Spring Love: Adrianna Papell Spring 2017 Collection

It’s finally spring and we are in love. In love with a what, not a who. We’re in love with the stunning spring fashions currently (and finally) available for purchase. We’re completely enamored with the Adrianna Papell Spring 2017 Collection, which is bursting with modern elegance. Expect feminine details like fluttery sleeves, jeweled necklines, bare shoulders, gorgeous floral prints, intricate embroidery, delicate lace, vibrant colors, and sleek tailored silhouettes that glide over the body. The Adrianna Papell Spring 2017 Collection delivers everything you love about the warmer season in fashion form in the only way they know how……..perfectly chic, of course.

Whether you drape yourself in the spring collection’s day or work dresses, the chic separates, or the to-die-for jumpsuits (we promise you’ll swoon over the crisp white flutter one shoulder jumpsuit), Adrianna Papell has your day stunningly planned out. Favorite looks from the collection include the aforementioned jumpsuit, and fluttery-sleeved dresses, the chic white sheath with the sheer lace neckline and sleeves, and all the bold florals in the collection.

Of course, Adrianna Papell is most known for their stunning eveningwear, and for good reason. Whether you’re off to a party, the opera, red carpet, or an evening of pure elegance, the beautiful evening dresses from the Adrianna Papell Spring 2017 Collection is sure to stun, and have you looking stunning.

Why not veil yourself in sparkly sequins, intricate beading, or voluminous tulle decorated in the most eye-catching and glamorous designs. No matter if you prefer strapless, delicate spaghetti straps, short sleeves, or halters, with the attention to detail that Adrianna Papell shows on every each of these gorgeous gowns, you’re sure to turn heads. There was so much to love from the eveningwear collection, it’s quite difficult to select a few favorites. If every single item were in our closet, we’d be extremely happy fashion lovers. What we’ve shown above is merely a tip of the iceberg of available looks for you to enjoy, so if you’re looking to add some lovely attention-getting pieces this season, get better acquainted with the Adrianna Papell Spring 2017 Collection.

Speaking of eveningwear, it’s officially prom season, check out these stunning Adrianna Papell prom dresses by clicking our prom story – mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com/2017/04/10/adrianna-papell-prom-dresses.

NYFW: Hayley Elsaesser X My Little Pony Fall/Winter 2017 Collection

It seems our childhood favorites are continuing to make some wonderful modern day moves. We recently highlighted the Care Bears collaboration with Sprinkles Cupcakes, now we bring you news on what’s happening in the magical world of Equestria. As we eagerly await the new animated My Little Pony movie, we can bind our time with the Hayley Elsaesser X My Little Pony Fall/Winter 2017 Collection, which made it debut during NYFW the Shows.

The Canadian designer teamed up with Hasbro for a sartorial interpretation of My Little Pony as a high fashion streetwear collection, using New York and its many unique style personalities as its backdrop. Showing looks for both men and women, the Hayley Elsaesser X My Little Pony collection is all bold prints and colors while reinforcing positive body image, creativity, and unapologetic individuality.

Using bright hues, contrasting patterns, and visual imagery in classic, wearable silhouettes, the Hayley Elsaesser X My Little Pony show presentation is one to remember. The fresh and timeless wardrobe staples of Hayley Elsaesser’s eponymous collection allow customers to stand out in a crowd and express themselves through her clothing. Hayley’s designs are a tongue-in-cheek rebellion against the status quo. Whether you are street-style obsessed or a runway fashion maven, this fashion brand is inclusive to all shapes, sizes and walks of life. Favorite looks from the Hayley Elsaesser X My Little Pony show presentation include the Rainbow Dash A-Line Dress, the pink and black sun and moon overalls, and the heart locket-printed dress (featured directly above).

Hayley tapped cosmetic powerhouse MAC Cosmetics as an official show sponsor, with glam directed by acclaimed Key Makeup Artist, Melissa Gibson. The presentation’s unique nails were fashioned by Gracie J of The Editorial Nail, and the presentation’s newsworthy coifs created by Lead Hair Stylist Mischa G. and the Bumble and bumble team. The mix of dark and pastel-hued footwear were provided by Timberland. For more information on the Hayley Elsaesser X My Little Pony Fall/Winter 2017 Collection, visit www.hayleyelsaesser.com.


Photos provided by Suite PR & Showroom

Fall Style Evolution: Lola and Sophie Fall 2016 Collection

We’re less than three weeks away from the changing of the season. Seasonal flavors and fashions have already started hitting stores, including some of our favorites. We’re highlighting the stunning looks from the Lola and Sophie Fall 2016 Collection, the contemporary sportswear brand we were introduced to last year from fashion designer Gene Kagan. The fall looks were as elegant and sophisticated as we expected. The collection features the brand’s signature relaxed and interchangeable key pieces, boasting textured materials, layering, sheer overlays, and asymmetrical lines. You’ll also love the abundance of silk chiffon, satin, and soft jersey present in this collection.


