Hair Do: Satin-Lined Caps by Grace Eleyae

I recently read an article saying that it’s best to go to sleep in a top knot. As someone who worship at the altar of top knots especially on extremely hot and humid summer days I am all for that, but as a woman of African American descent, I have to worry about my edges, so of course when I go to sleep, I wrap my hair and head in a silk scarf, as the rule goes. The problem with this is when I wake up, the silk scarf that started on my head is now either on my pillow next to me, on the floor next to my bed, and on one especially hot and humid night, on the floor across the room (no clue how it arrived at that destination). Luckily there’s a new product on the market, the SLAP, aka Satin-Lined Caps by Grace Eleyae, that are made to protect your hair.

Satin-Lined Caps by Grace Eleyae

If your hair has ever felt brittle, or your silk scarf does not remain on your head while you sleep, like my aforementioned silk scarf, this is the solution for you. The Satin-Lined Caps by Grace Eleyae are made to be worn both outdoors and indoors, day and night. This satin-lined hat has protected my hair from feeling dry thanks to the moisture-sucking, and unpredictable weather that surrounds us every single day, as well as the drying cotton pillowcases and headrests I sleep on at night. For some of us, like yours truly, who also perspire from scalp, we know the horrors of bad hair days after any activity, like walking or daring to be outside while it’s humid, the SLAP will keep your tresses in check no matter what. And the best part…it stays on your head. No longer do I wake up wondering where my headscarf is, the SLAP stays on my head.

The SLAP aka Satin-Lined Cap

Got curly hair that gets unruly? The satin lining in the SLAP helps to combat morning kinks and the annoying tangles. if your hair natural? The satin lining helps keep your hair moisturized while the elastic band keeps the SLAP in place all night. Bye-bye dryness! Do you straighten your hair? The satin lining helps to avoid frizziness and allows your straight style to last longer.

The SLAP comes in a variety of colors, and one size fits all heads. It is machine washable and each SLAP retails for $29.95. Save your hair (and your edges) by purchasing your favorite color at

Eric Javits Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

We’ve always loved the idea of lavish hats. We secretly one to be like those women who strolls into a room looking incredibly chic in a fabulous hat (yes we basically want to be Dynasty character) but alas, we were cursed with a big head some of the thickest hair known to man (cursed/blessed?), so we’ve simply ogled hats from afar which fuels our obsession whenever we see spectacular hats. You can imagine how we felt walking into the Spring/Summer 2016 preview for Eric Javits‘s distinctive hats and handbags.

We fell hard for one particular hat, a beautiful, stark white Floppy Sun Hat with a dramatic brim, that we spotted at the Zang Toi’s Spring 2016 runway show at NYFW the Shows. A perfect compliment to his “Splendor of Santorini” collection. Besides this being a beautiful hat, it’s also quite beneficial as Eric Javits’s hats block 95% UVA/UVB rays. That’s more time outdoors for us and protection for our skin.

Eric_Javits_Spring_2016_Floppy_Hat_www.mylifeonandofftheguestlist.comEric Javits at Zang Toi Spring 2016

If you also noticed that gorgeous bag in the above photo, it’s a favorite as well. Eric Javits’s bags are not only stunning, they are lightweight, durable, and come interiors boasting fun prints. We adore the shape, the metallic tones, and the frayed edge details. Of course, that’s not the only bag we adored. Details played a very important role in falling for the beauty below, specifically, the seahorse zipper pull. Love its combination of chic and whimsy.

There were so much from the collection to fall in love with. Check out a few more of our favorites below, including spring/summer essential – visors


What do you think of the Eric Javits Spring/Summer 2016 Collection?

New Era Back at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

New Era returned back to host a wonderful lounge for the stylish men that attend Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Along with New Era Hats, the lounge featured other men’s favorites such as Tommy Bahama clothing, bags and accessories, Purity Vodka and hand rolled La Casa Grande Cigars. Men (and a few women) were also treated to massages and haircuts and styling by Christo NYC. But first, the hats: Guests arrived to a wall of New Era Hat choices they could try on and keep if they liked. The hats ranged from baseball caps to Fedoras

With some extra special caps coming your way soon that feature characters from upcoming blockbuster movies – Captain America, Pirates of the Caribbean and Green Lantern

Take a closer look at these character caps below

After guests were fitted and treated to New Era hats, they moved on to Tommy Bahama where they got a preview of the latest from the brand

Cigar smokers reveled in the on-the-spot hand rolling of cigars (even if they couldn’t smoke it inside the hotel’s suite) from a very sweet man from La Casa Grande Cigars

During all of these drinks served courtesy of Purity Vodka, noted as the worlds most awarded ultra premium vodka

Then it was off to getting pampered and beautified by Christo NYC

All in all, a wonderful escape for guys, especially as we girls tend to reap the benefits of these pampering lounges during fashion week.