Tech Must-Haves from Kobo, TYLT, & Duracell

We love being introduced to new tech and tech accessories, especially if it makes our lives a whole lot easier. Today, we’re highlighting a sampling of the latest must-have tech products we discovered at Pepcom that we’ve become fans of and find that we can’t live without.

DURACELL Powermat GoPower Overnighter

As someone who’s an on-the-go Blogger, going from event to event, tweeting, instagraming and sharing information and photos of the products  and experiences we encounter can really drain your battery. This happened several times during fashion week and even on days with multiple events. Luckily with devices like the Duracell Powermat GoPower Overnighter. This batterylife saving device is a compact universal battery
that keeps you going for over a day and is capable of charging your tablet, smartphone or other USB-based
devices through the USB output. The Duracell Powermat GoPower Overnighter launches October 7th in black and will retail for $79.99.


Don’t you hate it when you try to put on a screen protector only to find that it’s crooked, filled with bubbles, marked with fingerprints and sometimes dust particles? The TYLT ALIN is a revolutionary screen protector and plastic snap-­on alignment tool to ensure a perfect, bubble-­‐free application in seconds. The result is HD clarity for ideal screen visibility. Each screen protector includes two removable tabs to avoid
fingerprints during the dry application process. Just clean your device, snap it into the alignment tool (if you have an S4 with a flip cover, you will have to remove the flip cover so the device can fit the plastic snap-on tool), use the plastic guide edge to correctly position the screen protector, apply, and enjoy months of protection. Available for $24.99 for both the Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4, ALIN is now available on Each kit contains four HD screen protectors, a cleaning cloth, a
smoothing card, and a reusable alignment tool.

KOBO AURA 6” E Ink eReader

Love reading? Kobo offers the Kobo Aura 6” E Ink eReader for an even more amazing reading experience. Featuring a stunning edge-to-edge, high-resolution (212 dpi) display, the Kobo Aura boasts new low-flash screen technology that will virtually eliminate ghosting and page refresh for the best book-like reading experience and the most even front-lit ComfortLight technology. It holds up to 3,000 books and lasts more than two months on a single charge. And with Kobo’s partnership with Pocket, you can now send articles and webpages to read on your E Ink devices. Launched on September 16th in black and pink, the Kobo Aura retails for $149.99 .

Tech Accessories – SodaCase Mobile Cases for Galaxy Note II

Fans of the Samsung Galaxy Note II rejoice, there are some great accessories for this amazing cellphone-tablet hybrid. Let’s talk cases shall we? No longer will you feel that other phones are getting all the cool cases thanks to SodaCase and Makery. While attending CE Week in NYC, you may have seen the tweet of my custom made Sodacase which features my blog logo – here’s a refresher

SodaCase‘s aim is to create products that promote self-expression and speak to everyone and they very much succeed with their cases. Their designs are printed directly onto the plastic case through a unique printing process. The prints are raised and have an embossed feel to the touch which helps to prevent accidental slips and drops as well as resists fading and scratches from everyday wear and tear. Some of their available designs are the popular chevron print, geometric, and florals.

But as you see in the very first image, customized cases are also available – just make sure your image is at least 300dpi and 1200×1200. Using their fun and functional customization app called Makery, you can design your own case with any image you want using photos from various sources such as Facebook, Instagram, patterns (like the ones shown above which you can mix thanks to their grid format) or just upload an image directly from your computer. Personalized cases make great gifts and is a great way for anyone to show off their personality, hobbies, etc.

Each case also comes with a matching microfiber to clean your phone, smart tablets, glasses, lenses and monitors. Even customized cases with your own one-of-a-kind design comes with a matching microfiber – see my matching microfiber above. Pre-printed cases retail for $29.99 and customized go for $39.99. And don’t worry you iPhone users, you two can create customized cases with SodaCase.

Fashionable Tech Accessories from Tyla Rae Designs

When fashion and technology fuse, magic happens. I fell in love with a collection of fashionable tech accessories and mobile carrying solutions from designer, Tyla Rae upon first site. I’m not one for typical cases, my camera and laptop bags are bright pink and my cellphone cases are most certainly always colored, textured, bejeweled and/or printed. Let’s face it, most laptop bags are basic and boring and while we have seen a turn to the more vibrant ipad and mobile cases for women, they tend to be very expensive and not really over a carrying solution, just decoration. Offering stunning bold prints, colors and textures at budget-friendly, Tyla Rae Designs

Laptop Bags

Also available in faux croc and faux pebbled leather in a variety of colors, I was drawn to the above faux animal print. It comfortably fits up to 15″ laptops with space to fit an additional notepad or charger, it features a lined interior pouch that holds your laptop in place with a Velcro strap, zippered exterior pocket, a matching detachable screen wipe, that can be attached to either exterior or interior D-ring, a removable and adjustable cross-body strap and it’s only $63.00

iPad/Tablet Bags

Just like the above Laptop Bags, the iPad and Tablet Bags are also available in faux croc, pebbled leather and animal print as well as the edgier studded patent leather. Both iPad 1 & 2 fit comfortably inside, also features a lined interior pouch to hold iPad in place with a Velcro strap and room for your charger, the zippered exterior pocket, matching detachable screen wipe, and the removable and adjustable cross-body. Retail price? – $60.00 for the Croc, pebbled leather and animal print while the extra special studded patent leather retails for $97.00.

