Milk Makeup Vegan Milk Cleanser

Got Milk? Welcome The New Milk Makeup Vegan Milk Cleanser

Ancient rulers have enjoyed milk baths for their amazing skin benefits. When you have something that works, why stop. Of course, if you’re vegan, a milk bath or cleanser is the last thing you want to use. So how can you enjoy the benefits of a milk bath without going against your core vegan beliefs? With the diary-free New Milk Makeup Vegan Milk Cleanser of course.

Milk Makeup Vegan Milk Cleanser

The Milk Makeup Vegan Milk Cleanser is a gentle-yet-effective, sulfate-free cleanser formulated with a blend of vegan milks to wash away dirt, impurities, and makeup without stripping skin. This creamy, fragrance-free cleanser is great for those with normal to dry skin, and amazing for sensitive skin. You’ll love it for its milky lather, and for how it thoroughly-yet-gently cleanse and nourish your skin.

Milk Makeup Vegan Milk Cleanser

What makes this vegan milky facial cleanser a great skincare must-have? It boasts Desert Milk, which instantly hydrates and helps your skin stay moisturized. Desert Milk is made from Kalahari melon, baobab, jojoba, and aloe vera which thrive in arid environments thanks to their water-storing abilities. It also features vitamin-rich fig milk plus shea butter to soften, soothe, and refresh your skin, while Oat milk calms and comforts it. Lastly, Argan milk, grapeseed oil, and olive-derived squalane seals in moisture and helps provide amazing antioxidant protection against environmental stressors.

We promise you’ll love this vegan milk cleanser. Along with it being vegan, it’s also cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, silicone-free, fragrance-free, and gluten-free. We think Cleopatra would approve!

Join us in welcoming the second member of the Vegan Milk family, it joins the already popular Vegan Milk Moisturizer; a nourishing daily moisturizer with the same unique blend of vegan milks that boasts lightweight hydration and softer, smoother-looking skin. Get the 4.0 fl oz./ 118 mL for $30.00 or the 2.0 fl oz./ 59 mL for $15.00, both available now on,, and in Sephora stores.

Naturcolor Herbal Based Haircolor: The Eco-Friendly Haircolor Gel

Do you want to know the best things about the Natural Products Expo West? Being introduced to natural and organic products from across every industry. This year’s event happened at the beginning of this month and as always, was a treasure trove of eco-friendly, organic, and herbal-based products. One of the standout product we were introduced to was Naturcolor Herbal based haircolor.

This herbal-based, permanent, eco-friendly haircolor gel uses high-quality natural ingredients to cover grey hairs, add radiant highlights, or dramatically change your existing hair color. Available in 31 colors, each Naturcolor Herbal based haircolor can be used alone or blended to create personalized colors. The herbal-based haircolors are handcrafted with the finest Italian pigments derived from botanicals. It can be used repeatedly without damaging your hair, unlike harsh chemical colors. The 31 colors feature five different color series; they include the Natural Series, Copper Series, Golden Series, Mahogany Series, and Ash Series.

The Naturcolor Herbal based haircolor Natural Series was specially formulated with the strongest pigments to “cover” gray. The other color groups are made with lighter pigments. These color with a more transparent effect and are designed to be mixed with the Natural Series for special custom tints or highlights. The Naturcolor Herbal based haircolor range contains no ammonia, resorcinol,  or parabens, and is cruelty-free.

After coloring, we recommend using the Naturcolor After Color Treatment. This very mild shampoo is designed specifically for use after hair coloring. It gently removes any excess hair dye without stripping away the hair color that you just applied.

Other Naturcolor hair products include the Rejuvennis Shampoo, Echinacea Herbacreme Conditioner, and Phytovitamin Tonic. In the age of being more aware of what goes into the product that we use, are you ready to give up the chemicals and go for natural ingredients hair color?

OZNaturals Cold Processed Skincare

Cold Natured: OZNaturals Cold Processed Skincare

During the winter season, we usually try to protect our skin from the cold; but this time around, we are fully embracing the cold……cold processing to be exact. We know what you’re thinking, we’re supposed to protect our skin from the cold. That’s true unless you’re using OZNaturals Cold Processed Skincare.

