Bleu Lavande: A Pure Lavender Line for At Home Wellness & Selfcare

Bleu Lavande: A Pure Lavender Line for At Home Wellness & Selfcare

Have there been times when you’ve found it difficult to relax, de-stress, or fall asleep? Maybe it’s because of work, or lack of work; the stressful political news, personal losses, etc. This pandemic has caused some irreparable of which nothing can be done, but there are times when we can get ourselves to a moment of calmness, relaxation, and wellness. Some of us use meditation, some use medication, and for many of us, selfcare and wellness products. Today we highlight Bleu Lavande, a line of home wellness and selfcare products made from the fully relaxing ingredient of pure lavender.

Bleu Lavande: A Pure Lavender Line for At Home Wellness & Selfcare

Lavender is well known for its therapeutic benefits known to soothe the mind, body, and soul. Bleu Lavande offers a variety of beautiful aromatic and relaxing products to tempt your senses and inspire overall wellness. Bleu Lavande’s products are free of sulfates, parabens, artificial dyes, and fragrances. All of their products feature the highest quality of true lavender essential oil, which is ISO 35135 certified (a guarantee of purity and quality). All of Bleu Lavande’s products are made with 99.5% natural origin ingredients; none of the products are tested on animals and they are proud to be certified cruelty-free by PETA.

Bleu Lavande: A Pure Lavender Line for At Home Wellness & Selfcare

We have been stressed for so many reasons, which have, in turn, affected our sleep patterns. We find that we’re up later, have difficulty relaxing to get a good night’s rest, and of course, drowsy in the morning. The Bleu Lavande products have really helped us releasing our tensions enough to relax and enjoy decent lengths of slumber. Plus, with it being really freezing outside and the inability to air out our home when cooking, we find ourselves reaching a lot for the Lavender Linen Water, $21.00. It promptly eliminates odors in fabrics, leaving everything smelling wonderfully fresh. The best part, it doesn’t take much as a little bit goes a very long way.

Bleu Lavande: A Pure Lavender Line for At Home Wellness & Selfcare

Whenever we need to relax or want a good night’s rest, the Bath Milk, $19.00, is what we reach for. We actually now only use it at night and on weekends. It is incredibly hydrating and leaves your skin feeling luxurious. We greatly appreciate the fact that this product is also formulated with sunflower oil, coconut oil, and vitamin E. These allow the Bath Milk to leave a thin nourishing layer on your skin for extreme comfort and softness. You also have the option of their Lavender Foaming Bath, $14.00, or Lavender Shower Gel, $12.00. Both are gentle and non-irritating on the skin; boast relaxing and revitalizing effects, and cleanses, softens, and revitalizes your skin. We recommend you follow with either their Body Milk, Body Butter, or Massage Oil.

Bleu Lavande: A Pure Lavender Line for At Home Wellness & Selfcare

Of course, to truly appreciate Bleu Lavande, you must try their essential oils. Along with their True Lavender Essential Oil, $16.00, a drop of which we apply to our pillow to further enjoy a restful night of sleep; they offer several other fragrances for you to enjoy. We’re at the point where the only reason we’re up late it’s because we choose to do so; not because we can’t fall asleep. If this sounds like something you need as well, we invite you to get better acquainted with this Canadian-based wellness brand.

We promise incorporating Bleu Lavande into your daily routine will make you feel like you’ve just been swept away to a beautiful lavender field with harmonious and calming aromas that titillate all five senses.

Eco-friendly cleaning products

Refresh Your Home with ECOSBreeze Odor Eliminating Products

Since we didn’t have much of a spring season, we’re getting an extension and will be partaking in summer cleaning instead. This year, the cleaning isn’t too bad and we won’t have to call in a professional carpet cleaning company. Although, we might have to in the future if there are any stains we can’t get rid of ourselves. Luckily we have all the products we need thanks to the safe and effective home cleaning products from ECOS. While cleaning dust, etc will be a breeze, we’ll have to keep our home smelling fresh from cooking odors, etc. Thanks to ECOS’s newest range of ECOSBreeze odor eliminating products, ECOSBreeze Fabric and Carpet Odor Eliminator, and ECOSBreeze Room Spray, fresh scented rooms will be just as easy.

