Skinnygirl Candy Launches at Dylan’s Candy Bar

It is said that alcohol and candy are two indulgences that have the most calories, mostly because of their very high sugar content. Real Housewives of New York castmember and lifestyle product mogul, Bethenny Frankel, has already gifted us with some great, 100 calorie alcoholic beverage options with her range of Skinnygirl Cocktails (a delicious range of alcohol we’ve highlighted several times) and now she’s bringing that same delicious joy to the candy market. Join us in welcoming Skinnygirl Candy, a premium line of Belgian chocolates, gummies and mints.

We walked into candy wonderland that is Dylan’s Candy Bar in Union Square, not with sugar plum fairies dancing in our heads, but with visions of decadent milk and dark chocolates, fruit gummies, and cool mints, and that’s exactly what we got. Boasting delicious gummies and chocolates that are individually packed in 100 calorie servings, along with  zero calorie mints, you’re giving up the guilt of indulging in these decadent sweet treats. The delicious, low-calorie range of Skinnygirl Candy includes Dark, and Milk Chocolate Coated Almonds, Elderberry and Sweet Lemon Gummies, Annabella Cherry and Mango Gummies, Dark Chocolate Mini Bars with Pistachio and Caramel, Milk Chocolate Mini Bars with Nougat and Almonds, Sugar-Free Mints in Lemon Lime, Mocha Cappuccino, and Pomegranate Green Tea, Dark Chocolate Truffles with Almonds, Milk Chocolate Truffles with Mint Cookie Crumble, and Milk Chocolate Truffles with Sea Salt Toffee.

Dylan Lauren and Bethenny Frankel

photo courtesy of Skinnygirl Candy

Frankel, whose hair we absolutely love, sat down for a Q&A with Dylan’s Candy Bar Founder, Dylan Lauren, before greeting and serving guests some of her wonderful treats…all of which were caught by BravoTV cameras (so look for this sweet treat to be featured on an upcoming episode of Real Housewives of New York. For those who are really health conscious, please note the Skinnygirl Candy chocolates and gummies contain no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives and they’re made from premium Belgian Chocolate and gummies. Although the products are low calorie, the chocolate, and gummy products are not sugar-free, and the chocolate products are gluten free with the exception of the Mint Cookie Crumble Truffles. For those of you with peanut allergies,  a few products do contain nuts, but their production facility is peanut-free.

Of course, the sweet treats were not the only low-calorie enjoyment e had at the event. Along with Skinnygirl Candy, guests were also treated to some low-calorie cocktails from Skinnygirl Cocktails, tea, and hot chocolate. We confess in our indulging in one or two

Want to know more aboutSkinnygirl Candy? Visit for more information on each product line and where to buy. Are you excited to try Skinnygirl Candy? let us know in the comments below.

Boulder Canyon Real Thin Popcorn Keeps Things Popping

We’ve been obsessed with Boulder Canyon’s delicious potato chips for years now (we highly recommend indulging in their Baked Sweet Potato Fries), so we were really excited to see they’re adding a new snack category to their delicious arsenal. Boulder Canyon has entered the popcorn category with the introduction of Boulder Canyon Real Thin Popcorn, but these are not your typical popcorn snacks. The Boulder Canyon Real Thin Popcorn are made with premium, better-for-you avocado, coconut and olive oils, they’re healthy and delicious.

As we all commit to healthier lifestyle and eating habits, we’re always on the look out for healthier ways to snack. Since popcorn is seen as a great snack alternative to high calorie, high fat, and high sugar snacks, thanks to its low-calorie, low-fat, and easy to enjoy on-the-go benefits, we know you’ll enjoy these newest full-flavored snack offerings from Boulder Canyon, which are available in three delicious flavors: Coconut Oil Sea Salt, Olive Oil White Cheddar, and Avocado Oil Sea Salt.

What makes these air popped kernels especially special, besides the wonderful flavor combinations and the fact that it’s a vegan snack, is they boast 70% less fat and 25% fewer calories than the leading “guilt free” popcorn brand, the ingredients are certified Gluten-free, and Circle K™ Kosher certified, it has zero trans fats, no MSG, and NO cholesterol, is Non-GMO, a good source of fiber, and is low in sodium.

The Boulder Canyon Real Thin Popcorn is popped in small batches to make sure we all get to enjoy a snack that is made from the highest quality. And because it is made with fewer calories and fat than the leading popcorn brands, you can snack on Boulder Canyon’s thin popcorn without feeling any guilt or buyer’s remorse!

Each 4.15 oz bag retails for approximately $3.79 Are you excited to try the Boulder Canyon Real Thin Popcorn snack offerings? What flavor are you most looking forward to trying? Let us know in the comments.

Count Yums, Not Calories w/ Sara Lee® Delightful™ Breads

There’s been this ongoing battle with eating starchy foods versus not eating starchy foods. Yes the great bread debate has drawn a line in the sand, but we’re proud to say we are pro bread. We just can’t get enough, especially because we love a good sandwich. Thanks to Sara Lee Fresh Bakery, we can pay a little less attention to our calorie count, with their new range of Sara Lee® Delightful™ Breads that boasts only 45 calories per full-size slice. Available in White Bread, Wheat Bread, 100% Whole Wheat Bread (made with real Honey), Healthy Multi-Grain Bread, and our newest obsession, Oatmeal Bread (which launches soon),

With the Sara Lee Delightful™ Breads, you can enjoy a great tasting, full meal without feeling like you’re missing out. The available varieties give you the taste and texture you love, but with 45 calories per slice, you can enjoying eating bread again without worrying about if it fits into your diet. These low calorie breads contain no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial colors or flavors, zero trans fat, an excellent source of fiber, and a great way to keeping your heart healthy. Along with great taste, the Oatmeal 100% Whole Wheat, and Multi-Grain breads give you 16 grams of whole per serving, giving you the fiber you need and want for a healthy lifestyle.

Now that you’ve seen the great benefits of  Sara Lee® Delightful™ Bread, will you be trying them out? If you need some recipe ideas, head over to