OZNaturals Cold Processed Skincare

Skincare products formulated through cold processing allows the active ingredients in those products to remain fresh and highly potent as intended. This enables the products to be even more effective and beneficial to your skin. Cold Processing also offers an environmentally friendly alternative requiring much less energy, less carbon dioxide, and provides a smaller carbon footprint. It eliminates the need for harmful preservatives or known toxins such as phenoxyethanol and sodium benzoate. OZNaturals Skincare the first company to create skincare products using this formulation process. Their cold processed skincare collection includes cleansers, exfoliators, masks, toners, serums, moisturizers, and eye treatments.

We had the opportunity to try three of the amazing OZNaturals cold processed skincare products –  OZNaturals Vitamin C Facial Cleanser $15.49, OZNaturals Vitamin C + Sea Hydration Mask $19.99, and OZNaturals Ultra Ageless Eye Crème $17.49. We are in love!!

OZNaturals Cold Processed Skincare

As sufferers of oily, acne-prone skin, and enlarged pores, our search for skin problem-solving skincare is a continuous journey. Our research has of Vitamin C has benefits of a vitamin C-based skincare range for our skin issues. Not only does it leaves you with younger, firmer looking skin, but it also helps with pigmentation and achieving smoother skin. During the dry, harsh winter months, we always experience overly dry and overly oily skin and so far, we haven’t experienced either. And that’s just from using the three OZNaturals cold processed skincare products we are using. We can’t imagine how amazing our skin would be if we were using the full cold processed skincare range.

Say goodbye to wrinkles, dark circles, fine lines, and puffy eyes and hello to well-rested looking eyes with the lightweight OZNaturals Ultra Ageless Eye Crème.  The Vitamin C + Sea Hydration Mask, which also boasts Vitamin C, is essential in brightening up your skin why hydrating it. The best part, it’s gentle enough to use every day. Those 30 and below degree days we had was no match for this skin-loving mask.

You’ll love everything about these skincare products; the texture, scent, and of course the effect they have on your skin. The OZNaturals cold processed skincare products range from $15.49 to $19.99. All products are cruelty-free and gluten-free; they contain no parabens, GMO’s, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, synthetic color, petrochemicals, propylene glycol, PEG’s or formaldehyde. Get acquainted with this wonderful skincare brand on available online at and

Ricky’s NYC Welcomes Velvet 59 Cosmetics

It’s been a very hectic time for us, but we always try to make time to get to know new brands, especially if these new products boast wonderful attributes. A while back, we had the pleasure of getting to know Paris Manning, and her new line of cruelty-free, paraben-free, 100% vegan, and gluten-free cosmetics line. Velvet 59 Cosmetics is new to the market and is already making an impact. The cutting edge beauty brand announced a partnership with leading retailer, Ricky’s NYC. Velvet 59 will be available in 10 Ricky’s NYC stores located in New York City and Miami, following its already successful online appearance.

The vegan and cruelty-free line is most known for their best-selling liquid lipsticks that boast Sacha Inchi Oil (an antioxidant oil that contains vitamin A and vitamin E) from Amazon Rainforest, their one of a kind mascara wand, and ultra-pigmented eye-shadow palette. Ricky’s will carry the full line-­up of Velvet 59 products, including Matte to the Max Liquid Lipsticks, Contour is a Girls Best Friend palette, The Exotic Lotus Palette, full Lipstick and Lipgloss collection, as well as Velvet 59 My Fair Lashes Mascara.

We had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Paris Manning briefly about her cosmetics line, and her favourite beauty products, check out our brief interview below:

Ricky’s NYC locations (in NYC and Miami) that carry Velvet 59 cosmetics include:

  1. Ricky’s
    112 W. 72nd Street
    New York, NY 10023
  2. Ricky’s
    1412 Broadway
    New York, NY 10018
  3. Ricky’s
    7 E.14th Street
    New York, NY 10003
  4. Ricky’s
    30‐83 Steinway Street
    Astoria, Queens, NY 11103
  5. Ricky’s
    383 5th Ave.
    New York, NY 10016
  6. Ricky’s
    1189 First Ave.
    New York, NY 10065
  7. Ricky’s
    478 Bergen Street
    Brooklyn, NY 11217
  8. Ricky’s
    590 Broadway
    New York, NY 10012
  9. Ricky’s
    536 Lincoln Rd.
    Miami, FL 33139
  10. Ricky’s
    657 Lincoln Rd.
    Miami, FL 33139

