Valentine’s Day: Say I Love You With Sabido & Basteris Luxury Jewelry

I am so happy to welcome the breathtakingly gorgeous and luxury jewelry brand, Sabido & Basteris, back to New York. I first fell in love with Sabido & Basteris three years ago while attending their launch party – Sabido & Basteris Launch Party at Norwood and my love for the luxury jewelry brand hasn’t wavered one bit. The exquisite pieces from Sabido & Basteris make up a new category of world jewelry that applies the latest technology to convert fine silver 99.9% pure into an array of boldly colored silver threads. Called the Argento SB collection, these gorgeous colored silver threads form rainbows when woven or braided. The ultra soft, precious metal fabric is combined with extraordinary designs which result in exquisite pieces of jewelry for the discriminating connoisseur.


For Valentine’s Day, the luxury jewelry brand, Sabido & Basteris introduces LOVE, a striking open heart pendant made of with 99.9% pure silver with deep crimson colored silver threads. The LOVE Heart Necklace features the eye-catching pendant on a traditional Silver Base and bold Red Argento Silver Thread. This luxe beauty retails for $520.00. The LOVE Heart Earrings, which retails for $590.00, and the LOVE Heart Ring, which retails for $650.00, also features the dazzling heart pendant on a traditional Silver Base, with bold Red Argento Silver Thread.

Pieces from the stunning Sabido & Basteris Collection can be purchased online Products With Style,, Item New York, and of course of their website,

Hilary Park’s Spring 2012 Jewelry Collection – Divination

I went out of my event comfort zone and headed to Williamsburg, Brooklyn to get a peek at the new Spring 2012 jewelry collection from designer, Hilary Park, and it was completely worth it. The limited edition, one-of-a-kind handcrafted,  Hilary Park’s Spring 2012 Jewelry Collection, called Divination, is inspired by the four elemental muses – Earth, Air, Water and Fire as well as travel and the zodiac signs.

Hilary (pictured above) has developed a wide range of silver and goldsmithing skills which have allowed her style and designs to mature into a stunning and wide-ranging collection of handmade artifacts. She enjoys transforming the gossamer lightness of a feather into wearable metal earrings (like the beautiful gold Feather Earrings above), or the fine embroidery of an antique Mexican tapestry into intricate saw work for the Four Petaled Cuff with Trim. Because it’s all handcrafted, Hilary Park can customize length and width to suit everyone’s preferences.

Hilary believes stones have magical healing properties and we can use jewelry to alleviate challenges. Following this belief, she gifted each guest with a beautiful Citrine Pendant – Citrine is a fitting talismanic device for any individual looking for a career in fashion or art journalism – perfect for this Blogger. Some of the things Citrine also promotes abundance and prosperity, dissipates negativity, increases creativity, and enhances mental clarity – I so need that in my life.

To get better acquainted with Hilary Park jewelry, visit her boutique at 94 S. 1st Street, between Berry and Wythe, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

HoodieBuddie Loves Betty White….

….and so do we. Betty White has been a favorite since her days on the Mary Tyler Moore Show in my house (my mom is a huge fan), a statement I’m sure most of you agree with. The incredibly funny icon and legend is also a fashion favorite as can be seen on Hot in Cleveland with her ever present bedazzled sweatsuits, but did you know she was a designer? That’s right, Betty White has a new limited edition line of t-shirts and HoodieBuddies™?

hoodiebuddies betty

Check out the hilarious Betty moments as she creates her limited edition collection with HoodieBuddie in this video

As you can see, HoodieBuddie Loves Betty White, but then who doesn’t. Betty is also a celebrated animal lover, so a portion of the proceeds go to the Morris Animal Foundation. Although Betty’s rockin’ limited edition hoodies were sold out faster than you can say Golden Girls, you can check out new styles from HoodieBuddie at

About HoodieBuddie

With HB3 Technology
HoodieBuddie(tm) integrates HB3 Technology(tm) into fun, functional, and wearable garments that embody a carefree and vibrant lifestyle. HB3 Technology(tm) is the patented innovation which integrates full device connectivity into sweatshirts and other apparel through an input jack in the pocket and machine washable drawstring earbuds. From simple solids, to brights and bold patterns, HoodieBuddie(tm) is a must-have at the game, on the plane, and everyday – from mainstreet to downtown. Not only is HoodieBuddie(tm) a revolutionary product that will forever change apparel in its most traditional form, is a unique virtual community that fuses social networking with traditional e-commerce functionality. For more information on HoodieBuddie(tm) with HB3 Technology(tm), please visit

American Eagle Spring 2012 Collection

For Spring 2012, American Eagle welcomes a happy mix of prints (bold florals, pretty paisley and tribal), stripes, mixed textures, striking color, bold accessories and swimsuits. The American Eagle Spring 2012 Collection is a wonderful mix of Farmgirl innocence and California cool and in typical American Eagle manner, also allows consumers to mix and match as well as layer the pieces.

American Eagle Spring 2012 Collection American Eagle Spring 2012 Collection2

Several looks/pieces in the AE Spring 2012 stood out to me, including the peekaboo shirt with the lace insert, the adorable colorful ikat skirt, the color-blocked striped tee and the modern lace tee

American Eagle Spring 2012 Collection3

The 2012 American Eagle Swimwear collection, which showcased a lot of halter-style tops, also features lots of fun, girly prints

American Eagle Spring 2012 Collection swim

Accessories were both full of personality, colorful – mixing both the flair and subtle beauty of the 70’s – feather jewelry and fringe bags; pops of color added to bags by hanging decorations or stitching, beaded jewelry and ornate sandals.

American Eagle Spring 2012 Collection accessories American Eagle Spring 2012 Collection accessories2

Which pieces from the American Eagle Spring 2012 Collection are you looking forward to?

