healing or preventing dryness. The lip treatment may work more effective for individuals who do not have severely dry lips or lips that chap frequently during the winter.

Like all products some work better with certain skin types and the climate control lip treatment just didn’t work well with mine. I’m still a huge fan of Dermalogica and will continue using their products…including the Multi-Active Toner, I just may not spritz. 🙂

To learn more about these products visit Dermalogica at They have products that are specifically made for various skin types. You can visit a store or use their website to guide you in selecting the right products for you.

Borghese Sample Sale June 29th – June 30th

On the heels of the just released “DO YOU FANGO?” ad campaign, Borghese will be having their much buzzed about Sample Sale (seriously some of these women get deadly). This is surely give a few of you a chance to answer Borghese’s question of Do you fango? Those of you who are lucky to live or work in New York City will definitely be happy with the prices and I mean definitely.

Eucerin Skin First Council with Veronica Webb

Eucerin recently unveiled the Eucerin Skin First Council and the online Skin First Pledge encouraging Americans to make their skin health a top priority. Through the Eucerin Skin First Council and Pledge, Eucerin shines a light on this critical health topic and asks the public to commit themselves to prioritizing skin health.

To take the Skin First Pledge, visit In addition, Eucerin has joined forces with, the nation’s leading independent health information source for women, to inspire people to take the pledge. For every pledge made, Eucerin will make a donation to HealthyWomen. So, sign up and pledge to put YOU first!

Eucerin Skin First Council is a multidisciplinary panel including renowned Dermatologist, Deborah Sarnoff, MD, leading expert in Pharmacoeconomics, Rajesh Balkrishnan, PhD and mother, activist and one of the world’s leading supermodels Veronica Webb.

The Council was assembled to bolster public dialogue about skin health and devise new ways to educate and empower consumer health awareness.

For more information on Eucerin and the Eucerin Skin First Council, visit