Raised by makeup industry veterans, it’s no surprise that the 23 yr old launched her own makeup range. Aside from loving the products (we highly recommend getting acquainted with her Matte to the Max Liquid Lipstick in Kai-Lea), we love that she combines modern touches with vintage glamour in the packaging.  We promise there’s lots to love. Want to know more about Velvet 59 Cosmetics, visit

GIVEAWAY: Topganic’s Intensive Hair Mask w/ Brazilian Nut Oil & Keratin Protein Intensive Repair

It’s time once again for another giveaway, and this one will leave you with very happy hair. During the very harsh winter, our hair was as dry as the Atacama Desert, and although we tried many things, including hair oils, it was just no match for the moisture-stripping power of winter. Add to the fact that we typically style our hair with heat for straightening and curling, and it was not a pretty sight. Our hair needed rescuing…! Thankfully we were introduced to Topganic’s Intensive Hair Mask with Brazilian Nut Oil and Keratin Protein Intensive Repair, an amazing hair product that restores, protects and replenishes fragile and damaged hair, leaving it shiny and healthy. We know many of you may suffer from dry, damaged and stressed hair, so we’re giving two of you the chance to win Topganic’s Intensive Hair Mask with Brazilian Nut Oil and Keratin Protein Intensive Repair, to bring your hair back to a healthy state.

Topganic Intensive Hair Mask

Not only does it work miracles on dry, damaged hair, this Sodium chloride-free, Paraben-free, SLE and SLES free intensive reconditioning formula is perfect any type of chemically treated hair, including hair that’s been straightened and permed. The active ingredients captured inside this jar will bring your fragile and damaged hair back to a shiny, healthy appearance. This intensive Hair Mask is enriched with Brazil nuts, the best source for selenium, an important mineral for healthy scalp appearance, alpha-linolenic acid, an omega-3 fatty acid that helps condition your hair, and is a great source of zinc, which if you have a deficiency of, may lead to hair shedding.

Topganic Intensive Hair Mask with Brazilian Nut Oil with Keratin Protein Intensive Repair2

Topganic’s Intensive Hair Mask with Brazilian Nut Oil and Keratin Protein Intensive Repair also boasts a combination of moisturizing jojoba seed oil and olive oil for its deep nourishment and hydration qualities, and last but certainly not least, keratin protein, which repairs the quality of your hair while imparting a protective coating that lasts between washes and leaves your hair shiny, bouncy and silky soft. Does it sound like something your hair could use?  If it is enter to win a jar of this hair miracle in our Rafflecopter entry form below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Gifts from Nature: Beauty The Healthy Way by Maple Holistics

I recently tried three hair care products, a shampoo, conditioner and hair gel from Maple Holistics, a company which provides a natural and holistic range of premium beauty products. I do not use any chemicals in my hair, so their range of hair care products is perfect for me. Each of the products I used stood out in uniqueness, quality, and effectiveness. I’m a huge label reader, and only the purest and highest quality ingredients were used in each of the Maple Holistics products I tried. All three products I used, the Argan Shampoo, Argan Oil Conditioner, and the Assuage Hair Gel are vegan-friendly and paraben-free. Many people with natural hair purchase products, and base their routines on their hair type. So, for those of you who use this method, my hair type is mostly 4a (small cork screw curls) and 4b (kinky-curly).

Argan Shampoo


First, I used the Argan Shampoo to cleanse my hair. The first thing I noticed was its light pleasant and didn’t have an overpowering scent. This shampoo left my hair and scalp feeling very clean, but not at all stripped. It is sulfate-free which is mainly what I look for in a shampoo. Argan Shampoo introduces the ultimate hair care which includes six of the most effective oils for the scalp and hair. I love this shampoo.

Argan Oil Conditioner

Argan Oil Conditioner

Next, I conditioned my hair with Argan Conditioner. As soon as this wonderful conditioner penetrated my, hair my curls started to pop!!! Detangling was a breeze. I absolutely love this conditioner. It left my hair conditioned, shiny and soft. What more do you need? The Argan Conditioner was aroma-free which I enjoyed. Many natural hair care products have strong perfume scents that sometimes don’t always complement each other. I enjoyed the pure and well-balance formulation.

