Toasting to the End of Summer with NEW Pinnacle Strawberry Vodka

Alas, it’s almost time to say goodbye to the summer season, and welcome autumn. During this seasonal change, we can’t help but think of harvesting and fun trips to local farms to pick fruits, like ripe juicy strawberries. For those who’ve never gone strawberry picking or prefer to do their picking at supermarkets, you should know there are techniques to picking the best strawberries. According to Sara Gore, entertaining expert, and co-host of New York Live, for its Life Skills of the Highly Entertained series, when it comes to strawberries,“bigger is not always better, after picking the perfect berries, you have to know how to store them, and adding a spirit, like vodka, to a drink like strawberry lemonade gives it a nice happy hour spin.” Which brings us to the NEW Pinnacle Strawberry Vodka, the latest flavor launch from the premium flavored vodka maker. Today we’re sharing two great cocktail recipes to enjoy using Pinnacle Strawberry Vodka and the wonderful tips from Sara Gore.

Strawberry Basil Smash

Strawberry Basil Smash 6

2 parts Pinnacle® Strawberry Vodka
1 part DeKuyper® Triple Sec
2 parts fresh lemon sour
1 whole strawberry, sliced
1 fresh basil leaf
Strawberry for garnish
Basil leaf for garnish
Black or pepper medley for garnish
Tear the basil leaf and drop into a mixing glass with the strawberry and muddle. Add all remaining ingredients and shake with ice. Double strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a strawberry speared with a basil leaf on the rim and a few grinds of black or pepper medley.

Strawberry Lemonade

Strawberry Lemonade 2

1 part Pinnacle® Strawberry Vodka
2 parts lemonade
Splash of lemon-lime soda
Strawberry slice for garnish
Lemon wedge for garnish
Build over ice in a tall glass. Garnish with a strawberry slice and/or a lemon wedge on the rim.

What are your thoughts on these Pinnacle Strawberry Vodka cocktails? Are you guys excited for this new flavor? As promised, enjoy the full range of tips from Sara Gore on making the most of your strawberry enjoyment:

Bowl of Strawberries 1

  1. PICKING THE PERFECT BERRY – Bigger is not always better. Typically, the smaller the berry, the more intense the flavor. Go for berries that are bright in color and plump with shiny skin. Berries don’t ripen after you pick them, so keep that in mind if you see any that haven’t turned red yet. If buying a container, pick up the carton and take a look underneath to ensure they haven’t turned to mush on the bottom. While you’re there, take a whiff. Those berries will smell as good as they taste!
  2. HOW TO CARE FOR YOUR BERRY – After picking the perfect berries, you have to know how to store them. Keep in mind berries are always best eaten within a couple of days of purchase. When planning a menu, buy them last and keep them cold and dry. To make berries last longer, make sure you don’t wash them until you are ready to eat them. Place them in a single layer on a paper towel in a container or on a sheet tray covered with plastic wrap. Rinse in cold water before eating.
  3. MUDDLE UP – Sure strawberry lemonade is great on its own, but adding a spirit, like vodka, gives it a nice happy hour spin. Muddling in a fresh herb will give it another dimension of flavor. Add your leaf of choice to the bottom of the glass. Using your favorite muddler, crush the leaves to release their flavor. Pour in the remaining ingredients and go from bartender to mixologist in a mere 8- 10 smashes. Sara’s favorite additions to a strawberry vodka lemonade are basil, mint, or even the not so obvious choice of rosemary for a smoky, earthy flavor. Use the same herb as a drink garnish. As everyone who is highly entertained knows, it’s the little things that make all the difference.

Pinnacle Strawberry Vodka hits store shelves this month, so keep an eye out for the newest addition to the french distilled lineup.

GIVEAWAY: Win with POM Wonderful and ANW Isaac Caldiero

Who is ready for our next giveaway? POM Wonderful has teamed up with Isaac Caldiero, the first NBC’s American Ninja Warrior winner, for the chance to win a trip to Venice Beach to train with Isaac. For a week, the winner will gain first-hand experience of the jaw-dropping feats of strength, agility, and speed that won Issac the title, American Ninja Warrior Champion. The winner also receives $10,000 to support their crazy healthy lifestyle, and a one-year supply of POM to deliciously fight off free radicals. To celebrate the POM Wonderful and ANW Isaac Caldiero “Train like a Crazy Healthy Ninja Sweepstakes,” we’re awarding one reader a Crazy Healthy Prize Pack loaded with POM juice and gear. That’s two chances to win some great prizes. Are you ready to win with POM Wonderful and ANW Isaac Caldiero?