Rejuvenate your home with our ECOSBreeze Fabric and Carpet Odor Eliminator. Each spray brings the freshness of nature to your couch, carpet, rugs and all your fabric-based furniture, bedding, and accessories. Formulated to be safer for the air you breathe, each bottle of ECOSBreeze contains a signature blend of safer fragrances and essential oils (if you’re interested in essential oils for around your home, you can get more details over at AromaTech). These low-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) formulas are proven as effective as the leading brand at eliminating foul-smelling food odors, destroying odor-carrying particles instead of simply masking them. The ECOSBreeze Fabric and Carpet Odor Eliminator is available in three varieties:

  • Signature Lavender Vanilla scent formulated with a calming, relaxing lavender essential oil.
  • Signature Magnolia & Lily scent formulated with a blend of purifying clove and stimulating patchouli essential oils.
  • Signature Lemongrass scent formulated with lively lemongrass essential oils.

The ECOSBreeze Room Spray brings the freshness of nature into your home. With a unique selection of five Signature Scents, each bottle of ECOSBreeze Room Spray is infused with a custom, hand-crafted blend of essential oils designed with you in mind. The ECOSBreeze Room Spray is available in five varieties: Chill, Bold, Fun, True, and Bright.

  • Signature CHILL lavender vanilla scent formulated with relaxing lavender essential oil, infused with comforting vanilla.
  • Signature Honeydew scent formulated with a BOLD blend of spicy ginger and revitalizing orange essential oils
  • Signature Magnolia & Lily scent formulated with a fun-filled blend of purifying clove and stimulating patchouli essential oils.
  • Signature Bamboo Lemon scent formulated with a TRUE blend of purifying lemon, refreshing mountain pepper, harmonizing wild mint and invigorating eucalyptus essential oils.
  • Signature parsley scent formulated with a BRIGHT blend of energizing thyme, nourishing coriander, sustaining balsam torchwood and lively cinnamon essential oils.

Both the Fabric and Carpet Odor Eliminator and Room Spray are perfect companions to ECOS’s laundry detergent adding a light layer of wonderful scents to your clothing. All three products are available now and can be purchased on

Scent of a Woman: Coqui Coqui X Club Monaco Spring 2018 Collection

Ladies, are you ready for the ultimate in sensory experiences? Are you ready to yield to an aromatic journey like no other? Then you are ready for the Coqui Coqui X Club Monaco Spring 2018 Collection. The Coqui Coqui Perfumeria offers an expansive range of unique, original scents in perfumes, candles, and diffusers. These captivating scents capture the natural tropical scents of the Yucatan Peninsula in southeastern Mexico. The powerful and varied assortment of the region’s tropical flowers, woods, and spices, as well as its lush jungles, and ancient Mayan culture perfectly conveys the exotic and colorful lifestyle of this tropical escape.

The fresh, original fragrances at Coqui Coqui Perfumeria boasts thirteen fragrances to date, produced as individual scents and available as other products, from bath oils to room scents and beeswax candles. These exclusive scents include:

  1. LAVMAN (Lavender & Chamomile) – A gentle mix of the soft floral scent of lavender and chamomile flowers
  2. MADERAS  (Sandalwood & Tropical Woods) – The woodsy and dry aroma of wet earth woodlands and freshly chopped roots
  3. ROSAS SECAS (Dried Roses) – Powdery and feminine with a subtle twist of fresh tobacco leaves
  4. FLOR DE NARANJO (Orange Blossom) – Fresh, sweet, citrusy and lively
  5. NEROLI NEGRO (Black Neroli) – Honeyed notes and spicy facets
  6. ROSAS FRESCAS (Fresh Roses) – The freshness of white rose petals
  7. AGAVE (Tropical Agave) – Blue agave with an intense golden color
  8. TABACO (Tobacco leaves) -An elegant scent of strong, warm tobacco leaves
  9. COCO COCO (Coconut) – Soft and sensual, with a subtle bitter green edge
  10. CITGER (Citronella & Geranium) – The zesty citrus scents act as a natural mosquito repellent
  11. FLOR DE MAYO (Frangipani) – The sweet and warm Plumeria flower with a touch of Jasmine
  12. EUCACED  (Eucaliptus & Ceder) – A woodsy, fresh aroma from the eucalyptus leaves and lush cedar freshness
  13. MENLI (Mint & Lime) – Citrusy and delicious lime with sweet notes of fresh mint

The Coqui Coqui X Club Monaco Spring 2018 Collection featured the Vela Aromatica Scented Candle ($75.00) in Coco Coco, Tabaco, Flor de Naranjo, Flor de Mayo, Roses Frescas, Roses Secas, and Maderas; the Aroma de Ambiente Room Diffuser (375ml – $135.00 and 750ml – $235.00) in Coco Coco, Tabaco, Flor de Naranjo, and Roses Frescas; the Agua de Perfume Eau de Parfum (100ml – $125.00) in Coco Coco, Flor de Mayo, Roses Frescas, Roses Secas, Maderas, and Agave; the Colonia de Ambiente Room & Linen Spray (100ml – $72.00) in Coco Coco, Flor de Naranjo, Roses Frescas, and Lavman; the Agua de Colonia Eau de Cologne (100ml – $92.00) in Tabaco and Flor de Naranjo; the Aceite de Baño Bath Oil (100ml – $62.00) in Coco Coco, Roses Frescas, and Tabaco; and the Colonia Repelente Mosquito Repellent (55ml x 2 bottles/box – $45.00) in Citger.

What are your thoughts on the Coqui Coqui X Club Monaco Spring 2018 Collection? You can preview the collection at Club Monaco’s 160 5th Avenue location, and learn more about the luxury fragrance brand on

Holiday Home Scents: It’s Beginning to Smell A Lot Like Christmas

There’s an old trick real estate agents use when showing a house, they bake cookies so the house smells warm, homey and inviting. We’re going to do the same thing for our apartment during the holiday season, so we’re looking to aromatherapeutic home cleaning product brands, Method Home, Caldrea, and Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day, for our festive holiday scents. If you are also looking to having your home smell a lot like Christmas, continue reading on for some wonderful holiday home scents.

This season Method welcomes two festive fragrances for the holidays, Peppermint Vanilla, a combination of the warmth of vanilla and the wintery wonderland that is peppermint, and Mulled Cider, a warm blend of apple, clove, and cinnamon. These two invigorating scents join their naturally derived, biodegradable formulas, and are available in two of their most favored products, the Method Gel Hand Wash, and Foaming Hand Wash.

Are you ready for three limited-edition fragrances that capture the scents of the holiday season through the distinctive combinations of citrus, floral, and spice notes? Then say hello to Caldrea’s Christmassy Juniper Laurel Mint, warm Plum Bergamot Clove, and festive Saffron Winter Rose. Three wonderfully amazing scents that you can enjoy in five different cleaning products, including a candle, countertop spray, dish soap, hand lotion, and hand soap. Intrigued by the scents? Let’s get to know them. The Juniper Laurel Mint scents boast eucalyptus, juniper, juicy berries, fresh mint, and golden cypress; the Plum Bergamot Clove celebrates the warmth of the season with a combination of clove and amber over blood orange and floral mystery; and lastly, Saffron Winter Rose brings together rose and cardamon with a warm, woody (cedarwood) base, and fresh citrus.

