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Health & Wellness: Seasonal Tips for Promoting Your Own Wellbeing

Contributing Writer
Despite how trivial it may seem to care for your health, the fact of the matter is that it's incredibly important. Caring for yourself is...

App-Connected Earbuds Can Stimulate Vagus Nerve to Improve Wellness

Glasgow Skinner
As humans, we try a lot of things to improve our overall wellbeing. Whether it's taking vitamins in an attempt to enhance memory or contributing...
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Are Hand Sanitizers the Next Big Thing in Skincare?

Glasgow Skinner
We all know how essential hand sanitizers have become. It is now the most important personal care item to have in your bag. While we're...
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Sweet Dreams: The Floating Comfort Pillow by Mediflow

Glasgow Skinner
We were going to highlight this in a holiday gift guide but this is just too wonderful not to showcase it in all its amazingness....