POM Wonderful Teams Up with Isaac Caldiero

Looking for the opportunity to chance to get crazy healthy? Drinking POM Wonderful is the perfect way to start. Isaac and other American Ninja Warriors drink POM’s 100% Pomegranate Juice as a good source of potassium. POM Wonderful’s free-radical fighting antioxidants also help maintain healthy muscles before or after their workouts. To enter the POM Wonderful and ANW Isaac Caldiero’s Train like a Crazy Healthy Ninja Sweepstakes, head over to To enter our giveaway, scroll down to enter to win our POM Wonderful prize pack; while you’re there check out some great tips from Issac.

Follow Issac’s lead and his most noteworthy health tips:

  • Isaac jumpstarts a busy day of training by adding POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice to his morning smoothies for a flavorful, all-natural twist on breakfast that has the antioxidant power of POM.
  • Warming up is key to a crazy healthy workout so Isaac packs POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice in his gym bag since POM’s natural sugars are great for energy so he’s prepared to tackle any obstacle.
  • Make POM your workout partner. Isaac cools down with a 16 oz. POM Juice which has as much muscle friendly potassium as two bananas.

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New Snack Launch: The Laughing Cow Creamy Swiss Cheese Dippers

The Laughing Cow is ready to take your on-the-go-snacking to a new level of delicious convenience with the newest addition to their range of spreadable cheeses. With the launch of The Laughing Cow Creamy Swiss Cheese Dippers, the beloved cheese brand welcomes a perfectly portable snack with their individual snack packs boasting rich, creamy cheese and crunchy breadsticks.

The Laughing Cow Creamy Swiss Cheese Dippers come in two varieties, Creamy Swiss with Classic Breadsticks, and Creamy Swiss with Tomato & Herb Breadsticks, both of which are excellent sources of calcium, has four grams of protein and contains no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. To celebrate the launch of these two delicious portable snacks, The Laughing Cow held a fun and unique event at The Trapeze School of New York with a day filled with hula hooping, trampoline bouncing and trapeze flying.

Along with these fun activities, we got to snack on some delicious light bites and learn about some great tips that include The Laughing Cow Creamy Swiss Cheese Dippers, from Registered Dietitian, Frances Largeman-Roth. Some of her wonderful tips include:

  • Pack healthy snackers, such as Cheese Dippers to refuel for weekend day trips.
  • Light snacks, like the Cheese Dippers, will keep you satisfied without feeling weighed down on those extra hot summer days
  • Spending some time in the park at a summer concert? Make sure to keep your picnic basket packed with delicious snacks that are easily portable.
  • Road trips can be long and tedious, keep hunger at bay with mess-free snacks like the Cheese Dippers
  • Want to make kids try something new? Make a point to show them you are trying it out yourself. Kids learn when you lead by example.

The Laughing Cow Creamy Swiss Cheese Dippers is sold as both individual single-serve packs, and 5-pack boxes, with each single-serve pack containing 100 calories. Grab one or both of these wonderful snacks Cheese Dippers at a suggested retail price of $1.49 for single-serve packs, and $4.99 for a 5-pack box.

Community Coffee’s Top 10 Tips to Enjoy Mardi Gras 2016

Are you heading to New Orleans for Mardi gras next month? We’ve teamed up with our favorite Louisiana coffee to bring you a top ten list of tips and trick to fully enjoy your Mardi Gras experience in honor of the return of their Mardi Gras-inspired flavored coffee, Community Coffee Mardi Gras King Cake Coffee.