Win a Trip to Fashion Week from LOFT & US Weekly

Hello all you fashionistas, fashion obsessed and New York Fashion Week fan. Want to attend a Fashion show during the fashion holy week in New York? LOFT and US Weekly have partnered to give on person the chance to win a trip to New York City during Fashion Week. In addition, the winner will receive 2 tickets to US Weekly’s “25 Most Stylish New Yorkers Fashion Week Party” (a party I’d kill to attend), dinner at a downtown Manhattan hopspot as well as full looks from LOFT.

See some of the amazing fashions that’s coming for Spring 2012 before your friends in person, be close enough to touch the fashions and be surrounded by the energy of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Visit LOFT’s facebook fan page at and enter every day through August 15th to win.

Todd Reed’s Exquisite Raw Diamond Jewelry

For centuries, the term diamond had been associated with brilliance and clarity until Todd Reed redefined this thought to celebrate the “perfect geometry” found in the natural rawness of the uncut diamond. Todd Reed’s jewelry evokes an intimate connection between art and an individual’s self-expression. If you’re not into the traditional C’s (Cut, Color, Clarity, etc) and want diamond jewelry that’s a bit more special, then Todd Reed’s exquisite jewelry is for you. Mr. Reed showcased his latest enchanting pieces to a semi-intimate crowd. Some of my favorite pieces (and there were many) include this modern Cuff made with 18k gold, sterling silver with patina, natural colored rose cut diamonds (6.79 ctw), raw diamond cubes (5.73 ctw), hand forged and fabricated

This other modern cuff (which Mr. Reed told me was his favorite) in Palladium, sterling silver, aquamarine (22.345 ctw), gray brilliant cut diamonds (6.82 ctw), white brilliant cut diamonds (1.195 ctw) white princess cut diamonds (1.1 ctw), hand forged and fabricated.
What I hope will be my future engagement ring and the beauty I called the galaxy ring because (although you can’t really see it in this photo), it contains a cluster of mesmerizing lights in various shades that looks like a galaxy a la the first Men in Black’s “Galaxy in a marble” – a palladium, black pear-shaped fancy cut diamond (1.67ctw), white brilliant cut diamonds (.08 ctw), hand forged and fabricated.

and this very artistic and avant-garde pave ring

I had a chance to speak one on one with Todd Reed about his collection and introducing the natural beauty of raw, uncut diamonds.

Later that evening, Todd Reed had a cocktail party featuring absolutely delicious noshes from celebrity Chefs Hosea Rosenberg and Lee Ann Wong on Top Chef fame. So if you are looking for more unconventional jewelry, feast your eyes on a few more of Todd Reed’s genius designs featuring all raw and uncut diamonds of various colors, shapes and sizes:

HSN launches The Help-Inspired Collections w/ Lela Rose, RJ Graziano & Cynthia Rowley

One of my favorite books and the summer movie I’m most looking forward to is Katheryn Stocket’s The Help, a provocative and inspiring look at what happens when a southern town’s unspoken code of rules and behavior is shattered by three courageous women who strike up an unlikely friendship. In fact, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jessica Chastain who plays Celia Foote on a recent red carpet appearance and I asked her about working on this movie. Well, thanks to HSN and three leading designers – Lela Rose, RJ Graziano and Cynthia Rowley – we will soon have access to clothing and accessories influenced by the film’s sixties theme. Inspired by the movie’s charming southern flare, HSN is launching retro accessories with all three designers including floral patterned flats, jeweled brooches, feminine pearls and patent leather purses that will all be available in August.

RJ Graziano updates the classic pearl necklace and earrings with a chic modern twist

Cynthia Rowley created standout accessories like the “Helena” Patent Leather Flap Bag and duo stacked Resin Bangle Bracelet Set featured below that are sure to delight any woman

Lela Rose created a line of floral skirts, a-line dresses, fur shrugs and long evening coats that enliven’s the femininity of the 60’s Southern woman’s ladylike demeanor.

You can shop the collection online August 1st and see all the products available on-air August 5th – 6th. The Help hits theaters August 10th. 

SRS Labs iWOW 3D for iPod, iPhone & iPad – Enhance Your Music

Drowning out the everlasting noise of NYC to fully enjoy your music usually takes some epic skills and one hell of a pair of amazing headphones but even then, you still don’t get to experience the best that the song has to offer – true melody, nuance, base, etc. SRS Labs will help you achieve hearing the true brilliance of your favorite songs and artists with their SRS Labs iWOW 3D Adapter


The iWOW 3D Adapter is a small device that attaches to your iPhone, iPod or iPad which immerses you in an engaging listening experience unlike any other with a push of a button. The iWOW 3D delivers a truly authentic, natural and uncompromised entertainment experience for all of your music, videos, and movies.


This little powerhouse gadget delivers sound with deep, rich bass, locates and restores audio details buried in source materials (so goodbye to not so great download recordings). It even comes with a free downloadable app* that lets you adjust the audio settings. So when you want to lose yourself in a song whether it’s while jogging, soothing a broken heart or to pump you up or calm you down – enhance the sound and your enjoyment and hear music the way it is meant to be heard with the iWOW 3D. Imagine what new discoveries you might hear in your favorite song.

BONUS: SRS Labs announced a new relaxation Mobile App for iOS and Android users called Relaxation Portal, that allows users to escape to some of the world’s most popular vacation destinations and unwind to the sounds of that environment. This app is extremely interactive, and unlike any other relaxation applications out today, Relaxation Portal allows users to fully customize the sounds featured at their chosen location. Additionally, the app features SRS’ latest 3D audio engine and is able to accurately place sounds in 3-dimensional space over headphones. Learn more about the app by visiting the following link, or zapping the QR Code below.


*Only iOS 3.1X or higher