Starbucks Doubleshot Energy+Coffee


As if we New Yorkers needed something else to get us up and moving, Starbucks in now in the Energy drink business. And what better way to have your boost of energy than with coffee? I guess if an espresso doesn’t do anything for you anymore, try a Starbucks Doubleshot Energy+Coffee.

starbucks 001

The Starbucks Doubleshot Energy+Coffee comes in four flavors:

and the new flavor, Cinnamon Dulce

Now, I’m not really a coffee drinker (ok, not at all…they’ll win me over with some free Tazo Chai Tea – HINT, HINT) but I know quite a few coffee addicts who would pay me top dollar for this, including my lovely mum). Anyway, the package also contained a disk with information on these new energy coffee drinks which is surprisingly quite detailed. Check them out below (click on image for larger view)

PSB104835_SBKS_DBSHT_FactSheet PSB104835_SBKS_DBSHT_Nutritional

But the best thing, which I may give to my mum or keep it for myself is the beverage warmer/cooler (see photo of beverages above). You can keep your hot drinks from 50-60 degrees and your refrigerated drinks at 12 degrees, it’s small as you can see and can be used at work and home. the amazing part is it’s powered via USB port. Yes, your computer can keep your coffee warm and your soda/juice, etc cold (imagine how many trips to the microwave and fridge you save daily).

So you coffee fanatics (who don’t get these from me), go out and try this and get back to me. The Cinnamon Dulce is available in grocery and convenience stores as of February. Happy drinking!

Travel With Me | Last Post on Tokyo, Japan

Hi all, I just wanted to post some miscellaneous photos from my trip to Tokyo before I continue on with the event posts. Below are photos from the neighborhood of my hotel, the beautiful Shibuya Tokyu Excel, located in the heart of Shibuya. The first photo is the view from my hotel room.

Before I continue I must note that even though I didn’t get shoes in my size in Tokyo (Japanese women have small feet and shoes basically only went to size 8) and only not much clothing (boobs too big), I was on the hunt for a particular color of nail polish. While right now we are reveling in purple and Blue nail polish, I think one of the next hot colors is Grey, not Silver but Grey. Throughout my trip, I searched and searched all over. I had Matt go into every nail salon and any store that had a beauty section to no avail but on the day before I was to leave Tokyo, I hit the jackpot…..yea!!! Below is a photo of my Grey nail polish

Anyway, back to the tourist in me. As I stated before, Matt took me just about everywhere. We went to Harajuku, Shinjinku, ODaiba, etc. There was this place in Odaiba (also called Daiba) called Palette Town. It is a man-made island which has a huge shopping center, concert hall, Car theme park, etc. They even had a huge ferris wheel and believe it or not, a smaller version of the Statue of Liberty

We also did some walking along Japans version of 5th Ave. I didn’t take any photos of the actual stores but it’s exactly what you’d expect – Gucci, Valentino, Prada, etc but I did take some photos of the area

Including some interesting stuff like these this traditional wedding gift from a mother to newlyweds

…..and these two ancient warriors

On my last night in Tokyo, Matt, his friend Yumi and I went to a nightclub in the neighborhood of my hotel called Gaspanic (it was literally like a block from my hotel)

First thing, you can see a little bit of a Zima wall hanging there, yep Zima. It still exists, at least in Japan. They also LOVE, I mean LOVE rap and hip hop music. We spent about four or five hours dancing to mostly dirty south music (seriously). I had to ask the DJ to play some east coast hip hop.

I took some video of people dancing at the club (it’s a bit dark but bear with me). Both include a guy who came straight from the office – suit, briefcase and all; he took off his jacket and just started getting down

Anyway, Matt pointed out something crazy to me. It seems there are some men in Japanese who try to pick up women off the street, just regular women and pay them to have sex with them or try to get them to do pornos. I took a photo of two guys and they were trying to pick up women right in front of us (I have indicated them with yellow arrows in the photo below).

They were not even trying to hide it, it was all very out in the open. The crazy part was they were so polite and respectful about it. Matt said that this was a very normal thing in Japan……..crazy.