If you’re still looking for more household cleaners in glorious home fragrances, then you should also add Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day to your list. They too are greeting the holidays with three festive scents. Get ready to have your home filled with the aroma of warm and spicy Orange Clove, crisp and fresh Iowa Pine, or tart and sweet Cranberry. These holiday home scents are available in an array of cleaning products, candles and variety sets. Nothing says Christmas like the wonderful scent of a real Christmas tree, capture that fragrance with the combination of crisp Iowa Pine, with a touch of clove and cedar. Whether your tree is real or artificial, your home will smell like freshly cut pine; want to capture the warmth of the holidays? You can’t go wrong with Mrs. Meyer’s warm and spicy Orange Clove, a lovely scent that combines a combines citrus oranges and cloves; if one fruit had to be the mascot of the holidays, it’s cranberries. With the Mrs. Meyers Cranberry cleaning products, you will constantly be surrounded by the aroma of this festive, tart and tangy fruit. Get to know more of these Mrs. Meyer’s seasonal cleaning products.

We will be surrounding ourselves with one or more of these wonderful scents, will you? What’s your favorite holiday scents?

Celebrate the Holiday Season with Thymes Frasier Fir Potpourri

Tis the season for tree and house Christmas decorating but while all the tinsel, garland and stockings are hung don’t forget that while you’re making your home holiday happy, one final touch can add a bit more Christmas cheer thanks to Thymes. This season fill your home with the fragrance of a fresh Christmas tree (even if you have an artificial one) with Thymes Frasier Fir Potpourri.

This vibrant potpourri perfectly captures and fills your home with the crisp, just-cut fragrance and comforting spirit of Frasier Fir. It contains fragrant birch and jack pinecones, natural cedar tips, red cassurina pods and green apple pods. Freshens easily with a few drops of Frasier Fir Refresher Oil. Frasier Fir contains the following fragrance notes – Green (the dominating fragrance), Woody and Citrus. The combination is an aromatic snap of crisp Siberian fir needles, heartening cedarwood and relaxing sandalwood that form a refreshing bed of crisp, just-cut forest fragrance. it also has undertones of rich floral musk that deepen and soften the resinous woody notes for a scent that’s mountain fresh, yet cozy and comforting.

Display your Frasier Fir Potpourri in this modern silver-glazed handcrafted ceramic bowl, an elegant container for the fragrant, forest-fresh display which works perfectly with any décor so it makes a wonderful gift.

Time is of the essence though as this unique blend is only available once a year in limited quantities. Enjoy the fragrance of the season Frasier Fir Potpourri for $28.00 and the decorative bowl for $26.00.

Season’s Greetings!

Diptyque e-Commerce Website Launch

You can find diptyque paris stores in exclusive locations around the globe. What started out as a textile, toy and odds and ends store 50 years ago by three friends has become a cherished and heralded home fragrance, personal fragrance and candle and body care store.

While nothing can ever equal the intoxicating experience of visiting their fragrance-filled stores, you can satisfy your craving for all things diptyque paris by visiting one of their store locations or by shopping online.

Recently diptyque paris launched its e-commerce business to make its exhilarating scents available to consumers all over the world. Michael Levine, the company’s E-commerce Director assures that while you may not be able to shop in the mist of wonderfully smelling scented candles, you will experience the same diptyque paris white glove service via the internet. The same in-store care your items receive is replicated for online purchases – soft cotton bags, tissue-lined boxes stuffed with air pillows all wrapped in their signature black ribbons. It is another pleasant experience for diptyque customers to receive and open their much anticipated purchases. Just because you are missing the personal touch experienced in-stores doesn’t mean you will miss the white glove experience and care that diptyque prides itself on. So, don’t worry if you can’t find a diptyque store in your city or town…now you have your own private store right at your eager fingertips. One of my favorite features is the ability to shop by scent family. There are 6 scent families available from diptyque paris (Citrus, Fruity, Spicy, Floral, Woody and Herbal) or you can just shop by ingredients.

