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Shecky’s Beauty at its Best – Day 1

Today is October 2nd and Halloween came early this year. I’m not talking about the spooky part of Halloween or the silly TP-ing of someone’s house. I’m talking about the best part – only this one involved no tricks, just treats. For those of you not in the know, I’m talking about Shecky’s. Shecky’s (aka […]

Sunday – Jets/Cardinals Game

Sunday I was well rested and ready for the day’s activities – The Jets/Cardinals Game. My friend Angelique* blessed me with freaking great seats to the game. Now I only know two friends who are football fanatics – my friend Billy and Vic (no surprise that they are both straight). Billy informed me that he […]

Cosmogirl School of Style Concert Event

As my last post stated, my sore throat was here to stay so Thursday consisted of chicken soup from Golden Crust (hmmmmmmmmm..), Tylenol’s new Honey Lemon Warming liquid for Sore Throat, which had me out cold in 25 minutes) and my bed. I was asleep by 8pm. So on to Friday. And time for the […]