Travel With Me | Symphony Restaurant Water Cruise Around Tokyo

Two days after my awesome night time helicopter ride over Tokyo, I was set to enjoy the views of Tokyo via a day cruise with Symphony Cruises. My tour guide, Matt and I arrive at the Hinode Pier

I originally thought this was just a small boat tour around Tokyo but to my surprise, it turned out to be a restaurant cruise and it was on a huge ship.

Just like a restaurant, you made a reservation and when you arrive at the pier, you check in with this gentleman

The ship was supposed to leave at 11:50 am but they were running a bit behind (turns out there was an obscene amount of people (a few large bus loads) who were also supposed to be on this cruise and they were just waiting on them but it wasn’t a long wait, we were on board by 12 noon. We enter the ship to see this life preserver showing the date of the cruise and this beautiful chandelier

Now I said this ship was huge but to understand how huge it was, let me say there were two restaurant levels. We were on the bottom level and other tourists were on the top. One level was the $50 trip and the other the $30 trip. Here is a photo of our level

With the $50 trip you have a huge buffet which you can see below. The photos are of the middle part of the table, I couldn’t get the entire table in one photo and by the time I tried, the other guest had already swarmed around it.

After we devoured shrimp, scallops, steak, salmon, beef stew, etc, they brought out the elegant and moist tasting desserts and fruits.

After we had our fill, we went to the top deck to see Tokyo in all it’s glory

The whole trip lasted about 2 hours and was wonderful. As you can tell from the photos it was a beautifully sunny day and a perfect day for a cruise. I had a blast.

My Time in Tokyo, Japan Part 2

It’s no secret that the Japanese love things American – McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s, Starbucks (like in America, there’s one practically on every block), Hip Hop music, Paris Hilton but I was shocked to see what else was here, check out this list

1. Cold Stone Creamery – there’s one in my hotel

2. TGI Fridays

3. Chilli’s

4. Bubba Gump Shrimp

5. 7-Eleven

6. Outback Steakhouse – Wait, is that American or Australian?

7. Taco Bell

Anyway, I could go on and on but you get the drift.

The top part of this post was just basic observance, I didn’t take any photos of them. Now on to the real topic – my activities in Tokyo. Let me start by saying my tour guide Matt is the best thing since slice bread. He is so awesome, so so awesome.

If anyone plans to go to Tokyo, Matt is the guy to see. He created such a fantastic itinerary for me. I basically only saw my hotel room when it was time to sleep. I left in the morning and got back usually around 10 pm.

A flight to Tokyo is damn near 12 hours and your skin takes a real beating in that closed off dry contaminated air, so Matt set me up at a Spa called HALF DAY SPA Heartsease for a facial.

It was a spa for women only so he was chased out which made it quite difficult for the first 15 minutes I was there trying to say what I wanted since I speak not one word of Japanese and their English was well…. as good as my Japanese, LOL

Anyway, once all was set, they started me off with the best green tea I’ve ever had

After I was done with the tea, I was led to a changing room, where I was given am off shoulder robe/dressing gown and slippers then off to the room where my facial will begin

The facial was in four parts, the first was your basic massage cleansing gel but the second part was really different – it was a cleansing foam but my face and decolletage was completely covered with this very thick foam

The foam is a whipped cream-like foam made out of Barley rice grounded with ancient stones into a fine powder, the active force of water is added and the cream is whipped like a normal facial cream. This allows the cleansing foam to go deep into the pores and remove any dirt that might be there.

Travel With Me | Yes, I am in Tokyo

After what seemed like days on a plane, I am finally in Tokyo. My new friend (my tour guide), Matt was nice enough to meet me at Narita airport and we took the train to Shibuya to my hotel – The Shibuya Tokyu Excel Hotel.

I am behind in posting some event stories, which I hope to catch up on during this trip, but I have to write about my experiences as well (boy that’s a lot to do) but as I don’t have actual events to go to (I’m missing about 4 or 5 I think as I’m away).

Anyway, here are some photos so far

It’s so strange, at about 4:30 pm, it was so dark already. It looked like about 8 or 9 pm outside. The above photos were taken at about 6pm Tokyo time, which is 4am New York time.

Anyway, back to the trip, everything ran smoothly, they even fed you (A lot). I had full meals and full snacks (not pretzels but a turkey sandwich and chocolate as a snack). For dinner I had BBQ beef, 3-pc shrimp cocktail, salad and a Ghirardelli Square as desert… yummy.