The diptyque paris products make wonderful gifts, any scent will be happily received but if you’re not too sure, gift certificates will be available soon. So each person can select their own fragrance – so happy shopping. Of course, after you’ve made your purchases or even if you’re new and just want to find out more about the company, the website is fully detailed on the history of diptyque paris. See the difference between the first store then (1961) and today

Get introduced to L’Eau, the very first fragrance introduced in 1968. L’Eau is a spicy fragrance with ingredients such as cinnamon, clove, sandalwood, rose, etc. I will leave it to you to discover

This September, diptyque paris also introduces a new fragrance to their already wonderful variety – Eau Duelle, a sweet, clean fragrance that our Editor, Glasgow, fell in love with. Her favorite fragrances are Olene and L’Ombre dans l’Eau and she says will add Eau Duelle to her growing list.

Check it out at . Online service will be available in the UK then Asia shortly


Diptyque Madison Avenue Boutique Opening

One of my favorite home fragrance brands (and the reason I truly fell in love with scented candles), Diptyque, expanded their company with a very chic addition – a brand new Madison Avenue Boutique (located at 971 Madison Ave, btwn. 75th & 76th sts)

I already have a small collection of various Diptyque candles, body washes and home fragrances but whenever I’m around any Diptyque products, I just cannot help myself. To date, I still have packaged and sealed candles and home fragrances left (I love body washes, so those are always the first to go). Anyway, I was so very happy to receive the invitation and counted the days until I’d be surrounded by my favorite scents, they are Oranger and Pomander – both Cinnamon and Citrus (respectively) based spicy scents that always makes my home smell inviting and homey. They are especially great during the holidays. Another great Cinnamon based scent is Cannelle, which I have recommended, along with Pomander as a gift (with great results of course)

Anyway, back to the opening. I walked in into the brightly illuminated boutique to the wonderful scents Diptyque has to offer (one thing that is especially wonderful about Diptyque is that the scents don’t compete with each other so they’re not overpowering and won’t give you a headaches – they actually compliment one another)

As usual, I was incredibly tempted to make a purchase, even though as stated above, I have Diptyque products I haven’t even used yet. And of course that didn’t stop me as I was introduced to another scent I never paid attention to but which has now been added to my list of favorites. That fragrance is called L’eau.

I couldn’t decide between the body wash or the soap trio. Again, I love body washes but I know the three soaps would last longer than the body wash. I went back and forth between the two while enjoying the wonderful champagne and delicious chocolate the event had to order.

I employ you all to visit the new Diptyque Boutique, the layout and displays invite you to touch, play with, smell and experience all the scents Diptyque has to offer

I was also introduced to a new Diptyque scent – Lait Frais, especially it’s Fresh Lotion For The Body. “This fluid yet generous lotion combines the moisturizing properties of orange blossom water with the essential fatty acids of organic sweet almond oil and the nourishing virtues of macadamia nut. It leaves the skin deliciously soft, soothed and supple.”

Seda France Home Fragrances at NYIGF

Moving from Aromatherapeutic home cleaning to the home fragrances of Seda France. In it’s short time of existence (Seda France first launched in 2001), Seda France has become a leading name in Home fragrance. It’s not only their amazing fragrances that will take your breath away, their packaging, which is so brillant, will basically make you not want to open your Seda France Candle (at least for me it was). The packaging is so beautiful, I can honestly say they’d make excellent decorative pieces for your home. They’re colorful, so chic and definitely catches the eye…..and the scents….hmmmmmmmmmmm

Seda France Home Fragrances comes in the following collections – classic toile, l’occasion, édition limitée, paisley, tea, bon chic, l’argent, trend tins, la menagerie, bridal and the Walt Disney Collection.

You can purchase any of the Seda France Home Frangrances either on their site or at any high-end retailers such as Henri Bendel, the Ritz-Carlton Central Park, Gracious Home, The Four Seasons Hotel, Oasis Day Spa, etc in NYC and many more across the United States. For a list of stores in your area, click on the store finder.

I was given quite the education on Seda France by their Sales Specialist, Tori and I am happy to share that knowledge with you