Smartphone Purses

Features a lined slide pocket designed to fit any smartphone which measures 5x5x1.75 or less, slide pocket for your credit card or ID, zippered front pouch pocket to fit your keys, change or lipstick, matching detachable enamel key ring with compact mirror and a removable 22 inch cross-body chain strap. Like the above bags, the Smartphone Purse also comes in the same variety of colors and faux finishes and can be yours for $40.00 – $49.00.

iPad Cases

Ladies, never accidentally drop your iPad ever again when you have this case slug across your body. Go from securely having your iPad on your lap to tucked away safely in seconds. This must-have fits iPad2, folds into a stand for hands-free viewing angles: read a book, watch a film or type in comfort, features a soft lining protects against scratches and the removable cross-body chain strap included. Only $60.00 for the faux pebbled leather and $70.00 for the studded patent leather.

You can’t deny these stunning tech and carrying solutions. What more could a chic fashionista want? For more information on Tyla Rae Designs, including their Smartphone Cases, visit

Color Me a Case – Colorful Cases for Mobile Devices

As I write this, I’m green with envy at all the wonderful, colorfully vibrant cases that will not be available to me because I own the stepchild of mobile phones – a Droid. While the iPhone enjoys a vast amount of prints and colors, the Droid hardly enjoys more than five colors maximum but I still have hope and I’m keeping my eye on at least two companies I was introduced to at Pepcom. Both companies are doing amazing things with case colors and prints for Cellphones, iPads, Tablets, laptop bags, kindles, iPods, etc. I’m not just talking color, but also wonderful artistic prints and patterns that are great extensions of one’s personality

The first company I’m keeping my eye on is (*) Speck. (*) Speck, a worldwide leader in cases and bags for iPhone, MacBook, BlackBerry, iPad and tons of other personal electronic devices (even a Droid or two but unfortunately not my EVO), started out with cases for the original iPod and the iSport – an iPod fanny pack with blinking light. Today, the company’s products are one of the must have for fun, functional, stylish cases to protect your mobile gear. Case (pun intended) in point, the below Burton Fitted which comes in the following prints (Lumber Lighter, Houndstooth Gray, Fadeaway Gray/Black/Pink, Fadeaway Gray/Black/Green and Black & White Plaid) is available for iPhone 4 (fits both Verizon & AT&T versions), iPad and 4th Generation iPod Touch. I love the graphic design, the fact that it looks like it has texture and of course that it is bold.

Speaking of texture, I love the soft “squishy” feel of the (*) Speck PixelSkin Case. Its cool tactile grid texture makes for a comfortable grip, it’s rubberized touch-thru button covers and convenient cutouts for 30-pin connector and hold switch make it finger friendly and I like the bold colors (though I wish that included a pink)

Believe it or not, I do own something from (*) Speck – two laptop bags. My love of pink directed me to the PixelSleeve for Devices up to 10″ (shown below) – perfect for my pink HP Netbook

And for my regular laptop, I have the same PixelSleeve for Notebooks up to 15″ – this laptop is used a lot by some male friends, so the basic bag is perfect for their various personalities

The second company I’m keeping an eye on is Incase. Incase products promote great design simplicity while offering intuitive functionality and increased mobility for an enhanced user experience. Of course they do this with a sophisticated artistic flair. Their Andy Warhol Collection (iPhone cases pictured below) really caught my eye. The Warhol series has five different designs that are available for the iPhone 4, 13” and 15” Notebooks, iPad and a standard shoulder bag.

Other amazingly edgy collections from Incase include the Perforated Collection (Which looks so modern to me, very Japanese in its simplicity), the Alloy Collection (love the crinkly look),  the Coated Canvas (very clean, very basic), the Courier Collection (a perfect color combination for spring) and the Nylon Collection (very clean like the Coated Canvas collection but with a pop of vibrant colored closures)

What’s I’m excited to see from Incase are their new camera bags. I recently purchased a Canon T1i and have been on the hunt for a more playful camera bag. I don’t want the usual black, I want graphics, colors, etc, so hopefully they (or Speck) will make my wish come true and include a more vibrant camera bag to their product line.