Fast or Die – A 55DSL and Alex Fakso Collaboration

55DSL and contemporary street artist, Alex Fakso, have joined together to create a new photographic project titled Fast or Die, a powerful 112 page photo strip describing the world through the subways. With commuting becoming increasingly long – it is said some Americans spend more than 100 hours commuting via subway in a year – that’s more time than I spend in parks, museums, concerts, etc combined. Sad but true, the subway has become a fourth habitat for us, so I love the idea of capturing people in one of their natural habitats. This collaboration project comes to life after Fakso traveled the world for five years.

Metropolitan narratives from such places as London, the US, Russia and Japan are immortalized in 60 shots: portraits of people running, taking the subway, sleeping on docks, sneaking into tunnels. Fakso follows his subjects taking part in the action, moving along with them, following them until he manages to document instants and moments of their days, thus creating snapshots that contain stories, details and sensations.

This passion for street art and urban culture as well as being friends from childhood, brought 55DSL creative director Andrea Rosso to support Alex Fakso in this new project, together with Montana Colors which includes the above shown limited edition capsule collection of t-shirts inspired by Alex’s photography (the full capsule collection has six amazing tees). To celebrate this great project 55DSL will be hosting tour dates to give you an up close and personal look into Alex Fakso’s world

The Empire State Building Shoe by Geox

Have you ever just been walking down the street and something just jumps into your peripheral view and stops you dead in your tracks? This is what happened to me while I was walking past Geox on 34th Street. In the window was the gorgeous Empire State Building Shoe. I’m not sure how I missed seeing these breathtaking beauties as I am frequently in that area but I’m happy my eyes (my feet will surely follow soon) got to finally see these. The 5 inch heel (made from rhinestones) is a replica of the world famous Empire State Building which is right across the street from Geox’s 34th Street location.

The Empire State Building Shoe, which retails for $230.00 comes in three styles/colors in New York – the Animal Print Peep-Toe, the Black and Silver Sequined Patent Leather (both shown above) and Pink Sequins (which sometimes looks blue and purple in the light). I was told the shoe is available in other colors but only in other countries (ooh the possibilities). As you will see in the video below, the Empire State Building Shoe comes enclosed not in a shoebox but in a back and silver briefcase fitted with molds of the shoes dressed in black satin – doesn’t that sound so incredibly sexy?

Unfortunately the shoes cannot be purchased online, only in store but with a beauty like this, you should actually hold, touch and enjoy every fabulous every inch of it. Happy Shopping Ladies.

An interesting fact, the name Geox is Greek even though the company is Italian – Geo means Earth and the letter X stands for the technology element. That technological element being they create innovative and revolutionary shoes that breathe.

Moises de la Renta’s Limited Edition T-Shirts for MANGO

The New York based designer, Moises de la Renta, has designed a limited edition collection of romantic t-shirts for Spanish chain, MANGO, in which this garment is reinterpreted in various ways: embellishing it with jewels, precious stones and tulle and giving it a customized deluxe air, as well as creating graphic illusions by employing heraldic symbols combined with transparencies and patchwork effects. This collection will go on sale at the company’s stores in April, with prices ranging from $50 – 70 dollars. He stated, via press release, that the inspiration for this t-shirt collection was “the traditional romantic themes: from pretty patchworks with summer flowers in sombre colours, such as rose, violet, grey and black, to graphic illusions which combine transparent effects, with shiny gems and adornments in between”

About the designer:
Aged just 25, Moises de la Renta is already an established designer. Representing a blend of chic and New York cool styles, this Dominican Republic born, Connecticut raised designer has already seen Michelle Obama wear a dress from his Autumn ’09 collection. The son of the legendary Oscar de la Renta, Moises grew up with an innate sense of elegance. His style is attenuated with a rock & roll sensibility.