Style Soiree with and Ginger + Liz Colour Collection

You guys may remember my coverage of a very cute and affordable accessory line called PNKElephant from owners/designers, Blair Sandlain and Kijafa Frink. You can refresh your memory HERE. Well the ladies are back to bring you more affordable and adorable jewelry.

The line is filled with fun, feminine, charming and bold jewelry that’s perfect for any Recessionista. It features classic feminine details like bows and classic round hoops to on trend styles like leaves, multi-lengths chains, three and four finger rings to dramatic embellishments like studs, big chains, pyramids, spikes and leather.  My favorite is the Silver Big Bow Ring featured in the photo directly below which retails for a very wallet-friendly $11.00



 The ladies also provided manis from the fun and colorful celebrity nail line Ginger + Liz


I spoke to Blair Sandlain about their new collection and what’s going on with PNKElephant. See the video interview below

Blair and Kijafa are also hosting a great contest on PNK One aspiring fashion blogger will get the chance to guest-blog on for three months as they cover the latest trends. The winner will receive $100 worth of merchandise while three runners up will each receive $25 of merchandise. All applicants will receive a promo code offering them 10% off their next Accessories purchase. All you have to do is submit a 300 word fashion blog post featuring three PNK accessories by November 13th, 2010. The winner will be chosen the week of November 15th. You can get more information

Anzie Jewelry Fall 2010 Collection Preview

Anzie jewelry was founded in 1999 by Anzie Stein as a way to raise money for Cancer awareness. After her husband was diagnosed with colon cancer, Anzie designed the Lifesaver Bracelet as an outlet to deal with the emotions of her husband’s illness.

The success of the lifesaver bracelet prompted the company to design full collections of 18k gold, 14k gold or sterling silver pieces set with semi-precious and precious stones. Now with her daughters by her side, Anzie has created another exciting collection for the Fall.

Anzie’s jewelry is spectacular. It is clean, timeless and classic. Everyday Luxury, Anzie’s philosophy, is evident in every piece of the Fall 2010 collection. The jewelry can be worn as a single statement piece or layered taking the sophisticated woman from day to night.

My favorite pieces, which is not easy to select since there were so many fabulous pieces, were the Dew Drop bracelet in various colored stones set in sterling silver and the Angelina necklace in white topaz. The Dew Drop bracelet and Angelina necklaces are true statement pieces. They are bold; demanding attention.

A confident woman who enjoys having all eyes on her would relish in the attention she would get wearing these pieces. The Anzie Jewelry Collection is for the woman who likes luxury, timeless pieces that can complement her business suit, jeans and summer dress. This woman has a youthful spirit, knows quality, and likes to be stylish.Get an up close and personal view of the collection below

Because of the pride taken in their jewelry, Anzie provides customers with the ability to customize their purchases. If you would like a special charm or engraving added or if the bracelet needs to be sized/re-sized, Anzie will happily customize your purchase. Its another attribute that makes this company unique.

Anzie jewelry retails for $175 to $12,000 and can be purchased at or in high end retailer,  Saks Fifth Avenue.

PNK Elephant Accessories New Collection Launch

A friend who knows my love of Accessories informed me of a hot new line and said I had to check it out, so when they announced a launch event – I had to be there – thus sharing my up close and personal experience with PNK Elephant Accessories to you dear readers.

The funny thing is, this is not the first time I have met with PNK Elephant Accessories co-owner, Blair Sandlain. If you just happened to find yourself at the Pamela Anderson/Richie Rich fashion Show during this past season of Fashion Week, then you may have noticed one of the jewelry designers was PNK Elephant Accessories. The collection is filled with bold jewelry; chunky and robust materials and textured are put together to create fun and eye-catching jewelry.

Even with models dressed in neon pink with rainbow brite colored wigs, the jewelry pieces had no competition in getting attention. The first necklace was my favprite but take a look at the other accessories – the bracelets, rings – oh the rings!!! The two and three finger rings are so chic, so out of this world – quirky, fun and a very nice addition to any outfit (please note the second photo below is of one of her male staff, not a model – before you guys start attacking lol)

Let me introduce you to designer/owner Blair Sandlain with some of her models below giving us the deets on her hot new line of accessories – you’ll be shocked on how affordable everything is.

About PNkElephant:

PNkElephant has been featured in: Creme Magazine, Right On! Magazine, SMOOTHGirl Magazine and EZO Magazine among others! High profile celebs such as: Richie Rich, Tinsley Mortimer, Pamela Anderson, Teyana Taylor, Olivia, Va$htie Kola, and top stylist are fans! Most recently, PNkElephant was tapped by Richie Rich himself to provide the accessories for his fall 2010 fashion show during New York Fashion Week. They were also the feature jewelry designer for the Marco Hall Fall 2010 fashion show.

The Exquisite Jewelry of Grandmother’s Buttons

As you’ve been reading, I was introduced to several wonderful companies and products at the NYIGF but my favorite and the one I’m most likely to shout their name from the highest mountain over and over is Grandmother’s Buttons. What exactly is Grandmother’s Buttons you may be asking yourself? Well it’s a line of very beautiful jewelry made from Antique (circa 1880s-1910s) and vintage (circa 1920s-1950s) buttons. My friends know that I love vintage stuff – clothing, furniture, etc. Infact (and I think I’ve stated this before), my engagement ring will surely be either antique or vintage.