We’re excited about several of the tops and outerwear from the Lola and Sophie Fall 2016 Collection. Looks we’re really excited for include the very cool Luster Jacquard Moto Jacket featuring a textured stripe burnout, the Quilted Double Face Jersey Cardigan (which is made for layering), the Double Face Linen Cardigan, and the Luster Ponte Belted Short Sleeve Cardigan (we love its chic robe structure), which are all featured above.

Lola_and_Sophie_Fall_2016_Collection_Cold_Shoulder_Top_www.mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com Lola_and_Sophie_Fall_2016_Collection_Sleeveless_Tops_www.mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com

Other styles of tops we’re excited for from the Lola and Sophie Fall 2016 Collection include a simple, long sleeve cowl neck top featuring the cold shoulder trend. As you know the cold shoulder trend was a huge hit for the spring/summer season and it’s continuing right on to the fall season. And since we’re sure the fall season will be off to a very warm start, the Sleeveless top options from the Lola and Sophie Fall 2016 Collection are the perfect transition items to wear during that time.

Lola_and_Sophie_Fall_2016_Collection_Dress_www.mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com Lola_and_Sophie_Fall_2016_Collection_Dress2_www.mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com

For those who prefer dresses for the fall season. We’re loving the above two dresses from the Lola and Sophie Fall 2016 Collection. We love the cascading layers and mixed fabrication of the Cowl Neck Dress, and the simplicity and the subtle graphics of the Double Layer Silk Chiffon Tank Dress. Either of these wardrobe staples will ease you into the fall season flawlessly.


Last but not least are the uber-feminine color and silhouettes from the collection. Like us, you will love the softness and movement of the above Vintage Dobby Travel Pants, and the billowy Tie-Front Double Layer Pants (we’re huge fans of this sage color). Both bottoms pair very well with several of Lola and Sophie’s silk tops, and we especially love them with the above Silk Chiffon Overlay Tank, and One Shoulder Overlay Top.


As you will note, Lola and Sophie’s pieces are wardrobe staples that made for layering. We love Designer Gene Kagan’s classic silhouettes and colors, and so will you. Ladies, can you see yourself rocking the fashionable pieces from this contemporary sportswear brand? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the Lola and Sophie Fall 2016 Collection.

Lola and Sophie Spring 2016 Collection

We’re so excited that the weather is warming up nicely (and quickly)….YAY to an early spring!! We begin our spring highlight with the Lola and Sophie Spring 2016 Collection. We fell in love with this label from fashion designer, Gene Kagan, last year when we got a first look at the Lola and Sophie Fall/Holiday 2015 Collection. We loved the easy, interchangeable pieces that compliment each other (and everything else in your closet), and that love continues on to the spring 2016 collection.

Lola_and_Sophie_Spring_2016_Collection1_www.mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com Lola_and_Sophie_Spring_2016_Collection3_www.mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com

Like in his previous collection, the Lola and Sophie Spring 2016 Collection features elegant, key pieces that are a must for the season. Teeming with comfortable yet chic lightweight tops, bottoms, and figure-flattering dresses that are available such fabrications as silk, distressed satin, linen, cotton, etc, you can easily transition from day to evening with a change of accessories. Kagan, known for his affordable, layer-able separates that will never lose their modern allure offers a chic, contemporary spring collection that takes fashion for a walk on the relaxed side. When you add pieces from the Lola and Sophie Spring 2016 Collection to your wardrobe, you are in possession of items that will continue to be timeless pieces season after season, year after year.

Lola_and_Sophie_Spring_2016_Collection_www.mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com Designer_Gene_Kagan_Lola_and_Sophie_Spring_2016_Collection_www.mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com

There are many incredible pieces from the collection that we love including the reversible, printed Georgette Tank Top and Tank Dress (yes reversible) featured in the photos directly above, the drool-worthy Short Sleeve Sparkle Fleece Jacket, and the must-have Linen Jersey Duster (personal favorites of ours featured in the very first photo and the one directly below).

Lola_and_Sophie_Spring_2016_Collection4_www.mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com Lola_and_Sophie_Spring_2016_Collection5_www.mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com

Other spring wardrobe staples include the Lux Double Georgette Long Shorts with Front Pockets (how comfortable is that waistband), what has to be the most flattering, and perfect ribbed tank. Trust us when we say, there’s so much more amazing pieces to behold from the Lola and Sophie Spring 2016 Collection, check them out and let us know what you think.