Assuage Hair Gel

Assuage Hair Gel

Finally, when styling my hair I used a little of the Assuage Hair Gel on each section. This gel has a very light citrus scent. I love the scent and it does not linger. After it dries, Assuage Hair Gel doesn’t leave my hair hard or crunchy. I really like the soft and styling capability it provides. I also love that my hair remains frizz-free all day.

Thanks to for the connection to Maple Holistics.




Beauty Rescue with Topganic Baobab Oil Collection and Whitening Lightening

Sometimes it’s really hard to be a Lifestyle Blogger, you get to try out so many amazing products, sometimes several at once. if you haven’t noticed, that first sentence was of course dripping in some sarcasm. We love trying and discovering new products, especially if they help us combat our beauty issues. The experience gives us a bit of a rush, especially when we try something we absolutely love. We’ve recently been indulging in some wonderful hair and dental health rescue products from the Topganic Baobab Oil Collection and Whitening Lightening Teeth Whitening products, that we were introduced to last month…..we can tell you we’re having lots of fun turning back the clock.


So who is Topganic? It is the first hair care line to effectively combine natural oils, extracts and minerals from the Dead Sea. Topganic takes a natural approach to protect and nourish your hair with their luxe range of shampoos, conditioners, hair masks (we love, love, love) and more to prevent further damage from chemicals, heat styling, and pollution. We indulged our hair in products from the Topganic Baobab Oil Collection because winter has not been kind to our hair. You should be well familiar with the benefits of Baobab Oil, but just in case you need a refresher, it contains vitamins A and F, which greatly helps rejuvenate and renew hair, vitamin E, a superior antioxidant to help fight the aging process of the hair fiber, helps soften and improve hair’s elasticity and essential fatty acids that contribute to maintaining healthy hair. Topganic products are available at ULTA and Harmon and online at

Shampoo with Baobab Oil from Africa ($9.00) – Enriched with baobab oil, vitamin A, vitamin E, natural essences and Dead Sea minerals, this luxurious shampoo gently cleanses hair, while nourishing roots and maintaining hair’s natural moisture level. The Shampoo with Baobab Oil from Africa leaves hair soft, healthy and shiny.

Conditioner with Baobab Oil from Africa ($9.00) – For use with the Topganic Shampoo with Baobab Oil from Africa, this luxurious conditioner helps maintain a healthy moisture balance for beauty, silky strands. Enriched with baobab oil, vitamin C, vitamin E, natural essences and Dead Sea minerals, the Conditioner with Baobab Oil from Africa provides hair with a soft touch, healthy look and beautiful shine.

Treat Hair Mask with Baobab Oil from Africa ($11.00) – Enriched with pro vitamin b5, jojoba oil and baobab oil, this nurturing mask replenishes hair’s moisture level, while nourishing the hair fiber with crucial vitamins. The Treat Hair Mask provides flexibility, shine and softness for hair.

Intensive Oil with Baobab Oil from Africa ($13.00) – Infused with authentic natural oils and pure extracts, the Intensive Oil nourishes and maintains healthy, shiny hair. Rich is vitamins A, D, E and F, baobab oil provides superb moisturizing benefits, while helping to improve the elasticity of hair, which reduces breakage and splitting hair.


We love tea, we can’t help it. It’s extremely rare to go a day without enjoying a cup or two of our favorite tea but one major consequence of enjoying so much tea, is the staining of our teeth. The act of teeth whitening can sometimes get messy, be painful (tooth sensitivity is not fun at all), and taste awful. Thanks to the products from Whitening Lightning, we don’t have to give up our beloved tea, and we don’t have to endure the messiness or harmful chemicals. With its pens and professional home kits that deliver fast, noticeable results without the harmful chemicals, messy trays, unpleasant taste or sensitivity, Whitening Lightning has become a go-to. We’re getting our teeth whiter with the Dial a Smile Professional Whitening Kit (see product info below) but Whitening Lightning has a host of other products and we’re sure you’ll find one to fit your needs. Get more info on the brand and where to purchase these products at

Dial a Smile Professional Whitening Kit ($99.00) / ($115.00 with pen) – Dial A Smile whitens teeth at home in only 20 minutes. It’s painless, fast, and can be done in the comfort of your own home while offering similar results to a professional in-office dentist treatment. Teeth appear four to seven shades whiter per treatment. Perfect for smokers, wine, and coffee lovers or teens who have recently had their braces removed.