Community Coffee Mardi Gras King Cake coffee

If you’ll be in New Orleans to partake in the carnival festivities, this is the perfect time for some insider tips on the celebrations. Did you know the origins of Mardi Gras in New Orleans can be traced to medieval Europe? The revelry passed through Rome and Venice to evolve into the ornately costumed festivities we see and enjoy today. There’s a lot of tradition and heritage that have helped shaped the Mardi Gras scene into its current celebrated state, and we want to make sure you all there is to have a fully immersive and wonderful time. Without further ado, here are our top ten good things to know to enjoy Mardi Gras like a New Orleans native:

  • Number 10
    How to spell “krewe” and “flambeaux” and “Mardi Gras” and, well, you get the point.
  • Number 9
    Technically, Carnivale is a season, and Mardi Gras is a day. But New Orleans tend to generalize and refer to the weeks of parades leading up to Fat Tuesday as Mardi Gras.
  • Number 8
    The Mardi Gras colors are purple, green and gold. Remember to coordinate your outfit appropriately.
  • Number 7
    The Captain of the Krewe is more important than the King. But the King gets all the glory while the Captain does all the work.
  • Number 6
    If you miss a doubloon thrown from a float, never reach down to pick it up. Always put your foot on it. If you go with your hand, you’re either too late or you’ll get your fingers stepped on.
  • Number 5
    If you bite into a plastic baby in a King Cake, that’s a good thing.
  • Number 4
    Any beads shorter than two feet long are unacceptable unless they are made of glass — the bigger and longer the beads, the better.
  • Number 3
    Once any beads have touched the ground, they are sullied and should not be picked up unless under the rarest of circumstances.
  • Number 2
    The vast majority of people in the French Quarter during Carnivale are from out of town.
  • Number 1
    The Number 1 thing you must know about Mardi Gras season is that Community Coffee Mardi Gras King Cake coffee hits the shelves. We suggest you celebrate with the “king” of all flavored coffees, the delicious Mardi Gras King Cake coffee with light vanilla and cinnamon flavoring. For a limited time you can have your cake … and drink it, too.


Named after the famed Mardi Gras cake, the limited edition, Community Coffee Mardi Gras King Cake Coffee is a seasonal flavored coffee which boasts a blend of cinnamon and vanilla. Made from only the top 10% of the world’s coffee beans, this festive blend is a light, well-balanced sweet roast that is full-bodied and possesses a mild to medium level of acidity. This unique coffee flavor perfectly captures the spirit of Mardi Gras and the flavor of king Cake. The Community Coffee Mardi Gras King Cake Coffee is available for a limited time only, in 12-ounce bags and single-serve K-Cup® pods. For more information, visit on where to purchase, visit

Celebrate National Have Fun at Work Day w/ a Sauza Happy Hour

While we’re all currently trapped indoors this weekend because of blizzard 2016, come next week, it’s back to work, which to many is known as, your second home. Sometimes at work, we do a few things to make the time go by faster. Statistically, we spend most of our time at work, so it is essential to make it as well be having fun! Since next week, Thursday, January 28th, is National Have Fun at Work Day, we thought we’d share a delicious Sauza Tequila cocktail for those of you having an office happy hour in honor of this work week break. Whether you choose this day to celebrate your company’s overall success, completing a big project, taking the time to get to know your colleagues better, or even the fact that the weekend is so close, this Sauza Tequila Minted Mexican Mule is exactly what you need. Try out this delicious recipe

Minted Mexican Mule

Minted Mexican Mule

1 ½ parts Sauza® Signature Blue Reposado Tequila
½ part lime juice
3 parts ginger beer
Mint leaves
Add liquid ingredients to an ice-filled shaker. Shake and strain over ice into a copper mug. Garnish with mint leaves.

happy hour

Looking for great ideas on how to make your office’s National Have Fun at Work Day celebrations truly great? Here are some wonderful tips for hosting a fun office happy hour:

  1. Set the Theme – whether it’s a “getaway” theme with a margarita bar and BBQ favorites, or an early kick-off party for the big football game, choosing a theme for your happy hour will help your colleagues embrace the fun
  2. Get in the “Spirit” – select a signature cocktail to fit your happy hour theme; trade in your coffee mug for a copper mug and serve Sauza’s Minted Mexican Mule, offering a refreshing agave twist on a popular favorite
  3. Mix and Mingle – extend the invite far and wide to include colleagues from various departments; take this opportunity to bond with your co-workers – this will help strengthen your work environment in the long run
  4. Eat Potluck Style – potluck is a great way to share the responsibility of pulling off a fun party, especially when many just “don’t have time” – plus, having each colleague bring an app or snack guarantees a delicious and diverse spread!
  5. Tune it Up – keep the vibe alive with some crowd pleasing tunes; even if the volume is kept low, music will help transform the occasion from a gathering to a happy hour!

Now that we’ve shared a great cocktail recipe from Sauza Tequila, and some cool tips, will you be celebrating National Have Fun at Work Day at your office?