Me & The Girls Wins Best New Product at 2012 HBA Global Beauty Expo

As you may remember from my coverage of this year’s winners, I had the pleasure of attending the HBA Global Beauty Expo but prior to that I attended the BEA Book Expo and after that was CE Week. It was non-stop days of constant walking, carrying lots of literature, etc, all while trying to stay cool during the intensely hot days so you can only imagine the state of my poor feet. It just so happens I received a sample of the reviving Lavandula (French Lavender & Mint) Foot Scrub (with Cupuacu Seed Butter – known for its superior moisture retention properties) from new organic beauty brand, Me & The Girls at the HBA Global Expo.

It was heaven in a jar from its invigorating fragrance to its foot softening capabilities, you may not know this brand yet but you will now. Me & The Girls was one of several emerging brands featured at the new Splash Pavilion at the HBA Global Expo as part of their New Product Innovations Showcase. They presented their Limonum Sugar Body Scrub from the spring/summer collection which was voted as Best New Product for being the most innovative, most effective and coveted, by participating attendees of HBA Global.

Sharon Hackney, Founder and CEO of Me & The Girls (featured in the photo above telling us about her brand and products) was quoted as saying:

“I am the recipient of unimaginable favor. It is rewarding enough to be included in the Splash Pavilion at the HBA, but to also have our product highlighted and recognized as the best new product among your peers is all too surreal. I feel both humbled and validated all within the same breath.”

If you want to get and keep your feet sandal and summer ready, check out this great flash sale from Me & The Girls

French Lavender & Mint foot scrub regularly priced at $24.00 on sale now for only $15.00! Free pedicure set for the first 25 orders!

Kroma Beauty Launches at The Plaza

Miami based Kroma Makeup, a line of organic cosmetics made with botanicals and minerals gifted by nature and created by renowned celebrity makeup artist Lee Tillett is finally available to us up north thanks to its availability at The Plaza Beauty.

Kroma, which means color in Greek promises women will experience limitless color for face, cheeks, eyes ans lips. Lee Tillett’s 22 years in as a makeup artist has given her the knowledge to fully understand the different tones, highs and lows that makes each woman different. It is with this knowledge that she’s able to offer true custom blending for any woman’s foundation.

As you can expect, she has a huge following of women of color who can never find their correct shade but her true talent shines because Ms. Tillett and Kroma that throughout the year, our skintone changes. It’s already a hassle to find your correct shade and finally lets say you do you find it one cold winter day and enjoy your flawless skin throughout Spring but then here comes summer and you’re tan – there’s no way your winter shade works anymore. With Kroma, you can send your current foundation and/or powder back to them to adjust it to your new shade – there is no need to toss out a half full compact or liquid makeup. Your shade will also be kept on file with their labs. While you’re at it, why not adjust your makeup to your changing skin, make it oil-free or moisturizing.

If you’re still not sure and want a first hand look on how Kroma Makeup will look on you, why not upload a photo of yourself to their Virtual Makeup Artist program on their site and try out each of their vast amount of colors for yourself.

Green & Organic Beauty with Horst Rechelbacher

While attending the Spa & Resort Show/HBA Global Expo at the Javits Center, there were several industry giants on panel speaking on several different topics. One such beauty giant was Horst Rechelbacher, active environmentalist, innovative business leader and the founder of Aveda. Mr. Rechelbacher gave the keynote atthe HBA Global Expo and I was lucky enough to get some real industry insight from this master of green and organic beauty products

photo courtesy of Vanity Fair (Horst Rechelbacher on his 600 acre farm in Wisconsin)

With so many confusing dos and don’ts regarding green and organic ingredients in skincare and cosmetics, Mr. Rechelbacher is the perfect person to shed some much needed light on the subject. I didn’t get to do a full interview but I did ask the following two questions – his answers are in red bold

There’s been so many articles on green ingredients; what’s good for you and what’s bad, the difference between the green ingredients in skincare and green ingredients in color cosmetics that the consumer has gotten a bit confused. What is the most effective way for a consumer to properly educate themselves on what ingredients are not harmful to them in skincare products and color cosmetics? Should the FDA release consumer education literature? And if one ingredient (such as silica) is harmful in skincare products, is it harmful in color cosmetics?

There are great books such as Toxic Beauty: How Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Endanger Your Health … And What You Can Do About It, by Dr. Samuel Epstein, Not Just a Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry, by Stacy Malkan and other book on an inflammation diet. In addition, there website that provide excellent information on product safety: and
If an ingredient is harmful, it’s harmful. The most harmful silica is in powder form because it get they both do not assimilate in the body as a food. Yet they are used in prescription drugs, vitamin and food supplements, and sunscreens.

It has been stated that several ingredients that are natural may not be good for you, such as the Algae derived Carrageenan, the Coconut-derived Laureth-4 and Wheat Germ Oil (which is said to be acne causing). What are the natural ingredients that consumers should avoid?

While skin pores are clogged on a daily basis, heavy molecular plants oils combined with pollution in the atmosphere will definitely cause the skin to breakout. These dense plant oils have a heavy molecular structure, so they can oxidized quicker. If they are not properly stored in cool dark places to preserve their freshness, they can become rancid, and their molecular structure changes further and can even become carcinogenic. The best plant oils are the ones that are freshly cold-pressed and packaged correctly. From our experiences, the best plants oils come from cold-pressed seeds, which we then energized and mix with essential oils.

I advise all you are interested in knowing the truth about Green and organic beauty to invest in these books and carefully read the ingredients on the products you buy.