Anyway, I’m off to sleep a little

Susan G Komen Event – It is Breast Cancer Month

Before I start, I must say congrats to my good friend Indashio for winning VH1’s Glam God with Vivica A Fox. You go baby and don’t let the negative people spoil your love of your job.

Back to the event. As October is Breast Cancer Month, you know there are Breast Cancer Events going on. I attended one hosted by the Cosmedical Spa, Smooth Synergy. It was originally supposed to be cruise around New York but because they got more RSVPs than expected, they moved the entire event to Mansion. An email was sent out the night before the event but some people got it the same day as the event (which is unfortunate – I will explain a bit later). Anyway, the event was being hosted by Christian Michael de Medici and sponsored by The Daily (Fashion Week Daily to the layman)

(yes, from THAT de Medici family), who has his own reality show called POPLIFE: The Adventures of a de Medici. At the event, they stated the show airs on MTV, I assumed MTV Europe. Anyway, as soon as you walk in, there are pap-type photogs waiting and you’re asked to post against this step and repeat

I of course followed direction, Angelique* on the other hand is not fond of taking pictures, so she passed. Afterwards, you check in with these two lovely ladies,

given a gift bag ticket as well as a drink ticket (this part surprised us as the invitation stated open bar but as said before, the change of venue notice said they expecting much more people than before, so I guess the open bar was now limited to one drink. I’m not that big a drinker (I usually stay at 2 drinks at an event) and Angelique* doesn’t drink alcohol (yes, really) except for one curious moment with a glass of Sangria (which she didn’t like) LOL. So of course, neither of us minded, it’s for a great cause and we were ready to battle to crowd for a good spot. We walk into the main hall of Mansion to the screens showcasing this (they will later show snippets from POPLIFE: The Adventures of a de Medici)

Unfortunately, the guests seem very scarce but it’s still early yet. We join Kim and her friend Allison, Marisol and her brother (all we’ve met before), so we sit and chit chat about the past events we attended, the future events we will attend, the lack of people at this event, the hors d’oeuvres, world news, etc, etc. Then Angelique* and I got our one drink (mine was pretty powerful, so I’m glad it’s only one). Several minutes later, Christian de Medici introduces himself and he begins the auction (did I forget that there is an auction……well, there is an auction, there I mentioned it. It is a charitable event after all).

Not everything up for auction was available to take photos, except the artwork (no the horn in the back is not a part of it)

which this gentleman and his wife purchase one (they are the owners of Smooth Synergy)

The other painting was purchased by this man

who also walked away with a fashion Week in Paris trip worth $45,000 for ONLY $3,000. YES, REALLY! The package included a roundtrip for two on a private jet, front row tickets to Paris fashion Week with Christian de Medici, of course hotel. $3,000, I’ll say it again $3,000. I almost past out. Oh god, I wish, I wish that was me. The whole event was like a sale (I think he bought something else too but I can’t remember).

Imagine a free hotel stay for ANY W Hotel in the world – how much would you expect that to cost and where would you go? It was valued at $10,000. The winning bid did not spend that much – at all.

There was also a botox and restylane packages worth thousand that went for like $300, a trip for two to Miami and Los Angeles that went for nothing. Kim, Angelique*, Marisol and I all turned a very deep shade of envy green that night. The reason for the rock bottom prices? As I stated before, guests were very scarce at this event. I think not everyone got the new location email that was sent out. So everything had to go to at least get some money for the organization. I’m just happy at least some money was made. I wish I had a lot of my own to bid (on the Paris trip) but not everyone is as lucky as others in this struggling economy..sigh……

Anyway, at about midnight or 1 am (who can remember), the club officially changed from charity event host location to full on club. The transition was made by them (guess I’d have to be a straight man to get the concept but whatever)

The last part of the evening is of course gift bag time, and here it is

*Some names have been changed to protect the permanently shy and those possibly under witness protection


UPDATE: It seems the elusive “Christian Michael de Medici” has been caught, click here for news update:–82325612.html

