Koskenkorva Vodka: The World’s Most Sustainable Vodka

Koskenkorva Vodka: The World’s Most Sustainable Vodka

As Earth Month comes to an end, we hope you will continue to support the brands that are helping to make our planet and better one. We had the pleasure of getting better acquainted with Koskenkorva Vodka during a virtual Masterclass moderated by’s Beverage & Event Expert, Paul Zahn, with Koskenkorva Vodka Global Brand Ambassador Mikael Karttunen. The very smooth vodka made from very special barley grown by a dedicated group of local farmers and pure water. It’s also the vodka made in one of the world’s most sustainable distilleries in Finland. This makes Koskenkorva Vodka, the world’s most sustainable vodka.

Koskenkorva Vodka: The World’s Most Sustainable Vodka

The award-winning vodka uses custom barley varieties that have been developed for the short growing season of Finland. Most of Koskenkorva’s barley is sourced locally within 200km of the Koskenkorva village, where sustainability is a way of life and goes through a state-of-the-art distillation process. It’s made with pure 100% unfiltered and unprocessed pure spring water (we know Finland is known for its exceptional spring water). The vodka brand owns its bioenergy plant at Koskenkorva village; it is specially designed to use the barley husks that are leftover from the distillation, as fuel for steam generation. The ashes are used in the nearby barley fields as a fertilizer. Hence why their mantra is “Vodka from a village”.

Koskenkorva Vodka: The World’s Most Sustainable VodkaKoskenkorva Vodka: The World’s Most Sustainable Vodka

During the master class, we learned how to create a delicious cocktail, whose recipe we’ve shared with you below. See our not-so-smooth attempt at creating this cocktail. As previously stated, the virtual event was moderated by Koskenkorva Vodka Global Brand Ambassador Mikael Karttunen. Mikael’s worn many hats. He’s been the Editor-in-chief of The Shaker Magazine, Finland’s oldest and biggest bartending magazine in Finland; a bartender for 23 yrs, awarded twice at the Finnish National Bartending Championships; co-authored the book Kotimainen Cocktail, and so much more.

The Sparkling Green Lemonade

Koskenkorva Vodka: The World’s Most Sustainable Vodka

1.5 oz Koskenkorva Vodka
2 oz Organic unsweetened green tea
3 oz Sparkling lemonade
.5 oz Lemon juice (optional)
5-6 Mint leaves (optional)
Build vodka, tea, lemon juice, and mint in an iced mixing tin. Shake vigorously over ice and pour into glass. Top
with 3 oz. of sparkling lemonade & stir. Garnish with a lemon wheel and/or mint sprig.

Despite our few missteps, our cocktail was amazingly delicious and we highly recommend you grab yourself a bottle try this recipe yourself. The Koskenkorva Vodka virtual event also gave us some sustainable tips on what to do with our Koskenkorva bottle after it’s empty from Jeanie Engelbach, owner of Apartment Jeannie. Our favorite tips were transforming the bottles into glass tumblers and painting them to use as vases. What other tips do you recommend for empty spirit bottles.? Let us know in the comments.

Boxed Water Launches Four New Flavors

Boxed Water: Say Goodbye to Single Use Plastic Water Bottles

Despite the strides made in ocean cleanup and other cleanup projects, there’s still so much that has to be done to clean up the environment. Unfortunately, we cannot do it on our own, we (individuals and brands) must continuously work together to reverse or at least stop the damages we’ve done to the planet. Since Earth Day is coming up, we want to recognize one brand doing amazing things, including working with consumers to help the planet. With 69 billion plastic water bottles produced in the US each year, now is a good time to take a closer look at just how much we Americans single-use plastic. If you think about the products we use daily, almost everything comes in a plastic container. It’s safe to say we’re addicted. Boxed Water is here to change that with its sustainable packaging and practices, and you can help.

Sustainable Brands: Say Goodbye to Single Use Plastic Water Bottles

We recently had the opportunity to virtually chat with Boxed Water CMO Rob Koenen, where we learned some disturbing facts. Did you know the largest contributor to plastic waste (31%) is beverage bottles? The second (15%) is bottle caps. A New Science Advances Study shows the US generates the largest amount of plastic waste of any country in the world. We were also shocked to learn the amount of plastic the US contributes to the ocean is actually FIVE TIMES greater than originally estimated. Imagine how much cleaner (and safer to animals) the ocean would be if we eliminated this toxic contribution.