ZERO White Teeth Whitening System ($115.00) – The newest addition to the Whitening Lightning collection contains all-natural botanical whiteners specially formulated in the brand’s lab. ZERO White contains no peroxide and will not cause sensitivity. The completely painless system restores teeth, crowns, veneers and caps to a natural white using all natural botanical whiteners. See results of seven to ten shades lighter in 14 days.

ZERO White Whitening Pen ($29.00) – Like the ZERO White System, the pen is formulated using natural botanical whiteners that do not irritate or harm teeth. The pen works on teeth, crowns, veneers and caps in just 60 seconds. The formula does not have a bad taste and works while you sleep.

Super Booster Pen ($29.00) – Freshens breath, kills bacteria and restores teeth to their natural white shade. Simply paint the gel formula on teeth and let dry for one minute and the treatment is done. No unpleasant taste, no wait time, no sensitivity and no mess. The formula whitens and fight stains while you sleep by up to seven to ten shades in 14 days.

Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Gloss ($22.00-$24.00) – The lighted lip-gloss contains collagen peptides to increase lip volume and reduce lip wrinkles, while doubling as an amazing moisturizer. Collagen peptides rapidly speed up cell renewal to increase lip size safely and painlessly. Available in fashion forward shades of peach, pink and bronze that never feather or bleed.

Rub-a-Dub-Dub, Indulgence in the Tub

All who know me, or reads my twitter profile, knows I love body washes. I find the act of scrubbing my body with a wonderfully scented, soapy, exfoliating bath or shower mitt, is heaven. The minutes of my shower time is the most relaxing time for me because I get to indulge my sense memory…or rather scent memory. It should come as no surprise to know I have a collection of body washes and I’m always on the lookout for more. Today I share two brands, one of which I’m already familiar with and another that is fairly new to me, but which I thoroughly enjoyed using. Get to know the wonderful bath and body products from CVS/Pharmacy’s Essence of Beauty and Vitabath.

Essence of Beauty Naturally Indulgent Bath & Body Collection

For those who may not know, Essence of Beauty is CVS Pharmacy’s #1 best-selling fragrance and body care line. They recently launched a new, Naturally Indulgent Bath and Body Collection infused with nourishing, aromatic botanical ingredients and essential oils. The collection boasts seven naturally-inspired bath and body products: Botanical Body Wash, Foaming Bath Soak, Shea Butter Bar Soap, Nourishing Body Oil, Hand Cream, Body Butter, and Sugar Scrub, in three aromatically enchanting scents:

Lemon Verbena with Olive Oil – Energizing lemon verbena, and soothing olive oil, refresh and stimulate your senses
Eucalyptus with Mint Oil – Soothing eucalyptus, and spearmint oil, cool and refresh your body
Lavender with Rosemary Oil – Soft, calming lavender and rejuvenating rosemary oil, relaxes your mind and body

The true beauty of this nourishing bath and body collection, besides the wonderful scents, is they are free of parabens, phthalates, petrolatum and gluten and retail between $5.99-$9.99. I get lost in the wonderful fragrances these product surround me with. I still find myself asking which scent is my favorite……I’m still deciding. Whoever said indulgence has to be expensive should take a trip to CVS.

Vitabath Spa Day Sweet Vanilla Amber

When it comes to fall scents, Vanilla and Amber are always on the top of my list. I love the smell of these warm, sweet scents because I always associate them with the cozy feeling of home, and I find sweet scents very sensual, which is exactly how I feel using the Vitabath Spa Day Sweet Vanilla Amber bath and body products with its rich and calming scents.

The Body Wash boasts a luxurious lather, is gentle, moisturizing, and leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed. It is a sulfate-free, paraben-free cleansing formula.  The Hydrating Body Lotion wraps your skin in hydrating sweetness and is formulated with Aloe Vera, Safflower and Olive Oils to keep your skin as soft as silk. Like the Body Wash, the Vitabath Spa Day Sweet Vanilla Amber Body lotion is also sulfate and paraben-free.

After pampering your body in the above Vitabath products, you can top it off with a head to toe layering of the Spa Day Sweet Vanilla Amber Body Mist, a revitalizing, weightless formula infused with conditioning vitamins and a unique antioxidant blend.

Get the Body Wash for $6.00, the Hydrating Body Lotion for $6.00, the Body Mist for $8.95, or you can get all three in the Spa Day Sweet Vanilla Amber Bundle, on sale now for $20.75.