JellyNYC & LeSportsac Artist in Residence Event

After the MyItThings event, we walked over to the Cabanas at The Maritime Hotel for the JellyNYC and LeSportsac Artist in Residence Event. JellyNYC is the organization that does all those cool concerts at McCarren Park Pool and well, everyone knows LeSportsac makes fantastic bags with the most interesting prints. I own a few myself.

featuring the following artist

He was present of course and was doing some drawings at the event

behind him was some sketches he created and the bags he designed for LeSportsac

and here are some closeups of the bags

The theme of the event was like a carnival, you walk in to cotton candy, caramel popcorn, a photo booth and games – Bean Bag Toss and Plinko (if you’ve ever watched The Price is Right, you know what Plinko is). With my Blueberry IZZE cocktail in hand, I walked around the event. Here are some photos

I, who never win anything (well, any raffle-type contests), won at Plinko. YEA!!!! And the best part was the prizes were LeSportsac bags…double YEA!!!. Here’s what I won. It is called the Compulsive Shopper (very fitting, I know) and it retails for $128

Here are some photos of the party

And finally, here is the gift bag

On to tomorrow’s event

The Hors D’Oeuvre House by BizBash

My cousin left today for Spain (her real vacation, NY is just a stopover; she sent me this photo of the Mediterrean Sea – gorgeous view, right?)

Anyway, I had two events plus a friend’s birthday soiree to attend (the birthday party was for Michael, who was briefly mentioned at the Bacardi event). The first event of the day was the Hors D’oeuvre House by BizBash held at the very chic antique house, 632 on Hudson (that’s the name as well as the address). This is a part of the NY Food & Wine Festival It’s actually a three-floor, 19th Century Tuscan-style Townhouse filled with antiques but I stayed on the first floor with the very modern fans

(though they were giving tours) to event planners.
As soon as you walk in, you are greeted with this banner

which hung over a table containing various BizBash Magazines and other information

  and the crowd

The BizBash event started at 1pm and went on until 5pm but I wanted to make sure I was home incase my cousin forgot anything – she did (twice). Anyway, I arrived to see Kim already there (on my way over, she said the event wasn’t all that and she was leaving but since I was mere minutes away, she stayed (thanks girl). About 10-15 minutes later, Zia* and Alexandra* arrived. I wanted to meet up with them and then go to the event but they didn’t get my message until they got to the event. The event was your basic event, wine was served (excellent wine, by the way). It is called Lunetta Prosecco and it’s a must.

but the hors d’oeuvre situation was totally hilarious. It was like feeding time on the Serengeti. you’d swear these people were locked up and starved for weeks. When a server came out with a tray, it wasn’t “kill or be killed”, it was “get out of the way quick or be killed” via stampede. Alexandra* was hit, literally hit by another guest to get a damn bite-size morsel. Kim was tripped and shoved out of the way. I was also pushed. The same server who was well…serving when Alexandra* was hit came directly over to us (the savages were distracted by another server temporarily – they were standing by the door where the servers were coming out with the trays and we were off to the side away from the crowd). Before we had time to reach for an hors d’oeuvre (again, the server came directly to us – she was standing infront of us), we were completely surrounded by the other guests and that was when i was pushed out of the way. there is nothing worse than vultures. I mean I know the economy is bad but come on…..I swear actual staving people would not act that way when food is around, even the servers were disgusted – as they should be. I took some video of one of the more tamer moments of the guests surrounding the server (I guess some of them felt bad about their behavior). Sorry it’s so shaky but I was laughing so much. You can actually see someone grab three hors d’oeuvres (which were satays).

The hors d’oeuvres were created by three different companies and the deliciousness they created for the event:

Abigail Kirsch – Miniature Lobster BLT’s, Miso Glazed Black Cod Sates & Contemporary Caprese
Creative Edge Parties – Basil Chicken Roll, Salmon and Chips & Spinach Souffle
The Glazier Group – Spicy Crab Summer Roll, Seared Steak Fava Bean & Parmesan Reggiano Bruschetta

My favorite was the Salmon and Chips, of course I didn’t get to taste anything that The Glazier Group did thanks to the others.

Anyway, we got tired of getting beat up, so we left. Zia* and Alexandra* were starving (are you surprised?), while Kim and I went on to the next event.

*Some names have been changed to protect the permanently shy and those possibly under witness protection