Boxed Water: Say Goodbye to Single Use Plastic Water Bottles

Many of you may not know this but Boxed Water Is Better is the leading sustainable alternative to plastic bottles and aluminum cans. they have changed the way packaged water is shipped, sold, and enjoyed, becoming the most sustainable brand in the water aisle. All of Boxed Water’s cartons are 100% recyclable, refillable, and BPA-free. They source the carton paper from trees in well-managed forests, where new trees are continuously planted to replace the ones harvested. Going further, now both the caps and their cartons are plant-based, making the overall company a 92 percent plant-based one.

Sustainable Brand Boxed Water: Say Goodbye to Single Use Plastic Water Bottles

Boxed Water is also a member of 1% For The Planet and partner of the National Forest Foundation and Ocean Blue Project. Together, they have planted over 1,000,000 trees in our National Forests and cleaned thousands of miles of beaches. You can help plant more trees by posting a photo or video of a carton of Boxed Water or favorite houseplant, what you would name your houseplant, and what that name means to you. Tag @boxedwater and hashtag #betterplanet on either post and they will plant two trees.  As if there weren’t enough reasons to love the sustainable Boxed Water, they recently launched a range of flavored waters that are refreshingly delicious.

Boxed Water Launches Four New Flavors

Purified through an eight-step purification process and UV treated, each Boxed Water flavor boasts the crisp, fresh taste you love from the original, with a twist. The four naturally and subtly flavored water options include:

  • Blackberry – a natural brightness for a change of pace
  • Lemon – a classic flavor with a light hint of lemon
  • Cucumber – a spa-influenced refreshing taste
  • Grapefruit – an energizing way to kick start the day

The Lemon and Grapefruit flavors are great to brighten your morning. Grab a Cucumber when you’re treating yourself to a spa day, and the Blackberry is great for when you’re looking for a better alternative to sugary drinks.

Like the original, the Boxed Water flavors have no minerals added and it’s 100% pure. Unlike the classic black and white original packaging, the flavors come in a plant-based carton that features bold pops of color. Replacing your single-use plastic water bottle with Boxed Water Flavored Water, lowers your carbon footprint by 64% and protects our planet from the overuse of single-use plastic bottles and aluminum cans.

#IGiveASheet About our Planet: Innisfree X Earth Day New York Initiative

What do you give a “sheet” about? With all the problems of our world, it may be easy to remember that we all live on one planet that reacts and adjusts to what we do to it – good and bad. This next sentence bears repeating over and over – we only have one Earth, if we destroy it, we destroy ourselves. This is why we are fully supportive of the Innisfree X Earth Day New York Initiative. We had the pleasure of celebrating the Korean beauty brand’s NEW biodegradable My Real Squeeze Masks and their #IGiveASheet campaign.

As an Earth Day New York 2018 Official Community Partner, the Innisfree flagship will be one of 5 stops on the Earth Day 5K Green Tour, in honor of its new LEED Silver-Certification as a green-friendly location. Everyone is invited to visit the Innisfree’s brand experience booth and their flagship store to learn more about the brand, their special ingredients from Jeju island, their sustainability programs, and enjoy skincare samples and giveaways. You are also invited to (this is something we highly recommend you do) try out their biodegradable My Real Squeeze Sheet Masks and participate in their #lGlVEASHEET Campaign by sharing what you care about this Earth Day (check out our video below).

Watch video!

Made from 100% biodegradable Eucalyptus fibers, Innisfree’s new My Mask Collection is their latest Earth-friendly innovation. With 18 naturally derived ingredients to choose from (including 6 new flavors – broccoli, tomato, ginseng, fig, oatmeal, and cucumber), the collection offers diverse solutions for ever-changing skin concerns. So no matter what your skin is craving, Innisfree has a sheet mask for you, plus they’re only $1.80 each!! Perfectly timed with Earth Month, the launch will be spotlighted by Innisfree’s #lGlVEASHEET Campaign.

Innisfree is very well known for their green initiatives around the globe, their promotion of sustainable living, practice responsible sourcing, and their wide range of nature-derived skincare (we are so in love with their Volcanic Cluster Masks, Overnight Beauty Products, and their Green Tea product range is an absolute favorite with beauty fans).

Doesn’t getting involved in the Innisfree X Earth Day New York Initiative sound like a great way to experience great skincare products and help our planet?