Started by Susan Davis in 1985, who as a young girl spent the afternoon sifting through the odd assortment of tins and boxes that held her 95-year-old grandmother’s lifetime accumulation of buttons, Grandmother’s Buttons has grown substantially. The company is located at the corner of Royal and Prosperity streets, in the heart of the Historic District in a turn-of-the-century bank building in St. Francisville, Louisiana’s. ” The authentic antique button jewelry was a huge hit and in the early nineties, the company expanded to form GB Collection, which produces replica button jewelry, as well as accessories and collectibles — all inspired by these tiny fasteners of the past.” I can’t get over the beauty of the jewelry from this company. Just the fact that you’ll wearing something that is older than anything you’ve known is amazing; I mean each button had another life, saw (I know not technically) the world in a totally different time and survived. It makes me wonder about the people who wore these buttons on their shirts, pants, etc. What did they see, do, experience; to what did they wear the clothing the buttons were sewn to?

“The creations of both Grandmother’s Buttons and GB Collection are sold in more than a thousand boutiques and museum stores across the country, an impressive list which included Lord & Taylor; Fred Segal; Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; Nordstrom; the Biltmore Estate; Signals; Orvis; J. Jill; and Norm Thompson. The company has also been featured in a host of publications including Victoria, Family Circle, Southern Living, Country Home and Modern Bride.”

The line consists of Necklaces, Rings, Bracelets, Earrings, Watches, and Brooches. I took the following photos (see below) at the NYIGF. As you can see they are absolutely gorgeous.

I do have a few photos (courtesy of the Grandmother’s button’s website) with more detail so you can see the true beauty of each piece







As stated before, Grandmother’s Buttons is located in an old bank. “In the old bank’s vault, guests are invited to discover hundreds more buttons in their fascinating Button Museum. This historical gallery features all forms of the antique fasteners, from a hand-chased brass button made exclusively for George Washington’s first inaugural, to the wildly imaginative Bakelite buttons of the 1930’s.”

If you can’t get to Louisiana in the near future, may I suggest purchasing her Beautiful Button Jewelry Book. For a mere $24.99, you can enjoy beautiful photographs as Susan “opens her jewelry box to share more than 25 dazzling designs–earrings, necklaces, brooches, watches and bracelets all made with buttons dating back to the Victorian era through the 1950s.”

I did interview the incredibly sweet and amazing Susan Davis (it took me a while because as I said, the entire gift fair was enormous) but it was worth the wait. Every piece of this line is beautiful and they all look like heirlooms you’ll certainly want to pass on to your family. I think everyone should own a piece (or several) of Grandmother’s Buttons – I do and I plan on adding to and building my collection.

Luxury Jewelry Brand, Sabido & Basteris at NYIGF

I was very excited to see the gorgeous jewelry from the renowned Italian-Mexican designer, Sabido & Basteris at NYIGF (New York International Gift Fair).


I was already familiar with the collection by covering their launch event at Norwood but this time I had the pleasure of not only meeting Victor Sabido but also got a first-hand introduction to his Sabido & Basteris Luxury jewelry collection.


Victor personally walked me through his new pieces which I immediately fell head over heels for. To refresh your memory, Sabido & Basteris uses cutting edge technology to dye silver using natural materials to create colorful ribbons of silver thread. Inspired by the beauty of the Mayan Temples, the ribbons are woven into the gorgeous pieces you see here

nyigf-113nyigf-010 nyigf-145
My absolute favorite pieces (the earrings, the ring which I had to try on and the necklace) are featured below, yes those beautiful pieces you see below are dyed woven silver thread; it is actually quite light and pliable to the touch; the pieces also have movement, they are not stiff at all. Every one of the Sabido & Basteris’s jewelry pieces are stand outs. One piece (any one piece) would be the perfect accessory to make your look come alive.

nyigf-004 nyigf-009 nyigf-016

Now, I cannot write about Sabido & Basteris without mentioning his luxe and grown-up friendship bracelets (which we had the pleasure of receiving at the Norwood launch). Aren’t they incredibly cute? I love the bright new colors and want one ( it’s a great look when you double and triple wear them).


As stated above, I got a chance to learn about and see the collection from Mr. Sabido Basteris himself – check out the video below

Sabido and Basteris Luxury jewelry Launch Party At Norwood

A very good friend invited me to the launch event of a Jewelry line that was launching in the US for the first time. Naturally, I attended and dragged Kim along with me. The Sabido and Basteris luxury jewelry collection is absolutely breathtaking; the words gorgeous, enchanting, amazing does not do it justice (I only took one photo because they were made available to us). The event was held gallery style at the exclusive Norwood Club lent even more to the regal beauty of the jewelry, they truly are pieces of art.

sabido-and-basteris-1sabido-and-basteris-2 sabido-and-basteris-3

As we walked around enjoying taking in the beauty of the pieces, enjoying champagne and the tasty hors d’oeuvres, we were told of the concept of the collection. Inspired by the Mayan Temples, designer, and creator, Victor Sabido Basteris rediscovered the art of using natural materials to create color. “Sabido & Basteris combines fine jewelry design with cutting edge technology to dye silver using natural materials to create ribbons of rainbows. The line is distinguished by brilliant colors and silver thread that is weft in a completely unique way.”. The eco-friendly and sustainable line not only featured silver but also a mix of materials such as gold, leather, precious stones (as well as stones indigenous to various countries), wood and crystal creating the beauty that you see above. I expect to see the Sabido and Basteris pieces very soon on the red carpet.


Unfortunately, we didn’t get to meet the designer as we had another event to attend (always another event) but on our way out we were gifted with a beautiful friendship bracelet like the ones featured below:


There was one piece that made me speechless but alas I didn’t take a photo and thankfully a quick search brought it up. I won’t call it a necklace, it is just a gorgeous piece of artwork