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The Road To Excellence is Flowing with Danica Rosé Wine

As the temperature gets cooler and the season comes to an end, it’s just about time to say goodbye to all things summer. Thankfully, this does not include Rosé wine. Once known as THE wine of the summer season, Rosé has quickly been elevated from summertime Rose’ all day to Rose’ all year status. Thanks to a wide variation in the maceration process, we see a wide variety of Rosé hues. Rosés can be anywhere from pale blush to vibrant cherry and are enjoyed throughout the year. One that will surely be enjoyed beyond the end of the summer solstice is Danica Rosé Wine.

Solex Catsmo Home: The Only NJ Food Delivery Service You Need

There’s nothing more disappointing than trying to eat healthily during this pandemic and dealing with roadblocks. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve placed an order for grocery delivery, only to see that half or more of the things we ordered be unavailable; or worst yet, subpar. Our goal to have restaurant-level meals wasn’t always being met until we discovered Solex Catsmo Home, the only food delivery service you need if you live in the Bergen, Essex, and Hudson counties in New Jersey.

Must Drink: Caveman Coffee Sparkling Hibiscus Cold Brew Herbal Tea

About this time last year, we were neck-deep in food trends at the Summer Fancy Food Show. Learning about all the wonderful food trends we’d all be enjoying this year. One of those trends is something we’re very familiar with – the Hibiscus flower, one of the top food trends we highlighted last year. The main thing made with the Hibiscus flower is tea; a bold red tea with lots of health benefits that boasts slightly sweet and tart flavors. We were recently introduced to a new refreshing Hibiscus flower tea drink, Caveman Coffee’s Sparkling Hibiscus Cold Brew Herbal Tea.

Topicals Skincare Seeks to Transform the You Feel About Skin

For as long as beauty trends have existed, if you don’t have flawless skin, you were deemed as ugly. Social Media filters are popular for a reason. But what if a skincare brand made you rethink the way you feel about skin? Topicals Skincare, a revolutionary new skincare company seeks to transform the way you feel about your skin. They are making the treatment of stigmatized skin conditions synonymous with the luxury and fun of self-care. New skincare launches with targeted solutions for eczema and hyperpigmentation.

How to Celebrate National Rum Day With Bacardi Rum

Tomorrow is National Rum Day and while there are many ways to enjoy rum, we have three absolutely delicious ways to enjoy it. Rum is known for its versatility and mixability, and thanks to Bacardi’s Premium Rum Portfolio, you can enjoy some simple yet elevated cocktails from the comfort of your own home, to celebrate National Rum Day.

Dark & Lovely Presents Unruly’s Short Film, Pretty Shouldn’t Hurt

It’s always been said that beauty is pain and when it comes to Black women and our hair, that’s usually the case. We’ve all heard stories about burned scalps from the chemicals in hair straighteners but until Unruly and Dark & Lovely collaborated, no one really talked about the dangers of protective hairstyles. Thanks to Unruly’s short film, Pretty Shouldn’t Hurt, we now know that no matter what, pain should not be a part of our hair styling culture.

Eyetitude Helps Erase Dark Circles, Puffiness, and Crepey Loose Skin

They say “The eyes are the window to the soul,” but sometimes those windows need a little sprucing up. Some of you may have experienced this, but sometimes, even after showering, our eyes still feel heavy or puffy. We usually rely on our showers to “wake us up” but some days call for extra help. This is where Eyetitude and their amazing eye care products come in. This fantastic skincare brand focuses solely on your eyes and repairing the most delicate and fragile area on your face, your eyes. Their products are especially fantastic to use after spending time in the sun or if like us, your eyes still don’t “feel awake” after a shower.