Lola and Sophie Fall/Holiday 2015 Collection

Ever looked at your closet and wished things coordinated a bit more? Have you ever wanted to wear a particular item but realize nothing in your wardrobe really goes with it? It’s something women go through almost daily. Fear not fashionistas, because one women’s contemporary sportswear label, Lola and Sophie, is here to fix that issue. The brand boasts a collection that follows a modern system of dressing. Lola & Sophie uses easy key pieces and interchangeable items that work together to create an entire wardrobe that will take you  from day to night, weekday to weekend, and season to season with ease. The Lola and Sophie Fall/Holiday 2015 Collection features perfect-for-layering looks that seamlessly fuses style and comfort for a chic yet relaxed look.


Above are two of our uttermost favorite pieces from the Lola and Sophie Fall/Holiday 2015 Collection – the very stylish Reversible Cocoon Shrug, and the Sweater Jacquard Long Cardigan seen above. Both pf these layering pieces add a touch of elegant simplicity to any outfit. Another favorite is the stylish Ponte jacket below, which features both an edgy and structured look. Designer Gene Kagan is showcasing one of the ways this very fashion-forward jacket can be worn.


Says Gene:

“I believe in creating wearable multi-function clothes. My target customer is a woman of style and individuality. She’s 18. She’s 100! And everything in between. The common denominator is her desire to look polished and put together……These are clothes to experiment with and make your own. I designed them to be both comfortable and flattering and to instill a certain sense of empowerment for the woman who wears them “

Lola_and_Sophie_Fall_2015_Collection2_www.mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com Lola_and_Sophie_Fall_2015_www.mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com Lola_and_Sophie_Fall_2015_Collection_www.mylifeonandofftheguestlist.com

Lola and Sophie boast the most luxurious and innovative fabrics with much of the design inspired by sculptural influences. The Lola and Sophie Collection is manufactured right here in NYC. No doubt the chic women and beautiful architecture of the city inspires his designs. You can’t help but fall in love with this contemporary sportswear label, we’ve completely surrendered, will you?

What are your thoughts on the Lola and Sophie Fall/Holiday 2015 Collection? Any favorite pieces?

Who Wears Short Shorts: Rose Royce Jeans Spring/Summer 2014

We may not be quite ready for the summer but these adorable shorts from Rose Royce Jeans just might be our motivation to get our legs in tip top shape for the summer. The young denim company offers their eye-catching denim shorts in roll-up shorts and very short.
We love these styles for their stand out prints and intricate embroidery.

The NYC based denim brand was established just two years with a mission to keep today’s edgy and stylish young women in a world with flowing embroideries, sexy silhouettes, intricate embellishments, and bold washes. Their denim looks combine east coast attitude with west coast style.

If you are perhaps like us and not quite ready to show off your ideal summer body, the brand also has a gaggle of regular denim, some of which are available in the washes and prints you see above. Love the denim on denim look? Rose Royce Jeans also offers coordinating jackets and vests to go with their shorts and jeans. For those who want the denim on denim look but don’t like the overall tonal look, just rock the contrasting denim look.

Get to know Rose Royce Jeans by visiting their website, http://www.roseroyceclothing.com/.

Spring Wardrobe Must-Haves: NYDJ’s Spring 2014 Collection

Spring is just a week away and we are just so excited about the getting to wear all our chic spring looks. We are ready for some crisp white denim, fun prints, and cool, edgy styles – and we’re just talking about the NYDJ’s Spring 2014 Collection. We’re loving every style of denim from the brand – moto silhouettes, sexy fits, sporty cropped styles, their edgy black and white trends and amazing graphic prints. Check out our favorite pant and denim styles below:


NYDJ blackwhite

All NYDJ jeans and pants feature their Lift Tuck Technology® – a woman’s best friend – their pants and jeans lift, slim and shapes you so much that you look and feel one size smaller. We are so in love with the black and white color block moto-style jeans, vertical striped print, and grid print pants. All are very on-trend for spring and stunningly chic.


nydj trim details 2 nydj trim details 1 NYDJ delicate prints

We are captivated by the delicate prints and all-over tonal prints shown above. From the all-over flamingos, anchors and coconut trees prints, to the floral, paisley, and embroidery printed trim details as well as the tonal graphic prints, make these fun, chic and flattering styles a must-have for your spring wardrobe.



From pretty pastels to bold hues, NYDJ knows how you can’t welcome spring without color so they’re offering some great choices in the above cropped style with a slightly faded treatment. A perfect way to add a touch of color, whether you want a little or a lot, to your everyday spring looks.

Get these, and more fun, stylish offerings from the NYDJ’s Spring 2014 collection to help celebrate the warmer weather.